The Shell Beach Fishing Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 19th

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On thanks for the Texan now we'll get back some more of those actual spring Robbie temple end. He's down at Campbell's Marino was shrimp and hand waiting for customs to come and Robby what does it look like in Shelby's this morning. They got on that. And the autumn when that I don't but if you MR and rabbit out attempt and I got a chance to say hi. Oh yeah oh we ought. I did not get a phenomenal week man. This week was just incredible. Anywhere from the long. Going east. You know and Visio. Bail wa. Christians can't wait. And you just name it it was it was on centrally this week was good islands look good. Mr. Allen it was. It was not amnesty tell them a lot and I'm not a bird you come and lot more rooms they haven't caught fish and justice we. Over about point orchard and common toward. What we call. By American asked. Did really really this week route Bishara broke. I'm telling you it was something in the seat this year everywhere I was just. That you know at that time range last couple days and I'm telling you what it turned on turned Nolan column goat island was good for now almost good. Guys Mubarak management caution employ is it being finished you and gets more laughter. Eject them all grow as well I am available. He's from a lot of forced to personally I just I just gave people a lot try. What. Gauges that morning on the. Ma UNAIDS you have to give miles the miles to croak and so that they you know it belly up the next Smart you know. I mean what trot would try to keep as many as we can on hand but it's just. A losing battle out there with those those those brokers but what a good week after is people court this year where in just glad. I'm talking some upper assertion saying oh yeah. Comment you know and that policy. The Marino. There's great table just disappointment we. And tiger fit anywhere they went from you know from the mall rocks on these religious. This incredible. Now hope it is going to be we have the all out there is some light and out there are so. Anybody bought that be careful what looked like its award for our you know that way. Not seeing them high clouds that are in the light and we apply it so. There's the gap what he thought that round but. You know bridge that they. How many hours that's. Well they keep their record as saying at night but last month and every week it's been while we're gonna put off the court at all so. Guy comes yesterday thousands. Starting Monday morning Monday as. 7 o'clock. They're bridge will close that they got what they have what they have painted. Already they've got it done out samba and done it got to change out some metal structure in. You know in the brakes or is it have to close so they've got it on and on that on this vote to be and mark. I doubt it. Would be you know waiting on. Out weather's going to him. You know. Monopoly or what Camelot through com that would make it rained on everything just about so. Starting Monday night it's dark clothes that they have the quote the finish on Gerald up from about structure so but. If you if you government. Look we're up on FaceBook anybody coming out and I'll be glad that there are real close up and vote on page so. Out in Vienna there. You know as things change from minute to minute opener and you know that one man is as old lament not so. They say it goes and that's what was I yesterday. And I let him go until Monday but if one Monday rolls around I will vote on markers were made didn't matter what no you know what happened so. Our thoughts on stag SARS is and Brahma sources that don't use FaceBook connect collier. Yes they do in golf because and a probable for 23 non. 6377. Or it followed that Bible for. 239 but once it's up and I will be you know our house session ought to keep. Like it if you come out and leopard or Britain currency. How is looking. For a talk with you elaborate. It would move then we wouldn't probably. Would match. Is it water used to managed just. No problem with Yasser you know Michael my own. Their column in a minute us income and then. You know it what sharper and thank. You gotta go straight out about that at about two hours you know who. We'll go back through woman ran this so many once it would have Ramon has more and so all so. I think will be all right follow wa wait they that would make it to about 7 o'clock I think that's what they. Little things all on work he'll look into my line well decision and always. Barbara. There one up there. News didn't apparently stranded and apparently true don't like us on. Like that there. A but what. And I Robbie I'm glad you had such a good reporting thanks to that morning on the gas wall apple need to wait then I'll before they head out to send yeah. Sure do so I you know an actual popular within the Arctic air will do that and work hard and. Brown Leo good to talk tear up next we have captain to feel good try our favorite captain from left feet. Andy you're listening to you the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. Bratton Finland depiction. Can.