Sean Payton's Postgame

Saints Football
Thursday, August 9th
Saints Head Coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following a 24-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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Some good job of kind of switching momentum. Obviously. We'll look at the tape we get back in the bill out things that we clean up soon too many to go through one by one but. So we can go from there and court. I'll see the tape by both of them you know we're competing. I'm sure you know there there were some good things takes and does some things were on the ball. And Tom. Made a few nice rose. I thought listen early early in the game offensively and defensively we struggle I mean honestly. I don't know when we force the first on. And then offensively. Yeah we didn't generate. Much. Much of anything you know we get one school but. Bookmobile up with it and it. You can play both you know is compete right now. It was easy with my third down. We'll try to get of wrestlers on the yeah. Well he he he he he handles it real well one of us Streisand's. You know he's Smart lawyer and so. Middle of the week one meant that went down we start work in my. It'll continue look at it those packages and then also in nickel. AJ is the first got to carry you know period exit. Ever having. Well those were. Those were those were designed rooms a couple of and then he you know he made a couple of plays with his feet but he's a football or. I'm in good player later in the game. But to get its hands on some balls we struggled getting a line at receiver I mean the whole night. Fundamental basic stuff you know we trouble who's on the ball where are split is. You know we've got to go back to square one some of that because that that that didn't it didn't look good there wasn't a smooth operation. NC. I'm. Overall bookings operated. You both teams got a number of reps were turning it. I have to be good film for us go back and look at especially with the space because it's the first time you really don't want first I'm we're tackling. In this camp by. Defensively offensively the same way first time you know we're going to the ground so. I thought Butler was broken a lot of years ago obviously we're talking about the overall. Performance early on both groups. Let me get back workable. It. It. Well look he's worked hard this is all those guys seen in the training room all offseason you get healthy. And he's an explosive guy so it's great scripted to see someone that really is putting time and for. With three have been in and get out in. Enviable place and so people with a woman in getting reps getting better. Fire back. We look at the tape and great you know it's. Orchestral feel but wheelchairs great all the bills. All right thank you.