Sen. Bill Cassidy on Mueller, tax cuts, and more

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, April 19th

Tommy talks to US Senator Bill Cassidy about Robert Mueller, the recently-passed tax cuts, honoring Steve Gleason, and more.


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Senator bill Cassidy joins as we've not spoken criminal pearl islands he would have him back the senior senator from the great state Louisiana mornings are. I'm good how you. Do it I don't I don't. Baby then I can say this so this talk about you being in front of cameras not a lot but you seem to be quietly going about your business but look it's not a competition. Tell me who this senator first off how Buchanan how's everything in Washington. It is going. Courses so incredibly interesting. Trump well mark Tatum just keep any kind of copy or. And that topic derby. Always you kind of wonder what was tweet last night. For good or real. But several let me ask him we were talking about this earlier. You know in terms of a shakedown cruise day he now we know him and knows what it's gonna be right I mean ain't. We know what it's gonna be in terms of the one thing we can count on is that we can't count on anything and it really may sound idiotic but. At what point do we just say well let's away it is and that's who we deal with an end and forget the the constant criticisms and then. A surprise when something like this happens. NN. Yeah but. If you look at that you'll it to itself. You're actually the top of the well rammed the and you wanted to get the economy go for the average American. I decree regulation cutting. You want to secure the border he wanted to. Add a more muscular form while. You have seen. Now does all the noise well now but if you look at work and accomplish regulations of the intra. Taxes have been unemployment is. Going now meaning employment is going now. For example and won a veteran is adding beer record. What it is beginning to grow iGoogle. Centro censored so that could actually. You know Jawad but ultimately it distracts you. It's Morrissey did did you don't cons straight on a sizzle look at the stake. Hero quit going to do things you're working on good day if the president were to follow flyer Robert Mueller and and I know Mitch McConnell said that it's night and even come to a vote and he said. Because even if it passes he's not gonna sign it and I don't think they have any. Veto proof blu numbers in. Well who ever would have override Atticus senate house who doesn't senator amid said the incidents. Where it. Com but it what would happening in your estimation. Or in terms of what you would think in case if the president fortify Robert Mueller. I think you'll be a political hot air the program I think every angle been able to accomplish word from him or not happen. Because the media left it goes so crazy and people on the right frankly. Under our law there that would seem to keep the president from being able to do that so that you're gonna outlaw all tied up in the mean time. The investigation continues. So that the president set but he was not all collusion and there's no well so all our. I think of the more president of Kirk what you're and yet it would be presumed to be a statement of deal I didn't get very bad group politically and again the peak of the agenda. And so. Somebody texted and ask the senator what he would do but on enough there's a lot that you could do Isner. They're little you can do an executive in the crowd have the right to. What exactly on the other it was well previous investigation. That the chain and a Gator may lead but the investigation content. So not like you stop investigation. The FBI will continue to look for wrong. So that help please go to a place I get fair thing to say is that Mueller should focus formed out which she was originally charge. What their collusion. And not to our goal and and other. For example. We're here that Colin represented somebody. We've played all mystery. Well that may be Gundy but not illegal and it's not something that part of the investigation. The fact that are in directly at least the spilling over into the private life to the I think you're absolutely wrong we should all be able to agree on that no matter your political persuasion. And it tells me going a little that you all so that was arraigned in the work both beat route. The Ohio say logically on a windy agree or disagree with what the senator just said you always got to be careful what gas forks it could be you next time. Totally agree that goes both way. An independent and actually on a bipartisan basis that an acute or investigation of Bill Clinton. I was in congress. But Kyra that way to that would do for you all got way too much money you know what that thing that really what book go to act so that generated. An eight times limited ads and talking about some of the things you're working on enlists ending needless. Delivery subsidy the insect what does that about. Yeah though. Army is used up your order in China you get a cheaper united state polls service rate that it new war. Unsealing an incentive to set and here. Well no not at all I mean you're into law about. It cheaper tomatoes from Shanghai about root. Together they EU entry where party to that yet but the guys rate in orders from China. That is great a wire we you're. Taxpayer dollars up Chinese. News that take jobs away American and wrong let stopped and ads and those either. Well. You entry. Quote all the news and you know but we were articulate UN treaty that kind of unilaterally danger that. I look at this preventing additional printing of electronic records paper Acton. I'm and I think you're dead on on this front for anybody that's ever seen the congressional record. Yeah yeah. Every day. Are a lot of paper that don't read and recycle the next state they do it again. We're trying to put up a weak part of that would fit the taxpayer million bucks a year literally. People don't read but don't ever but yeah. But as our that you wanted to read a PDF or download it but don't make. Taxpayers pay at saint century they've money it a little thing that little thing down. Did this things usually for people remember a phone book it's almost sizable phone book is a non. It can be absolutely dependent on the activity of the day but it every day. And I'll read that literally read it so let it drop in the media it'll be pepper registry. That you wanna go back and research but at the same time contain the taxpayer money but. Your something that's near endeared a lot of people's hearts here in new loans and I guess all over the country Steve Gleason and an attempt to give him some recognition. Yeah congressional gold medal deeply people know what football player epic fail of the Allman the guy stricken with a male. We would not let that the tedium and the motto is no white flag. He's from Washington State it got attention from Microsoft developed software hardware that allowed him to speak to use. Even though it doesn't have a voice. Unable to get in better before me at work on this and not get in permanent law. That any any person that bail out on Medicare would have accept the software and hardware that Steve Microsoft developed. We're gonna try and honor yet he's a football player more importantly an advocate for the the table and frankly or better United States. And we're we're we're we're looking for congressional gold medal. I don't mean this disrespectfully but I think his advocacy is now superseded his work is a football player. Poland. And it get it it will be it will be that great putt or there that you're. It probably prevail person and a better life because it was deeply. And quickly talk about if you will look tax cut and jobs act do it was passed earlier that they could have an effect on. Utility bills are way. Thought though we get patents that job that bill Oakley people seemed more money in a paycheck. But they'll be less money go LP Entergy if you happen all the way from their corporate tax cut. Should rate payers so you'll be taking money on your Entergy bill as well and that is good who's the consumer. Senator I appreciate your time all we talked a little more often. He had a good day always substantive bill Cassidy US senator agree or not it is always substantive.