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Thursday, March 22nd

Scoot talks Mitch Landrieu, and his possibility of being the next Democratic canidate for president.


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All right it's just after 1 o'clock. This is exactly where I'm supposed to be and that is exactly where you're supposed to be. I'm glacier would decide scoots hunt every WL I am FM and dot com we do have a lot to talk about this afternoon. And I Warner the upfront abouts are shown this afternoon we talked about a lot yesterday estate in the news every single day. This is not going to be easy for me. But today is going to be a trump free zone. On our show. No. Trump. And what this is hard for me because there's a lot of stuff going on announced here. But I need a break to. You don't need to get killed when that needs a break I need to break as well so this is a trumpet free zone. On the shorter. Notre. In fact. If we get into talking about bridge. The game of bridge I won't even bring up the trump card. So no truck on the show today. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was on a book tour promoting the book that he wrote about taking on the confederate air monuments and about racism in America. But he's not running for president. Well he says he's not running for president some say he would be really good candidate to Wear talk about that on the show this afternoon. Also this a bill before the Louisiana legislature that would allow convicted nonviolent offenders. Who have families. To served their sentences. At home. So way of keeping families together. Am I the only one that has a few problems with this. We're gonna get into that this afternoon as well. And also bomb. I wanna get into this bullying issues there's a really sad story in the news. About the parents of the twelve year old they moved from Michigan to Florida. The Panama City, Florida area. And their daughter twelve years old. Committed suicide. They're blaming the school. And it's toughest decisions. To talk about. Because I don't want to make it seem as if I'm insensitive. To the parents. But I don't think it's fair complains school. Now maybe there are some cases where the school would be to blame it. We talk about this particular story. It doesn't seem as just a school really is to blame and this will bring it really brings up the bigger issue that I I try to talk about his office I cam because I think it's a major thing that we deal with in America today. And that is the whole concept of police. The idea that we need to get rid of bully. Is that even realistic. Should we focus on trying to get rid of bullying. Or should we do more to talk about. Teaching young people to deal with pulling. Because you know as well as I do that bullying these exist. In the workplace as well. When you get older there are forms of bullying that you will have to deal. So I love the conversation but. I'd like to talk to you about it I wanna hear your comments. Abouts. Whether or not it's even realistic to get rid of bully. And yes other student should stand up for those students were being bold. But I think more needs to be done to prepare. Young people to deal with being pulled late. Whether in person or. Online. And again this is served a tragic story. From Florida. But it's it it's typical of so many stories. Somebody sent this young girl taxed. And basically told to tell yourself. Treated. As senator setting us. Can't we prepare young people to better deal with that. Also another code word coming up right for the top of the governor is at 2 o'clock. So you have got a chance. Two and a thousand dollars in our 300000 dollar intercom nation Bartash contest. All you have to do is is do what you're doing right now. You have to do was a listen to our show here on WW wrote this afternoon and trust that they were doing this from six until until 6 in the evening. Every hour chance for you to hear code word you Texaco were 27288 point. And you're automatically eligible to win. A thousand dollars in cash right here this after in this coming over just a few minutes also later in the show Tom Fitzmorris will join us in the studio. Tom Fitzmorris will tell us what he ate last site. You have to tell us where he ate. If you the first one to call our contests like. 260 wins Terry coach final four to 609467. If you're the first person to tell us we're Tom Fitzmorris eight. And you win a delicious to see a cease pride TAT ham. And you automatically eligible to win the ultimate summer grilling machine the big screen date. That is one awesome incredible. Delicious. Invention. So realistic Tom Fitzmorris. As sometime between now and 4 o'clock this afternoon. I went to the visitation. Tom mentioned yesterday at the Notre Dame seminary. And I did a couple of videos for our. FaceBook page to forgive you already also post it on ES OT a scoop on your FaceBook page. And when I walked through and and saw. Mr. Benson lying in state. I was touched. I didn't know Tom Benson. But like many view maybe we never met him. Maybe we never actually shook his tent. By it we felt like we knew him and we appreciate all he brought to New Orleans and all he did for your wallets. And I wish particularly impressed with scale Benson. And that's the first time ever member beating her. Also channel four reporter Kris Jackman. Came over and say achieved listens to the show on a regular basis. And I didn't even lose respect for in fact. I'm actually very. They're flattered that shows is to the show and on a regular basis it and make Ferris was out dead everybody resulted from all the different different stations. And make her okay this is how New Orleans your lenses. Make terrorists in general for. My mom. Was made Ferriss mom's. Maid of honor. In her wedding. And I'm mom and make Ferris is mom made each other second grade at Mickey. That tip private school. Uptown. So I just again just goes to show you how a New Orleans New Orleans is so DeRozan mayor obviously Andrew. Is on a book tour promoting his book about taking down the monuments but it's also about racism. And it's about white supremacy and it's not a lot of different things. Some political observers. Say he surprising choice. In the race to be the democratic nominee. For twenty torn. Here's our party must opinion poll. James Carville the political analyst. James Carville says mayor Landrieu has the same appeal as former presidents Clinton and Obama. Do you agree with that assessment. Give your opinion by going to our web sites WWL talk count if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we are talking about this afternoon here's our number. It's 2601878. Area code 5042601870. And it checks Amber's face every Saturday and another beautiful afternoon it is going to be beautiful right until the weekend. The Saint Bernard crawfish festival is this weekend down in the parish and there is illogical and on the hog sort of there to cause happening this weekend as well. I'm scoot Kyser witness we're coming right back and every of Euro. No it's so late it if I I know you me just say it is insolvent and it is so there are people who think during New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is our right candidate for Tony Tony. What do you think our numbers 2601 a seventy tech's 87870. Here is an update on our party must opinion poll. James Carville well respected political analyst says that mayor Landrieu has the same appeal as former presidents Clinton and Obama. Do you agree that assessment. 93% say no 7% say yes give us your opinion. It every if you don't I come. Up and have a Texas says I agree. All three aerials. Shall not mean I guess if you wanna put at that point that's fine. I'm you know that was a report to channel four had another reports on now actually reports come out and and they did a report on the new report did is come out. Which was based in part on the down the drain investigation report by channel four. The city of New Orleans spent five point eight million dollars on an emergency contracts with the company to assess the sewage damage. And the sewage and drainage system in the city. Where did the five point eight million comfort. 35 out of the 45. Underground feeder lines were tested. Thirty. Fails the test. Eight needed to be replaced immediately. In and walking downtown between the station and my area apartment building. I have seen men who literally in the drains. Doing work. So obviously the city's doing stuff to may be it should have gone a long. Time ago. And I also figured out why Mitch Landrieu is not waiting until his term as mayor is over which is about a month and a half. To go on the book tour. Because instead of saying former mayor of New Orleans I think he wants to be out there as. The mayor of New Orleans from Covington Susan your under the W a good afternoon. Hello Susan. Okay don't know what happened there was coach Jerry John Mica you're on WWL. Alia good ideas under. C. Armed man on the run up front. And want to ornery and Danny when his own state and be easy easy victory. Well it would be Mitch not moon moon which is his dad and I am getting text already this say he couldn't. He could win the state of Louisiana but you don't have to win the state of Louisiana to be president did this is I wish she worked. But I think we only have like eight and at least at nine but now we have eight electoral votes. You know we're just not that powerful. And I don't know that we necessarily go along with the entire south. You don't even have to win the south. To become president. I don't think now I admit I like I could be wrong I haven't really studied the maps. That closely so maybe you do have to win you have to win at least some of the south. But mathematically I don't think you have to win the south. To become president. But the question is do you see Mitch Landrieu SE presidential can hurt and if you do if you disagree with me I don't seem distant. Because I see too many flaws I see too much. On too much of a facade. Too much acting like a mayor more than actually being. A mayor. And you know it doesn't bring me pleasure. Come on here and be honest about initial plan to infect what's that about this. I may be shooting myself in the foot. Because what if he wins the election what if mission went to becomes president of the United States. As a talk show host do you think I'm gonna get an interview with the president I don't think so. Not that I would get an interview a truck but you'd think that is I mean I was a big fan of Mitch. We took pictures to get there I was proud to put them on FaceBook and and social media. And when I started to see and sensed the real. Motive. Of using the city for political gain. I had a problem with it that's when I changed. Here's a Texas says so Mitch is my hero. Now we can go from taken down Nolan to taken town America. My dream come true peace love and happiness. Here it is it checks to checks are pouring in right now here's a Texas says. Scooter fines as a way way in troop trays white southern males. Is extremely offensive. I'm not what he could Trace. I don't associate with anyone who is. I agree with that I don't like the way he portrays me. I don't like the way he portrays. The white southern male if he makes a sound like we're all racists. And we're not. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601878. Harry could 504260187. In our text is say 778. Also the city population has increased by 271. People. Because of new bursts and immigration from other countries. But according to a new study that was published in the New Orleans advocate. There are more people moving out of New Orleans right now been moving in and this is a first time since Katrina in 2005. That people are leaving at a faster rate than they're moving in. And the population increase by 271. But that was due to new verse. And immigration. If you could leave New Orleans which you lead the city. I I've talked to so many people who love the city that there's so I'm. I a young woman that works at turn at my bank. An hour she sort of conversation with me one day and pastor were Jewish from a she sent Seattle and I told about tarps on the apparently didn't. In Seattle. And then Portland and so we talked about the Pacific northwest in Schieffer from NASA harder Burnett for a I mean the fact she actually loves you or what's. And a lot of people come here and they they love to sit. And I understand it. I love the city. But I'm very honest about the problems and there are things about the city I don't like. I don't like and this seems like such a simple thing but it's not. I don't like the letter. But it's not just about the litter. It's about the local mentality that leads to the later. It's the idea of not care. And you know there was that phrase for so long New Orleans the city that care forgot. You know sometimes I think it should be New Orleans the city that forgot to care. For Metairie. Even your WWL. And thanked. Are you win the stated. Okay that's. A question. Here is out all his book tour. It's cheap taking ER. Heat. Stroke itself. I think we're still paying his salary but maybe he's got vacation time built up like I I don't know. But this is one of the reasons why I I think there's there's something that needs to be a little bit more transparent about why he's going out now when he's going to be out of office in a month and a half. Why is he choosing this moment. To promote his book I think it may beef something as superficial as he wants to be seen as the mayor of New Orleans and not. The former mayor of New Orleans when he goes on the tour and he'll still do the tour after release office but I think this is one of the races he's hitting the difference right now. While on tour. Is the using taxpayer dollars for travel in or DM. When you can't debate mandate. A victory in conjunction. Eating. Where you know when I say this day I mean politicians. Are David they know how to do that. And an end and and and governor Jindal did it when he was supposed to be our governor but he was really presidential candidate. Yeah they know they know how to they know how to rip us off. If you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601. A seventy and our text is a 7870. Here's text come on man trump as president. Mitch you've got. You may disagree with me human signatures look we're not talking about trough today it doesn't mean that his name might not come up in in in reference is but. By the way I have created a trump free zone no topics about trump today. I'm scoot more coming right back and interview room let's just take a moment to just appreciates. This beautiful. Thursday afternoon in March. I mean it is so wonderful world I mean we've got some problems but it's so it's a wonderful world. If you're just tuning in I'm scoots ledger with us we're talking about time increase talked it may or land true is possibly a prime candidate to be the democratic. Nominee. In Tony Tony. How well respected political analyst James Carville says it's mayor Landrieu has the same appeal as President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Do you agree with that assessment that's our party must opinion poll. 85%. Say no but 15% say yes. Give a sure thing in my door charm works interview if you don't like come. Here's a Texas says so may scoot so happy FRD. Free president trough today I might actually give us to listen to your entire program bullet I mentioned this at the beginning of the show. I'm due to trump free zone here today. We talked about trouble like yesterday there's a lot going on Mina a kind of tempted because there's a lot going on. But I you know it's not only the EU data break I mean I need a break too so we're not talking about truck. His name might come up Paterno topics about trump on the show today. Mark Zuckerberg before give back to us tell me about the mayor Mark Zuckerberg go for FaceBook CEO and founder of FaceBook was on CNN. And he says some interesting things about FaceBook and all the controversy that's going on with FaceBook yourself here's part of what he had to say about. FaceBook today. Credit mortgages. We're we're gonna build. Tool. Where anyone can go he's. Hard. And the question is would Mark Zuckerberg agreed to face a congressional hearing. What I don't congress struggled through that to me that I'm happy here. Partisanship here people whose whole job. I'll just focus on an area but I would imagine at some point. That we talked for him he saw Mario and what makes it through there. And Louisiana senator John Kennedy who is never at a loss for words talked about to Mark Zuckerberg and a senate panel. The flash. Problems let me ask you a few questions to what extent if any when we don't fight we'll talk we let me get back from trial. Read about Facebook's outward trauma like for a moment in the history. And then a Senator Kennedy had this assessment. A FaceBook. Its. Power definitely beneficial finds that it currently actually corrosive effect. I'm not really sure how to react to that it's. I mean he. It does have a corrosive effect in some ways for some people. But for the same people it's also they're a great benefit. And I don't know if you condemns something. Because there are negatives. And is there are positives. You can't take away the negatives without taking away. The positives as well at it like a FaceBook needs to do a better job of a policing itself when it comes to getting and in influence from the outside. But you know we all have to be Smart enough as individuals what did you think we are not who does she think there's responsibility that falls on us. To handle list of the proper way. And you in a lot of ways I think it's difficult to even define. What FaceBook Guinness. Our New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu was on a book tour promoting his book that he wrote about taking down the confederate terra monuments and the mayor said that he's not running for president that's what they all say. And at this point nobody's running Clancy Dubose a political analyst for channel four east. And every of devote quite often and that corner and I senator fired gambit. Clancy Dubow says that you know there's there's no field so nobody's running so of course she hasn't announced that he's he's running but it seems to me that the the stepping stones are in place for her run for the presidency. And he will seek the democratic nomination in 2000. And to twenty. I'm Donna Brazil who received former head of the Democratic National Committee. She says that mayor Landrieu would be a fantastic candidate. I don't know about you but I don't have any respect for Donna Brazil. She went on to say that we all know. I'm had Hillary won. Mitchell went through would have been a candidate for several cabinet appointments. But given the circumstances I think it's important to keep his eyes open and see which way the wind will blow. Into 120. And James Carville. Democratic political strategist. Says I think he is a remarkable talent. On the Bill Clinton Barack Obama scale. The more people see him. The more people will like Q. And I say maybe that's the case as long as they don't know. The truth. As long as they don't know what's behind. Some of his motives. Again you know than I would love to be on the air just talking about how great our mayor readers. I just have had. A problem with. The way I feel like he's used me. And the city for political gain if you've got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Tech's number say seven EA seventy times screwed we're coming right back with your comments on WWL. Aren't always just a thought that I had to when I think about their slides are running for president ticker running on empty was a song that terror comes to mind their targets on the computer monitor behind me in the video. There's a video posted on a definite he wrote radio live conversation going on there right now on FaceBook. And also in the SR TA Schuett on the year FaceBook page. And it's about the possibility of wrestler Andrew running for a president here's a quick update on our party must opinion poll there is some change here. I James Carville says is that to me away Andrew is a very attractive. Candidate and has the same appeal as presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Do you agree with that assessment 79%. Do not 21% agree give us your opinion by going to our web site to be if you don't Telecom from Slidell bill welcome to the show. They scoot. Through and your own. Take on on here I mean. We're we're argument. And angry and a couple of them one out like where is com wrong. You know if this topic are you like. Here a couple of years and people. And welcome opinions before some action this kind of blue and you know remark as a true. I don't know where I'm still don't know today where money being. Go. Gorham. And then. You know. Years. See. You know he see it's the kind. The continent was such you know we're. On alert card wrong. And this sort of more important are so break it down. Right prior are paying. And and build this well. This customer this was the problem that I had with all of this when it became obvious. That. They motivation to take down the statues was really more. A ballot. Political positioning on a national stage than anything else I'm not saying it was an about other things too but when I realized it was mostly about that. And I thought ballots ZZ the August 5 flight. Mean I was downtown it didn't flood my apartment building and I don't live on their ground floor but there were people who. The mayor claims he served by taking down the monuments. And some of those people their homes in their businesses were flooded. And put it was the president of the sewage and water board. And one of his political groupies. A Cedric grant became the head of it and the guy retires or the tension of a 170000 a year. And yeah I mean I guess it's it's so amazing to me that you can be so incompetent in your job. And still end up being a rich person. In America. Our group under. Card bill glad you called if you wanna join us on numbers 260187. In a Texas State 7870. President. Barack Obama. Said privately that he understands the appeal this assault in an article on Politico. By the way the article is titled the southern Democrat who could shake up 220 field. Former president Barack Obama. Said privately. That he can see the appeal. Of a balls white guy from Louisiana. Talking about progressive politics. In a smooth. Southern accent. A ball flight guy from the Louisiana. ECU I have a problem of all of this. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Text page 787. I have some sad news to report. In sync is apparently getting back together. Yeah they're going to be in Hollywood Walk of Fame stars and apparently they're gonna get together I mean come on guys I played with human give a separate. Don't get back together. I can on this assist non music and its tests. Now weighted to send anybody. I'm scooter coming right back identity of Euro. Well I'm getting a future action people who are very of sense that I said it was sandy instinct is are getting back together. House from Henry Joan you're on Debian your own good afternoon Joan. Yeah I'm during your. And I. Think. And much. Though and being an outlet. Any. By and and general and you know leg since artists subjective I know not everybody's gonna agree on just being honest with my opinion are meant I'd I would not. I would not criticize you or anybody for going to win sink just don't make Mika. I'm. Not probably never like to end and. Mean it's amazing they're even talking dividing N'sync getting back together SARS controversy this year. On and people like. You. All right Joseph and I appreciate the call. Sad story about bullying but it's at the school's fault that's coming up next on every have you well.