Senate Intelligence Committee is now set to meet Wednesday

Senate Intelligence Committee is now set to meet Wednesday for a hearing on Russia’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. They are moving away from investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice and focusing more on Russian meddling and possible collusions by Trump campaign members. Are they heading in the right direction or do you think they are just chasing rabbits down an endless number of holes?

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Harry Rosenberg - Former U.S. Attorney


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With us is Harry Rosenberg former US attorney. Harry this is gotten this investigation between the essay that committee hearings. And the the special counsel with Robert Mueller it's going all sorts of different ways and twists and turns in the course with president tweeting. And then is legal team coming on and saying that's not what he met in the two week. This is got a little confusing for a lot of the Americans that are listening right. I like there's no doubt that is Paula confusing but it's been all political roller coaster raw. A law makes Friday he said we hear of a the president sign one sign and then within 48 hours it is a two parties or on on national television a law. Trying something. A 180 degrees different from what the president has just tweeted. Now do you think the president was reacting to Washington Post article in the he'll have so many characters in and twittered that you can't. Say everything you want to say like lawyers say. But our political put another tweet out to advance and continued that we have seen people do that. Like that's exactly right like I don't know what the law not by virtue of just know what the president was striking other than hale will be you know. Issues that tweet on fraud and all of his lawyers bright people and they're good also least. As a pejorative term negative term but. They're good public relations people particularly. Jerry spackle who's appeared repeatedly ought. On fox and other national networks. To talk about well. Various political activities not just oh related to president trial but. Topic what's important news that the parallel old law activities that are going on between. Bob Moehler L as special counsel and the Senate Intelligence Committee the senate intelligence communities in terms taught taught to be. Focus all on where there all of Russia. Should say to what extent rock chip. Interfered with the electoral process. Regarding the presidential elections last year. Wall Bob Moehler is looking yet of a host of all of their activities including. Obstruction of justice and that should not come as a surprise to anyone because. That's really we're in good job description group's special counsel it's special counsel bullies. That's occur though he or she has that authority. No of this Senate Intelligence Committee had for a while after the firing of former FBI director James Komi they were starting to investigate. The obstruction of justice thinks they kind of got off of the sidetracked where they originally started and one of the senators I forget which one and the leaves from Arizona. When they were questioning. The attorney general kind of saying hey this is where we started we're talking about the wrong thing we've gotten off track. And kind of got really upset about that and that was with Jeff flake was a plate. I think he was the army was cut he was the one that that said that and I think now that they've so may be they have set a cable bullet. Our smaller take care of that part of it it will go back to investigating what we originally started to investigate is that how this seems like it's working now. Probably I'll have a site reaction oh Fort Worth about suspect a lot of westerners to which is that. All of the Senate Intelligence Committee realized that might be. Called stepping outside of their territory particular while others that appointment of special counsel that. They endorsed wholeheartedly just a couple months ago and so there. They need BQ Bob Mueller also latitude and to Colin witnesses and start questioning him is not giving. Bob all latitude he wants off you know their. On late date but the basically it came all of special counsel that ball bowlers assembled. All of wants to go well and talk to individuals. All one on one which is standard. Off for government operations his ball over those from being used it and department of justice and being has the FBI. And that is going to be adversely affected. On dissented. Intelligence committee questioning those same individuals. All. And and public view our on public TV on the radio but it makes no sense. That's that's really see the ditch that. Some of the well former prosecutors. Mueller has assembled all boring to do that effort which is approaching individuals. Alt. Is government Warner's ball and defense lawyers on the sign flipping those individuals or. Getting those individuals to become cooperating witnesses. And there could be arranger individuals. Anywhere from home. Well vice president and I'm not saying that's the case but he gave it certainly within within now. Possibility. To. All the president signed that law to other individuals who came into contact with the president. And that's what. Folks like Andrew Wiseman issues. Was brought on by Bob smaller. Who headed all the federal investigation is to have the criminal fraud unit for the Department of Justice years ago. And they ended and number racketeer prosecutions. Over New York I mean that's that's his Bailiwick that is ditch. Two I think that's what the Senate Intelligence Committee taught is now overall record causing that. It it's better to let those folks do it rather than to try to question. People of the now up for auction her possible criminal charges are all in a public forum. Harry Rosenberg former US attorney he is our guest Harry get some questions here from. From our text line and also Kohler once says Q question of if you're OK with that. Wonder bottoms as I wonder if mr. Rosenberg. Were. He acting in mr. most capacity is special counsel so what would you do to stem the apparent leaks coming out of the investigation. And prosecutorial group under control of the special counsel is the leaks of problem. Well taught I'm glad that question was so was raised Kazaa wanted to release mentioned to Walt. I had an opportunity talk peace your blisters amid conflict but the leaks to the Washington Post in the New York Times to all the media outlets. Have just gone out of control donated likenesses of oh and somebody needs to look at that. A law issue discreetly that is. No leaks why it's being leaked who's doing the leaking. And stop it and frankly Bob Moehler should make sure it's not happening the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee should make sure. It's not happening it's a disservice to the entire process. Well that we're expecting to create a result. Call one where the other. There's a having a lot of effect on the public opinion depending upon whether you you believe the Washington Post or the the New York Times. Or any of that the media outlets at all sale unidentified source. And the media can burn sourcing with the unidentified source but it's getting to the point now where who do you believe because everyone seems to have a source. But those that are doing the investigation. That's that's exactly right beta and like that these anonymous sources whoever they or either need to step out ball. Of the closet. And identify themselves all or they ought to more importantly the individuals who were involved in the collecting facts ought to stop talking to members of the media. And say that with no disrespect to you that your politics stopped but I just feel like that the process should be a completed. Through two media leaks. We'll have you know Larry no one has spoken to me I'm I don't I don't get the oil leaks I have as Michael plumber. Let's go to Donald the nor sure hey Don thanks for calling WW. I think Dick and Mac all luck gonna happen and mr. Rosenberg we had gone back several times a couple cup what's awhile by. And it's always been a pleasure respects it's a question for. You were US attorney in your better defense attorney for quite some time there aren't very accomplished what it that. When you with the US attorney com. Okay yourself as the turning all the courts. She could get a party investigate someone brought a a major drug trafficker or import all of polity brokerage. He might have. And trafficking drugs in the sense that. Every fishing expedition which is called in her in the justice system. Such as mr. you'll have been giving all of volley to basically go fishing expedition. I don't have a problem mr. Mueller investigating Russian collusion but he's such a party doesn't open it up to a fishing expedition and airport political. Caught rather than a little. Political much we gotta conquer what should be done in the court. Well book on Don you raised a number of good points one. Bob bowler oh whispers to have a limited focused all all the loot the appointment of special counsel does allow him to look at all of possible criminal activity if they exit if it exist and if he comes across it then do you identify. But I think there's general questioned as being raised now all that's equally disquieting which is. Bob bowlers relationship. Where it's called me. On the news doable very close there admitted to be close friends called me is going to be key witness and well there that personal relationship creates conflict of interest and if it does then Bob mowers but this does actually stepped down. Under the special counsel appointment so it's not a the brunt of it is as Betty. Potential conflict. Mr. We debate which that it was not an. Opt in an open made a good point and what is. Mueller is in that Democrats were supposedly. Actual. Thing. Simply he's intent not on any they can get and calmer as we look in them. Well that Paul will have to see how that plays. I don't wanna take the places some of those Talking Heads are. I'd I'd know that he saw has targeted number of individuals to. They've given to the Democrat party saw in the past and substantially give it to them. Who have been at all. Appointees on her democratic administrations. But I'm hopeful that Bob Moehler and others can be objective about this because it's as he says it's disservice to the American people and he needs to keep it on and believe he will. Don I thank you for the call and an area again I'm getting text people are saying uncle Republicans that have problems leaks with Russia leaking information about Hillary Clinton during the election. I think that you have said Denton and many people it says leaks are leaks regardless of which sides are wrong. That they shouldn't be happening. Their profit as to what you're doing an investigation. It exactly raw did not play that all of a politically. Taught me it makes no difference whether it's coming from the Republican Party. Democrat party libertarians. Or people are just pure independents the fact is that. We should not hailed leaks here now. That are part and parcel of an investigation is as serious to. Our country and that's what's happening day in and day out it affected it's not just day in day out it's almost every couple hours that is and other. Anonymous off source of the leak. And in terms of what's happening with the Senate Intelligence Committee or Bob bowlers special counsels seen. And that ought to conduit and somebody's got to bring it to you and their. There are only a handful of people who have control to bring it to an end and it's Bob Bullard. It has of the Senate Intelligence Committee. And they ought to take some action and they ought to do it prompted. So you think they should prosecute those of said the believe James thome said he'd he leaked something. Or let something out to go to the press would that be considered the leaking. Well I go to it goes back to that talked about before me people. He leaped one of his memos which so it was not class flaws that hopefully that is gonna constitute criminal conduct. But it certainly is it appropriate if he's meeting with president United States. Taking notes and dead late CNET in order to leaking that memo. At least one of those that we go. Do to what he bullies would. Foster the appointment as special counsel on just on that to be. Irregular an appropriate. Whether it's criminal on. I doubt it but I don't think that may be part and parcel would Bob baldor is gonna have to look at and that goes back to whether. His personal relationship with Colby is such he may need to consider whether he should recuse themselves. And we said this before and of people are taxing last time on there we talked about this that. When you have a special counsel they can start one place and beat some morals because that's the powers at their given. Especially with. President Clinton and against our investigation started in one area with the water in it lasted for awhile and you know where bowl. President Clinton and in the bill earlier you know I'd open always yeah we don't just and the you know Monica Lewinsky stuff so. You'd never know where it's gonna lead but he that's why they're given such broad powers to look at everything. That that's correct that made it I understand on concerns alone. And it's supposed to be limited but if in the course of that investigation. The special counsel call on covers on her own. Something that he believes it is or she believes is all criminal activity. They have an obligation to use that delve into that further and make a conclusion as to whether it is actually criminal activity they can't just. Take a blonde all elected because it's not within their initial George. I'm Harry Rosenberg a former US attorney.