Sean Payton: we have work to do

Coach Sean Payton didn't like how the game started as the Jaguars scored on their first three possessions.

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David mark with a on your radio on your Friday morning mark in general what we're kind of first impressions of this same squad albeit in pre season. Albeit essentially with a backup players on the field and others like the first. Pre season game we see this every year no matter how good you were the year before it's always a new animal in the new year starts and there's always going to be some work to do. Some key members of team sat out. There was no Drew Brees very limited minutes for most of the starters and I think it's good if Sean Payton has some teachable moments to show these guys look nothing's gonna be handed to you. You gotta go up there and prove it every week ultimately a little bit of an ugly performance but. Nothing they get too up in arms about it piercings that. What do you hope that we see different and better in the next pre season I think first and foremost what we need to see next week is more chemistry from the defense they're gonna need to improve a lot on what they did this past week that you when the starters were in there. Jacksonville kind of gas to mold that nearly going but the good news is that. Defense is kind of the thing that takes a little bit of time normally did to to gel and and to mess so the fact that they're not a finished product in pre season game number one. Nothing to panic about this is a team that's got a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball a lot more than they've had. Maybe ever under Sean Payton would Marchand Lattimore with him Jordan was a number of guys who I think are going to be. Big play makers and 28 teens so. Give it a little bit of time. After this defense will come together nicely the also played a very Vanilla scheme last night. So once they start blitzing doing a lot more exotic things I think you'll see a much salt here effort from the saints on defense.