Sen. Bill Cassidy on the border wall, lowering drug prices, and more

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, May 17th

Tommy talks to US Senator Bill Cassidy about immigration, prescription drug costs, and more.


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Senator bill gas leak joins us now tell me a boat confiscating money from Mexican drug cartels pay for the border wall. I don't have a problem with this in terms of the Mexican drug cartels Evan money taken away from a but how does that work. Again it is due to draw the oh okay you're an epidemic. And everybody talked about the illegal drugs and a call as well they used on this side of the border. But I started thinking about finance peanut. The cartel that hundred chant billion with a B billion. Year. Do you have a Mac so you could carve out an audience peaked. Want to get April walk to you go to bankrupt and their big moment. So we've been looking do it. One wanting to do in the pocket so you leave the we bought. That the good old people do when they're actually telling. We bonded out. You could bond out there every year they enter your application. Dual dual. But who would buy those bonds senator does that seems a mean to be an extremely speculative. Thing. Don't really well right now seven billion a year we are confiscating Nana I already know it's been an average. For a so we need to increase. Ticket start with a seven billion that complicated. But on the other hand it is underwritten chant billion movie. And by the way the ball the terrorist group in the Natalie also moves tens of billions of dollars others do as well drugs into the country. And they actually bring drugs into the country. By automobiles. And automobile. Africa Chile automobiles and get it he's our users to buy all arms to fight in the league. Under bid business model and our us but not a bad business model. Yeah or yeah exactly yes so how do you increase con applications of drug money. But there's a lot of technique they use one thing that they've noted Yoon called trade bait money laundering. So what I just scroll ball. I want to use courtly ship it overseas. As they get their money out of the country. But others do it as well breeding goals from Columbia. They bring in quite good strong. That don't like Trenton tomorrow and don't bring to trap the cult of the border. So there's different ways they do it well want to put your finger on the money you could trade him. All that complicated. And you have a better battery. Every time we build a better mousetrap to they build a better mouse you know it'd have seen documentaries on TV about these submarines that they build in the jungle and any use a numbering. Drugs in the country along the coastline. Com hi I do would drones help and all of manner you'd tell me or is it all about financial transactions and what happens after the drugs him into the country. All of the above. Just probably didn't cash in Japan to kick its full underdog bill although that let them let. Boehner were in every Latin Latin because he's gotten better she. He can now mine and I don't know what cause. Would 2000 dollar worth of goods on it. You know great Wal-Mart card. The prepaid Wal-Mart car or pick another part off from the US government people and so it goes well we'll call it. I remember their of that application off all right Angela. And they pulled up twenty straight out dolls or prepaid credit cards. Couldn't look I don't know where they're money. So it all it would react to what we do without moving up as an hour billion dollars we got to do a better job. You would have to have a tremendous amount of people engaged and I kind of activity launder their kind of money wouldn't. I totally do that trade based money laundering. Tens of billions of dollars which is why AirTran hours. Shuttle so they'd go left to ball cash. And more movement. I'm gonna involvement in the game and you're gonna happen here in action and only employee commitment never to alert but it appears that they and we've got her money out of. Tommy quickly before we had led to go and you're busy about keeping the senate in session on weekends and through August through the re. These are now controlled detonation point everybody focal point but he died years. So the other part is done so much to slow things down requiring thirty hours today. On noncontroversial candidate so that occupied cardiology work week OK let's do it but just all the law but they had over the weekend but they're market. Positive they don't want an Iranian and I think Olympic toward what people who have been your state. If you ever committee mum and it's the majority party. What does it take you have a quorum. Jordan. So if you have seven Republicans six Democrats on the committee. Could these nominations not proceed even if the Democrats weren't there or not. All the love it should be immediately that the issue of the we're voting on a more. And they. So what does it take for that to happen I guess and amassed in senator to cut to the chase at the Democrats choose not to be there. Can Republicans basically do what they want in terms of quorum mourn his mere percentage doesn't work. After that we at least sixteen votes to waive the rules point that you want. And so that they want to have thirty hours of debate. By the senate rules they get 30000 debate. Incident I don't like what thirty debate and I want to mention the name of the person under debate. But everything but a person that does the delay tactic if not I'll be to eight consideration. In terms of prescription drug prices president's plan what's up with that. Yeah and President Bush and our group and some news that we can on your own. For example right now are. By many contract does not allow the chill yeah it's cheaper according to pay them to go to your insurance deductible. Up to date percent of the time yeah which number but you make up 25 dollars an important cash. You got a 35 dollar deductible. He's not allowed under contract with the all you've done it manager. Terry that is cheaper to pay cash. I'm calling Jack all trying to get thrown in also want to get rid of that has won many ways we can immediately lower cost the patient. Initially and as a position and he I'd like he would be taken as a present initially said that he wanted Medicare. Did he say this is as a group or whatever was as an organization to negotiate directly with the pharmacies. To negotiate down drug prices since Medicare pays for so much but now he kind of backed off of that. No it actually changed former of the negotiations. A little bit complicated. But we go to war Rodriguez matters and infused into your bank chemotherapy. That under a program called Medicare or I'll be. He won't move over Medicare part. The federal government person but it somebody out on behalf of the federal government is attempting to increase the number of drugs which. We negotiate. Anything else senator before we let you get about the business of the American people. Oh well let someone solely then yeah. Economy doing great. Economy the better the eat under thirty years. You've gone back into the work force wages are growing. Good news there's gonna do more. Shock that we can't shoot great he actually among all observers. Well because they talk about. Thank you sir have a good day we appreciate your time. Or senator bill Cassidy.