Scoot's ready for his Red Dress Run

Friday, August 10th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about his dress choices for Saturday's Red Dress Run, as well as the ongoing saga surrounding the NFL's anthem protestors

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And I hear ago. It's Friday afternoon. Have you taken a look at the front page of the Devery WL dot com website. Sculpture and a right now shoot. What have I gotten myself into now. Instructor on the front Debbie if you're dot com they'll be on FaceBook. They're gonna ultimately vote and decide which Joan bush dress my issue where I tried on some of Amanda Shaw is dresses yesterday who. Low. Tomorrow's going to be a rough day I have a feeling but hey it's all in the spirit of thought right now crank it up because this is why you haven't market floor. I was there when the video was darn I haven't seen the just finished a product but I you know what commanders. Yesterday. And we exe. Well I don't want it I don't want there were a reveal everything that's in in in the video but I tried on three different dresses. And on FaceBook we want you to decides we're stress I should Wear. 12 or three. And based on the voting today in an overnight house site tomorrow morning abroad also referred her dress is home it's very. Sounds so weird doesn't it and don't. No I didn't walk around the house in last night's. But I'll decide which one everywhere for the red dress Brian and party. Tomorrow arsenal payroll we've got a lot to talk about Tom will talk of a little bit about the the saints in their opening our pre season game. Really I I think mighty feeling story it's silly to reflect years and Bobby Hebert a lot of other people. You know I wasn't depressed or impressed it was surround I guess in some ways I was a little disappointed the saints weren't a little bit more on fire especially. Defensively was all that we've heard. In the in the offseason about. The red dress fraud and that will be on or off part of our show today I know many if you're planning to be part of the red dress run party in the French Quarter tomorrow. As you have heard there's a chance to bring. But you know yesterday there was a 60% chance of rain and we barely saw rain throughout much of of the areas so you know don't let the rained parity keep you away from this event it's fun and you know if it rains. That might make it even. Crazier. And a sister crazier this the first year wearing a dress. But it is for her a good cause terrible go through some of the history of the red dress front a little bit later in the show graduate affect my friend Amanda shot. For lending me for your for addresses one of which are aware. You know she's really tiny purse. I mean a couple things about it they're pretty big but I'm usually a mile a tiny person and and I I I should've. You may be picks somebody with a little a little larger body frame because I mean I'm not a big person but she's really small. And let me tell you couple those dresses are very very on forgiving. So it's going to be an interesting and and and fun. So while we're gonna have a conversation our next hour with a guy Jewish portraying Michael Jackson in the life stage production of MJ life. A tribute to Michael Jackson it's tomorrow night and Saturday night to say anger. It benefits the Spanish riders. And this is an amazing show what a friend of mine saw the show in Las Vegas. And he was just telling me how to nominally wants threat to receives two daughters and said he he was almost brought to tears. This guy. To Trace Michael Jackson and and is there will be moments when you feel like you are any Michael Jackson concert. You're a Michael Jackson choice to censure the production. The dancing. The outfits. A lot of people don't even know that this is in town. British here tonight and and torn right so what we'll talk to him also we're gonna try to get to get some life a FaceBook video Saturday night. From our backstage with fear of with the performer and kind of becoming a little bit later also I do want to remind you that Saturday tomorrow. Probably about the middle of the day how will start doing some live FaceBook coverage from the red Trish rod. For the French Quarter I would be alive meant every WL radio FaceBook page so we don't if you're out two in your red dresses. And if you got the if you if you've got the the phone which you put off for a portion of the phone with you which you I have questions about wearing the red dress because none of these dresses that Amanda let me. His pockets. Where a for my phone. We're gonna put my keys. I'm not wearing a purse. So I don't know ominously if any packer just stick stuff in my socks or something. I mean I don't wanna stuff stuff places where looks like I'm trying to you know brag or anything so. Anyway sort of figured I'll figure that a British you have your phone with you Peter you can down a hook up when your phone and see it live while your part of it see it live on every every real. Our radio FaceBook and you know really hit it FaceBook is now it's it's like having them it's like having a television network. I'm we will be live with his TV show from the red dress run tomorrow afternoon. Are also on this weekend is the first anniversary of the anti. Protest and the riots in Charlottesville Virginia. One person was killed numerous were injured the protest was originally billed as a unites the right rally. To bring attention to uniting the American white nationalist movement. Now since it's Friday I would like to have a little fun with this I don't know if we're gonna be able to do that let's try and just talk about some absurdity things about black and white. On net and also on. The governor of of Virginia turn McAuliffe. Has already declared a state of emergency in advance of the rallies anniversary. This weekend and there is also a very big protest planned for a cross from the White House I believe on Sunday. And the protest is. A protest in favor of the white nationalist a movement also. Coinciding with the white nationalist protest. The new Spike Lee movie is being released this weekend black Klansman. If you. I mean it sounds like a comedy but it's it's the true story and I'm sure there's going to be symbol it's funny moments in this because it's so absurd. But this was a black detective in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Which is I don't know one hour or so south of thought of Denver. An hour and a half. I'm Colorado Springs is very very very. Conservatives. And I'm puffy may not realize this we know we think about the plan in the south. Clan mentality. White supremacist mentality. Was prominent in Denver. Not in the city but outside of Denver and Colorado. Very prominent outside of Seattle in the state of Washington and very prominent outside of the liberal Portland on metro area. Even in the suburbs. So this is something that is not just confined to the south. Anyways so this movie black Klansman about this black detected in Colorado Springs who infiltrated the local chapter of the kkk. Is being released he actually crisis to the point of being in charge of the chapter of the point on in Colorado Springs. So is releasing a movie about a black detective infiltrating the clamp. On the first anniversary of the white nationalist protest is that wrong or is that just Smart. Marketing. Also. It's free for all Friday so we can talk about anything today. And we do we do have some memories of some of the the touchy topics we talked about this week so if you're snowflake. Beware. Teacher crying towels out there she may need him last night was the opening of the NFL pre season. And some players protested the national anti. President trump did not miss the opportunity to condemn the actions of the players saying that most of them. Are unable to define exactly what they're protesting. That's an insult. I don't think that's true. Why would the president say that. And by attacking the NFL players. For protesting during National Anthem. Is president trump standing up for patriotism. Or is he encouraging the players to be. Defiant. And you've heard detect came Jordan defensive first star for the for the saints. Called the president a goober. And that means peanut right so I'm not. It's not what that's not the worst thing that you can be called but you know think about this here we are in in in 2018 and an NFL players. Calling the president of the united states of Cooper. I mean this is where we are in our country. Yeah actually. As exactly the BR if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about on this free for all fighting our numbers 2601870. Perry could final four. 2601870. And our text. As a 7870. Which touched on this whole issue of the attack on patriotism. And for some reason a lot of people are just super sensitive when it comes to patriotism. We always should be sensitive but why is there's this sense that that somehow. Nobody's patriotic anymore. And the problem with that is is that if you have the differing opinions from those who cling to be patriotic. Than they think you're not patriotic. And that's not the definition of being patriotic. Art let's get in all of this coming up to 601870. Text. It's seventy it's seventy touching a much talked to sky is going to be Michael Jackson. I mean look first of all if you could pull off being Michael Jackson you gotta be one talent to some. Regarding. I'm skirts will be back this is the song that I will be singing in my head yet. As I cover the red dress trying tomorrow afternoon French Quarter. Aren't gonna be a Marshall learned. Taylor you know what the video is fun I'm really not sure what I got myself into this time. Again the Kelly's dresses are very very unforgiving and ultimately. Go to our FaceBook page WWL radio and you're gonna have a chance to vote on which of the three dresses that I try airline. Which is a three dresses so obviously pressure where for days the red dress frost. Hi ya I'm gonna have do I guess its banks or something I mean I'm in pretty decent shape and I mean this a look at did that distresses one of them is very very two of them are very very forgiving. A boy attacking NFL players for protesting during the National Anthem as president trump standing up for patriotism or encouraging the players to be defiant. That's our blue runner foods poll give us your opinion by going to our web site to behavioral type accounts from Algiers Marcel welcome to the show. Hey I need door right there with the ways in a couple of is exercised their right there right to do it. And to Wear on American that they admitted they. Creative say and what would. You callable bullets that they. We didn't pay any. Marcel you know but people don't remember as I mean I you and I remember it. But people conveniently forget that Obama was attacked Tom brother viciously mean I think it's a little worse now was trumpet trumpets are brought that escalation on itself. True B he did. It'd be. Our partner and we understand all we been away traumatic situation. Ambient partly. We know we know we. Oh good attacked these two. Truth in society and come together and you need to Google on. Giving. Not public people young mean that they need to and I didn't prosecute that it'll look when he addressed and need to be addressed. We need them to a company agreed agreed in saying. I'm not a. Well Marcel you know this really does point out exactly where we are with politics today I'm indeed the president could have chose that path but he didn't he chose the path to divide us. By insulting the players by saying that most of them are unable to define exactly what they're protesting and I don't believe that at all. In fact I think the black players know a hell of a lot more about what they're protesting then a white guy over seventy years old in the White House. Are so you know is it but he but he could've approached it from the standpoint hey you know what let's learn from this and what's come together but instead it's like down and you can't you can't do that. Well how are you gonna stop players from protesting if you if you don't allow them to Neil I talked about this when the NFL. And the players association decided that they were not gonna punish players until they came up with and a new ruling and and decision. How we gonna stop them from protesting because a you know Malcolm Jenkins had his his figures had his fist in the air. They can put their hands across their chest and and before hand say if we put our hands across our chest we are protesting during the National Anthem. You can't. You're not going to be able to eliminate every action that they might take to protest. Why and it ended little bumble I'll leave that the one they have their voice in this city so I doubt that it the other panel Blanco. He has been good enough we don't know I'm what people would look full. Ball Latin. It is they were pretty okay. I saw all. I'd I'd have to hear it yeah I'd have to say their lives are much more important Marceau oyster cult. If you would like to join us for your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy in our text is 87 DA seven here's a text says now you're saying. They can do cartwheels. But they are employees. They can't do that. Well I I I get it but I mean think about this realistically. You can stop them from kneeling down but how are you gonna stop them from showing the protest in other ways. How long the list going to be. You can't. You can't deal you can't. Raise your fist you can't cross your arms. You. You can't. Wink you can't do I mean think about all the body. Movements and all the body language that could be attributed to this is the way we're protest the protest containers were just not nearly. So it seems like it's impossible to really. Take that right away as frustrating as that seems debate and I am not for kneeling for the National Anthem. But as long as the NFL did not have a rule about it the players had a right to do it. So he should be mad at the NFL not the players. Because the NFL doesn't have ruled out but again how how well the NFL come up with a rule that will cover absolutely everything. To me players can say okay we are going to. Again we're we're going to we are race the peace sign. During the National Anthem that's going to be a protest took a we blocked that Tokyo will then they come up with something else. DDC how it's impossible to really take away the desire to protest if somebody wants to protest. A from Mississippi earlier on WWL. Sooner. Ourselves like we lost Earl. I'm here is a checks said this says it's called workplace code of conduct your audience is very racist. Pirate Diaw will look America is is is very very racist in a lot of ways. Not just this audience. But how are you going to stop every aspect of what could be a protest. If you stop and you and and I think at this point your president trump. Word would not approach this in a way where he is. Dividing us and President Obama divided us on these racial issues too and I was very vocal about that when Obama was present. If the president doesn't act to bring us together that he simply taking advantage of this raw passion. That we all have put it comes to being divided. I mean really for the president to say most of them are unable to define exactly what they're protesting. Do you really believe that. I don't. And so that was. Solely. Said for the purpose of inciting people. Kent State's defense to start came Jordan called president tropic Cooper. Could have been worse. Critical or not. Aura mean. And said that he's like an insecure pre pubescent pre pubescent child. Permit city Mike you're on WWL. Yeah when there who can I. You know not ought not bought all these dogs you know bought the bottom. It Pacific about the bottom you cannot use in the bill at all. What you call social issues you know who can score from network you don't some time ago on capable. You know all you can do it all somebody fails time and didn't want an all over the crops. You know all Saunders. You know and I won't want Obama. Well you go to some ball all football. It was all you know what that might patent orgy those speeches. Death threats unit in Iraq right Norton went off until it is also traditional domestic dish. It. Well but the end the NFL has clearly failed. In in terms of coming up with the rule and enforcing the rules the teams in the NFL has failed to do that. Well that means there's no rule. Out an element it is not a government at all like different topic. It does it matter Mike if you don't have a rule in your handbook how are you gonna go to court and say hey they fired me for unjust car or they fired me for just cost. If it's not a rule. Then there's no rules I'm screwed hang on we'll be back. When the song came on the sixties. We're still working on it. Hey you know a lot of things have changed but there's still seems to be this. This. Foundation old. Disagreement. And resentment. Here's an update on our blue run first pole. By attacking NFL players are protesting during the National Anthem as president trump standing up for patriotism or encouraging players to be defiant. 56%. Say standing up for patriotism 44% say encouraging the players to be defiant. Can assure opinion are going to her versatility if you don't talk count from man to go Cho welcome to the show. So you resorting to name call is gonna slow you. No I don't understand. Date now you're in. Jordan Cameron. Edie. Right that can get endorsement. Our children. Are watching beacon. And controversial. Ballplayer to endorse. Yeah you know that has been proven to be are a problem for players true who speak out sometimes there's so there's great or commercial backlash. It's just unfortunate the message isn't. Where nobody cared anymore. In net get on another way to do it in I would suggest you do it on your own and put your money where your map the. So some actual. Summit with the money where their mouth is. Not all of the widening Eleanor if you can an ideal platform. Did you go girl out in wrote don't come in my hand. Or would you oh OK wait we're quite quickly Joseph Joseph Joseph let me make an analogy here. I would say then OK Joseph if this is your opinion. You keep your opinion to yourself you keep that in your home don't call this radio show just talk to your friends about. What's different oh what's it what's the difference. You're you're you're telling somebody to shut up and yet you were used and now you are using a platform. You. Not me but you're telling came Jordan and the players to keep their opinions in their home why don't you keep your opinion in your home and not call the show. US call and that's. OK so if I told you to jump off the bridge jump off the bridge if I told you send me a thousand bush you can send me a thousand box. And we're gonna make this decision not to. Because they're different opinions here in you'll probably resorting to name calling. All of it is until you. Don't use this platform. All right now we go again. I understand you're using this platform I don't know what the differences. I'm not saying cam Jordan is right. But I'm talking about your criticism of Kim Jordan sink he should keep his protests in his house. And yet you're protesting what he did by using the platform of the show you're not keeping that in your house. And gave the moment comes in Europe or hand him at all. They start waving them you. Don't even have to answer that. They're gonna yeah. That David makes cents. But again in its existing how people get desperate. When they get they get caught. The summer job to try to cut it's it's my job to just try to keep it all. Saint to use common sense here Harry even you you can't tell somebody to keep the platform. Their protest in their home. If you're going to publicly protest. And and and what about the white Nationalists who gonna be protesting across from the White House this weekend. Should they keep their protest at home. And that that that's fine that's my main point here. Here's a Texas says psalm. Trucks on our time. So when he shuts up and does his job than solely NFL players. Another checks says so my suggestion is just stop playing the National Anthem before the games it's overplayed. Its over darned. They should play stairway to have a you know without. Without sounding unpatriotic because as you know I am a very. Very patriotic Americans. And I approve that every day on the show. I also proven in my private life. Why are we have to have the National Anthem before the game. I mean there are some people who who pay attention I mourn the once it pays attention. I have to do if they've been sometimes I've been out in the these days it's there the corridor and and I've continued to walking tightened that was before I don't do that anymore. Try to anymore. But it's almost as if we have to play it or we're not patriotic. If playing the National Anthem while some people are sipping beer munching on hot dogs and snacks at the stadium. Thinking about the game not thinking about the word I'm not saying this of everybody because I think about the words I look at the flag. Not everybody Dallas. But that doesn't make be patriotic. It doesn't make you patriotic. Being patriotic comes from action. Now from just supporting the playing of the National Anthem before game. The American flag doesn't make you patriotic. It's what you do. Out of respect for this country. That make you patriotic. All right we're just getting started here five year old stay with us signed scooter coming right back Chris. Mark your comments. Cannot stand up for your rights. But make sure you just doing your home. Don't go out and doing okay. Make sure the protest. Is in your home. I'm skirts. Will be back. Went every every girl. President trop is now saying that it's. Most of the players protesting during the National Anthem. Are unable to even define. What they believe him. Do you agree with that. As saints a defense historic and Jordan called trumpet Guber. And an insecure child. Here's a Texas says Cisco your show is on one before I wonder how many people are calling and giving their opinions on company time. Think about it I'd love for you to call and I want you to call on company time but let's just not to hypocrites of justice. I'm Adam don't call and say that you don't do things on company time when you when you do. And if you're so upset with the players that don't go to the games. Don't watch the games. You have that choice. I just don't know how. The NFL and the teams are going to stop every possible protest. Again. I know it's hard to believe but. I'm not saying kneeling for the National Anthem is a good thing I saved countless times and are showing my art and repeated every time I talk about to us. But I saved countless times that. There there are other ways to protest I would Donna selected that moment because there are moments when we should come together as Americans regardless of our differences I understand why they choose this platform I'm just not for choosing this particular. Platform. But the NFL has not handled this in a way that stops players from doing it. And if the president and if if there is pressure on firing the players or benching the players. Let's wait to see what happens because that's gonna encourage some of the star players and many of the star players. To start protest. Here's an update on our blue run for his poll by attacking NFL players are protesting during the National Anthem as president trump standing up for patriotism or. Encouraging the players to be defiant. 57% say standing up for patriotism and 43% say. Encouraging the players to be defiant. Here is a text. That says it's. Scoot you look absolutely lovely in your red dress darling. That was not my goal my. Michael was not to look. Absolutely lawfully. It's a fun thing. I went to Amanda Shaw my friend tried on three dresses aren't you will decide with the FaceBook vote you'll decide which which one mr. justice and I'm gonna Wear out tomorrow. It's up on our our FaceBook page by Debbie are you already out and ease up on our web site WW real dot com. Looking at this looking back it would it would pay or is kind of fun doing it would demand at the time. But looking back on a tie it's a little embarrassing off from gentility Justin you're on WWL. I issued a sort those pictures in the threats and limit notwithstanding. That you purgatory and taking care good call as we put readdress what that's exactly my heart I'll tell you you'll never allowed it to less light and it. Or no no way. No way she is if she is attributes it I don't ham and thank god yet you know I also noticed in in trying on dresses did you that men and women are really do differently. Because. A man a man's waist is totally different from a woman's waist it's of some of these dresses that look great on her like in the waste is is it in the right. I know it's the right spot. Well it was a problem that could agree these numbers tennis. Teach you tell them. Quick opponent in protest that I'm. It's football that's what your fortunes for the protests like second nature. Like ours and I shouldn't be staying and what are your heart way before actually up slightly and you only. Some sequential in the military for years and I'd be. We're joined the army. Which were which were. Sort patriot estimate. Tent just and I understand that our I don't think you have to be in the military to be a patriot guard there have been people who have attacked me as a guy called the show on a couple weeks ago. And it is trying to were to catch me he didn't like me saying I'm a patriotic American so is really cocky voice calls every goes okay so you call yourself a patriotic American skin. As India. He says so what branch of the military did you serve it. A polished. And so I served in the same branch of the military's president try. To shut up from gin chilly entertainment welcome to the show. Great point you may be in this area. And it will be bought. By current. Weight to be true I'm not a great. The president. So. So outlook does. Which is probably pulled the whole thing this. Taking that into it and not take all of the now. The fact that it would veto. The liberty ball. The bigger. Well as an. Aunt and and Damon this is something of president trump does not addressing and I don't think President Obama always addressed it in the right way when these issues came up. Instead of instead of addressing the president is is is trying to again you're you're right he's trying to appease his base. And and that shouldn't be the job of the president he should be he told us when he was running that he was going to be president for all of the people. And he's not acting like that right now. I got to move on Damon I appreciate the call. Here is a Texas says so your humor is killing it today I'm ready for the weekend good you know has yet we can answer sarcasm and humor to all of us. Here's a Texas SSQ you're such a level headed open minded guy I love listening to your show. Thank you for standing up for what's right to even in the face of adversity low lavish. I appreciate that and every once a while I'm gonna reach some of those tax pride. The truth is the text that. Paid me disagree with me. Those are more fund it's free for all forty this week we talked about tattoos. He has some of the patriots fan and Tom Brady signer arm resorting graph. The next day she runs out and has it turned into a permanent tattoo you think she's gonna have any regrets I was a good discussion this week also we got into talking about why. So many people are still judgmental of people with tattoos. I'm screwed hang on. It's free for all Friday will be back. Under their drill. Also this week we talked about the Mac address imagine drank his concert Sunday in the us hurricane center and I was just so impressed with the positive message. The music initial production and any particular day and Reynolds a front guy for matching dragons and really was part of a discussion about how hard a lot of today's music does not suck. As a lot of people suggest hey I've got out and I've got a code were coming up here in just a couple of minutes. And when I do about the code word all you have to do is text the code word I give out 272881. That makes you automatically eligible in just a few minutes. Two and a thousand dollars in our intercom national cash contest so hang on for that. Here is it taxed. That says the difference between a caller giving his opinion and the NFL players. Is you invited people to give their opinion on the radio the NFL is proving. And is providing an entertainment. Football for the fans. Not opinions well I I get that but let's go back to his premise is premises if you want to protest something you should keep it in your house. And that's not what that's what people do. And there are some protests that led to some really important changes in our society. There's going to be a day protestor white nationalist this weekend across from the White House should they keep it in their living room. A from the West Bank Chris got time for our quick comment welcome to the show. The normal all. My. Or. You don't. Mind. About that. Could. Remove the thing that game. Are meant. I. You know that's a really interesting a hypothetical Chris. It hype and I'd like I can't answer it but you know you make us. Think about what is Drew Brees did that and because you have because the date that there are those who would applaud him for for doing it. And those are the ones who were critical of the players for doing what they're doing so why would you be in favor of it in one case and not in the other case that make you a hypocrite and just points out that all you're doing supporting what do you believe it. All right but. People make for an issue that's what it's not. All have our commitment. That's right it that that conversation does it very very confused the First Amendment means that the government can't stop you from. What do I wanted to air on that front. Right they've carried out on line. Don't think its debt nearly. Eight anti pot angle. Fire and say listen I'm Chris you bring up a good point. We'll continue this conversation into the next hour it's time now for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is edge. Text. ED. Machine he. Edge. 27288. Warned it 72881. You are eligible to win a thousand bucks if you do that. Next over coming up right before the top of the produce at 3 o'clock we never charged protects the individual transaction generous may apply. Please never text and drive we have some links add to the conversation on next hour but we will continue with this and don't forget it is free for all Fridays so you know we're trying to squeeze some foreign. Part of today's show.