Scott Sanders - LSU vs. South Carolina Preview

Former MLB pitcher Scott Sanders talks about this weekend's baseball series between LSU and South Carolina in Columbia. 


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Super troopers salute their super drew was two out of theaters today. Can't wait to go see it. Doocy Christian and I hear final moments Victorian things up deals Sports Radio network for game one of LSU and South Carolina deuces owners say he has said. Scott Sanders at EO Sam and 47. Joining us now form easily pitcher also obviously the front of the program Scott is super super fan. I need to be now good news opinion that that somebody. Hey now. Good to have you on the show now. Scott Ellis shoot in South Carolina LSU set up to take this on south killer has been a bit of disappointment. Yeah you know you're the only tricky thing is in order to target when he went on the you know they get shipment at home so they'll come our hotspots such say yes we've been mine. A little bit too between this week in Sweden great you know obviously tonight was like as key teleglobe when organized by. So far are closed down but boy all the injuries you know as the beat them to honor roll but I don't think too. Scott what do you take a what do you make of Jake slaughter had a great series last year in terms of some of the numbers. And not election last week three home runs and many he and I really frustrates me. Any excites me the same time what I mean by that is I'm sure the coach if I feel the same way he has these you know. Bombs that he hits and they don't have three straight plate appearances and looks completely baffled by SEC pitching. We're getting slaughtered he reminds me to cope with you'll mention goes remember Jeter's two coping with the a second base got Michael in their. Guilt all the board. He's got to skewer you want to get one community into those hour. Go. Get all he doesn't always put together we have that swing is very very you look at his exit velocity off the charts. But I'm chicks all those kids in art museums again you know typically in the like I was you. He hit three home runs what we can each optics and but that's what happens you don't it would super dupers you know. It doesn't always translate consistency you know in the NC. So I mean sky when those pakistanis have a big night tonight one of the player needs to step up for oil issue. To be successful this weekend. What you know. As Watson always a key you know he's colored he's always kind of sport at present mr. consists. But I think at the bottom line you know Austin vein it is all of us know what to do or for that bottom you know they needed you needed comeback. You know how that shortstop just play great great defense. When his back and comical at times slow down over but it. Until until you know adjustment to come back we need hopefully his back to pick up we will more towards him but that's great jobs. In order. You know the bottom you know is probably the key that that that problem drop them and. Sky your son cam apart this LSU bullpen. Whoa where I think he's come along where you think we'll see him this weekend. You sense of relief bill. As two count doable when well this weekend permanent at least 91 lead you. Guys just the turnovers smoke they're out the door but he's come along as you get better but it more accessible more strikes. Are you have these terrible while court. Are you keep them keep them on Sunday about the governor Arnold who's got a while ago between mid morning. But I can also stream come in the nineties jammed in there. I can see him come in and in in you know coming in trying to strike on the big spot so he's really tell what they call while parties I think he's gonna so whatever roving need. Each every weekend where they needed to go to the recordings are to come and get them out of the jam. Farms over the bridge you know did get the ball to the two of Tibet can bring it back and. Scott Sanders at EO Sam and it 27 former Major League Baseball pitcher we present time we got to run meant. Our group. And yet you tune in Scotland having it.