Scott Shanle On The Saints First Preseason Game

Former Saints linebacker and Super Bowl champion Scott Shanle joins Sports Talk to give his input on the Saints vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. Plus, how did the Saints QBs perform last night? We ask the Cajun Cannon.

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Two down two to go command. The sports talk here on WWL and implement dot com right away but Kate again about me and our Christian Garrick and Bobby it's clear these calls as promised. Neil in medical school on the Liu on W him well. But Christian poppy again last night. There was missed tackles but committee just did. That didn't work tackling that much anymore then practiced right issue. Yes it it is an issue but it. You know when you look at limited roster spots in. When did paying players. Obviously don't wanna have a player did you come on injured in practice. And in debt and doesn't even have an opportunity to play an actual gain. Because you've been to physical I don't know it's a kids. Is kind of between a rock and hard places Timmy did bill to tackle high level. You gotta practice tackling. Mean I don't know the other way around and a Venus in his C. And I don't think tomorrow we're probably Sunday. Consider India plane Friday netting is the cardinals I could see. The same is going live goal line. Like for foreign forward all the different units. And it's a big challenge who's gonna win offense vs defense. And actually our tackling. I can recall right there West Virginia. Owners say it was a second or third play. They going live shall then ranked into breaks his lane. So why you gotta. Time ago against control environment. How they call thumping where you hit puberty and act negative to the ground. You know a year to coach is always agreements they have stereo where there's a lineman in the transcripts in the trenches. Mean I'd cutting anyone. But to trader truth. I don't know. How you can really monitor that as followers to get better because. If you are miss it tackles he could be. That you got actually priced in tackling now they have a few drills big and utilize them shortest week who gonna be at practice. And they'll have divas of bags coming up in run support now there might go full speed away Leona dummy. But maybe not individual player but it. Yes sometimes. Tackling. As far as being with tackle at a high level. Goes by the wayside because he's just really don't brag city anymore. And I ought to has to deal with the collective bargaining as well and teams at this point what we see that they're trying to avoid injuries because some teams don't have as much depth right and they know ultimately. Anarchy my guys prices as possible. All the coaches have different have different approaches Doug morrow had his jaguars and the full pads the first what nine days they it was twelve Christine. Well you can't be attached to the first day we Gavin and I asked what bow what it will would be these elusive twelve delete them one last night. It was like isn't that they were a patch for every day that they were allowed to be attacked as being rib pads that that's that it writes yeah so. Sean Payton has had them pat I don't know Bobby at six six onto Oprah practices at saint yep from Betsy to give to sit yeah. And look it's their approach will find out. We know which approach works better or what have I don't think Sean Payton necessarily doing the wrong thing I think he's he knows he's got a good team again wanna bang them up and he said injuries like Sheldon reckons in the past that he is trying to avoid that it's a delicate balance Robbie says it's a too delicate balances that keep you guys the right about a contact vs. Beaten down and expose them to unnecessary injury to Robin sports carbon you don't LeRoy and I think at that ground. Well I am a Christian I think a lot of times. If a guy is a good tackler. Felicity. Navy in the past now he's a probe into buddies playing high school college. And he is a good tackler he would forget how to tackle. Like prince is skinny but Carol. Did not have to practice. To me how to tackle. He was instinctive peak exactly. Where other players. In mine ideas by its second nature you might be more finance skills said. Whether acts they actually have to tackle. To get better in if that makes cents. Sure. Back to the falls ago Neil thinks of the phone call Hayward. Are and what's going on Hayward up there in Cleveland you're on sports talk on WW up. Good anti McCain. And noting and that he was a policy. To. Keep him for them when they went Le. They are not an artist or artists toward you right on and so. What. No question you want a trip plaque in the morning to cut you ought. Don't want. In the last game booking. My question you Christen. It's what we're looking for you know. You'll be true on the speaker. It. Bought. The one. Though I'm. And Iran Elliott. What are we look at four I mean the cues look and if you ask me and body for next week next Friday night you'll see the at the tackling improved fuel EU you saw support angles. And some guys that that that missed flat out easy tackle spot they'll be another one I think. Bottom will chalk that up at least to the lack of reps as you mentioned some guys have that ability to do it. Some guys need the reps. Well instead of you know so we'll get all of the field on Nazi uniforms back to back three and out three now the admin. How you can I be impressed if that wouldn't car. Analysts say you have. Like. I don't know 73 down cages in the first half. Well dole led opponent goal like 5% and and you might think was not damaged him yesterday is that mr. Emerson about you know that all of a sudden. Maybe they'll convert 22 artisan. Instead of five autism. When you took the college game unfolds and throughout the season. Can you get all of the feel can get all the field Gaby offense another opportunity to score what are often do Drew Brees. You give a 12 maybe three extra possessions. Like our chances a lot. So. I mean get the fans fired I mean it the quarterback in legal. And he came it's a hit him in the mouth and mortgage unit gave fly. But him legal and how about force at three now. Mean the dead and wounded defense gigs by unanimous it is thought I'm Christian. Whether. He hit the quarterback and force and a formal notice act puts in a ball while. And you scuba score again and reception are. You force at three in Al. The fans get excited about it. Different level the tightness of yeah yes so. That I'd be look at from the get go. Does somebody make a play like. All know is Blake borrows when he was in there and you know Arab League game plan but it's still man to man. I don't know there Blake borrows little rattled to you. No he's like he ever played very Vanilla paste stuff though well that's what I'll save double hop but he is doing based often and what do base four man rush get to them. And then in these guys up okay now cam ball can joined in play. You might say. You know we're not built that way but still in individual. If you truly get a beaded seepage you wanna be amongst the best. And Niger is a really good defense. He had to have our challenge like this Sheldon Rankin as the only in my honor. Where might be would that reports available. Even a local Ford times like canned jarred OK if you want all one. 'cause McCain double team every rule in the obviously going to be aware of camp Jordan he got a lonely you gotta win dude. Come on you have to wreck Havoc in the backfield. And got to wait T that's and you truly. Going to be when you need to be defensively. That. You think you might have the rightful owner the right time. But it just visitor numbers. You know Bay's defense you know what they're doing definitively. But the saints is still able to get at Q when are tricking you warehouse have got to blitzer stunt and who would appeal or form and tight brush with seven and covered. I leave their crushing Garrett will simply come back with former saints linebacker who bolted Scottsdale here on CH radio W two duo. Our WWL blue runner whose opinion poll online at W to do well dot com. The first pre season game who worked their chances of making the saints' final roster the most cast your vote on line. At W goodwill dot dot cornerback Vontae Aristide a 45% of the vote linebacker couldn jumper at 2.4 percent that's an Al team. Mohammed at 21% on a vaccine marine. 17%. In cornerback TJ. Williams at 7%. But they Harris I think saints fans body. Still have a look PTS the over. Aggie based on his first two weeks last year where he was part of that secondary that got torched pretty good deal for the season. Well you know that miscommunication with a B coverage him thinking of Carol. But he really when we said this last night in the post game and the point after that he kind of went that kind of he did. From the penthouse to outhouse. Considering he was starting in outages. Trying to make the team and he practices. Unbelievable I mean we take notes on a museum come what passes defended. Interception movement. For some reason. In a number of games. You know whether it now and I obviously when unique game they gonna call penalties on your beholden maybe. He might be getting away with that surprised they have officials there. So at times I haven't seen him over abundance calls a goal against him. But he had the Monte Harris. When you thing about it is crazy. That here he had came crawling street clothes the beginning of last season. In the bond bears is the start over obviously. That's group has flip. They came crawling being the guy I was in a Lattimore. And not divide pears I had another one. Then struggling coverage. Kind of the cornerback version or another version of Chris banjo that being. Justin hardy. Justin hardy I think. These fined heavily excelled on special teams that's with. They brought him on board remained active roster. But I think he can get exploited and coverage so. Not saying that. You know put this in just an artist competing with all the Milan and vice verse yet so so when you look at just that hardy. He did have a special teams tackle all amoled did Sony a look at the film. Banjo had won all the Milan had one. The drug Jamison you know the rookie draft pick has set about LA before he also. Paris presents teamed. You know tackle so that's when I look at. Like. Just an hardy. That's definitely direct competition would all the Milan. From Bonner mall for a University of Memphis. So is a lot of competition so we see what happens. Against the cardinals but it's not a light. You know we saw at the Milan garden. Are are getting. Exploiting coverage. Like guards Justin hardy was at times. NATO Jamison did see mutt and him body but also got a little bit of a look at he robbed 2.0 Nazi uniform and it won't pass defense down on the silent on the scene looks like all of a little under thrown. But he was that first drive got his hands on but. He's got a couple that as an procession passes. Yes yes that and that's that we have an opportunity to make of inflated your hands you gotta catch and I just get a pass defendant. And I think people you know right place the right time. You look at his grade was rated now one in the top two nickel corners. We talked about this last night again in the in the point after. Boy to viral coaster career. As to have believed in the scenario. For paction Robertson. Now. Christian. The second time around and a saints uniform hopefully it is different. But. You know you never want to be the weekly. Yeah if you look at. You know you might think law I don't know an enemy with the saints Kenny survive it makes in the NFL goes for the charges. Kind of been down but. Play well enough and of one particular season. We parlayed that into a contract with a called that I didn't work out. Kind of on his last leg in the Kenny make you work with the Eagles and he did. And was learned top nickle corners in the NFL legacy of the water to these and his production but. I think he also I have to look at the Eagles supporting cast defensively. I think Peter out as one of those. That'd the defense is good. Then he'll be good is now one there's gonna carry. A secondary our defense like obviously Lattimore. Our Marcus Williams well I think. Eventually all of our long term. I think. Is gonna get to opposing quarterback and number these its a banks. But I ending of that occurs. Appear problem will not via a weakling and he'll make plays if if you look at. And I said in his last outing as the vikings look in the playoffs. And a Philadelphia when he had to take six to kind of said that home. When the Eagles basically crushed the vikings. That the voters who global. The one that I case Keenan threw right to tell them. And he knows because of a rush and the Eagles again after the sold the saints. Run its after opposing quarterback. I think he robbed a Smart enough he knows about angles. And will make plays on the football. Collateral at 5042601870. Text 87870. And of course our. W go blue or food to people who hurt their chances of making the seats Ross the most after preaches gain of 11 which seats one. 24 point over the Jacksonville Jaguars but they Harris quarterback. Linebacker COLT that jumper. That's been out team on a run back Shane Vereen quarterback PGA we have cast your vote on line. At W or call us at 504. 2601878. X 878 semi coming up. You'll hear from State's former saints linebacker Scott Shanle at statue on Twitter former saints linebacker Super Bowl champ and he's also an analyst for. CST Bobby and about. Thirty seconds what to think it Jason Hill. Well I thought he struggled at the beginning. Holly start off oh against you you be nervous you get butterflies obviously. But I thought he got better. He's a tough son of a gun. As money I'm never gonna questioned him. League takes often runs he's not sliding. He's bag out of bounds he's days like kind of a running back you're trying June June aren't over just look at that touchdown run. That he had. This misleading when you look he was eight of nine. For 72 yards had a long gain of of 25 when he hit a trick once emit. Dog treat consummate as far as yak yards after the catch was outstanding and you look at a run pass option are PO. I'm pacing a 121 yard run is too much at the beginning. Was when. You don't end up happening is al-Qaeda is read the first receiver is not open I don't know even if he got dissect everybody's taken off and running. And is got to get better that Danny had back to back sags. Then a third quarter drive is is. I don't see it comes on the pocket going through all those trees 12 and three and I still don't know for sure. In the back of the Drew Brees is even on the roster. After playing one pre season game headed to the season. Scott Shanle forcible. Are simple chip former seat up next here on sports talk on. Don't read it well. Pre season game number one in the books for the the world saints to report Tony that victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Scott Shanle at Scott Shanle onto her former saints linebacker and Super Bowl champ also CST. Football analyst Scott Howard. I. Look who you what was your first impressions and a pre season game that looks really like glorified practice yesterday for the saints. It's almost opted to give it a lot taken away appropriate suiting him as a Christian game number one that I. I like where the guys around that they the one that you take away from from the team. They think that the EU summit and the debt epic really standout. When you look at last event turning a corner I think the depth is the big required in the huge bowl. On the immigrant and the Al level but it seemed like no matter who comes and there's not a whole lot of drop off between the better guys and the younger. Now was Scott IBM had this kind of pre season regular season game Jauron Elliot smells like and that's like all pro nods his pro bull. When you look at his numbers and always played 38 gains in a Packers uniform. But he was third in tackles as far as team tackles. Two and have Sachs. Quarterback hurry. At tackle follow lawsuit to force fumbles. Mean here is a veteran it to be advantages opportunity being put it is four year out of Toledo. Yeah absolutely that that the pre season on a lot of mattered where electric do not handle it like game to game a bit. It occurred guide to continue to build the day and interview out you know the banks that don't end up. The numbers that. You'd put on an Obama I got the ticket has played. Good that the young man's league and and when you get a game like that that a lot of teams are gonna are opening their eyes and name them. Now's got a few good defending and you look at at the quarterback position. You probably I think you would guess I'll against that you would see this and should say. To play a guy like Tom savage RTC hill. And I noted Davis would be aware once you get a month that film or month and have for a 56 games. And as they chase him hill he's looking at had first reading these is taking an Albany's gonna run. Where. When you look at Tom savage more typical pocket passer produces break that down you play on defense. And would you prepare when you playing those two diver quarterbacks. Yet it's one thing about playing without a quarterback guys don't actually wags frustrate you but an adequate but. Like put the guys could do or quarter to quote look at street that all the money. Eventually I'm gonna get a script that they're gonna knock the ball out. Are or what's gonna happen but I'd been in the pocket and go from Reid want to create even what and Truman ordered the span that. I think I want to play that way it was frustrating because the B or five people on first down. You're not a parody that looked straight. Now I Skype. Cages say you on the saints' roster what would you think. A whole what do you think I should save that could tree was maybe talented teams. The team is in the polls scheme I mean you look kind of the term on the sidelines. Especially. Can get all of the feel. Came force of the pine. And you might say well it is pre season but his it kind of humbly even though embassy Yemen a great training camp. And every once hoop and Holler and a lot of emotion would then all of a sudden. You know in Jacksonville that they limit foreign ad today playing guys are they gonna play on Sunday. Within UK get them all of the feel and is kind of humbling and it could check you gotta check yourself. A considering that as I do is gonna have you gotta go and make it happen. They're that there and I think play and it seemed like Jack the bit. People think can come out yet and I think it's a good test the game. You have to get you used to feed of the game. Do you. Want want want you do. It's still there are getting to back games like guys running ways that think tackle being cut back. On the tackle well. In a game and I think it's a guy who used to that more so than it took Jacksonville. And certainly this game. Haven't so what you do is they expert but it it's that they're in their rookie year you're right. How do you handle that talent out there if you are that's like a great you know. That the he's got to keep that. Have been not that Malia. Boy. Scott Staley. Former saints linebacker Super Bowl champion analyst for CE ST follow want to it at Scott Shanle and Scott. I was really surprised that they wouldn't see a lot of new rule emphasis emphasis flags coming yesterday especially leading with a helmet. Do you think you'll see a lot of that and it in the regular season another mile. But it's a make it deficits of it in the inning and appreciate you think it spills over into the regular season saw one called against the colts last night. Where Jackson. Yeah I am honestly I hope not I hope we need to call maybe five time all year because that it's a close call where. When the like come out happen again company scene there and it will happen my game I don't think things so. Us. I hope that they do count. Just kind of fade away and become an outage at the wrong out of pre season. But I think that span if they happen in the pre and a bit more but we're going to happen in the game don't be ashamed now. Did you hear your view your former team they call put up late last night. I didn't get a chance to live outside that we will have a big long chat all the guys. And we always do well and I think that the clips they've been ability and and I didn't mind that it well there are a lot this year the ordering B and it. Now was Scott. Looking at the new rules I think he'd be in favor this even know you divas simpler we usually clarification. Timmy is like when you playing your backyard among chip friends and families just have a simple rules utterly caught the ball eating catches. To simplify they can't rule. Mean not a player needs to control the ball and get two feet down the very idea of a body part inbounds. Along would have football full move. Contact with the ground on the longer affect the completion. Timmy got to know why the ground ever affected how you get a more fumbles whatever. But I will all watch in Pittsburgh tight and Jesse James. Incompletion Lleyton gamers have pages last season that would have been ruled. A catch so I think. Don't you think it finally got to ride as far as. OK we all know what it catches just as a fan are. Display pickle ball or if if you play the game. How we view actual catch beat them by receiver. If you know complete and total like general but they finally. Made the cut rule. Oh. Comments sent panic but Apache yours when you want to game in. Which side you know what it is that I didn't. You know that happened I'd the difference between a actionable. Way across the line. And that number is a guy out running back but one mine at the end zone and at the brakes the plane so. It is O gently. Yeah. And and and there would be happy and I think that the one thing that I liked that about it if it looked like you catch a public to the cat about it that it. Scott silly for more. State's linebackers symbol champion at Scottsdale on Twitter Scott for week one. Public receipt of the week two as a player what are you look at it change what you can improve on a particular for the squad he watch last night. You're you're one or you're ten. Would report it takes awhile to get used to gain speed you crack that you go at each other tired and you start the got a brother Ottawa retreat here. Game speed is completely different tactic to one point one game to do that they'd be go to extra now. On is taking good angle doable though on the quick cut back on mix source republic taken a right angle based on recovered but he. And so that's another look forward to be print it is better tackling them chair. Do you see any of that brother lost off last night for a safety that's a likeable guys just did one with themselves entry. I don't. But the women especially the older the older you get on that throughout training camp more up but not about the first well I'd back to guys like hey. I'd look good you look it will. Be out but what big games start. Think feedings so. You know very you guys heard that. Cardinal strikes do so let aggregate. Yes the sky and only played Chris I don't know if you that nobody talked to a this wooden colored. I mean Kate probably wasn't too aggressive trying to attack lifted for a minute. I mean they didn't want no part of that data like a Pro Bowl tackle to me. There have been. These make the decision. And at winning games and and that we think it'll. But sometimes a pre season game you're gonna play gators are doing it does again give it to the open. Scott Healy former saints linebacker it's the global chip. Analyst for CST could follow on Twitter at Scott you know it would take it that it throughout the pre season is certainly an arts is Scott thanks. These guys even. Come back you'll hear from saint quarterback can call speaking of you'll hear from him he met with the media after practice deceit radio here on W two duo. Safe at the back came crawling earlier after practice and Bobby likened. Talked about ultimately a lot of stuff we saw the pre season opener last night itself fixable tackling angles he can fix that. Yeah and you look Crawley how aggressively maybe you wanna be held in no. Like you said earlier that one hit he had an attack obviously foreigners Bell's approval tackle. Well having the regular season he is more aggressive. It's that a lot of Jonas it was legacy charge game on the right side. In the being. When all's said and done. The third a tie would Elliott as far as combined tackles he had four of foreign assisted. And you know it's a lot putting pressure the quarterback he mentioned. The bed and had come in the beginning. You know he writes it all you what he felt while we had six sex yet but that was six sacks basically in the second half. To the palace but at the beginning and Christian not a guy who got to give. You know we already. Gave credit a couple of veterans. You know we mention I mentioned earlier George Johnson come out would have the sag obviously Elliot. G Iran Ellie we've been all over him. But how about Lawrence. We gotta give Lauren to bush props if you look at it he tomorrow lark said Deborah Lawrence the area's two years got Armon. The Auburn Tigers he was five total tackles two sacks. Three quarterback hurries in a tackle follow laws. And then you look at stalwart. Now I definitely took. Who won his suit probably invited the beginning of training camp. That he could potentially be one of those dark horses. And that being the rookie out of South Carolina. Taylor stalwarts seeks to 305. A rookie with the gamecocks he had never haven't sacked. Had. Quarterback hit a tackle fall lawsuit also had the full recovery. That was forced by Elliott so that was public guys we didn't not admit you were all over LE simply because he had. And all pro type gaming taken advantage and opportunity. But what I like to see with the cardinals coming to town Kate August. Like that I just haven't. Five or six sacks and certain guys trying to be familiar with are in the second half probably have maybe you wanted to the beginning of the game incentive to home. Yet let's seat them at the one brought him to to look for I had equivalent good glance yeah whoever is a negative fans excited. In all of us and it's a third down we had the quarterback. Maybe forced a fumble just force and the putt how about. Just force in the putt. So we could see me Lou we have potential part returner and I competition. That's gonna come about you know whether it's Boston Scott. Or whether it's Tate whoever might be Brandon Tate. Because you know it's got a certain there's Jihad who we truly. Get this team better. It's perfect this team strategy. Yeah we always strong as your weakest link he heard a cliche like okay bu you know often do this measure team. And you're looking to whether or other team's gonna try and exploit. So. We definitely got to get better in the return game. And I'd said that that's one area. Listen pareto by this point. Every jar earn. Charges. Punt returns. No we got up by cake basically will average six and I've yards apart return we gave them ten and a half. So even ABC that drill who's winning. Who's doing employees who haven't big returns. And and be in now Chris did you guarding stead of Tommy lewis' injury. Kazaa still receive the full competing. The way Boston Scott and Brandon Tate if he could still maybe beat their return this year. It's minor it's minor I'll get that outfit the date is great give back in the next hour also saints coach Sean Payton coming your way next. Here on WW well. I would expect. Tommy Lewis to be out too long minor injury don't know exact extent of it but you're right he needs these threats. He needs to competition. He'll throw his hadn't rained that were dry dot net please don't make this roster. Yet as I Jimmy generosity Christian we got a text hey guys has a karaoke and recovered picked number anybody knows who's in Tennessee Titans deuces regulating. That it could be did dolphins a doll was amendment number. But he's now trying to make. The Tennessee Titans is going to see highlight last night that no ID 9810. Fours so did that he made a play. No we did not apart oh over the top. No he cannot and that's one thing that's why he's a liability coverage he's one to me. You know Roman Harper might have struggled sometimes recovered to a he's wearers and Romans I mean. They be able to outstanding in the box and you have made in a box. Roman argue apartment could tackle what I thinking of a character even tackle. A better. As that I planning any kid of apparel will have a chance so only because it is tackling ability. And not necessarily. Just she used in his helmet. He'd be open feeling initialed an error and was issuer tackler overall. That's the last thing you still have a chance to me the titans. Derrick Gonzales you'll lead off next hour also you'll hear pharmacy tech coach Sean Peyton following practice they'll seek the Vaughan bell play receiver trick wants Smith continues to impress the rookie third round draft pick. Are you heard from came crawling Michael Thomas act can't guard Mike Martz would you hear from him. Next hour as well Katie cannon Bobby Vera Kristian garic sports talk. Rolls on he can jump the conversation at 50426018. Semi tech's 870 eights having this.