Seth's Top 10 NFL Teams

Seth gives his top team teams in the NFL right now. See where the Saints come in at and who does he have at the #1 spot?


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But to attend a one OK don't go to handle on so one detect my number ten team in my NFL power rankings way too early top ten. Jacksonville which might be a little low for them. And the reason why we all know. Blake mortal skinny really be trusted here what I love that defense they're gonna have the best defense in the league began mission haven't for quite awhile there. We also signed Andrew nor well at guard and Austin's Darian Jenkins it tied and so more offensive weapons. For what morals and company Leonard four and that there. But I I just when he gets the playoffs here. I saw from really trusting Blake morals in. In a game against Pittsburgh where game against New England you really gonna take portals and the jaguars. In that now I don't know. To be fair it and they did beat Pittsburgh but it was mostly for and a sister aren't so Jacksonville on number ten number nine Houston Texans. And I think Houston. Base need key dark horse pick. In the AFC this year and I think can get very good value on them got to the conference in Vegas and talk about sports betting. Talked about yesterday with the lifting in the throwing out of the ban by the Supreme Court. But did Shawn Watson is expected here they were absolutely rolling with a Shawn Watson. Was healthy last year he goes down with a knee injury in there are different team back to the quarterback mass but they have been pretty much. Bill O'Brien entire tenure there. If I know what's a big yes that's why they're number nine and on higher. But if Du'Shon Watson is healthy and he performs. Like he was like you did last year. Watch out the Texans could be a very scary bunch. Over in the AFC and by the way how the AFC south. Like about a decade there they were the laughing stock of the NFL. They've got to my top ten teams and had a vision. Then around my NFL power rankings top ten number eight dirty bird steal laugh out guns. Al Aqsa love the selection for them with Calvin Ridley I don't like to for the saints element for them they've got those two Alabama receivers now. More weapons from Matt Ryan and company and they did it. Try to patch of the opposite wild urban fringe yet think that's still a question mark for me. But look defensively loss Domtar Pau they lost Adrian Claiborne will they be as good on the outside the football. I'm not sure and still. That often wind scares me protecting Matt Ryan to Scott that contract 150000030. Million yeah dollars a year. Not the 100 million guaranteed that contract so. Yeah I Atlanta would be the scariest team in the NFC south of I am a saints fan. It's. So the question marks here as is to a question marks especially in this conference which is just stacked it's really really hard for me. C Atlantic coming out of this conference really really hard. Number seven. In my top ten. The Green Bay Packers Superman's return Aaron Rodgers healthy once again. They had an absolutely fantastic draft they made two trades in the first round. One back once for an act up they won both of those trades it's pretty hard to do when he trade back Dimitri important say I you won both those trades. But I LC had Jimmy Graham so another weapon here for Aaron Rodgers who does not have Jordy Nelson anymore. Roger's not happy about losing Nelson but the Packers is they never really be surprised in Green Bay wins in the north and on seats Minnesota. Like anybody would be so Packers might number seven and number six team. Pittsburgh Steelers with a huge asterisk here. They got so many weapons offensively. For big band who by the way reversed course and arrest saying maybe this is big Ben's last year apparently not he's now talking about hey I'm I'm gonna play for another four or five years. Which. Well a lot because he was talking about retirement seem like all the time what sentiment but he says that about every says that almost every talk to us in this study aids deaths. It's a yeah. I guess that's her and Ned this are really trees first party and with that. Whenever sub Drew Brees or Tom Brady do and I think they stay in better shape you can tell the difference in big cannon to agree I don't think big band has ever been accused of being a Jimmer. That's rusher. And also here it's not just the question marks around Ben Roethlisberger for me. But dates can be knew he. Like it's it's beyond that are a running joke I think in Pittsburgh kind of a sad story it's been fifteen years. I've never being able to meet New England you know the two titles they want. The two titles they won they didn't run into New England in the playoffs because I believe both those years Indianapolis in Peyton Manning knocked him out. So yeah I just it's I can't see. What that history. Cannot see Pittsburgh beating New England in the playoffs so Devin entertainer can summits and I happen now. Hard time believing that. Except elected Sobel covers were unveiling my way too early NFL powering he stops and number five on mile list. The super team experiments extraordinaire. The Saint. Louis note via Los Angeles yep rams. Keep Salim Marcus Spears. Madonna on soon. Everybody thinks this is the year. For it Jared goth and company. But there is something that keeps ringing in the back of my head that says this has been tried before in the league multiple times. The latest was the Eagles incarnation when they brought in. Not the NASA law. Had that exceptional. Secondary was and 2011 a talked about your before now Philadelphia Philadelphia. And execute oneself they lost five of their first six games couldn't recover I don't think that happens at the rams. Really hard for me to see what all that talent them not making the playoffs especially in. The NFC west which is not the NFC west of old would know Seattle making the stop ten. But they're trying to fight seems a sort of question marks here and the wage or got played down the stretch late season and into the playoffs. I certainly wonders he'd truly going to be that delete top five guy like Carson went seem like he's. On his way to doing normal procedure that would Jerryd office and my number five team. Number four in the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk cousins certainly an upgrade over case Keenan. He also did Dauman took back he's gonna be healthy at running back. You know that defense in my excimer regardless of the actual talent on defense Mike Zimmer maybe the greatest defensive minor league right now USC heat. The Bill Belichick Pete Carroll they're all right there. He's gonna have that team early and they're gonna be a fearsome force. And the saints do have to go on the road in their house of horrors last year a couple of times and certainly in the playoffs. The vikings mine number four team right above them. The New Orleans Saints saints mine number three semen my way too early top ten power rankings here. I think the biggest challengers to illegals in the NFC. And here's the reason why. This is huge. They get both the rams and the Eagles at home this year. That is going to be massive when you talk about. Tiebreaker scenarios. For seeding into the playoffs assuming the saints do win the NFC south. Now they have to go on the road to Minnesota. See hope that Minnesota and Green Bay beat up on each other a little bit Derek that's going to be a real tough. The ball into went and yes they lost marking her for the first four games of the year but let's remember those first four games. Three of those should be very winnable without Ingram. Tampa Bay at home. Cleveland at home. And it's the rebuilding New York Giants on the road you also get Atlanta on the road but even without Ingram wing hole those are always start. So the saints. The biggest challengers to the Eagles in the NFC this year are firmly believe that on paper right now months out. My number two team in my top ten. The New England Patriots. Is there really anybody in the AFC we expect to be better than them now if we know it's the NFL. Things haven't playoffs and he's one does not a series one game not like the NBA. On the broad view blowout in game one and come back here and possibly one game soup. Although they're losing now Samie nine semi seven Celtics with a lead nearly a third quarter. They haven't the flaps I certainly could see Pittsburgh. Board Jacksonville Houston somebody else coming out of the AFC but right now. This time of year are you really. Going to say for certain than anybody but knew me when is coming out of the conference I don't think so. And here's the thing when new really gets to play buffalo. New York and Miami six times a year. You can pretty much pencil and five wins a year or just right off the bat for them in those games. So what it's a division in style it is. Their plan a schedule. But the patriots my number two team. And now where you and you talk about fatigue with the gold say award is the Cleveland Cavaliers got a patriots fatigue over there in the AFC. And my number one team. In my top ten power rankings. The Cleveland now Ron lesser. The Philadelphia Eagles. The defending champs. Really offseason and really offseason Michael Bennet comes or Michael pennant is going to be a force here. I'd I didn't think he was a great fit in Seattle anymore because he was asked to be kind of an every down V guy. And run situations past situations he's past that point in his career. It is a situational pass rusher. For the Eagles and he can rush insider outside especially if you limited snaps boy he's going to be a beast. For them. Hope they also brought in a another. Run stopper in holding not on the defensive line and what my favorite value draft picks. And getting Dallas notre. The sensational tight ends to the saints had their Iowa. And look they don't have one quarterback they had true. Sort of Carson what does Nelson who start the year. Got nick pulls Super Bowl and all winner. There are estimates that a little bit. So Eagles my number one team in my top ten here's my top ten reverse sort oh by the Lloyd's notice I have four of my five teams in my top five are from the NFC that's a got to think that conferences but Eagles patriots saints vikings or rams Steelers Packers. Falcons Texans jaguars in that order. My top ten the saints and a number three. Again I think they are the biggest challengers to the Eagles in the NFC how do you see it where did the same sits if you're gonna make a power ranking top ten list this far out.