Senate Intel says "no doubt" on Russian meddling

Newell Normand
Thursday, May 17th

Newell talks to American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Karlyn Bowman about a new bipartisan Senate report that further affirms Russian election meddling


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We now have it. Carlin Bowman senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute joining us in there's been a number of polls that have been done about this and I talked a little bit about it opening this hour caller welcome to the show. Are you. So you know the kind of question is is said. Is there collusion fatigue investigation fatigue congress fatigue I mean even though I guess some part of the media as a talk show host. I'm fatigued. At. I'm pretty Petit do particularly looking at all these questions about the Russian investigation no no question about it that's. I didn't look at it quite a number of them in the last few weeks just to see where public opinion was and I think that you could. You can get it did have this sense from the questions that fatigue is setting in. But the pollsters ask what's the most important issue to you that they ask about infrastructure and taxes that a lot of things. The Russian investigation usually comes down at the very the list. Yeah in and you know and after one year. That but I do have to say I guess I'm a little conflicted because it almost seamlessly. A campaign it's out there that a little bit of information. Is uncovered and released. Through sources almost every week. So it enough that it like come watch and TV show or murder mystery TV show that always leaving me hanging in your waiting to see what's gonna happen next in. Lo and behold. Somebody else uncovers another little golden day. Absolutely and that's what we saw this morning with the release of additional documents say yesterday morning so. We knew it just continues but I think Republicans in particular is beginning to be true. Much more critical of what they have done in the past we've seen some questions asking people whether to which aren't. At the same time the national population once. Mueller will be able to continue this investigation they want to investigation to continue but not many people familiar with hands. As a matter of fact a plurality and a lot of pulls. I just don't know who he is but they still can't be investigations. Continue and they're very worried about elections this fall interfering once again. Yeah I mean we're we're we're ramping up to the mid term elections and obviously these issues or. Are critical and ironically. On because the states have the right to do a lot has succumbed as it relates to. The types of machines the the electronics. In all of the process of the election. There's still not a lot of consistency throughout his country as to how we're gonna go about doing this. Perhaps absolutely we have a strong frontal system I think that's a real plus for the country and so many ways that people have very different election system you're absolutely correct and so. I think they are at least trying to attorneys general and state election occasionally trying to talk more to one another about things they need to be concerned about what you're actually corrected many different kinds of political system. You know what's interesting is that nailed this investigation. Has Conner moved to. Whether or not that trump. Can't pain was subject to the investigation in fact that he. Date even had a name for this investigation called crossfire hurricane. Which is. You know kind of analogous I guess Sinaloa Rolling Stones a song about you know kind of about a political storm you know that are in there and and now we're talking about whether and how we had a moles and or under cover of folks with in the campaign. Us. Content goes you're right that's only the polling questions that they asked about trump associates in the public it's a little skeptical of his associates found. They're not sure that he did anything wrong or that there's been collusion that's certainly. Pretty clear in the polls. There are concerned about his associates to people who surround himself with. But let me ask the question this way I mean you've been around a lot of political campaigns in your career I'm sure. Trump Helena had a second tier campaign. Until he really started to take off so he was kinda left where it. A lot of the second tier players that were advising him initially. And that's where a lot of this started did it now. Do you. Well I think a lot of people most people certainly in Washington about the info on Vista launch shots so that doesn't exactly draw the best people to the campaign. And I think you could trump and felt so it is rumored to have setup election hunted he was injured was gonna win. And so in that sense. Yes he didn't get the best picks I think Chris campaign advisors. Early on compared to some of the other campaigns. And there were some people who surrounding that didn't have the levels of experience. I mean when you think about pop into policy Mexico at the trump campaign from the Carson campaign who might not in deathly wasn't as well finances at trump campaign. So that's even a tier below and he was a neophyte. I mean out of him no experience in anything and he's talking about things and I'm not sure that even completely understood. Does someone like Paul network obviously it has enormously long track record is very impressive track record to nineteen. It's interesting that view is very different from the top the doppler. It visual. Now so where we. In I always asked the crystal ball question we're gonna we're in a year I really believe we could be in for another year. Very easily. I think it's quite possible I mean he does not have an end date for his service through this investigation so it could go on for quite awhile longer. As good as I kind of think Americans are are sort of not. Paying any attention to it that they perhaps stayed at the beginning that they really are concerned about Russian interference and and views of fracture ultra low. Yeah well Colin Bowman senior fellow American Enterprise Institute thanks so much for joining us this morning. Thank you. All right if you if you have a.