Seth Previews The CWS Bracket

Friday, June 16th
The College World Series gets underway tomorrow and Seth tells us how many game the Tigers will win in Omaha.

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Big thanks Alex Gibbs. Join the program a Mikey gives. You Alex gives the offensive line coach Mike kids dating guys relish you. As a say I've done that this month. But reality get ready for Omaha area play tomorrow. 7 PM first pitch in Omar pregame coverage or debit reveal starts at four. Mr. Gary that was recorded yesterday it's probably so Christian Gary real worry is Wright's god. Where the world is Kristian garic. Now. To play that game here at about ten minutes or so to get some of the best response is still up time to get here and where you think Christian Europeans. Is the on and Arctic safari somewhere. Is the in search of a new producer and co host. Is he an answer in a brothel systems ever now I don't know. He affected the subtext. 878 indicates any. That's out of the program here where it's time to make our. Official. College World Series predictions we want yours as well out there. What's your prediction for this team in Omaha. And that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll how many games. Well as you win at the college World Series 0123. Or. Don't let it all day. When that title that seventh national title. Telling you go first because stringer from me I have. Tim simmers official bracket the aegis submitted. Tim how far ACL us Uga on mr. I at least see them at the very minimum getting to the final four I could see them. I think there won the first game against Florida State now the second game is dependent on who they play. I have been playing cal state Fullerton I think they win a game of its organ state. It could be a little different I could see them but I think they come out the losers bracket even if they happen to lose Oregon State and get to the final four. That's my minimum they play cal state Fullerton I think they have the best chance to get to the finals. Yeah and it's a senior bracket you actually have cal syphilis and beating Oregon State in game one. Said this on Wednesday I think this is the one upset costly for the economy for Omaha they're they're one of those teams that probably can't win it put their good for one get upset in this tournament they've been there before. Loss LSU about backing out when Alex Lange with fitness freshman year here so they have that experience. I like this Celtic Fulton titan team in every time Ellis is determined there's always team without that. You know the mascots elephant. Whereas Tim Tim has a look coming out of the bottom bracket is well COL issue oval in the finals and I get LSU when he at all officially in a bracket right. I didn't make an official champion because that it wanted to you know give that bad no joke it was a whatever went on but. Yeah LSU Louisville would be ninety files. RA here's my here's what I will say. Now Obama fill out actually doing a bracket and this is so tough is a double Elam actually impressed you actually did this. I would be disappointed if I do not CL issue at least two games. I guess that's how am I over under for them whether that's against Florida State and then. Just winning again in the quarterfinals or whether it's you know any game and also an Indian losers bracket. 46 going to be itself open man. I think I know that people out there especially hard core LSU fans they realize it's 1213 Florida staged put up a bunch Iran's. 26 in the super regional ninety you know in their last game Greg good starting pitching. Good bullpen in the field while I mean they're they're kind of LSU lights. I mean both teams got out of the same time their vote in the middle middle of the season you know Hillary knowing. Now both teams are winning streaks and it'll be at some of the other so please I LSU knees when that opener though against Florida State just because of their uncertainty now with the pitching staff walker you do not know. When they'll be able to go if you'll be able to go one that's my opinion on this to forearm injury. Approval are also find out more. Probably expect tocchet in game two I would think I would think expect coaching in game two. And then hopefully walk it back for game they're able find out more bats more so that is my official prediction here is I do think LA issue. They're the most talented team in this field it's really tough for me to predict that they're going to. To win a title just because in something like this with a field so deep and so stacks. That it's it's tough meat grinder to get there. Do they tell us here's the most talented team. But it's I think organs say they started to gel here ten. After the local time what news I think their team has come together they have not lost the game since that story broke. They still have a very deep pitching staff they are Billy's a Kelsey forces overall law where he states cultural law. It's at all yet that it teams kind of play differently once they get them hospice in a new stadium with how big it is it's kind of weird. I know she was common of all season back of the 23 years ago and get them on it one home run also all the whole summer there. I think LSU gets a game against Oregon State they win one game against Oregon State some wire. But I'd. Out something about what's happened here usually CDs coming together moments that glue teams together rank organ Steve had won the Heimlich news. I think this is organ states here again to win their third national title. When this press sociologist you win when their seventh I would not I guess that I think they're the most talented team here. And take a little luck they'll and it organs that comes at a half of the bracket I'm with you have a global comes out of the bottom half of the bracket of the best team there. I'd pick one but pick and here today. Teams can win and I'll sit Oregon State. And once seemed that I actually do one game actually count I wanna see is a wanna see TCU vs Texas a and M if you remember TCU actually. Eliminated Texas and lassie super regionals so if they go if they go to lose the first round they both happened a win in the first round. It eventually how to plays especially if they're no losers bracket and NM and somehow knock out TCU. Then that would be some payback for the last. Super regionals look in and and if you if things happen the way you said Sam here at LSU wins that opener against Florida State cal syphilis and pulls up the upset. And the bracket sets up for LSU like that. That's what you need to watch for because then Allah she should be favored to get to that championship series menu an airplane at that point Kelsey Fortson and a winner's bracket game no matter where it is. If it's in that game two or if it's next Friday in the semis. That is good news relish you expect them to get onto the championship series and. Another thing about that if they do play cal state polls and you'll win that game you have Alex lane ready for organ stating case they come up through the losers bracket. Here's in my want prediction for this is well is I think whoever comes out of the top half of the bracket and I can see. Any four of those team make it out of there. I think whoever comes out is gonna win the regional and cultural series whether that's LSU Oregon State cal state or even Florida State. It's she hosts such ace acts. For. Again or casino issue Florida State. At 149 of their past 5012. National titles there zero nada zilch no national titles in the bottom half of the bracket. Good teams though like stimulated out. What. You say the one thing I don't think that's gonna win. I'd put money on it would be Florida they just don't score enough runs they've good pitching but if they're pitching doesn't show up I don't Saddam and. I agree you know it's weird is their national seed and number three overall seed I'd give them. But given the least chance come out of that bracket at a high demand a better shot to come out a bottom half of the bracket Lucy Lu will come and Allenby spreads seat TCU is well. Gosselin be spread seat TCU well it's it's just. This is going to be a fun year there's no overwhelming favorite out here in Omaha. Libya really fun two weeks to watch really release it and take a break here on a comeback saga play where in the world is Chris and Derrick. Texas a 504. Says it's Christians been kidnapped by his previous co hosts. And their body if there is eaten suffer. Any. Being kind of a good way to get kidnapped the RN. Back after this on DaVita real.