Should bump stocks be made illegal?

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Looks like Democrats & Republicans may agree on one gun control measure– outlawing bump fire stocks.  You with ‘em or against ‘em?  


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Welcome back the latest on the ready. Upon I mean hurting jaguar opinion poll excuse me do. Political debates influence your opinion of the cannons your vote dead heat 50% to 50% is what they're saying. So let's move quite a bit in the in the other direction in this hour we're gonna talk about these bonfire stocks in what seemed to be. The bill building of some momentum and in some consensus over this issue. In a day in what a difference a day mixed. Looks like. Has started to on rattled Ron and you know it's two inches unbelievable with what's gone on in some of the mr. erection and smoke screens that are being thrown up on the issue. There are a number of Republicans that wanna deal with the issue as well as Democrats and there seems to be a huge fracture and Republican Party. If you have something to say about bonfire stocks you wanna hear from you 260187. Year Texas sedate 770. But let me give you a little bit of the background. Bond stock and better Jeremiah coddled built an empire on a sort of device that left the Las Vegas gunman fire up to 800 rounds a minute now he's facing. Lawsuits and and death threats. It turns out that. Missed McConnell. Successfully navigated America's gun laws to sell tens of thousands of bombs stocks over the past six years he's a former military guy. And the way this thing started is allegedly. He was developing this apparatus. For those that were handicapped and could not handle. The the an ar fifteen rifle. And began to. Devise. This bond stock. Situation. And knew he went down it was woodworking shop but it about two hours. He built a prototype. Out of scrap wood. PVC pipe Antarctic. And he started testing. This prototype. And I'll say it again was made out of scrap wood PVC pipe and duct tape tortured to remember that. He ultimately makes. The prototype. Sends it to the ATF. Under the Obama administration. And the Obama administration. Ends up. Approving and to comply with the federal law he simply needed to demonstrate that the bond stock was itself. Not a machine gun. In in a letter to ATF the name of this company a slide fire. He argued that its product was an accessory to help people with disabilities who had difficulty firing the hour fifteen. Semiautomatic civilian version of the M sixteen military assault rifle. ATF spiral arms technology branch ruled that the bombs stock is a gun part. One that is an integral to the functioning of the weapon and as such excluded it from federal firearm. Regulations according to a June 7 2010 letter from the bureau. Two years later ATF made a similar determination. In revealing a no other bombs stocked. Bought stock excuse me makers device. And as a result of everything that's going on just as an aside. These bonds stocks and our selling worst selling 479. Dollars and now 'cause that demand is so great is now up to. 315. Dollars. So I think I've pulled down a tea house letter. To the company. Of their submission and edit he says the stock has no automatically functioning mechanical parts of springs of performs no lot of automatic mechanical function when installed. In order to use the install device the shooter must apply constant forward pressure with a non shooting hand. And constant re a word rear ward pressure wit the shooting hand. Accordingly refined at the ball stock is a firearm park and is not regulated as a firearm under the gun control act. Or the national firearms that. Rick Bass was who was actually on that team. Was quoted as saying. That with they did in their assessment of what they did. Bonfire stock was in complete. Compliance with the law and at that time there is no other way that they can come to any other. Conclusion. So that we have. Congressman. Per Belo and then molten. And Paul relying standing next to him talking about the fact that there are going to. Put in some bipartisan. Legislation. As it relates to. This issue. And typical us things are up I pulled down the legislation. And as it turns out. It's got a lot of words in it in. A lot of words that are incredibly. Fade in and what. They are saying. And as it relates to this. It's not going to be. Just on the bonds stocks that would be eliminated. It would be. A bunch of other things. That our other aftermarket devices. That are not as successful as this one inning increasing the rate of fire. That would be in in now. Paul Ryan is saying that we need to you. Cure this problem. By just duel going the regulatory route but the regulatory route is not as permanent as a legislative FedEx. And I'm not advocating one way or the other just given you the facts of what's going on at the present time. And once again all of the Washington DC smoke screens or being thrown out. As it relates to where it's side of the aisle. You fall on as it relates. To this issue. And my strong suspicion is is that we're not gonna end up being able. To vote on a clean bill one way or the other up or down on Bob fire stocks. At the present time. And who knows where this is an ago so we wanna hear from you two's excel donates avenue to Benton and home what's you abandon. I don't like you armed and did. Our many and a couple. You've got interviewed you know I've seen that video arm and arm again. And in that video of the shooting at the dot aide Bob stock would not being knew that rate with two so I'm not edit it which human. I'm not a point. But that rate of our but the OnStar would not use a video. Well it's hard to determine that and because it requires the shooter to hold the trigger back it you don't know whether or not he was in fact had his his finger. In the net act the necessary pressure on the trigger. To have the bonfire stock perform at a most efficient rate afar. Our equipment being able to use in its capacity. You know at that moment. Actually issue and I actually. Shot dead saying right club Bible weapons and military. And I enjoyed that the plea itself. On the other it's apparent that all our report all of them that they. Boss you know Germany to arms the problem with that it is to buckle could not pick up arms. If you thought it felt awful when you get. Out. There and. Well that's why I spent so much time talking about if you heard my comments. How he built a prototype. In the prototype was made out of wood. PVC pipe and duct tape. And he was able he was able to manipulate the firearm. Unit to do what it was gonna do edit at a higher rate obviously if if you you get the tolerances. A polymer plastics and otherwise to do the aftermarket it's going to be more efficient right. Like I go back to the statement would what I said all along is that when there's a will. There's a way and I'm not sure that we're going to be able to regulate or legislate around this issue if there's a desire. To manipulate this instrument tally. And it doesn't matter let's not get caught up in the assault rifle conversation because. All that is is a test program. An accident assault rifle and a clip. And you know I hear a lot of things about outlaw and clips at the present time in this and you you you can manipulate the receiver to a gun and make a clip. You know. Relatively easy. And it doesn't take a lot of ingenuity. To do it and that's the point that I keep making his when there's a well there's a way it might feel good. You know and you might be able go up and stand up and a podium when you're when you're politicking and saying you know be on your chest and say look what I've done. Is it a credible outcome. In opt out aside right now no. I don't think I've only been able to Mexico City publishing and machine while. One I don't need. Now in the graduate. You know and hail but it's. What you know what you gonna sit there and he thought that it goes it's a lot city. The critical you know they. Exactly. Ben thanks so much for your comments we got to take a break at the present time don't align we're gonna come right back to the lines when we come out of the break. We're talking about wildfires stocks and weather now worry there'll be any meaningful legislation. You know operative word meaningful. This is an old Norman on WWL. Are ready jaguar opinion poll both sides of the aisle seem to agree on one gun control meshed message or measure outlawing bonfire stocks you with a more against them. Against them have 60%. Of the respondents are against that legislation. What are the issues that keeps coming up is this raid a fire in and one of the text appropriately points out that. The proposed. Legislation language would outlaw buying nary triggers and probably trigger cranks is well by an airy triggers one net. Fires on the pole and a release. Of the trigger in trigger cranks couldn't come in many forms but. Typically lighter trigger pulls and heavier recalls springs. That allow. A much faster raid a fire. Not anywhere near fully automatic but it does increase it. So we'll go to line two and talk to Nicklaus in Folsom. Welcome to show necklace. I. It's your notebook. It's just like. There's very Mallard Mac yet the state wants state fees State Street class. That girl like if you like viewed. Goat goes that route but they'll just outlaw on the take them away from the that are used improperly. Yeah I think there's any number of regulatory ways to address it it's you know unfortunately I think many members of congress. Are not aware. All of the measures that are available to them. As a relates to that it in and maybe that's what congressman Ryan is talking about what are regulatory. Solution to this. Might be the licensing but my gut tells me that the the other side of the aisle that's not what they want to see happen they wanna see the complete abolition. Bottler of the bonfire stocks. Might go all. Bombard but also the they are seen her fault. That's a gym and I got and I'm just talking about the intermediary measure you know in India the by an airy triggers into trigger cracks me and so there's. Yeah all sorts of ways. Rate of fire or any god if you want what do you do it. That bombard the illegal late news. You know let me ask you this question. If if let's just say for argument sake semi auto guns were outlawed. Do you not believe that there would be away on on a bolt action rifle to increase the rate of fire. The focus ascendant there because it doesn't need to be there but the back. Ned earlier where there's a will there's a way. The fact of the matter is is that. It's the focus is there because not a necessity that's exactly what's gonna happen. Right now higher than agreeable or is it's just well went frigate will fail water dump on that they lag is. Going toward for lack been illegally. Very illegal in the whole day instead of here. Guns common sense but just let it fall in some players Slater. But still. People why it waited it could be four because. Well no matter. Right right. When Nicklaus they give you comment Seles go to John on line one from Hammond what say you John. Thank you to a day in Morocco to Norman. You know the car that it but I you know a lot of but the well Paula but our review which if there will waive but the thing and it. Like that nobody. Talk about is that culture that that is. Going to this shooting in and deal. And the white media and the black culture. There merited visit police and no. You know what. What they're out there in it surely there is at least or. Local or. Girls. And any time. But in most all of the policeman. And this war. That we. 20 they're younger generation. Until late are. Jail and these Q did you know people who are pretty it's it's not the police. In the Ortiz. So you'd have to concede that went so apple. With this deal art from the orient. Oh at the opposite so it and and if they. Lose that would amount later but but nobody. Great. What you do. And then you're probably not no problem decay due to a but. But to change the culture to. And so it that the police officer not the enemy it's not have a better and you now I'll call. You get. Well I think you know I agree with the did to an extent and it's probably more appropriate when it came up in the aftermath of Ferguson about the militarization. Of police departments across this country. The fact of the matter is any military surplus equipment that you are looking to get what is already commercially available. So it all it was was a height in crisis same height pitcher talking about all the time we're we're not. Looking at the underlying empirical data. To support. These positions that we take that are the smoke screens and the high. And the fact of the matter is is that. You know an armored personnel carrier. Is just that an armored personnel carry there are situations where we've got to send law enforcement officers firefighters. In two situations where they. Need. Adequate protection and that's what the APC provides. It an armored vehicle that can take a certain level rounds. And improvise at safety and security to get into an area that that's a hot zone. Do what they gotta do in get out. And it's and it's incredulous to me that people would be against that. You know there's a lot of innocent people gonna end up getting killed. We'll come back to this conversation we wanna hear from you 260187. Or Texas 87870. This is Noual Lauren on WWL.