SHHH!!! no sex in the library

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Thursday, September 21st

A Houma couple has been caught creating pornography in public places. 


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What wrong with the ball we got one from right here in southeast Louisiana today calling it out of the files. And we find that a whole lot police report lewd activity. That occurred at a public library between two adults. Homo police learned the suspects recorded themselves performing quote sexual activities on each other and uploaded that to a porn site. During the investigation. And I'm reading from the news release here at home a police learned that Elizabeth G journey again. 33 years old Palmer is on a drive and Rex may adjourn again at 35 years old also almost on a drive recorded themselves having intercourse in the library. From a police also learned the couple recorded themselves and various other businesses throughout the city of homeland terrible on perished and uploaded them to the same website. Is that the author mapping apparently they've been doing this for months according to home employees. Going from various public location a public location. Having sex and uploading it to the way. Surprised it got away with that personal cloth them I mean have you gone to elaborately. Eyes there's nobody there could seasoning and maybe it's a good place to go I've sat. Think there's nobody there iPad it's I think it's probably why it was discovered that with. Or post it online minutes Nixon libraries and scholars. Medicine and Allah you did unit could. They didn't have the Internet Baghdad clearly there was a video of him that there were people actually use libraries back and exactly wound in college did stacks up stairs you know they did his library there's massive college campuses into the stack drew upstairs a forum to listen to they told him if you go to the you know the section that nobody ever visits. This in a sand. What are wrongly believe that a.