Sequels win at the box office

In the battle of two very different sequels at the box office this weekend, Denzel Washington’s action pic “The Equalizer 2” has narrowly won out over the ABBA jukebox musical “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

Studios on Sunday estimate that the R-rated Denzel Washington joint grossed $35.8 million from North American theaters over the weekend. It’s Washington’s first ever sequel and the biggest opening of director Antoine Fuqua’s career. The first “Equalizer,” from 2014, opened similarly and went on to earn over $190 million worldwide.

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Said the movie theater over the want to act happened well a surprise. They thought that the new mama media here we go again most of the industry experts that it winning. But Denzel Washington in an equalizer 20. Yeah no set out on and they actually outperformed. The equalizer to brought in nearly 36 million dollars edging out my and the rooted mama mediate here we go again. By one and a half million. Dollars a lot of equalizer fans I just saw the first when the other day which I'd already seen but I Saudi gamma and that is say on yes I do which angered the theater renew your tortured. All told it was a huge weekend for sequels. Six of the top ten movies and aid. Amid all six of the top movies and eight of the top ten or all sequels. So yeah lyzard neutralize the longer mommy a here we go again seek Hotel Pennsylvania three in third place people. And man in the wasp. Part of all avengers things are technically and its sequel to the actual aunt and journey. So sequel incredible still came in at number five sequels so they go all top five in fact the top sectoral sequels. Now we have another sequel coming out this week and checked him more Mission Impossible all out big boss which is getting really good reviews actually. And then teen titans ago. Two goalies. So there you go. He had those two coming up this week David you have all week to try and figure out what you make a prediction on as for what will be number one line.