Sheldon Mickles On LSU QBs

Tuesday, August 14th
LSU QB Lowell Narcisse announced on Tuesday he would be transfering from LSU. We talk to Advocate reporter Sheldon Mickles to give us the latest on the LSU QB room and the impact it will have on the roster.

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Sheldon I give us the latest here I just saw the update a couple of minutes ago that an hour cease does indeed plan to transfer. Yeah. And we hit. Late in the practice we get. Some indication that there would be announced that sometime after seven or 730. And apparently just became spiritual are as close and that failed five. I think that's what the number was that time we re just post sells so. Yeah it is those kind of crazy day obviously. When we you know when the practice we you know we're out there about 25 minutes so. And the person notices does that Wear yellow years quarterbacks and all four instead of six. A counselor to Richard I mean that to walk on. And everybody sellers in and that in and I don't think anybody really at that point any thing. You know regard minding your injuries are in and come close just how much is it. You know toward in the practicing sorted. In. Body you know. I guess in the what was happening and remain of people called. Lockheed and I again it confirmed from. Source so or closed lol well overseas. Situation that. But property dome it was a pretty much a done deal you still consider it. But he had talked to some of the people I guess the coaches made more chance but one more time. He was pretty certain. It was gonna happen just you know any government statement tonight so careless statement just came you know while. So mentally advocate joining us again lol well on our cease announces just minutes ago that he is true answering from LSU he was absent from practice today just McMillan also absent. And the word is that he also plans to transfer Shelton. Yeah we revert and then while. Heard from another source maybe got. Fully you know ready to go yet still maybe you might be Mo under option by. Affected me one that practice today I mean you know I don't know coaches told a take that off and think about it. You know we have we have no idea what happened in Anthony bill built. So what do everybody is kind of our. I've heard promote people I would say he we've reached out and talk to. That McMillan is you know gonna going to be on the move. Although like it's talk to somebody about fifteen minutes ago and so maybe like about yet so. It all kind of conflicting reports on map and so when. Like that crazy day when you have you know war. Scholarship quarterbacks about it about midnight tonight email to or at least our practice Martin male student so. Not an ideal situation partners in one program. Didn't. Where they expecting I assume they are expecting Michelle and how how. Out of the blue wasn't a coach Owen and the staff. You know. How much they listened rumbling stopped it you know there's been all. And chatter since spring spring practice you know that Nazis was gonna leave. Remember back early January. You know people talk about him probably leaving. McMillan. You know I don't think you know from. He had some tweaks when you know Joseph Barrow in them operate. Obviously he wasn't happy about the situation here where he would turn you know sportier program latest turn in. And then here go to bring this guy audience for modestly so. And not wait we haven't talked to any of these quarterbacks it's practice started on August. Four. They haven't made any of them available clothes so yeah. And then every term every time we tried that asked. You know other players about the situation you know who's used on Latin you know see a little bit of practice but as well individual drills that Iraqi border. Could take the first snap you know like running backs in the country and knocked it right back in. So it is I would say out of all the days of practice McMillan got the most. First snaps and anybody you know and that drill. And so it might have been comer surprise him that. Say united mix and you know it is that if you beat in the transfer by. I don't think you know. You know the way the way it'll play out I don't think he you know probably volley today he got the chance that it deserves you know be here for years so. You know it is if it does happen you know added them to quarterbacks. Two guys that are you know one. A true freshman quarterback you know one. Public. Odeo wanted to transfer from Tennessee tech so. I'm probably. Not ideal it's been. Yet not ideal situation or division on power via conference quarterback situation. Like assistant kind of hectic a couple of free hours a year. We may not know until tomorrow about you know about just not sure. Now Andy great work here as Sheldon Sheldon Nichols who covers osu football for the advocate I know you're busy thanks for the couple of minutes or Sheldon and will be watching. Your work and read your work yet to Thomas thanks so much. Or.