Sean Payton and Saints are dangerous in playoffs

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, January 2nd

Mike Detillier and Bobby Hebert talk about the Saints chances of making a serious run for the Superbowl in the playoffs on the Second Guess show. Saints and Sean Payton have been an offensive powerhouse since he's been here but now with a defense, they can really make some noise.


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Welcome back to second guess you know Mike to you about me now live from the so who slipped a casino. Beachside right here and had not count me Mississippi Robin be on until 630 that night in what were your network because things coaches do. In the special additions saints coaches show. The saints' coaches you know the Carolina camp the games Sunday. Afternoon. One Apple's special guest former saint lot of backing telling analysts Archie Manning and also. Former saints wide receiver Lance Moore. 730 report back to second guess show Bobby now finish it off with Barbara cites the offensive coordinator. Rick mentor now what color analyst for the Indianapolis Colts and Rick that the vote for a coach Phillips Jacqui goats statement. All three on the saint Vincent's snapped at one time. He's been dissident action because he's been on all product towards across the world. He was in Australia. In Tahiti. In Japan. Long long Moscow. And now he's finally back. Right here at this hopeless look with the name bill would. Great great day if they don't let majority does. Man out you got a lot of frequent blob dolls books all the travel you know I tell you about it he'll throw yeah. Or you look terrible and I did you make it back you you'll know which building in Australia. Happy you're happy you're you to yeah Dave. Everybody what's happened here in the month of January at the supposed. Well we we start our our new promotion real winners and on the last Saturday over budget repair remark you can win a Ford as state. And then we have called on stage live this weekend for a tradition down on about how do we have a best while pop band and next weekend. BP secrecy at his journalists invitation to be here what with the West Virginia. Pills and won the cool Emanuel and a login now to the given the road like. This week at least appropriate ever. He won but. Humans and that didn't exactly where our problem it is the weekend before that yellow. And while there. Will his brains out of its own program but the Laura. That's. Evidence don't come out of slip up obviously adequate. And then now they use it yeah but things. Are you pretty angry they care reap all of it because it right now and ultimately. That. And you think it's doable in. But. Don't hit it where Regis that. Now about this and upset that report detonate it. We need to put your yards to reach forty meters yards on this season. Well he got but woody to party I've reported you know he would departed lives that you missed it the most accurate quarterback. You know in the twelfth straight seasons. There are reasons at all before it 300 yard now when we help you remember of 5000. Reported 300 yard twelfth street the NFL record you know that you place. Mat and it if Matt Ryan. The next along with Bill Bennett or why. He's got Cologne that with that and hoping that it's is that the query that. And how it all path no ball though I solidarity I think well I think on whatever but that bar. What about the long ball or double team actually polish. Yards. And that's part of reception just. The gains that Britney replace old when he aren't they took level one quarterback. But this. Read. If the bulls Akron quarterback noble one make you pleased with an excellent team balls. Weapons that are right side of the men on the lap like for it to. On eleven as they brought up the left on line he 755%. If you look at notes that the levees 50%. 75% down the middle fit it within that deeper on the right beside the point being. Okay. Is that is that they play well. On always the most accurate quarterback on the faulty. And that you look yardage. That it took a part of the yard so. You figure out how could you not sign that read unit had a good week of record while the exit yet. He breaks it all roadway that he growth rap rap right and broke you okay facility Hewlett. Accuracy immediate like. A case in point where this thing to witness available or not. But. I think it may mean to you with an opportunity to take an approach. That OK you might think it rebuilding. Rebuilding in the process. But we still the quarterback picnic at the championship a young player that started this year. But I still think you look at it like this year next season if we wired to be two bullets and new team wreath at the hill. You can't be lucky and have a young quarterback work out like shot Watson looking at her with detective. But to say that okay the next quarterback. I think this dates are so what concerns. About an ex quarterback but I don't think I'll think. About going the direction beside. You know on or off the the next one yet in those days are a unit die hard reached and right now arguably you know. Well out. You know I had a little couldn't get. Comment there have been at odds on I'll well we we the human rights here yet. Yep rate of items like that knee is all right operating. I think it via short term view and then you make that decision. In the spring because if you signs look now obviously in the next couple weeks all of war and do a in the February. Then you people simple plot picture objective we gave it. That through free agency lost just in what is how all our capital eaten up at the quarterback position it's gonna cost a lot of money. No battle being given nobody know hometown discount. Okay have a scenario now I'm interviewing both my aunt Steve right now if you look at quarterbacks coming up. And you know it. Young quarterback that line getting developed and it is the right mentor. Baker mayfield let's say this thing to have an opportunity. It publicly. You know he told me yeah like accident okay no Vietnamese. That you know we've been so although different. The bulls won back. But you know what now from Austin, Texas gets lost agreed breezed through reading go to the same high school. But he said you know but I know one thing if I look at him we ought non. You know because. Revenue that's fixable what do attribute it to humanize bought up about five. So you can see that he's certainly not six point one. Water back but I think in that scenario. And we ovals this year this football team. Betray not. Man lap aboard not yet there at eleven. Holes mobile and beyond just football Tuesday. And and maybe you know the cat out of the back and bit on what would happen because. You know you re making it one step ahead this. So the vote maybe got word that this thing might have done exactly that. Maybe a he would tell everybody what's happened here this liberal the next a couple we. Well take a bullet out of the double but failed to Gulf Coast and it a couple of our employees who are important to lords opened up but the important playoff discomforts and data out on who's your ball we will have more football where more well Nicklaus who have the typical raiders. Every Monday. Bruised. Other thing to me as somebody who would ask you this and so we know we have bought it grow. And we it is if you molesting you or city that's. A hotel. I didn't do we got a political article without you we got the ones that do you boys play analyst day so lightly groups in the heat of great to replace it. Yes Saturday Sunday Monday you bought it set it up more growth with him so. That's what they've now. On. In the championship by those you love championships but you are a chance. And when did championship but just well an again. Also that we looked at lunch date night Georgia Alabama which ain't gonna happen. Well that's the only relative no mandate Alabama's institute Alabama looked great last night don't adamantly quarterback and great game last night. Up there and stop. Thing about it is why it's so heavy on Alabama. That it's very understudy. Of statement has not. You know and it never beat him if any if they coached currently head coach not. Also quiet down FCC Nader all listen about the SEC was struggling in the polls some of the people that you know and ball didn't BC sports and with fox waiver of that lack but a pack well. Being an eight yeah. Not they got even a little bit today. Has been SEC yes season. And it generally guys aren't doing well golly I'll look dog in the house here at the so we'll slip a bit thanks so much ecumenical body has come on down. That a civil slip won't be back with sports like being back here on the second day feel like that you Bobbi bit room so were some of the casino. Right here had not he misses it we can go back and that awful lines mechanical Dolores in all you know huddle with Bobby Knight. He got to cut the wrong. Enron not like. The question or comment and a question we'll be guys that it's he'd been agreed gotten pet here. He concurred though the last year but he's super that is where they do. And the music acting and how he had been hurt outburst. And I'll update my take on what he got through it. You read you know we have needed record aquifers it will play calling. Having that out playing in cute and also had look he's all about that in that spot he won a word he he got to agree with that. He knew how to use the weapons have been and being primarily marriage need them to connect going to compete. Gotta run the football wore a kid this is you've got there. You had a situation where you became a very physical running team. You were in 09 or eleven you've got away from that. Do you have that element today. Based off of your offensive line late you can running backs. I agree you only I do think the lack of production. And the inability to get open bottom slot receiver in the hiding in which shipped it why don't call in this office. Has been a big reason why. The drop off on third down conversions. Well yeah because it once they're all about the snakes though one last year. I mean it acts and nominally considering that. We've been that productive now the one thing. It's a while to get the thing to break locate a 50% against the Buccaneers. We utilized. I'm that they owe me an article on. The frigate bucket it was Atlanta last that they were dead last the third down the and it's given up 48%. That's yeah I think yes it worked. Ax and I'll not given him a pass 90 and I can't say no path on that now. We know about rushing the football more. Think to stick it in your heart pertinent. Is the knee is unbelievable. Four point seven yards and it can't. Now if you look on it that was going to Buccaneers game now we are mean half. Which still would you look at that number four points at you Mark Ingram five yards and it hit the matter at that point issues. That to me now. Wind up having if you look at it might. In the 26 rushing attempts. But with that long in the right now united. After thirty plus. An app that it's a neat neat because on the cut of the marketplace. You look. I say twenties at that 32. Even at deficient and to reason that so we should be yet to me now got home wanna Bible war. You balance the speed up okay belittle what was frustrating. Again. And we see this like three Odyssey to give the ram fetus into Atlantis candidate. We didn't have a lot of bleach you might say well the first half. We now have a lot of play because outlook Comerica longer escalate State's history goes a hundred stick chart. This thing is so efficient offensively. That it should be 65 office of slaves plus. Mean how many plays and that they had the ball I think at 81 month naps and we get 58. Collide. What you how you don't need acts that I stayed up blocks it and it is that you thought they would win easily the Indy win Bob Borden would be he would cat anyway that it that rob one of the things this crazy about you know and that's that's a lot of criticism. You're an aide to criticize on too much this year but what Colin but Apollo. Could use as a play caller the saints finished up number two in the law office this year. Last year it would noble one. It when he fifteen that would number two it won fourteen it would number one the only time conditional pick error we have not finished in the top four. When he hit it with six. So just think about that over the last four years this football team and told office at either finished one or two. Well that doesn't last long nomad how high you. But that's why each on pain haters out there you might think well. It's kind of underscores we don't know what's gonna happen is you'll get a two million homes away all adult you know outlook threes treats them in ninth seed that's all you we got to plot and all of a sudden you turn the table it article order. After an organization and coach. We wreath at the hill. That you could shut the hell up. Everyone talking about showing me but it's a right there you look at those numbers shot they. Those that. Well of course they get fired every year that. All does not make it when he won it the cold I'm just telling you. I haven't that consistency. On offense and big key moments that they thought they did they know. That was shot pays not going anywhere silly because how productive they've been off it that was. Throughout two CBS news update back here on the second national Mike that the U Bobby there. From the sale was the casino beats in Hancock counting. Mississippi we're gonna go to David mobile page you know how to whip up in night. They. Navy air eagle which got dated like. Three all right we're gonna go to pony and Australia no penalties and a motive may you know how to whip out of night. Probably might. Dominate. Type and the end of the issues. That need annual. It's only. On the disappointment. At night and it was. Would've gone anywhere that we look at this. That's another human being used today that he was the soft grip. Out. With this message that is evident that he was it sentinel over US jets and it does one locate illegal that floor. Pack it in any lies. Coming out. Between in September is based on the counting kept on the Villanova saint judgment it would. Well look at the real thing eating at the eagle and support. The local Australian thing it's like you come here on in. Rumble the beloved all things NFL not to on. Now they bought it. How optimistic you are with NC where ever rang at gulf well time that the I don't know what's gonna happen but I think we Carolina well now what they broccoli if it plays now. And we have. Go to Philadelphia are yet to get the minutes older. That and with it happened between Atlanta and LA. But okay right I think in the end because I think. That we need to make eagle on the road if we make it the third time with. And our. I agree with you department at all that there is black. On on the life. And in points which the reds and seriously but dances wrote guys who absolutely. Is especially you. He. Wouldn't like. That interminable. Nine in this. We wish them and then in the sense about that that would. And it would it would ample potential. Violence and the team. It's in the when recently brought him to do. Yeah I Taylor and actually being in Munich and its that he made it that well Atlantic team that now. He told the regular season it was the layoffs. That's going to be the case Ike like we play a home game and it's not twelve news. Because you QB well Reston. Early you know you beat him. You know that three years I kick off with an op I think it's going to be at Carolina eradicate. This year. Big it'd be shocked how loud it could be now Whitney again. Get all that great start at which he critical. Delegate out well and our house all the good. If we have that you and we always winning. I think they're always out to be never guards. Is that what I'm saying that you winning Olympic echo the words cool water and that you keep landing. That's a lot of adversity and appalled. I think that we ought to now line. Like that first water and set the world that the momentum. Throughout the game the crowd that'd be like Cantonese that they vote. I've played here a few times. But their bid this damn I'll. And I actually think coach Doug aptitude is that it be out in the restatement. And all that it would need to bring it. On that appraised at 330 game but this but it faith but it doesn't. I really like at 330 ethic and it is that it's mostly I. Believe that. Start gaining in all of them Iran. Green. That they mean. It didn't matter what happens tonight Kamal what happened at night report at the relevant. Gupta recovered by 3 o'clock in the loop on. He credited arteries. It is proud are you. Because I think the city got like 30 in the morning Tuesday morning. So you like early morning we. World. A good idea I put it on I. 8:30 in the morning. On. Yeah I don't think so let's put it all but he appreciated in. Place now. Yeah solid speculative. We'll be back with bullets. It. Back here on this issue might obviate. From the so it's a casino. Beats. Coming missed before go to Kabul well north York. Eric and yet you all own letter about the record Nick Saban against his former assistant coaches diesel Lebanon no. Against his former assistant coaches and the average score of those games in eleven games he's beaten like and averaged like 38. It. It will definitely double it beyond double digits with port. Now absolutely. But that's meet me in all bull if I know they know it. But what an appointment right now he UT not about it that's now. All that it would probably be more would know with that being the game is. Now that kind of lifted the art apologize apartment. But I suspect that widespread rise throughout the week but you just look at that number that these old evidence though. And he's beaten his former assistant at the average. Of 38 that didn't score. That's a global. Well if I'll look at that URL like this phenom on the evident of Fannie few world now. I don't like to see him make me feel with dark a lot of back and going against Alabama. If you don't have same Mike does that mean that freshman he was outstanding. On the ball against a. All prompted a great day and this is back to back years right that Kirby has started a freshman. You know and again the cake before I got her with a guy hurt I exactly and he started applicants government when Nichols Alito a year over a year ago. And he was the starter at that particularly neat so and a point that they book that name but who really should get a lot of credit Hume change. You often support news that will actually use Drew Brees is all that support unit or do. At least I just think about that with that says that all right there that's anything associated with Drew Brees is success. Hebert a lot of new Larry Drew breeze is now in the all of a can't do that it would put two and another bright note on the green his goals not all I know. We're gonna go to pulled. Dog she oracle another with Bobby. Hey yeah are you know I don't know on tonight and they call all their gear on wanted to comment. Had really heard awful lot or know people talking about it in the boards you. There are more people are happy about it beams which. Make no sense to me you know up opulent yet that you and there's no reason for a game from wind. But the opportunities. Oh McCain has not been promised in new team want to come to the dome and put it back. And night. A look at Atlanta wins the BB ram. They're going to Philadelphia you know so it is not even here at BP and what he. Now we're going to Philadelphia so you know what the playoff. In other pound bucket you know it don't matter who you play he got. He's going to be playing somebody you know there is ever all the teams deserve to be there at all and I thought he. It's I'd. It only thing this week I would probably a lot of. I'd have to agree with you there. You know what would that Greg not only that you played the game we played Carolina. Really hit though he did not and I agree. Pocket today right now oh outcome of the State's Atlantic Rangel they'll have a yard. 101 right exactly yeah it's obviously. Portland then a couple different about it. Odd guy out on the back and I'm not against Robert Meachem have been guys out there. Let me ask you this about that it was bad bump and it worked as they're all about shot years and then what that or that year what the draft and some of them fell through and we ended up you know next year but it. I mean I like to of that little different story but the man they agreed to be very important and and I really. The prize that. The Rand which you've been hit. Due to I mean at that mind blowing me that you wouldn't want that I be possible. And try to the game it is great. Well okay that's the only play out I'm like they got something that you might feel OK now would come out of the NFC. Look at the experience of the quarterback in the NFC. I'm telling you to me I know would help those that they're doing. Matt Bryant those doubles what her through the bulls pull out. Of Matt Ryan. And don't. But that's another thing Matt. There's definitely not a guarantee that the ramp for when net gain. I mean. Oh yeah I'm telling you it doesn't take it might be 130 this and now and maybe all like from a land are from those copies and now in LA that don't have a plan. The crowd support. Now they might double in the back way come playoff time but the grant that the Palestinians have no who'll build it and when you augment there. Look in the eagle in there because it I liked that game. The Eagles score. And at this game if Philadelphia. The rams galore there are a lot of like he would be at the it is trying. I got tools night. So that grant that the whole deal. You know let the game feel out of route. The reach him by my keys all the opponent out of the net that it to me it would ever let it go in with that layoffs at Minneapolis. That that to me. The one thing I get the ram the only Casey. You you talk that a lot of common at dominant running back they happen not purely and like Minnesota. You're one of the few teams that you rushed for. It drops evident coverage and that the rams pressure making Gatwick just their front four saints can't do that. But the rams can't that's why they are dangerous team because of girly and also because of that front. It out till like this let me tonight you know about a officials now they inequality. Would ever have to play the rams. I hope we haven't officially eighty crew that's been a part of flag. Because they if they can't let you play in the key that black and their pocket. The rams I don't win the rants got so still bulky but right now the rams how they went in to trick is that they're BP's so wait till. They'll be aggressive you almost hope when they call the black college ball away because you don't let the rams display could they have an edge over it might. I I agree over a number of I article thanks so called Powell will be back with board's thinking it's. Michigan appealed on them but do does it get show we're gonna go to Gary on the West Bank Gary you know huddle with obvious might. It yet getting into Manhattan yet and it. Antique chair. Love. Outside wildwood. Healthy in time utilized will these. Wouldn't need and a bit more but couldn't fight al-Qaeda and thank you wanna. Well I mean if he's trying to light it will be it will not open yet and maybe. It will be the Leeds battled the hamstring. In his life. I mean. Okay. And a quarterback you might well it will leave the all reignite getting in the act will. Would look to the weakness in the the idea. And Willie wants to make it happen this is is money a year of me he artist is that but. Ellen you don't hamstring issues how bothered him all season long and what you watch you run a route doesn't get open. Like he didn't pass that message discipline physically there with Willie right now. You got a little blank page whistle. I'd say look we've got to get a par and then come next he could. Oh. I agree with that you know that you get wrapped up great that night in position. Because she just not hit a reduction. That you've seen in the past from what David Thomas Jeremy Shockey. Jimmy Graham did Watson almost Gaza itself in this office catching the football. Isn't it well is that the idea. Or is it the practical before leaving good but couldn't get open and it would be contested catches yet difficulty. Like you'll get it Heidi that this in against the Buccaneers were targeted three times. Yet to connect twelve BO. Not only not out there by hating America oh and I'm not so I mean. I would say. That you look reasonably done. Jeremy Shockey. Jimmy Graham Watson on and off. That's why don't like it tell me that we don't have a more productive tied in that Drew Brees not utilized and 13 down the bill to move the team. Adult and I do think the into we just need in the lack of Internet idea that's affected the third down Colorado. I don't think you can bet I'll let that we in the twenties. Instead of being noble definitely Gary thanks so much for the call we appreciate it will be back with our second guessed right at this news break let Chris Miller.