Should 16-year-olds have the right to vote?

Tuesday, April 17th
Is it Washington Politics or Washington Playhouse? The District of Columbia's city council is considering lowering the voting age to 16 as a result of the political debate after the Parkland Florida shooting. Is that smart? Full 1 pm hour.

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What an incredible Tuesday afternoon April the seventeenth today is the final day for filing your income taxes or your extension. So just keep that in mind today hands. I know so many people dislike myself point it's very very last minute. It's a great look at Tuesday afternoon I'm being honest with you when I tell you I don't even know if we have enough time to protect everything where we need to talk about center. There is so much going on I don't even if we have time to get all that but we will try. Why would a coach's political opinions. Cautioned that no longer be a fan of the team that you love and have been supporting. The San Antonio Spurs. Have been one of the premier teams in the NBA for a long time. They're currently in the playoffs. But some spurs fans. Are offended by the political comments made by coach Gregg Popovich. And some fans say they can't even support the team or be fans are dispersed. Anymore. Really. I mean think about how. Shallow fatty news. Somebody's political opinions have nothing to do. We us coaching the team. And yet there are people who let that stand in the way. I just I'm fascinated by this. Because in what we talk often about how divided we are so now we're so defied it. That I'm not even gonna support my team is your political opinion is different from mine. We talk more about that coming up in the next hour. American Idol has returned to television this time it's on ABC. But the ratings has hit a new all time low. The voice beats American Idol in the ratings why is the voice better than American Idol and have these singing competition show is jumped the shark. That's the term used to describe to TV show that stays on the air to law. It was inspired by the happy days episode where funds he really went California. And thought he jumped the shark I mean that was the moment that happy days should've gone off here but they stayed on the air. And it was still happy days even without Richie can finger she went off to her to join the military. But it's interesting that you have this did this. Competition on television. American Idol and and the voice. And if you think about it not many of the people actually become big starts. Why is that what we'll talk about that tell a little bit later we'll also talk about tech TV shows they jumped. The shark. First up on the show this afternoon is is it Washington politics. Or is it Washington play house. The daily news coming from Washington seems more like it's a Hollywood script. Then the news. It's more like a soap opera. And a news. Stormy Daniels the porn star continues to be in the news Sean Hannity. On hid the fact that he had had. Consultation Swiss trumps attorney Michael Cohen who by the way doesn't really seem to be much of an attorney morally sticks her. Doesn't seem like you've really represents. The president did core Torre legal matters. It appears his history he's mainly just that the person who goes around and Texas states but honestly I mean there is so much drama. In DC how can you not watch the news every day but you kind of have to have a little smirk. On your face when you watch and we we with talked about how. It's important for us to try to find some comedy. In all of this because it's so damn series. And we know a serious and we know there are serious ramifications part. I meet at some point you gotta kick back and go I mean really this is this is comedy. Stormy Daniels at a press conference yesterday you know she was in the courtroom when Michael Cohen was in court for the first time after. It's offices are and after his office is a home and hotel room were rated. So he's on his record in stormy Daniels was fair after and a press conference this is where she said. Yeah. Mr. Palin has acted like he is above the law he has considered himself an openly referred to himself as mr. trump picks. He's played by a different several more shall we say no rules at all. And stormy Daniels attorney Michael cabinet he held a press conference yesterday also when he had this to say about Ko win. Talking about Sean Hannity. One thing I will say this. I said last Friday. End this weekend that Michael Cohen and wasn't radio active. And that anybody that was associated with them in the last twenty to thirty years should be very very concerned. What we witnessed earlier in the hearing. With the disclosure relating to Sean Hannity proved my point exactly he is radio at. Did anyone that had any contact with this man in the last twenty years should be very concerned about what secrets that bears are within these documents. Well think about it at they have a lot of information. The authorities have a lot of information on trumped and on Saturday. And on Michael Cullen. And if true obviously he says. Innocent in the stoning to work you should not worry about this at all. Political pundit Stephen colder air host of the late show on CBS. Hunt had this to say about stormy Daniels. Well ladies and gentlemen up batten down the hatches. Because there is more news in tonight's stormy. Ongoing troubles of for the man who paid off stormy Daniels. New York attorney and sad neck with hair or Michael call. Cohen who is Trump's lawyer. Was in court today with his lawyer. Pro tip for the president when your lawyer needs a lawyer. You need a lawyer. How. I if you do enjoy his for the common assertion narrative opportunity Aaron in the soap opera news coming out of Washington DC our numbers 260187. The area code 5042601. A seventy. And our text numbers 878 Saturday also this hour let's talk about something's going on in our nation's capital. The District of Columbia that is the city that is. Saturday in Washington DC the district of of Columbia. DC's City Council. Is considering. Lowering the voting age. To sixteen. This is inspired by the high school students across the country that have been protesting and become politically active in the political debate. Following the shooting of a high school. Higher up shooting up of high school and in part with Florida. Why should his sixteen year olds have the right to vote. And what's wrong with that. What would see if it will work or the argument be up against. Sixteen year old photo. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Text ever say 77. Here's a Texas says scooters radioactive. Ha ha ha ya I think that's a compliment but you know I'm I'm I'm not always sure. So we should sixteen year olds be allowed to vote. And if so why am I it it if you sake I'll know they should go or what would be the reason why sixteen year old should not have the right to vote. In America. Because this is says something is being considered in the District of Columbia. But as we talked about elsewhere because of the politically active. High school students around the country. They had become politically active in the debate. Following the shooting and in Parkland Florida. So went let sixteen eurozone. If you've got a comment on numbers 260. 1878. Area code 5042601. A seventy taxed 87870. Yeah all right so what is the argument for sixteen year olds. Not being allowed to vote times couture coming right back with your calls and comments on WWL. I. Just got a date in Washington DC. There was a rate of Michael Collins. House. Actually think there might have been in New York but it's all part of the whole thing Michael Cohen the president's attorney. Which rated. All of this stuff all the information was taken that they now have in their hands. What does it say what does it tell us about president trough and Sean Hannity and others. We just don't know. And a porn star. Is part of this whole discussion. Stormy Daniels. In a press conference yesterday after being in court for Michael Cohen stormy Daniels. Had just sent. You and I are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the true and the fact. Of what happened and I give my word that we will not rest and when that happens. And so Michael OpenId. Stammer stormy Daniels attorney said this at a press conference concerning how dangerous is rated as the president try. The video what is contained within those documents I think there is significant danger to the president the president tries dead. The president tried instead. Mr. Cohen as his big serve. For years he trusted them witnessed innermost secrets and I think that the chickens are about. To come home to roost. Well what about although secrets what about all that stuff the president says he did nothing wrong so I guess he doesn't have anything to be concerned with but. You know even if you're trust supporter you can't support. Illegal activity. It doesn't matter how it's uncovered. You can't possibly support. Breaking the law when it comes to finances we don't know if that happened. But there is speculation that not everything was above board. And don't Republicans want people to play by the rules. Also we're talking about a measure being considered by the city Council of the District of Columbia considering lowering the voting age lowering it to sixteen. So why can't sixteen girls vote. Should sixteen year olds have the right to vote that's a pretty must opinion poll commissioned to UW WL dot com for vin rouge Louis welcome Tor show. Or. Did all appreciate the armed. Got a problem or are much. Talk about playing about or who as honorable as well. I. My. And which aren't. A lot of allegedly a lot of experts have have talked about how does that only covers certain things and doesn't cover everything and if Sean Hannity says Suzanne it. That Michael Cohen was not his attorneys and what's the attorney client privilege there. Well there are more than creepy greatly body. You know aren't our. Car. I struggle. What the whole thing with the art are. A lot like you talk. Oh. That the job of art to me. Well there are big but these these rules affect these rules affect or all of us and they affect us for the betterment of society allegedly and again I'm not a legal expert but there are a lot of political experts that do understand. That there are there are limitations to clients. Attorney privilege so what looked at all to say. But there that Chinese out oh. No we don't how do you know. Order. Okay. What are the but I mean in terms of the good in terms of the O. But in terms of the specifics we don't we don't know you don't know what they have. You know it's gonna be revealed which you don't Arnie. Like chapel just report the attorney client. But merely noted some cases. Well and I didn't say what they describe an hour. Ago approach when. You storm you'll. Kris how. I thought. I mean that's a good time. Other I'll watch. Reports are. Right. In an armored column. Do. What. Well look I guess there are different different time aspects of morality one of them involves physical things and other involves a month and ethical. And honesty and things like that so but I mean I understand the point to bring enough. Well and it's interesting to me that I yet. When I watched me. Only. But what person whatever you're tied up bow. O'Donnell I'm Nora report spot. Box got people on there that did the opposite are. It also dishonor. Boats sea apparently this is a perfect example of you seeing which you wanna see in hearing which are one here because because when CNN has a panel. It is they have some say. Two or three conservatives. Out of six. Say on the on the panel Fox News has a show called the five. But only one of them is liberal or moderate the rest are conservative so Fox News does present different sides but in Minnesota CNN but there are people who don't recognize that. Around. Oh. Well I'd that there there's a there's some factual truth in Fox News presenting. Two sides and an CNN presenting those sites. Michael you're under the W well. Michael. Okay I mean why not get up and I liked it liked them. Hopefully it won't be low but hold it up jobs. Aren't and did you know. Well the ball drop them all going. Well I yelled out a lot. I bought it. While America. The number not the bar they change it a shot put out well Lou all. Out. It was that Jerry is right I'd want about it. We're not now. I'm Michael I don't I don't you know aren't I don't know I don't know anything about an oil and hotel rooms might wish Martin Luther King Jr. It. Look we enter we understand we understand we are under Michael we understand it Dr. Martin Luther King our junior was not a perfect man. And nobody is but I don't think that discount she is it his message on the this is also on. Just a moment of great hypocrisy for a lot of people who thought that Monica Lewinsky. She added to light on and I'm president Bill Clinton's character but this year is no light on president trust character. We'll be right back and interview room. I mean seriously is that just too much to ask of a politicians and nearly every round justice. Be honest. You heard a story about the Southwest Airlines jets had a from LaGuardia to Dallas had to make an emergency landing after an engine exploded. Left engine exploded blew out a window. And you know this is never a good sign passengers are talking about the flight attendants were crying. You know that's not a really good sign I would have thought the tape that the captain would have come on and reassured people that. This is a jets they can fly on just. One engine. And I and I think there's a safety side of cystic should be brought up like they made it. It it's okay the plane didn't it didn't crash and nobody lost their lives and and you know when when humans make things thinks happened now itself where a Star Wars. Negligent when it comes to. The maintenance of the playing ball that's that's one thing but you know stuff happens and and these these planes are designed to fly on. When engine and this when did so I'm I was kind of surprised to hear passengers say that the captain did not come on and until those it on the plane who what was going on. I were talking about the drama that is Washington DC it's it's not Washington politics as Washington Playhouse now and it is coming out has more like a script from. From Hollywood movie TV show a sitcom or a soap opera. But also we're talking about the District of Columbia City Council considering glowing before lowering the voting age to sixteen. Inspired by the high school students across the country that he protested and become politically active in the debate following the shooting at the high school in partly. So why shouldn't sixteen year olds. Have a right to vote. And should date that's a pretty must opinion poll 94% saying no 6% say yes give us your opinion. By going to our web site every if you don't talk cup and from Metairie Eric welcome to the show. I'm dude. Argo and recruit sixteen year old. You're crazy. The Euro and. What what I just think that may not maybe six maybe a lot of sixteen year old would have to make a decision about whether or not to continue to play the video game or go vote. Well you know what they are very making political figure things that we did you get used to. Oh that would be about more that would be more vicious than the games have gone out now. I mean there are aspects of Grand Theft Auto with a prostitute to kind of mirror what's going on in DC around I a. But it awkward problem. Be born. Out of our you know. Very you know honestly don't know it but think about the adults about the adults that don't even take the time to devote did they know they're too they're too busy or they're just too lazy it if they might not even have something to do but they're just too lazy to go vote. What most people when you start talking and about politics. On a regular as most people do. Spend any time other than what you hear older. Are you here as well but we'll catch phrases are very strong National Guard went. When it comes to all of as well about stormy. Really not star and you put that billionaire. He's dead but money okay there. Where she interpret or. Ended up with a lot of money by Eric I'm glad you called it is safe is the you've got to find some humor and all of this stuff right. Here's Texas as one on fourteen. Well you know being kind of sarcastic when unstable you know why shouldn't sixteen your Austria want to vote. Mean I think it's okay to have the age limits on some things you know a ten year old she's obviously drive a car. Even if he or she can see over there the that the dash and in this hearing with the cars so it's okay to have. Some limits. I don't know that we need to lower the the voting age but he talking about this doesn't this bring up a lot of time things that we talk about as adults. Adults on voting. I don't know how adults can call and say well you know sixteen year olds they're too young to vote they're too busy doing other things. How can you say that. Because whatever generation your part of your part of the generation that is too busy doing other things are too lazy to get out and actually go vote. So what we talk about why sixteen year old should not have the right to vote. Don't we sort of reinforce why we all should take our right to vote a little more seriously. And be a little more responsible with voting. All right so what was the argument be why should sixteen year olds be allowed to vote. The District of Columbia City Council is considering lowering the voting age to sixteen. Inspired by the politically active high school students sit now got involved in the political debate in this country following the shooting at a high school in part for Florida. You've got a comment 2601 a seventy text page 77 in. You know maybe this whole thing with trumpet stormy Daniels maybe it's just all part of this concept of modern love life it's a solid. I'm scoots and we'll be back. On every oh by the way you have very very special song coming up bright eyed despray still hang onto that. I wonder if president trump is a thinking out of my stormy. I'm just speculating of course. It's amazing how these songs from the pastor so appropriate to when we talked about soft drink. Here you know. But the but the. And Dennis rock and George show this afternoon Ernie Dennis. I get a get a hundred. Love the typical collection on here so it being you know comment yeah I'll have a new game a bit in the eighties he would. Obvious they're being Salem powered car did not appeal on opposite he went on which we now. This sixteen you know voting. It's just like this sixteen you know you can draw if you got. Them there. People are not mature enough to do that at the age. I think that chipmaker rationale all. Yeah I mean I realize why there are age limits on things but we of course we're not talking about voting at thirteen I mean that's way too young but sixteen maybe than. Well I get out. I am sure it. You're Dennis it doesn't matter if if adults are mature. And they don't vote what the hell good arms. You know so it's still ending its interest in having this conversation to cut us. Sometimes it gets around forty but you know it's him it's embarrassingly low. That's from the pick or what. Well out. Dennis I'm going to call that that was a conversation that that came up we're talking about how those who said. Well you know these these these students don't know what they're talking about with these protests and in his political debate or they're they're too young they don't even have the right to vote. Well if not voting. Is directly linked to. Having an opinion about something. Then think about all the people that called talk radio shows. Think about all the people that respond to fox MSNBC and CNN. Think about all those people that react to politics today. They don't you take the time to vote. So when we had this conversation about whether or not sixteen year old should be allowed to vote. You can't help but think Peter believes a conversation about us it's about all of us. We have the right to vote but we don't always take advantage of that. It takes a moment ago says that if you're if your parents have to drive you to the voting Booth and you're too young to vote the C sixty you can actually draw it. Here's a text of my twin daughters or seventeen now. And they have thought paid more attention than some adults to the past election they would've loved to have voted a from Jan Chile tong here on WWL. That particular post scoot I want to thank the lawyer but the quote lawyer quote in Baton Rouge for giving me in the lap of the day if a low. And clients are discussing how to break the law like policy fraud money laundering different little boy recorded prep because they are low. Loading the commitment Corzine. Right it's it you know and that that's that's true Brit but people Tom people believe what they wanna believe based on how is supports their political agenda that the facts don't matter anymore. All right Tom did you wanna join us with your comment numbers 2601878. Tech Summers a 7870 and here is attacks that says. You're not speculating. You just love fashion that I don't love bashing the president. I talk about that I'm a patriotic American. And I feel. An American patriotic responsibility. To set the record straight in the face of all of those. That don't care about right or wrong and only care about political parties. I care about restoring political common sense. To our audience and to America. I'm skewed we'll be back on Debian zero. Now there's something going aren't. What will the information from Michael Cohen's office house or hotel room and tell us. We shall wait and see. Here here's a text that says at sixteen you don't have an opinion you have your parents opinion. I disagree with that. So if you may not realize this but I have talked about this on the air. I'm I have been I have as much experience being sixteen. As anybody in the country. None of you were sixteen longer than me. So we all have the same amount of experience. Teenager sixteen. And I remember when I was sixteen. And I guess in some ways my opinions to reflect our parents but I was pretty immature. And judge Ellis OCD and and kind of an insecure kid so you know but I I just have opinions of my my my parents didn't like a lot of things that I liked. They didn't like some of the clothes and I was starting to Wear at the age of sixteen. That don't disclose reflected my opinions. And there are a lot of sixteen year old today seventeen year olds to have strong opinions. I'm not saying that sixteen year old should be allowed to vote detective got a text here bashing me for being a liberal bit only liberals who want sixteen year old to vote. And percent I thought sixteen year old should be allowed to vote. The what I am saying is that the conversation about whether or not sixteen year olds should have the right to vote is an interesting one because it focuses on the rest of America. It focuses on all of us who have the right to vote and for some of you who don't vote what held you do want. How can you criticize and say a sixteen year old shouldn't have the right to vote when you don't even exercised your right to vote. And I don't mean to make somebody feel uncomfortable but I mean it like this just really a big issue in this country. All I know I know will you you know you likening of the cannon what a cop out. I get that you don't like some of the campus. Where you don't like any of the camp I I get that. The go pick somebody. And then or something comes up for you you don't go voter I don't know where to vote look if you if you wanted to go find some item. You would find the story you would do all the store that had that item and you would go get an item you would go out of your way to finding items but. I don't want you to feel guilty any longer I think it's a good idea if you vote and the mid term elections are coming up. And another Republican. Is retiring. Is this an a message to America at the Republicans are afraid they're not going to maintain. Control of the house and senate. Paint what this is going to be a really interesting mid term election year and since we are trying to restore political sanity. And we apply political common sense every afternoon on the show I am so looking forward to talking about the elections. Does it matter what the coaches political opinions are if you love and support a professional team we'll talk about that in the next hour. I'm scoots on WL.