Saturday Tiger Tailgate - Hour 4

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk LSU Tiger football as the Tigers take on the Texas A&M Aggies Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


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I'll moments he before we can't Alter the other huge sports network yes it's LE a huge. And fixated on tonight at 630 right here on tiger radio that you do you know wolf it's small wall to wall saint it's. Game time 345 from Los Angeles the saints assortment without moss down ma'am or anything chronicle the stories on the backside out. They ought to have him on the dog on the road government in ninth straight gain appeal to those into the frame can be tough but do you. Answer I hope so keep your room and an innovative and that's it keep it real. Well before we getting to hurt breakdown mean he's the Dixie is key to caught a final look at school was. And that is happening that some had in the U2 33 o'clock games. He has been in progress right now and head to have a Aaron bow at Jordan is medium in Auburn is sixth ranked offered him number one Alabama said. Now in the halftime was consequently it's a Minnesota seventy if you don't like Wisconsin though. Into it became kind of game it's Ohio State next week at 120. Means they all over Maryland 310. That is late in the first hand. Fresno state the point they're great Boise State since. Being in the first hand it is Oklahoma in the awful moments when he was that the team. And with sixteen days in state beat Rutgers early in the second they're Clinton said. It quit through the second and the 22 northwest at fourteen in the north says it. Georgia ticket it is today they go to the SEC championship and that and one. They defeated ought to take 38 cent Ohio State them that they could they be want to beat me. Ohio obviously you guys grow 31. Went to Oklahoma State did he seventy. Over Kansas and its Mason Rudolph through before thirty militants and that's down. At this point it stick it to the American that it happens at its Sydney last week they take care of because he's. 7213. Today that it is seen its offensive in South Carolina the palmetto state game. It is an. Nobody Notre Dame and number 21 Stanford beat sanctity. To make it happen coats I can get them going down with what's that old fox ABC with being with the network of atonement no theaters in two months. And I think it was then they don't think that the UBC was the only DC if it's only 7 o'clock though. You know it would probably be seen apple be on tonight in the pact will both teams that succeed through it and to Washington State if it wants to. Vehicles so we'll miss the basically thirty or forty to fix them over the weekend Pittsburgh defeated them but to my 24 and fourteen beats you to skip Bayless 45 point two. Since the photo with South Florida a seesaw battle. Ford now before a team like nice Takeo oppose. And it's that you tick seen but it did seem to relate well to date 31 to 28. We need to wean him to become bowl eligible so low they hit the that are what. Put is it useful mostly that we had 31. SEC and this right now then appealed to a team to see which team is. It's giving the lie that they feel I don't think that you know beaten Tennessee two years through I don't think that the future they've also got. I think two of the top prospects this week in the comedic to visit the golden pulled away from Tennessee. That is being truthful with your face it Florida State air today to give Florida 3822. Mike wise who it it would no trouble with it that the 44 with 217 it once her. He took he was 62 definitely the fitness the rink with a 76. And yes today the one bit with that the final game for manipulate his career Arkansas. As though he was so. Being beaten about Missouri 4040. He was being in the know that he would not be retained its football coach who now. Fourth scooted without these account with that we know for sure looking for the coaches. To team that wins that being Arkansas and that being. Ole miss and in the east cities Tennessee and that is full button on right. Her talent now. The key to today's game we talk about the military office is eating beef it. What you see about the elation the is that I need him golf is that they they'd like to run the ball but they make it because it. Yeah absolutely so you gotta be ready for everything. Kristy cook still the best receiving but it absolutely so first things first got to put pressure on the quarterback right. You have any sort that through playing in the backfield for him vector that they say. On defensively that you also have to be so you cover those guys who entered into in the of this whole slew of refuse that the which they have. Points over he was wrong. Scholarship here with home you'll have a look hope became our Devon White. Make him a huge impact. Only when game as well that are athlete really really really making a few police in Denmark from both the week maybe kittens and code and its efforts to. And then you know also we will look we need to get some sacks we need to go hit me so that every chance that we view we can. We can tackle the ball carrier in the mark I know the lines from an effective so that we don't have to load you know we're about those guys get the big one and then move quickly off like that that. They're running backs are really great many have to really do when your backs. And one of my my my little brother thrown a kimbo what's he doing your whole view of the plane from tonight with this and guys in front of him there there really Stokley effective. When the ball very very well also the gonna try to establish the run early. Despite we will what do you know we have to go hit men and stop the narrative that we didn't keep those guys in the backfield if we can knock down on the back through that keeps you give them offer rhythm so they couldn't be. You know hit the change that he will. Her now a special teams is being viewed LHU is not illnesses and yeah in the football and not a team that figures to be close Google kicked. I feel the workweek that these hidden yardage you had an article just talk about that don't show that mistakes he. How many times a team feel that upon such and so it's very how many times to kick off what it would say that abandon some huge huge tactic of talking. Yeah it did you know that. In a one thing that we not completely. I guess excel that this you've been Google kicking. A through Q you mean it has just been. Up and down the you know you never know what's he going to get with the one thing that has been through do they. The punt return kick off return them to go out and had been exceptional they've been good enough. You know what team punt coverage has been really well I. You know so if we can just plea and the good field position battle and win that particular portion of the game I think will be fine now. Also we have to control the club that we can control the clock and their support of the Clinton game the kicking game and keep on him well you know you think about it that in the present. Home you'll have you do if you can control the clock I do position. You know I mean you can beat him you know they've got to drive the whole field but if they don't they go you know fifty you have you thought you know. So you know with different things of that nature that that commitment they make a brief Q when it comes down to it into football game of the in the post game like record tonight. And from. On tonight's game from the scene in expectation is seen seen was the right but there was Hayward the opposite him. You'll belts on this program this is to them seventeenth season. Going to hide I think you're exactly what bill would even you know thought thirteen was little in refusing rankings. But I think that I think that we're war. Now at this particular point in the season. That's exactly what though we've yet that we see in the united food on the season. On the I didn't know that you can hear it this way would I have seen throughout the season. Is it is a lot of leadership a lot of horse Lara has made the determination. And that's only by the coach that. Then you go to the plea is in the clear is that there as well because it follows that from the coach that. That's the first unit coach first joke coordinator. What's that you do for the coordinated. So I mean sky's the limit we can do we'll buildings have there was room the recruits in the guys that they're they wanna recruit. In that that a seasoned veterans of goods and there have been moments so you know with the point 000 just the tip of the iceberg it would it. Program where we're going really electability that would only like Cotto with whom with the former veteran players or former players bring them back. Have an old videos and other guys. Talked to the team things of that nature throughout the course of the season have the guys walked on the deal with this. With the current team. Are in fighting everybody into the the facility things that need to that stuff wasn't going home Friday you go. You know none of that stuff happens all this stuff makes it different to acute that a plane they get this TV formal and greets. Walking the halls would lose its whatsoever with the our receipt the phone Uma while Philip when it almost. Think that it is that. Of since it you guys you know welcome. Here that you want hopeful but Wimbledon and the beats out the home is we will keep you will. It's it's definitely day you know it's it's it. Aggressive with that non restrictive well you know I mean. If you have pretty much room who will be as we've animate it with these political work out who were government will one of the coaches from the coast of women who. You go fees because schools vehemently with a goofy tackle Rudy does go to that would help with that attitude. You is that like you have to third inning and youth is back home just feels like you've been here before that you actually help. Put some brakes on that stadium you know put with the offense regrets that. In the student with food that you could you force so it and it bit me fifty especially if those young guys that are playing now. The three big guys combat. That means you feel like a political views. That's her talent they go to Davis Cup one time out we'll come back it hurt prediction. And they spew into Ecstasy in the air that's coming up next he would handle the dealers use bullets network for the pregame killed an issue and in the end right here on tech review that because you have wind down getting the final thoughts you include throughout tonight's game with Ellis you name him with. Ultimately you greet her I. The top leaders heard from the night's game at the at this out of money watch the Yankees with. If the two tech with a four receptions. To Rio Dotson is this Obama it real island in the traffic out of conference yeah eighties have attacked violently attacked with him eight stops the game. In the conference four. A union an obvious that we talked about 3COM we have to solve boy in the policy. And in their receiving Christian Kuerten who is it. You know. Fought through some injuries and things. If you want to exercise them but but let me please them is dangerous if they'd use yeah he's visitors group when he don't he goes back yet. Gotta stop him I think it'll thoughts with him on him in through you know Williams. Office before you know I was unit that those guys offensively so. You know in his thing man that we got to tomorrow ready depleted we got to come out in this. Because those guys are gonna be so hyped up certainly kept some things that we got shut that down immediately. And kind of take. You think this could it get him you know to gaming control very rare early in them again and could. Public sentiment is the one team that's did you from him. I was so I was always like if we don't we came down to whether we need one win that in the season to go to a bowl game something. I think you do not I think is awfully thoughtful of him. Roster and he absolutely absolutely I think I think they have all over the world it is. For some reason that the in the season they always it's not a fault. Wise I don't know was it did alone in November and get that one of the reasons why there than the U that you root growth in some of them maybe that's something. To look at root them yet. Could it come down and that the Boe. They could definitely move I think we'll. I think we'll look I think it's gonna come down and if you. Within the game if you have the ball that can sustain the czar if you lose the game you know the ball well and you score it first if you go to school of you know we've been. With you ultimately it will cause it's going to be stars became the fifth. Definitely I think because if this if you check the game you know people call it what we went swimming pool. Game I don't think so I think he's going to be greeted him and I think it'll be oh I think it will be thirty. 3630 minutes something like that 44 to gain something like that that because that's his eye to see this. At a CET teams just displaying his compassion. Football coaches Ellison wants to be strong for their coach. Takes it and goes through thick and through the house that you thought their coat yet so in I think to go to school points I think would be. One of those high scoring games I really do I don't think I don't think it's when that you have moved to a game and I think we're gonna arrest what's funny yards with a what he thought that. I think in him vote go to ball what from those appointments that. Now who starts who will put points is going to determine who wins the theme again. And of course that fumble the football her struggle with this don't be dead who has Leo. And you can't come tonight at the top after the top atlas that I think will have a to any fool. Opportunity to again you're from the Simpsons tonight they choose I mean wouldn't we to bring America their quarterback that's gonna potable while more. Right we have through we do. But we'll see what we need to give it in order for us and we need to be so we will go for the ball enough formidable because we're gonna return running handle. You know who have been simply as it was good luck this week to have do other stuff who's got a hold the ball and I know you know mister Dotson is going to be one of this front typical. Yet that well it really don't the only huge sports network TV it close one. Right now and to whom Alabama's you would think their movement to re that we faced with the most came out strong thought sick and I think that is exactly. Right now early in the third quarter it is the Alabama. All of both of all the prize pool of fourteen. And that is the look at that face him right now Auburn and it's and it's been pretty much Karen Johnson to a pretty good to have him with Tina Allen about the Datsun dealer who has. He's got sixty yards on fifteen Cairns qualities again it will be interesting let's let the fear you know it is about a case the I heard how hilly Q is that close to me that would be favored tonight or with Ecstasy and the tigers senior night. When he seemed to be honest it was stupid it. You going into tonight. I'm looking for really really has the game by the tigers I see the tigers within four to 38 tonight. I think it's gonna be a high scoring affair. I hope Obama hope the tigers don't give up it would be a thirty point I think that's what athletes. That is her talent I'm Deke Bellavia up next in the issue fight tackle football tonight is taken politics say in which O'Neal issues sports network is split. And don't follow on these lunatics and what's it tickets. AD. For. Is that gutless goodnight till it won't.