Seth on Oregon Pitcher Luke Heimlich

Seth talks about the Oregon St not having their ace pitcher in Omaha because of his latest news of him being a sex offender.


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So that's the the callers take on the situation. And I heard that. And for a second I thought it was apparent. I thought this. I thought the caller was at the end of that and ago. You know this is the Zacks decent stuff I've heard this is now I think. Skill jobs assembly plant right yet since at a satellite that sound like you're gonna go a different way towards him that. It's not like he wanted to know their opinion on what they thought about. Like these players that have done bad things and what their feelings where towards players who paid their price I guess and maybe possibly in second chances yeah. Here's the thing with this and it sounded like to me and that this went on the conversation reduced mainly on this one. Went on bets the caller thought this Heimlich should. Should be playing here in College Baseball on the biggest spotlight in College Baseball is. A few years after sexually. Molesting. A six year old girl. Six year old girl and by the way this was just a one time thing when he was fifteen years old. This happened multiple times over two years. It was so bad that the populous county district attorney. Pakistani where in Washington where. Heimlich grew up where this happened called in to a radio shows you listen to this. Instead code it's some little thing it's easy to diminish despite our laws and our voters view this is a very serious crime. Goes on to say. This is not a one time thing. But particularly the young girl over two years makes it even worse is not a one time event it is significant. District attorney calling in there blackness count. Sports fans. Out there. For dared teams. Who somehow want to excuse. What this fifteen year old. Young adults did. To a six year old girl and saying three years later he's paid his price. And he should have an opportunity. To play major college sports in front of millions of people. BA draft and go on to make millions and millions of dollars while this young girl. That's a live the rest of her lack with consequences. Is absurd. It is an absurdity. And we've heard this with lesser crimes to for the Ray Rice thing to Joseph makes him think even the great guardians the Alden Smith incidence. Fans defending the athletes here. And saying well because they've paid their price undergo. Let him play. And you shouldn't be able to. Take away their livelihood. Well look Heimlich took away. The childhood of this young girl. And look kindly did this in Washington State where he pled out. Had he done this in Oregon. Had this crime been committed in Oregon. Because of the losses there. Look kindly would still be in jail he be finishing up a mandatory sentence. Would not be on Oregon State's roster. It's also been exposed looks like that organ state their coaching staff their administration their when they recruited Heimlich were not aware. Of the sexual abuse. And the sex offender status of Luke time. It gives. I say our community as sports fans right everybody out there listen to this program your sports fan and went past year another. Here's sports fan you're saints fan here and LSU thing. It gives us our community. A really bad name a bad look. When we have some of us. Insanely defending. Luke Heimlich and saying he should be able to play in the college World Series. Four years. Four years. After sexually molesting a six year old multiple times it's absurd. It is absolutely patently absurd. And anybody what that takes just yet. Really should talk to dean in Slidell take your calls on this I was really fired up about this. No we've talked about it before but I heard the caller earlier today and it said get my commentary. Do not get mad at the reporter who broke the story do not get matter Oregon State. Madden anybody. Metal kind look at what he did when heated and I'll. Back after this on double which.