The Shell Beach Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Robbie Campo tells all.


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I'm and it's time to get position report in the let's go to shell beach Louisiana them sink and on passion talked to Robbie Campo rabbit good morning what's going on down. Well we had a pretty good. We're a good week this past week here. Com. We might belong locked turned back on. Indeed but. You know come in a lot of nice nice fro being coral. Hold on and along rocks back and short laughter in the long run to this week. As photo or the reason you know Chris is carefully given credibility in. You know they you know why and they kill law. The same thing you know bridge bridge did pretty good. Goat island was. Owned by him and it was it was a phenomenal week got a lot they may have courted pretty portrayal. I'd I think a lot of through the plows come in this week. Com caught off law firm. You know from the balance. This just have. You want to box appears to you know at the dock this week so. It's happened and they just. Did he mean you don't you know it's it's stage turned on but the bad decision a lot deeper some noted you know they've. That kind of listen into a little bit they'd look like he's going down the Boehner Reid and you know it seems to be worker well all true. You know. That would happen and they'll play their court this week. Robbie everything you mentioned is pretty much to eat does that where all the action was or is that with the best reaction is there anything to. Well. Well. Haven't had. Our whole want to don't want people two guys go. Forward in over in late China's. Point for it and caught some pretty true that way. But most everybody. That finished out here on in the you know it seems like that's where and that match where you know. Everybody want to be and but I do. 2011. Between trees and caught some pro open them up while cat that. You know but as a child. And England which out accord to pitch. By American pad and pencil and a pass it. Most of the most abide Roland boat you know going from like long walks one point. You know losing but the bird used to go on the better off it is. Had not back but there's no problem this week he caught fish. Well with the bush the long run them what they you know borrow it dual point. And did very very well. It looks right thing to me all actions have any applause immune mark. You know law more putrid patient to a wobbly ball on it pretty much at all you'll. There arbitration. To portrait finish them. Her record everywhere. You know it many people wanna talk it boosted you know ever by so Vietnam read this most of talk to Tokyo. On apps and being like that's where it happened. Rob you sound like you'll have a great week but all meant that tied were phenomenal week. I'd ranges drop and down that average time after the ones so that's it's gonna slow things down a little bit what do you suggest your nation on the note well. Well if I was vulnerable patient today it would you know not much time that would have been. It seems to me like that spurred you go if you PGA if you do it G in city. Central law you know well all across the one you gonna have some odd movement out there on the net and reality. Move. Maybe you know it's going to be more and I am around less safe and video while all open nom lake yo want something like. I think there are about to go could this. The only golf correspondent. One across way. So. You gonna have more tied I would suggest that the about a book about all going to be that's that. I'll fix the lump it is deep entry and oh yeah it got to go to the and that he got a lot of trash on up and realize chalks Margaret made bearish. You know but they elected the guys who like call this week it really really good. No and that's and that's. Basically what's going no one has done negated that looked like the big decisions down down people's you know maybe they should have beat the well. Yeah is that that's what's happening. I Robbie what's the latest update on the gateway to Shelby each one McCloskey or any changes in that scenario. Well well. You know for the last three weeks we've been talking about and it cellist or next week next week next week you know quote close. And you know I'll look and I think that the report that I yet so. It goes. Is there aren't that is from all the of the fourteen of the thirty voters it's gonna be close. At night so from 7 PM to 5 AM the next morning. So they're stating that if it is August support doing thing August 31. Bum. I'm kind of like okay you'll see on network so. And then if then this morning and one I've come down that sign Monday Thursday. Product on the you know be open you know in New Albany no coach is not product. Went on Monday to Thursday you know from reporting all one has not start. It just so close and and tell you a true band. I don't even know what they've been. And I. And you know government that the statement. And oh man it's. Well this I Tokyo Monday. Monday that would mean I'm not and I'm sure Obama. To be safe if you go after 5 AM and yet not available for 7 PM don't matter what day at times can be oh right right right you're going to be okay yeah. All right and LA jabs and it was totally changed. That. And that's out of Britain has worked in if somebody needs clarification yet it was a phone number out. You can call it that probable for to bring in. Or in 77 or you that oh or. 239. One pitch well out. Is that people look you wanna come on now we're going to make that the bridge had this C. He's got all sort of train in line in the army and jump in there yet. Derrick on Geithner teacher died though are you know we are. About. It's a Goodman browbeat him that she'll be coming up next is the Louisiana man captain tilt the report is here on the outdoors and Butte. Radio net.