Sean Deveney on LeBron Watch

Wednesday, June 13th
Sean Deveney of the Sporting News joins Seth to talk about the NBA offseason. Where does he see LeBron landing? Plus, what moves should the Pels make?

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Back to the program is something we've been talking about this week and we're gonna keep talking about. About the next month maybe a little bit longer. Is it's. Decision three point oh will brawn James the summer of LeBron yet it's here again and in all eyes were across the sporting world this summer. Are going to be on hand and all these teams that are trying to court him a couple of days ago I said the teams the top my list where Philadelphia. Los Angeles. And both the clippers and lakers by the way. And the Houston Rockets have the long shots with this I thought Cleveland's. Virile longshot if LeBron still wants to win the she can't do that Cleveland right now so let's he's changed his mind sit there I don't see that I also think new warns of the launch I don't know a lot of people here don't wanna hear that but I do. Dark horse here though San Antonio with Gregg Popovich. Watch out but we got a lot to talk about here let's bring on and Sean WNB a writer for this sporting news ash on Demi on worries joins us before and of course Shonn. All of our favorite time our favorite pastime now in the NBA it's the summer of LeBron three point you know I didn't. That's got out of it does my third. LeBron seller in terms of those doing the job and I'll statement that. So I'm over two on what I thought he was going to do so whenever I say it gently into this time around particularly. A or you know with the it was interest me I believe encrypt if I'm wrong here seder at some stuff that maybe LeBron James. Not actually he batted it in Houston like a lot of people think is that it. And I hate the that the notion that that he would line in Houston. Is a little bit. Look fantasy tale. Houston would have to do so much. Pick up their roster. In order to find a way to get brought in they would need some cooperation from other teams. Are you go to the cavaliers or or or you know a team like Chicago where. Or assumption that under the boot because salary cap. An attitude. You know why would it seem like that want to help cute until. Built some sort of super team it's it's it's really not. Very logical. And and at the site which I don't think you really want to. Move his family issues and and have them be there for the next 1520 years. Because wherever he goes next. He's going to want to stay there for awhile so yeah they're accused of playing I just don't ask me. You know it's a little earlier this stay with Houston here because I'm intrigued and I keep asking people about this is it a foregone conclusion that click to tell is back. Because everybody just seems to think it is a foregone conclusion but sometimes I want early. Well I'm. Unless there's a legit opportunity to get LeBron James or get called torture I think those are probably the only two guys. All the public that note possibly change them off of that. Off of that path either Matt. You know could compose a. Good to strike date this year and and and what we saw from the way they developed M they don't want to let you know now that he's sort of blossomed. Are blossoming into the player that they thought he was going to be self I got a hard time seeing that letting him go. But again maybe if you wanna try for the ride you wanna try to Paul George or somebody of that stature. Your unit let it go out and Ed and that's that and again that's another replied don't see that happen. You know back to LeBron James I was talking a couple of days ago about the top spots at least for me where I think he'll wind up Philadelphia and then. Either LA team the clippers for the lakers and and people disable lakers but I think the clippers might be kind of a sneaky. Dark horse in this race for LeBron are those two teams near the top your list of. Out of the lakers are are are the number one team ideology going to leave Cleveland. And I don't think it's probably 5050 proposition that that that each other that that that the field. And goes up against Cleveland here. Is is it at least an even bet you know he'd take all the teams combined. That that does that make sure that to say that Cleveland has most of the advantage. And the reason I say that is. He's looking at night. Whoever he doesn't actually looking not just war cannot win and obviously that's part of that. But it's also you know where where we're gonna live with my family you know my gonna wanna take my kid I moved on to a different school like little wanna do that again. In five or six years when I'm done playing and I retire you know what you that celebrity goes now. Is where you got a wannabe. So having said that I think there's only two places where he really wants to be wanted to Cleveland obviously we have a certain comfort level the other. In LA where he also has a couple of he has. You are out there and and. And tablet for a couple of years now and these also heavily involved in the entertainment industry in the and that's something he wants to do when he dumped his career so. Both just in terms of comfort level those are the two places. That I think he's going to wind up choosing from. And then it becomes a matter of OK we recommend wind and I will with the equipment and it will the lakers and I went with the cavaliers and then and that's what is gonna come. You know with Cleveland I look at that situation. And I just scratching my head at LeBron because you know this he has been a guy that has been so consumed with the chase. Of Kobe in and of course Michael Jordan with the range the ring count. And if he stays in Cleveland and they are in kind of salary cap hell right now I don't think there's any chance they have a chance to catch golden Stater Houston or. Heck maybe even the Celtics or Philadelphia next are you really think that clearly that he's changed his mindset now. After making the finals and beat up here three of the last four years that he'd be okay. Being an a sub optimal situation there in Cleveland. I don't think you know I mean obviously winning is going to be part of it is don't think it's going to be the primary thing. And if you're talking about okay leaving Cleveland. And going to you know wherever you might let you might think whether it's Philadelphia. You don't know. And necessarily that that you don't want a championship there. With Houston we've lewd talk about what the outlook over the obstacle coordinator. You know it everywhere that you could possibly grow. There is a roadblock there it is not going to be that easy. And so you know I think that in the anti. Haired old globe you know what might immediate. Championship concerned dark I think electorate if they can bring in a quiet rather or Paul George. I think that that would be enough to get him two. To do you do consider LAN. And ignorance of the young players that they have and how they might do well and to consider that. Real possibility. The clippers you know probably less so just because I I didn't have to do a trade with the blue with the candidates are busy now that come together. So elated I I really think it's going to come down to cavaliers are lakers could still see there being. You know that are the perfect team. That and drive them away neither one of those teams. I got a shot Devi here is an NBA writer for the sporting news it's double coverage and set them up. And fetus intrigues me mainly because LeBron James making it may be established his guy. In that vacant general manager slot and I just thought that. While I thought it was actually a long shot before the Angelo resigns now that he did resign. They kind of jumped up my list a couple of notches and had a wonderful bronze sees that says OK I can install my dad. Not bad. You know I look I think Barack is going to make ire not eight on the broaden the you know based on are currently they can handle like that being that gave Griffin. And okay then then that's that's that's that. That's going to be good for them you the way. I think he would certainly be a guy who I would help attract LeBron but but again. It'll never thought in order that would have a cumulative either when he retired. I think I don't see him making a move like that. Even though it might look you know most attractive entry and blew up. In terms of even aware that franchise heading. I didn't I could well see him wanting to pull Hanley and Philadelphia and having them be there for the next fifteen years. A word that he'd be much more comfortable. Doing that in either Ohio or not that intro course. Good insights here oats stock of pelicans to close it out just a little bit. Is it really bode cousins or bust for them free agency wise is they're up against that cap here this offseason. You know much so they can do you know I think I think. And as important as. And whenever they it would movies going to be. And I think that what the wind up doing is you know reasonable. And three year contract. And an agency that's not just somebody gonna give them the Mac and I don't think that they're gonna come back and say. Well it will pay back I think you'll be happy to let him go. I think I improve their weapon. From recent history that. You know you don't want to break. You or overpay he frequently injured players. Yet you know that that would that would that generally beats you look. The bad things I don't think the pelicans are going to overpay him Metallica want to you need to give little cousins and that contractors and then. Are rumored. And I under the that the Republicans would will be willing to let him go I think it is important though and and then. You know obviously not the same level of player established career. But there's such a better team when we dropped Rondo was on the floor I think that keeping him. Really need to be a priority for them. You know having to have in Jakarta playoff ball war having Adam on those sort of organized the I think that has proven to be. Pretty successful for themselves. Like AA as much of the focus is going to be a vote each. I think that. You know he yeah may not see it taken relieved that. And if you leave it then that it really have to focus on people who want to. Yeah and I think you can answer my question there but it sounds like the market will be pretty dry for bogey outside of the after mentioned Dallas Mavericks is Aaron. I don't I don't see a lot of other means. You know he couldn't really see the lakers look. You know again that they get LeBron and ended up taking it Apollo to work in in that they can somehow. Moved one of those contract around the world gain or. Or somebody like that it would teach where they could possibly should. That means there's something left in the maximum. President may be the lakers would. But I had really find it hard to believe you know Phoenix that it is the possibility that I don't think that that. I don't know if that's directions sentiment not felt. I think it's probably yield the mavericks are world world nobody from. Sean always appreciate the insights and time doctor Ian soon as this wild summer unfolds thanks so much. I'd shot dead in the NBA writer for the sporting news Bynum on Twitter. Asked Sean Devin he's a great follow and said he used great insights in BA basketball here. Almost any or else we'll take a break for CBS news when we come back. I saw something out it saints camp last couple days I was really surprised about and has nothing to do with football. A plea what that is next double coverage on WW.