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Thursday, March 22nd

Scoot talks with callers about their thoughts and feelings towards bullying.


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Are we got a lot to talk about this afternoon I'm glad your with his citizen out there incredible. Afternoon in March and it's going to be beautiful right on through the weekend a lot of stuff going on this weekend including the Saint Bernard or crawfish festival. You know that's an event I I attend every year I mean it's just it's it's fun to just go there and walk around. If you're just tuning and we were talking about it on the slammed through and whether or not he is a viable choice for the democratic presidential nomination. As he continues to go around the country on his book tour. We got the video that's going on right now the conversation on FaceBook at WWL radio also the SO TA scooter on the year. A face to face so you can get involved in those conversations. Also will remind you that at some point Tom Fitzmorris. From the food channel. Went every WL HD two patch 153 FM. He's gonna join us live in the studio. And this is part of our on greening eggs and ham context. You can win a delicious to say sees some pride CIT ham. And by winning that today you're automatically eligible to win the big green egg which is the ultimate summer grilling machine. Now what you have to do is Tom's gonna tell you what the eight. And that's a clue as to where he ain't the first person to identify where Tom eight. Based on that cloaked. Here's the winner of the hand and eligible for the prayer god degree name to green and it. And you need to call our contest line which is 504260. We had stone calls at 2601 eats every line you might wanna write this down. 260 win sets 50426. Or 94. 67. Yesterday I wish every disturbed though yesterday Tom told us that the night before. He HDP. Coat. And I thought oh my god I mean. Look I know it's hypocritical because. I don't need red meat but eats some neat and so I know it's kind of hypocritical but. I couldn't bring myself to eat of people who wrote in their so cute. So I wonder what he's gonna have BI I don't wanna tell you the name of the restaurant because when I mention it and some people said there's never gonna eat it but I don't know maybe some people like it. It's it's mainly Arab it's a big Caribbean Fishko odious. Anyway. Before we get back to our topic. Which is gonna be about bullying this hour really sad story about the Paris of twelve year old who committed suicide and they're claiming the school. And I think it's a really important conversation for us to to have. But there's been a lot of talk about Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook. And does a convert resume our interview and on CNN. And he said that there was a major breach in trust if he really sorry about that. It. It. It seems like he's taking his position very responsibly sometimes people make it seem as if Mark Zuckerberg is just totally out of touch he really doesn't care. I don't get that impression here's what else he said at the CNN interview. Other Hibbert catalytic. Or folks who have been talking. But so we're gonna go now. Had to investigate. Every app that had access to enlarge. Now live event. And a Cambridge analytic error worked with the Trump Organization in their shared information it's it's called data mining. And you know it was a lot of criticism of Farmington Kaymer general Whitaker and the trump campaign for doing this. But you know a while back current Democrats did this as well where is Barack Obama and the same people have criticized it now I did not criticizing Pakistan Senator Kennedy from Louisiana talked about campaign out of Cambridge a Cambridge analytic. Who never at a loss for words. Before I move on I wanted to just talk briefly abouts are going to visitation of Tom Benson yesterday to Notre Dame senator. And I did a few videos from there for definitely room for your FaceBook page. Talked to archbishop Gregory him and talk to mark and Jay room mate mark roaming the course of the saints. So many many years and I've even told me that you look at Tom Benson as a grandfather. Of all the people they impress me. I was most impressed with steel fence. And dale was here yesterday and again today I think they finished a 1 o'clock. But dale Benson a new owner of the saints of pelicans. She was here and create every single person. They went to the visitation if. Tom Benson. And Gregory Ayman archbishop told me about how much because he knew them so personally. About how much they just loved each other. And you don't find that as much as you. He used to I don't know maybe we never made it wasn't even popular. Years ago I mean I know much here slug each other but. Mean they had their their issues but. It seems like you don't hear a lot of of couples talk about just how deeply involved in York. And Tom and Gayle dancers are deeply in love and I just like she was such a gracious lady such a gracious spirit. Edison first time I remember meeting her she was for you it's the show and we spent a few minutes of talking and it was just a really. It was just a really. Enlightening moment so like I enjoy that also I mentioned this earlier I channel four reporter Kris Jackman came over and set I introduce yourself. She says she's a big fan of the show but I don't hold that against her. At all OK so there's a really sad story about a mother and father of a twelve year old girl. Who committed suicide. And they're blaming the school. They want to school to be held accountable. There are so many calls to stop bullying. Is it even possible is it realistic. To stop police. I don't think it is. And if you think I'm wrong tell me why you think I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. I would love for somebody to come up with a formula. Two and bully. But I just don't see how. Taking into consideration human nature I don't see how we can and bully. So if we can't end it that isn't the next best thing to. To teach kids. How to deal with it. Because it is inevitable. It's inevitable when your kid. It's inevitable when you're adult. Think it can you honestly say that you have experienced bullying. As an adult. Young adults millennial. Gen X gen Y or her baby from. I'd been bullied. I didn't believes and radio stations are worked for. I've been delayed by people have more twists. Can you wanna get yourself into a position where people can't really bully you. And that then to think about some of the text. That I receive. I learned very early in my life to to not let any of that bother me. And it seems like maybe as a society we've become so sensitive. And we've become so expectant of a world in which we should be able to live without ever being offended. I think we're we're losing. The skill set. To deal with being bolted. To deal with people not liking us. I would love to hear from you. If you have a child. Teenager. That is currently dealing with the or recently dealt. With being bullet. I'd love to hear from you. What did you tell your child. You could actually save this conversation today could save somebody's life. Because we're talking about. What can be said to kids. Especially teenagers. Whether it's in person or social media bully. What can we say to them to convince them that you or not to be affected by anything that anybody SaaS approach. Anthony's parents in in Florida this this Stanley moved from Michigan to the panhandle of Florida a Panama City. And it's really sad story told the story on on ABC news. And they were getting ready to go to church. And they found her daughter hanging in the closet. Chang yourself. And a father says that she had all the love in the world which came home. But the days she went to school. She would be isolated. Manipulated. And demoralized. And he says she really had no support system. Where she went to school. And more than anything the father says his daughter was demoralized. If you are demoralized. And I I'm not being unsympathetic to the parents for that this is an important conversation. If you are demoralized. Can't we say that you allow somebody to demoralize issue. Why can't we start to subscribe to this this idea. That we can be strong enough. To deal with what anybody says about us. I was bullied. I'm not a very big guy. I was never dig a look young for my H I had red hair and freckles. Mean I was like a prime target I had Alec had a target on my back. I paint my dad you know I don't remember my dad telling me anything about being bullied but I just knew that. Whatever those kids whatever that dire whoever sent to me. Didn't impact to our waters. And my son went to schools that might be considered kind of a preppy school there were a lot of preppy kids in the school. Wearing. Costing. Things like that. And he was it to grow much. In the plaid pants for the zippers in the suspenders sang an down and the doc Martins. If you make fun of people and he looked young authorization wasn't big guy either. And I do remember talking to him about how no matter what they say about you or to heal that to sound effect to York. And chances are. If they're paying that kind of attention to you. You've got their attention to the point where in some way they're jealous if you. There envious if you. If you would like to join us with your comment and I would love to hear from anybody who actually dealt with. Being bullied yourself or with a child being pulled. Here's our number 2601. A separate area code 504. To six L 187. Tex averaging 7870. Here's a text as to what is the team that committed suicide whereas. Actually. Let's say RJ just I'm getting text are pouring in right now what does a team that committed suicide was actually. The original bully. The other key is reversed the bullying on the team. Yeah I I guess that's possible so there's some things we don't know but is this not an important conversation to have because every time I hear about a kid committing suicide because. The teenager was bullied. I I go crazy but I think this is so avoidable. Aren't you gonna comment 2601 a separate text a separate a separate I'm skewed will be back. They're out there bullies are out there and personally I'll I hope I'm wrong but I don't think it's realistic to stop bullying. But let's talk about it are numbers 2601 he's having a text is 87870. What should parents tell their kids in and by the way if you're just tuning in. I have declared today a trump freeze don't wanna show no trump today. We might not even talk of a front of my he's been in the news so much which I know it's kind of hard for me but I need a break to. And how you need to break I need to break as we also know trump on the shorter neutral topics from shell met polling here on WW well. You know it's a good. Are involved. There in public at my mother's old. People are gonna believe what they believe in the long version of the truth about you are no matter what they. And what knowledgeable in high school friend. But lack two police don't tell me what apple rumor I heard and I would confirm or deny them the truth or not. Because Sheikh Ali told me to consider the source you know you people's opinion. Mortgage is there. On the wrong side you're receiving yourself. You know that's really good advice to ministers are really good foundation. Hey if you know the truth about yourself that's all that. It matters and I guess in a sense that's what I've I tried to teach my son. And I were trying to teach or anybody in the audience that there. What somebody says about you never changes who or what you war. Exactly and that's what I got locked on sixty now. It was all it when it was younger still learning its stand up on it on QB's glad he has no problem is that optional. Couric while I appreciate the call. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Texas a 78 sentry tremendous or Greg welcome to WWL. A pinky in there and do you know when urban perspective. Bullying in world. Just plain and we just see it today with the murder you know one K air. You know be a better home life. Grow old accused me a new call an injury you know once it begins to. At Indy and Paul Eaton is cute and you know his school some poor in a column and he did well. You know him better world and that's what you. A little input these. It would be the situation when that Q on this is acute. It. The whole album humble and social leaders. You take about that. With our. Doesn't grow our reefs serve and I couldn't one sort of any sort. Bet and that Cellini who. So you're committing who. Are in the in their note in its pool. So compared in being in that would be immune to compare. With the younger and but. You know an ardent. Mental. State of mind. Yeah that's that is a that's a topic on unto itself and its it's a it's a total. I mean tactic it's related. I mean I'm we're talking about. Well it's in there are some there are some commonalities here but but there are people who commit suicide who were not bullied. And I think we need to be careful about. About allowing bullying to be the excuse for committing suicide. Younger younger. School days. China on that and that is that there's an upper because you. Treo and and that. That and you you mean that you. Made I have to leave it to. Decades. Shouldn't well it is. Greg I have to I have to lead there a guard primarily what I got news come I'm not cutting off of god knows will be right back. There are people who will hate you not only when your kid but also when you're adults and he you know you just have to. You have to learn to deal with it. Coming up right before the top of the hour news at 3 o'clock we're gonna give you an at the chance to win a thousand dollars in our intercom nationwide cash contest for giving away. Giving a chance for you to win 121000 dollars every single day during every hour from six to six listened to the code word text it to seven to 81. And you are automatically eligible to win is even realistic. To stop pulling. That's a pretty must opinion poll 50% yes 50% note of assure opinion it's every drill dot com. Here's a Texas says the bullying that goes on now in my granddaughters time is much more widespread. And intense. And in my children's or my school dates nobody said why don't you tell yourself and social media means you can't get away from it. I understand that. But everything is more widespread today. Why do we allow. See it's almost as if we allow these things. To make us feel like we can't do anything about it. Paul what do we do their social media will what do we do but it's still comes down to the core of the human beings. He still comes down to who's who are. Who you Qatar. It comes down to their confidence level you know Gregg echoing Hebron before they've been that the news part of a good point about anti. But I disagree with him when he said they're young and they won't understand that's the excuse we've got to start giving. Although young they've lenders know. I was young. You where young. In fact I've I've mentioned this earlier before. Nobody spent more years of being young then meet or you. You and I have this much experienced being young as anybody else nobody was young longer than us. Our lives were different. But I think that's an excuse. To John Boehner did this is what leads to almighty god on the committing suicide. And it just tears me up when I hear that somebody commits suicide because they were both leaked. And people say you should kill yourself. Or if you kill yourself. Why did you do it quite well which we listen to them. You know when a kid. And I I guess may be for you as well you know might my parents used to use an example well if if Billy told you jump off a bridge would you do it. I just and as we get stupid stuff because somebody else to. And that was a good point know if the kid did something and I files along within but he jumped off a bridge I wouldn't follow along. It's like to really commit suicide. How would listen. I wouldn't listen when I was a kid. He and also talk about my insecurity with obsessive compulsive disorder I was a real. Real old. Dirty guide. Me dive was not. One of the cool guys. But there seems to be in a lot of cases. Jealousy of people take this this this mother or just twelve year old who. Committed suicide in Panama City. She says that time her daughter Gabby Karine. Developed. Early. And I guess physically she developed early. And the mother said that possibly made her stand out to the other students so then again they're you've got to jealousy thing. They're jealous because of the way she looks. You bullying is. A way for some people to feel better about themselves. If I put you down and what this goes on today when adults talk about politics. If somebody put somebody down it's a way of making themselves feel better about. Who they are. Here's a text most parents tell their children just what you are saying about handling bully. I know I hope so. I I do it's so that I don't have a set and I have all the answers because I don't. But I I can talk about my personal experience. And I think that is hype is I see. Life go on. I see too many excuses given all its different today well. We're still human beings. And we still have the power. And the intelligence to say. No I'm not going to let any of this bother me whether it's in person face to face our social media. That's the power that you need to make sure that every child hats. And then as an adult. Did you learn to deal with bush I mean if you're if you adult in the workplace you you've dealt with bullying. You've been bullied I've been bullied. Here's a Texas says it narco elementary my daughter is in a club that meets every two weeks hash tag bully free club. They educate our how to stop bullying. And make friends with the bully that's great. But that's not going to stop everybody that is wonderful if if there are efforts to try to cut down on the bullying. If if there are parents that do nothing about dear kid who bullies. Chances are their parents or boats. And they're partly to blame. Some Sundance may be proud of their their sons for bullying kids I am market stuffing your kid. And that's. The so we act he what does that say about the guy. The man that's a really a man EM IQ Steffi data and that's that's a mentality that sometimes has passed on to kids. He got a story you and join us for the comment. Our numbers 2601878. Arie cut 5042601870. Tech state 778. We're coming right back on WL. On this is the world we live and nobody's ever to blame it's always something or somebody else's fault or what are we gonna do with social media what are we gonna do with this orderly and a width. Is it realistic. To stop bullying. That's a pretty must opinion poll 75%. Say no it's not possibly some realistic. 45% say yes it is give us your opinion at WW real dot com. Here's a Texas says some. I know what's wrong but I told my son he better never hit anyone. Unless they're bullying him are putting their hands on him. It worked for me on time when I got bullied in school. From Picayune Lori welcome to our show. Calling about what it's done. Not don't now how would warn you know. It's that. There. I've placed my mother now call it down steps and everything but the so. And he. Now sitting out played a lot and jumped four and get out typically. And even now it's yeah me. And you know. I don't have been hit. Followed courts have social media back and gotten them. And my daughter. Yes. Clinical depression and anxiety and everything. She won't she teen Ager she. Knows. Right. My chops. You don't care but she went on mimicking should climb. All spa. They are even more self confidence. Is she. Yeah. Opting to do in the white Harry now. And other people scene that your act is a you'd actually let things I'll be. Helpful. I think it probably does it mean if you if you act like the bullying bothers you that's gonna encourage. The police but it sounds like orange or daughter had been unfortunate and not everybody not everybody is is bullied and that's that's the good news and more people should step in and end. I try to. Put down the bullet is so with the bowling so that it so it did or did they don't get encouragement for being that way if our if they were shamed and embarrassed by their peers. Maybe they wouldn't be so quick to bully so there are things that can be done. But I I've I just get this sense that more can be done to stop people from committing suicide because they're bullied. Why are helping out but I do you in Kampala. Via Wi. And got you know sure you have a relationship. With god and Jesus. I think that helps a lot better all helping the equity. Carry your. Hip a lot to do at all. Lori I appreciate the call and I think Richard talking about is just I just being confident. We're talking about bullying and it's an important topic because you have to learn how to deal with being bullied to 'cause it happens to you when you get to be an adult as well. By Joseph Greene. This weekend and concerts. Soon became senator. Are seen a couple of times. And he has maturity and you know just like a lot of policies gotten older but man I mean he still looks great and he is rocket and it's always event. I screwed hang on we'll be right back on WL. All right Tom this Morris is in our studio from the food show on WWL HD two pats were 053 FM the Tom is gonna tell us what he ate last night. The first person to guess where he ate this is gonna win a delicious to CC's pride CIT hand and be eligible to win the big green eight. And you need to call our contest line. Which is vital for 26 so wins to six or 9467. Tom yesterday I was shocked to chewing baby goat what's today baby seal. Well great hang on us to two micron are paying OK don't go there we go outside this yeah Alaska okay. Today. Or last night I ate a whole swordfish. And I also had it's an appetizer and a tomato soup with fennel which is a nice combination of flavors. And both of these were out of the same restaurant that it's a relatively new restaurant okay whole swordfish. Polls swordfish but I mean I'm likely to head on it. No well not quite emit most of it is there but you can tell it's a sword fish story like hitter in her attorneys restoring a whole fish you get their data they had is that is there to. Yeah well that's that's. How it goes for him in some places but not everybody are right hole swordfish and tomato. Soup where it's spent channel okay yeah all right if you know 48260. Wins. He may we're gonna aren't. So what do you think about you get convicted and you've got a Stanley C gets sentenced to prison at home that's coming up.