Scott Grayson likes the Eagles to defeat the Falcons in the Divisional Playoffs Saturday night.

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Saturday, January 13th

Deke Belavia and the "Cajun Cannon" Bobby Hebert discuss the Philadelphia Eagles with Scott Grayson, who is the beat reporter for the Eagles on 97.3 FM ESPN Radio Philadelphia.


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Joining us now is Scott Grayson beat reporter for the Eagles on ESPN radio in Philadelphia nannies and point three. Scott thank you so much foot dammit. What what is the bat like this week just among Philly fame that they outside of Philadelphia. The keystone state it everybody knows that that's a hawk or city that's a tough fan base. But they can galvanize I would imagine the outside near the bodies weaken against the Eagles. Bet though it feels disrespected you do suspect in this town like right now this is us against the world. You're absolutely right I think that the mandate is really kind of on a bit of roller coaster ride because base. They're excited for the game and an expected moment they speak about it they are holding their breath. You know what's gonna happen today it will be overcome whatever they base and and and ordered it to be right in and I think that's what these bands are trying to deal with so early and it's getting here at a crowd really fired up. And at the Eagles Q and can stay on top or get on top early. A big crowd really help you know what you bring to the finish line but. You know I think if if things don't go well early on your gonna start here in the crowd collectively hold perhaps. And it could be a rock brought. Scott Grayson is it what does beat reporter for years in radio for the dip in ninth and point at. As race and it's and it's the only why it's a win 973. On Twitter. It's got votes for those out it is paid attention to the the talk and hit the for the networks the big went on a it's like 00 they know everything about it and now we hear is that. What this team with our cost him wins you following me every week. But those added I don't know for the debt he would tell us about these team what ought they overall the complete body of work from belted in and out in the beaten them once the issue. The street and to me it was just the mentality of next man up by Venus went through a lot of injuries at that people have overlooked. Outside of this city here rolled on down early on. Beat computer going yeah half we beat and they treated or. You don't Ronald RB corner you went down the first game of this beat in the quarter. Did you weathered the storm and of course all of he got acute heart when the credit he deserves no doubt that. This team together and really helped spur the bureau a lot of that now would give out there RD. You know gonna lose automatically now obviously not they haven't gotten beat but they've dealt with the adversity of next manned not throughout the heat may be able real article picnic old well grounded and we thought this being the last couple weeks what. Really developed playbook against a lot of fighting happened not in terms of what they're running and I think that if they were trying to keep a lot of reps are expect to be. I'm much better called game from that Peter and today Mort the strength of nick polls. The beauty can do whatever life more on Jerry IE in the running game too it really helped get it. If the bill would be really overcame everything like it was really good really cheap old locker room that felt nothing could take them out. And they're really trying to maintain that we can that be in regard it been like you guys respect him before. Really he has been against the world mentality this week they have really put a chip on their shoulder and back nobody. Outside of you think they can win that game today and I I expect to see them and act now on appeal that. That's got that you mention it and block against the Eagles fans you know how they embraced their players. That the best friend didn't hateful he's gonna have to make plays in the passing game. But I public interest then when I read that edgy jive. Average and five point eight yards and it basically six yards to carry in his seventeenth that he Eagles that you got the Garret blunt who led the team right on the 800 yards he averaged four point two reading I Clement had 321. So that would definitely help nick pulls his case. If they can run the ball. And is as to what is your take on JU jibe because I look at and know it that all the uniform yet at the previous season three gains over 200 yards. And I'll look at how McNamara average in like six point one. And I got Ingram oh over five yards so. To me. Absolutely. We have not been able property and it. Whichever ones started well. And where he went on now. The bottom we will certainly help a guy like him and perhaps took about global order and that the ticket guy these guys and I think really at keeping bill. And running the opposite. You're right on news that I think he got your other bit of a bank need. He got better that. It that got a little better orbit got better old better. I'd build on that are run getting darker that. That he would edit it do it that day the op Ed you're going to move the ball. But it got a lot on the line to help give him an opening that he eke out I'll forward. I think or let it really bring you back there and it was so. And it would use that the ball on one image I get it out there may. In the currency and ready court belt. Pack the game ball and run really help open things up and shot. Easily. Bordal. Yet to step we can be beat you this speech today the parents as well really a product picky about your act. And has got speaking of that defense then. I know the bass wait to get at fan base that route that happen at home feel it and it. It's always been the case to be at that the that this kick in but if they sacked and uphold the quarterback are in the course and turn overs. A what you're talking a little bit about because I think it dominant that the eagle at the and it's a blind. And look at also the home field advantage that's at this early at the Eagles went thirteen to three at Lincoln financial field the past two years. Now that loss in week seventeen that Dallas on the ID to get account that. But they've been pretty dominant at home and and and obviously that could be key how deep it's a blind distrust that run. Yeah I think you're absolutely right that it you know we don't update you know how much to be off an eight bit. You're absolutely right it's going to be a war and I've got cock in pretty grim news on the back up a little bit but we injury. You know the thought it was huge I think yeah those you dominate the line that Ryan got shot by. If they're struggling it could be as you're really help it go. Did you ability to shut down broad. Up and it's going to be windy here today it's cold or don't seem. You know Eagles can really shut down on the run and make about one matched all that really plays together. It's an incredible run the ball. But the Eagles more on their heels a little bit and not be able to get back carriers and get that one. Reduce the quarterback but it quarterback. Out of pocket and played. That really hurt a lot and you know I've not been that guy by the right and he beat that if they really get back here. O line and knock him out of default and the other quarters that I have copper purple box. Back in which is cute so yet that he's going to be could be the line what are really ramp. Beating her dad grew longer and a great pick up and played really well those guys. Covering the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional game this evening that is coming up here on WW radio at 3:35 PM from the linked. Economy if and interfere in the city of brotherly love Scott Grayson. Give us the latest Philadelphia and Atlanta is an eagle the report of the 973 yet and ESPN radio. People with got onto it at yes Grayson and seventy Scott thank you so much for the time we appreciated dog became the seed. I. Work will be equity. All right and act and Philly hopelessly in India take this guy we appreciate.