Scoot: statues were put up to remind white dominance

Monday, March 12th

Scoot talks about why the statues were erected in New Orleans.


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From gentility Tom welcome. Thank dispute. It's a missile the civil wars or is that even task with regard. To amending black. It's as a historical fact. That the confederate congress. That Jefferson Davis told Robert neatly to not take black prisoners. Oh what joy the human dog indeed EU economic sanctions to Lincoln. But to execute. Unlike the white provisions which was sent to prison Prisoner of War camps put that she further violence. If that little forgotten fact what appealed to the general public. But it open arms because I don't bet against. And like I said. The passes and is it all over it is an even catch the. Tom Tom we would we disagree on this because I agree with the historian the African American story was on sixty minutes last night dead in what I'm all for taking the statues down of I told you that. But I don't have a problem with with with plaques you know we don't ever race history. The statues being gone do not erase history. I'm embarrassed as a white person because the statues were put up to reinforce white supremacy. The statues were put up some of them some of the statues and some of the flying object confederate flag. Were. And where. Drawn back to the idea is that there segregation was going sick there's segregation was ending. Integration was starting. And these were proper as reminders. Of the white dominant self. And the concept of whites being dominant. So. Again I don't have a problem with them being down. If it doesn't define me whether they're upper Danny Billy doesn't define you ether and we've we've we've got to get beyond this idea that. Either they were up in the insulted us when they're down in the and so office I mean either way we all have to get over from Metairie David George WWL. Our. I don't wanna dispatchers. The spectacle were not two. Do you bonafide. White supremacy. Of the two. Choose celebrate. The confederate in particular agenda. And the and I am ever so even property on major. In the early. It's too erect its. You can do that. Because you. But it's hard property gotten them into and can do about it on the property let you know accounts. It's. Taken. Our Lola I think a final look and let us know how negotiated. But let's listen let me know how it goes we'll talk about it and I promise. But don't tell me the statues were not put up. On to reinforce white supremacy because ultimately they wore ice somewhere not because some were put up I think the first statues went out BB. It's every five years after the war. Anyway the confederate flag which really started this whole domino effect the confederate flag coming down in Columbia, South Carolina. Was put up during. Integration. During the civil rights movement. That could have been seen as nothing more than saying wait a minute we're still the cells. That help with integration.