Should anyone involved in the Maxwell Gruver hazing death go to jail?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, October 12th

Tommy talks with Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino about the charges against some fraternity members in the hazing death of Maxwell Gruver.


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So it was a tragedy no matter how you look at it. When Max Gruber died of alcohol poisoning I guess I don't know what exactly the cause of death was. But as a result. Ten people were charged nine of them with com hazing. And then. And the tenth one with hazing and I forgot if it was manslaughter or. And Willis good Dane ceiling knowing NTELOS they sincerely you know lawyer a lawyer get it out Danes ceiling you know Loyola law professor and a friend of ours morning Dan org. I'm wealth thing and you. Tell me about. Thumb did charge with the the tenth guy is a manslaughter. Note negligent homicide he can it is nevertheless a very serious. Only the carrier partners in jail cell yet not at all but it serious crime. Tell me a boat. Easing in what the law says about that. Well Louisiana and the hazing. Anti aids executive. Is that relatively minor misdemeanor that. That can result in only thirty days. Jail time Max and X alternate from the public university now they're depleting natural applies to. Here in public universities and what the quiet for example alert to. And it doesn't define me which I think it might be a a flight problem with the statute but. Operating under the assumption that everybody knows where he's at the record outlawed any. Action by a member fraternal organization not likely to cause bodily danger or calls. Any kind of physical punishment. Go back with all of these in the Google have been charged where. And one up on mr. not chemicals in the chart that but I'm. So. When it comes a hazing if you hold somebody down and it on and a brand them with something a day without hot poker or whatever they don't want that to happen nor or abused them physically any other way I can understand that but. Where does in terms of the law and this these cases do where does the abdicating their career peer pressure in a Yan the ability to get up and walk out if you want to do it where does that factor in all of this or does it. Well good question because they don't have any. The legislature that include. Language about consent that would that would make it not a crime the person could articulate. Obviously a battery. On two and a bar or sent in constant and last. So if you look Biggio and fraternal order does. Wonders. Some of them and you early in the morning. Of course you around. Then that can't be your battery and so on but it's still could be close. Patent statutes and 2 o'clock. Regardless whether there is consent. Is it on me correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like when you're talking about hazing is it almost like the supreme court's definition of the Currie an interest thing in the pornography where I can't define it but annoyed when I see if. Apparently injured Donovan and he's not there are arguably the on the books and when applied. Elementary and secondary schools articles and grammar schools. Got the look much better outlook the bond as. And any kind of activity that design to. Org to crack the key to getting into some sort of war. And that's about. That's what we all understand it wouldn't you know I think that probably saved. More certain he wants from me. Struck down as been eight or unconstitutional. But. It really should be on the it's not I wouldn't be a part of the individual. Out of the start to. But you know remember at this point all we have the arrest warrants. We have all of these and individuals. I've been placed in handcuffs and in the that was ultimately these crimes. A quarter of ideas in the position. Whether you want to charge all of these ten people when you want to mr. bock and work negligent homicide. Add. Pete Doherty probably technically that immigrant and that's what's gonna happen over the next month or two is this is going to go into Egypt took. Or grand jury. We'll see what comes out of the back and. On the Cecile may not believe my clerk called you last night and it should prepare brief about precedence to this case. Well there any but seriously are there any president to go much. I am not that reported decisions and I'm on what constitutes hate them. You know meeting again as a parent monitor crime 38 has been the most. From the standpoint these kids. Probably the most significant. Aspect of the charges that allows school. Or require the school expel mostly on conviction of the crime. But only but it term will occur so these students. As a as a matter of them patent statute would be eligible to come back I'll shoot. I don't know whether they'll let our other administrative and disciplinary matters now. But as a criminal matter that they're certainly wouldn't equipped. Thank you Danny thing we're missing that you would want and. No no whatsoever so again the spaces in its earliest stages and it's gonna develop over the next month that it. Thank you sir appreciate your time is always art dancing only know Loyola law professors it seems like he gets me and that's one of the good things to.