Senator Kennedy reacts to Trump's border reversal

Wednesday, June 20th
Scoot talks to US Senator John Kennedy about Trump's executive order ending his administration's family separation policy

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I wanna tell you how prompt. Senator John Kennedy is. He supposed to call us at 310. At 30925. The phone was ringing. And he's latest rating it to Senator Kennedy here in just a moment let me give you just a quick update on what we have been talking about this afternoon in the event you were just getting into car just tuning in. Our president trump I thought reached a tipping point and I explain that and a blogger Barbara which is on our website WWL Telecom should be a part. FaceBook page Islamic get embolden those are conversations. And I'm involved in a much FaceBook a little bit later. But at the president's on many of the president's loyal supporters were turning on him with a policy of taking children away from parents. So the president reached a tipping point and today he signed an executive order. Ending. The new policy. Also we were talking about. The the rumors. And the things that the the people of North Korea are told about Kim Jung Hwan and his stand Tammy just ridiculous stuff like. Their bodies are so perfect they don't ever have to use toward. Because I mean not even one not number two. Because their bodies use up everything they consume hunt also on they were telling the people of at North Korea that sawdust. Is. I nutritious food. Jeff you're hungry eat sawdust. Andy Kim Jong-Il to dad's. Played golf one time and made eleven holes in one. So it made me think about our media and as imperfect as our media is. At least it's free. But I also can't help but think about how are you and I often allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media or let's get to Senator Kennedy. I'm before we get to Senator Kennedy I wanna officially announce senator John Kennedy's candidacy for governor of the state of Louisiana. Senator how Oreo. I don't know if that's what. I just wanted to make an official. That's not a Richard. Lugar there was little policy. I. Yeah she do you live right Estevez senator. Let me ask you vowed to the president trump on signed an executive order today and that that whole fiasco. What's been going on. America welcomes. There are all night. Into our country make this year. We welcome more. In my garage quickly in other con in the war. And many people can't. Once last time and try actually. He won't come to America. But we also. Hear. About 400. To jump. That at all a given. Term Angela. Joked. People. In the past in. Under present. See you. Would be. Would be. It would be. Oh come back court to. Austin. Came from the rest. All week. Or something. Now. If you are cross border. Will be. And props. Is a crack. Circumstances. People get caught. And we sent back the report. Almost crows. Are some people. Are. That you order from. More risk. They separate. From. That's just standard. Well then why it was so why was it a mistake for the president to order that policy the end enforced. Because. They're pretty sure we all our. Young young young children. Who have made him. With their anchor many of them are born but it. And not being urged air that. I agree I agree with you by the way but I wanted to play devil's advocate here for those who think that there's there's no difference between those two things. Sure. Score. Bearer for K out of California. Mean your score PO organize truck which sculpt or me. It's as the when one child come on. The government can hold child. In custody only for 21 to. So many of justice. We thought were good children. From the we can't put you are in the detentions were charged and if we can only oh. Of Reno. Or Torre you know. What's in the best interest. And committee they answer. The White House does it make it bites. Now change there. Continued to rest repair. You can't can now. And it quickly. And from. I hired Mike I. Totally agree with senator I I how much do you think. Stephen Miller. From advisor. Is influencing the president on decisions like this. I don't know others for so much is mr. Miller's variant or ears. Bear or or. That's not a criticism. I support is a good impression on all on the promise that. We have immigration laws don't act which in Britain. You can't let people commentary your country illegal. Politically for no relation site. I hired I agree with you I described. Stephen Miller. Iran as the new Steve Vander in the White House. And I describe him as a behind the scenes advisory that acts like the butcher cutting up the red meat to feed trunk space. Well I'll. That's that let's put this is something you would have sent. A I'm surprised that. Country. Yeah I mr. though there and and add to what XT at present the year ago. To present reached in and it must do it or credit he has corrected. He just can't. I am. With handing immigration laws are. Well that's all of that all that's true enemy we definitely need to change things and in this idea that you come to this country with a child and you're not prosecuted that is a absurd and a terrible message to censor. Tutu people who wanna come to America. But my main point in talking about all of this the last few days as Dan. The playing politics with the kids because this seemed to be timed. To bring up this topic. So there would be pressure to pass an immigration bill and it seems like the president reached a tipping point and had to even. How work before that happened in and do something to south. I think there analysis. And all all we need to do story. You scope of the social problem we now present court spa. I don't know what they will ask. Strong fields have been in her didn't agree here or register as just don't. Arrest the parents don't separate the real. Deal it's great the dance ears. Rest apparent. And then what they don't know. Their problems that Bible on the court polite and you can import separating children. We didn't do you know of course. Our ports. I I understand and that's that would be our problem senator can we just tell you to do what you can't to like fix some of these problems. N com yeah. So. What's language on. And and I'm sure lighthouse plea mark comments but. Watch usually a separate. But it is credits. He has. Strike X. And where we are content and the rest of groups sure. We roll it over. Tensions and figure that struck rural school. Center before a what you go let me ask you this quick question. When your governor I mean if you're governor of would you have done more to bring this legislature to a decision before a third special session. And we caught. In governor were poor. Need thanks. Axed to let. Our problem is we spent more. Arm and interest on the. I would to attend to agree with you senator I I appreciate you taking time to this and let's talk again soon. All right sir John Kennedy and wife from DC. With all the recent hysterically you know what. Let's. I turned decide whether or not to do this topic that has scheduled for this hour. They illustrated do. Does America change if you if you're holding your much talk about something just stay whistle talk about it. And I'm gonna I grew into this topic. With all the recent hysteria. About the impact of entertainment. On a young generation. With all the talk about the negative images and entertainment. Do you think. When it comes to teenagers. That. There's more sex. There's more drug use. And more smoking cigarettes. Is an impression you have when you when you hear about all the criticism. Entertainment and the impact it has on teenagers. You think these things are down. We're gonna talk about that when we come back and can you think of something entertainment made you do when you were a teenager. They you even knew what time you shouldn't do. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Enrico final four. 2601. A seventy. Text states 77 I'm skirts and we're coming back on Demi if you help. Are obese country music performers singing in my drugs Semih is really destroying America that's Mary church. I'm gonna stoned. With the recent hysteria. About the impact of entertainment on a young generation. This acts. The Internet its everywhere to drug use the the a positive depiction of so many negative things. Why is it. That you were US teens are smoking. Having sex. And doing drugs. New studies come out. And it shows that fewer teens are having sex. Smoking and do drugs. So I guess that shows that. Maybe the media is not having the impact that some people have led you to believe it's gonna happen. Also this on the survey was on. Revealing their tech kids are drinking less milk. And it's just something that really started on after World War II the daisy conception of milk and has gone down I mean I remember as a kid growing up we. You know we were told to drink our milk. Well milk shifted to soda. And then to Gatorade and other sports drinks recently replacing milk has been energy drinks like monster Red Bull. Thought you know I guess that at the dinner table as you know your palm's gonna tell you I signed. Finish that Red Bull I can you sick or something in a lot to talk about this because. It helps us explain how the media operates and how entertainment works. Can you think of something. That entertainment made you do that you knew. You shouldn't of done I'm got a text here that says as a teen scoot Guns 'N Roses made me smoke cigarettes 'cause they made it look so cool. Drank night train line also. Well. You know it at 5060s. There were adults in TV shows Sydney smoke in the cool. And the you put on a rerun of the Andy Griffith Show. He lights up. They'll light a cigarette now and then. So there's a smoking in shows and Henry fronts. But smoking is allowed no wait a smoking. In shows today. But yet they're smoking and I. Believe that if if you do something for band influence as you can do something like Guns 'N Roses in that case. Dan you were already pre disposed to wanna try there was something in you that wanted to if you hated broccoli. And Guns 'N Roses ate broccoli would you eat broccoli well. So it was simply continuing the first place that. Was thinking about smoking. And you're predispose to make a decision. I got a special song we talk about their teenagers and sex I got a special song. From way back. And it's about sex. It comes from my generation. It even talks about public sector having sex in public. How do we grow up and become responsible people if we were exposed to music when we were kids and teenagers that talked about. As a teenager. We heard this song about having sex. In public. I don't want to do. That's right. Man we grew up here in this song. Player on our turn tables. And yet if we had gone outside and 200 in the road to. To put him in our fault and not the veal salt. I sell. I'm making a point here that. And I'm making the point dead. We have all been exposed to suggest his music and entertainment that was considered negative. And relative to the times in which we lived or wish you live this year or next gen Y baby boomer or millennial or are younger. You're seeing things there are our relatives to. The things that you see in society the news. You know the news has become so graphic. That Hollywood had to get even more graphic. To make the movies entertainment. So when you think about. The Beatles and some of the stuff that's an amusing about drugs and sex that we were exposed to you know our parents would have never allowed us to use that as an excuse. But that's the difference today. Some kid acts on a song that parents think it's the song salt from the nor short Tom welcome to the show. I had a little rambler well it will look much like drastically. Little little Nash rambler. Do you think oh well you get the dumb child like issue I don't I don't remember. Words there's little slip rambler rocker now Cadillac. OK so calm so how did that in such a time. I'd got used at our which was 61. Street should weigh in six cylinder rambler. In time. Yeah. In a way out there and play around with anything on Orangeburg. I don't updates to halt the little rambler that looks great news. There was no way. All along Cadillac square outlander and now I. Hope second year. It. That's right now at. A news all long mennonite men. I'm glad you feel better talking about it. Our time budget goes to show. Then there would expose a lot of us. Here's a Texas says I told the priest. I was in confession because my father said all his kids had to go to confession. The pre shielded me before mass everybody stared at me when I came from the Booth. On menace that's cruel. I remember confession once. I mean I want more than spit. The priest and he is standing ovation which I thought was pretty cool three emeritus standing ovation when it. On here's a check says son Michael Jackson may begin Jerry curl in the eighties. After the Pepsi commercial. His attacks I had sex my teacher because Van Halen made it look cool LO well she was not too. Because and you ended the song hot for the teacher. Here is a text I'm screwed as a nineteen year old myself. I think he used is on making a turn around with things they should not be doing. I go to a party school and even I was surprised at how many teens stand by what they believed. Not by what pop culture tells them to do. And I actually I see that too. I see that in my son's generation. I I see that in a younger generation I hear in the music. There are a lot of similarities between some of the hot music today some of the popular music trade displayed on our sister station UNICEF. And the eighties. Musically and lyrically. You know the mission of the eighties was fine it was happy. The Ronald Reagan was president this country was the suit was boom. And if you're a young adult. You are teenager and you have a great time in the eighties. Jim was speaking. And so I'm hearing that kinda happier tone that positive tone and a lot of music today. And it's almost saying that. OK hey guess what we didn't screw up the world it's our fault so let's just go out there and do the best we can. And I honestly believe the baby boomer generation is setting a great example. For younger generations. In turn serve. Relationship commitment. To basically in terms of what not to do. I think gen next gen Y millennial us. And teased I think I think they're learning. A ballots. Things that they don't want a repeat things that we did they were wrong and no we ought to take credit for helping him on by and you know have having done the wrong thing I mean I guess is a positive site as a if you are join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601878. And our text. Is 87870. Here's attacks it says so when people say America is the greatest country in the world and it's fake news. No it's not state it was because that is. Your opinion. And opinions. Are fake news. That the Texas scoot. Should never Wear one glove like Michael Jackson. In a lot of people did Goran dressing like cam. Davidson why kids. Can you think it's something that. Entertainment made you do that you knew you shouldn't do when you were younger. We'll be back. On WL. Are yet this just screams. Eighties to me. And you know there's an eighty's night in the French Quarter every Thursday night and it is packed. With younger people. Gen next gen Y and millennial Los. And even younger than that I mean it's just it's amazing how our younger generations have adopted the music of the eighties and it's varying. Appealing. And it was fun and it was up and I I I hear a lot of that in music today. I'm here hope during the break was reminding me of the movie the program was james' con it was about. Football program and university. And and in the movies some kids were lying down in the street. Hard to find traffic. And some kids were imitating that got run over. As everybody panicked oh my god the movie made him do it and it took it out of the move. They cut that scene are the movie and I remember talking about this on the I think it was early nineties maybe. If if some kid sees kids lying down in the street defying traffic. In a movie. And goes out and imitates that. That's secure that obviously has never seen roadkill. Because I mean that's. Can't he can't blame the movie for attacks from uptown JR thank trying and on here on WW. They didn't just call on that they've got a tetanus shot out there it. Yeah I do have an updated tetanus shot wide. Good that you're catching and Kennedy but. Well I I I've what do you think that I said that was just in his body. Every bit everything out and show you what would you do weight when your governor is if he runs against Jon Dalembert. It's Edwards is gonna kick just like. He you know dummy that may have that's why change it too if but I did officially announce his candidacy for governor because I think that's gonna happen. Well I I mean it everything you're like oh I agree with that I. I agree with that like. Like JR here's the deal. If I look at I have disagreed with people a lot on this show I disagree Christie's go least I happen to agree with what I was talking to tie John Kennedy about so I'm not gonna say I disagree if I agree and your and into this this idea that. You know it passed all be confrontational or whatever. That does a supper we custody. And when. Senator Kennedy said. He agreed with president trump that he was a mistake. Don't know agreed he agreed with those who say president trump made a mistake. And whole separation policy at the border I agree with him. I'm not gonna disagree just to disagreements. That's stupid. Here is a text that says sex drugs and rock and roll. Now there was a lot of that in the past here's a text mortis may be fantasize about chops. That's just. Sick. And other checks says. Screw grew up watching The Three Stooges never pulled different EI or smashed. Him in the head with a hammer mr. south. And salad you know what if you would have done that then. Your parents. Would have blamed you. If a kid does that today. The parents go oh my god it was that show. Don't you see what is changed in our country and is at this since his scary to you. And I that I I got a text here is says Saddam what kind of example did baby boomers set for our relationships. Well we set the example of what not to do. Because we got married and divorced. And I think a lot of people have learned that that's not what you should try and do in life. And we were. We turned divorce into our recreational sport. I mean it's it's sad. But I think it younger some younger generations have have got a better view of relationships because of the mistakes that we made. Ariza to create a song and this was up at this was on the Idec sees midnight runners greatest hit album. There's the only song. We'll be back and every every realm. And you know that to other caller was truly offstage to cars why would you need a tetanus shot if you kiss somebody's spot. I mean that's if you like Dino. To cut by some metal or something. So that was stupid conversation just from their every inning. Here's a text about being influenced by entertainment my tried wrestling moves as a kid. Okay what would happen. Inning then happened. And in your parents or you do something you're supposed to do wouldn't they have stopped you yeah because parents used to intervene. In the appropriate manner. And if it again. This is what is really changed. And it really comes down to a lack of personal responsibility and this is something that has been totally corrupted in our country. We used to be responsible as individuals. And let's remember that this this whole country is nothing more than a collection of individuals. So we can be no better than the individuals that. Populate this country. And too many people don't accept personal responsibility. Sports soccer sex with cursing Derek and special guest. Coach Nelson Stewart from Newman high school the talk about fantasy football and they'll have the on sports talk Tennessee football auditions all that coming up. And just about a minute. Wanfeng Diane Newman our program director Todd mass as our show producer and Ian Hoke. I mean even if you don't call in if you don't tax I still consider you to be a very important part of the show the daily FaceBook posts and WWL radio and SO TA stewed on the air. It's about president from reaching the tipping point I'll get involved in those conversations. A little bit later this evening and manned we have some fun on FaceBook. It gets quite passionate sometimes even turns a little ugly. But I don't started by artist you constitute what are you New Orleans.