Saturday Tiger Tailgate - Hour 3

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk LSU Tiger football as the Tigers take on the Texas A&M Aggies Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


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He is their talent the ability counted out to LA Hewitt take this in your hand coming up at the offers very front of violence Aussie right attack of a deck if it was his breakout. LHU and yankees pain that we will hit in Dayton to Dallas morning news that the with you football is this the man's game they events on the coaches. We take this union that is though on the horizon I would talk to be Indy if you take on net and you know who would be there if you don't pay you in who you know it's game that we're in now you know only. I think you can edit its facilities in soulful but also people but it you know what it coach he. What is fact Britain was in. You know. What makes medium what makes me it would amount win you know buckle live through them to. I happen I mean any banking you name good November's down with a system that. What makes me it would connect and it will meet meet meet Cuba and will always come down that we but you'll going. In its own you program what sounded netbook. More traditional view as much tradition you maybe some it's just you know conference in your own division in the union is always give it some with the they would be going up against all its it because of the University of Mississippi Maine on the east you talked about the University of Tennessee and university of blown. Those them beat him from the program that the stadiums that couple. And oh this has become attractive with it done and means more attractive but obviously it's a more attractive job. After Hugh freeze than it was before. I let you believe it just like that the her we could see in game two and they accuse him. At least she was smoke and attractive. For him any wars but it is all of the program at the point. Of note that the death recruiting in you know it in the NC if you will applaud it went to the Pete the older one and I would just for the alone in in the states is a legal it's like it now now what happens with the news sanctions so for. It's going to be here with us and that's really felt but it's just really. Her hand over and mow the enemy is nobody I don't think I'll miss you just yet guys like I don't care. What you have it you know yeah I mean if you write Gaffney. Gold gold medal with but I don't think it will be mean people are. Coming in like. But green is something without Nolan was on the books look. If you seek penalties. And now in the Olympic code 21 note that's who. In addition they are mean why's it taking so long for the instability to say anything has it that much information that this sifting through. Home you know how many more people are investigating them all these different things from the Cleveland. What it does though ultimately Ole miss it's that their notes you know they don't they can't move at all they're in a position where they don't know what to do because they don't know. If they don't even have half with a team that's it because of that you distinctions. So where they don't movies you know what. You know put through for using those kids that transfer right away right and so right now everywhere buddy wanna pleased to have the DOD that things that they don't know so. Which I hope disability doesn't that I hope its ability to give someone you would double blow like these. Who's you know what it is hers to kids ultimately in the in the you know I mean. It hurts the people who won a Google news. We're in high school right now maybe used itself more into music arts who have really wanna be appointed Ole miss program coming up in the next few years in their and so what's gonna happen. On nearly they've they've me he goes that's really one of viewpoint that program so I don't know what I can tell you with Kevin Thalmann in my opinion I think that he's one of the better quote coaches. In college football and SEC I think he deserves at least another one to who used to try to right the ship national with legacy earlier would happen. You know on the behind the scenes it was going on why so many kids were were transferred ago. Or you know have some legal issues and things of that nature there was maybe that's a photo wire they're giving real oh or carb depleting getting rid of him. In that given him that opportunity to flee to Mexico with two years but would not maybe that's something we don't know yet you know maybe some stuff may come on it in that they. You know after the LSU beat them tonight if you don't do it mean in I guess that's the fruits of our food but we came from them and use. Out of with him I'm not so. So you know I don't think anyone here and I'm according here marvelous in that haven't gone it's you know I can't do it armies. You know it would have to be Superman. Flags in their by government that the view. In order for music you think about it with you we are one. That Hillary than about the this summit though we have some that are final and sound that it does he thought it's it's going up. On offers 3 o'clock looked at college football scores going off and when he right now on the plane little her new stadium in Auburn. Karen Johnson gets to you ought to rowand now Auburn has the ball in. And they are already at seven to zero over the Alabama crimson time. Also with its music gone also on the but filed with cots and 70 all of Minnesota that are in the second or. And in the first of the champions 87 Maryland zero. Boise State Fresno state and not knocked up at seven Easley the birds. 521 on that in the first Oklahoma. Leads. It was that you fourteen to three victim may feel it in play acted at the game alone it's thought the game that was Smart to enter the two to ninety yards and touchdown already thought the won the Heisman favorites. Al west at Illinois just on the way once they make while it's. If it means that is the percentage ought to it will go to the SE CT attitude next week with a lot the plea for they win that one they should get it to the playoffs. They take him to ought to take the day 138 to seven Ohio State slim but they do keep their hopes alive. It's a can't miss in the big house and fallen nine ranked Ohio State 31 miscue when he. Oklahoma State 58 to seventeen in nineteen right now with the idea of Cain this. If this mix up for the him be undefeated since the floor they take care because they simply their team that we scale. Once beaten me at this this season seven in one American badly if they call it Central Florida it's it's they that route but that's coming up. And that's just a few moments for instance out now that pleased at 6:30 PM tonight in that we have Bryce stadium. In Colombia politics at saint am hoping he would then route to 633 kicked off the take on at least you. Number eight Notre Dame at that of the 21 stamp were priced it Sony it is. I think it's that is. He goes into the game sixteenth that's down seventeen minutes point three you know it's on or in fact there is coming up ordered for a time limit is a talent become more. Yucca herb. Washington State in Washington apple cup that night that went out in Seattle. The Huskies and the who is both six to in effect will hopefully learn over the weekend it was though it's Ogilvy 68 both 31 to twenty yesterday forty 43. It would Missouri O were all consult reputable was bad as he was walking off the field Pittsburgh's done Miami as the 24 to fourteen hurt the team's chances. At a playoff TCU all over they've afforded by the week two yes it was of the Florida beat South Florida party according to where both coaches could not be at those places next year. Scott froth at the heartening to Lawrence on his own I think from South Florida and fatigue dictate U Virginia commonwealth so people go let's go up. The end to see you wrote. We ticket dramatic comebacks right exactly that now Bryant Gasol will be what does that it with his state. All of Italy Hewitt six to see him on our talent the ability on how many hours you fighting tigers visit WW and welcome back. Getting closer to meet jovial as useful as network with an image for a third. As the tactical it's Ecstasy in this seat my you know it's accurate view that Ethiopia Bible for six though. When he seventy. If the number that you can vote you can also Texas beats anything you can on the and temple in earnest on the second quarter it you'd though Auburn on top vote Alabama. Seven and is the ru news for fiscal voted yes and Alabama does have the football now. An active role you know it's almost that is although it seemed ready to activate that at the note dole wouldn't it be you know you'll Horry. Out of college notice now. Front four vacancies now in the southeast comic that we know of restored to a awareness Mississippi in August though to eat lower at Tennessee. The one hanging in the balance that is that nicotine tonight aimed at fixing in the Kevin summit. You talked about this or that week Brian you broke it down for me on Tuesday talked about how. He ought to use data from the LHU Knight did what was gonna happen with this amount be retained his pupil is succumbing. Andy you know a few tickets before he meets with the media puts out code it yet you gonna be here. Now it seems like Indian has something going on as that involve Tennessee coach pupil fish. Is that the equities you if that's you float around they'd get picked encampments on the doing anything to retain it. Well you know the only need to hear me in boat this year now. You know and someone knew any thing you know it. It doesn't seem like. Is really Mike did you do a lot. Sounds like act. You know win or lose. Some will be outed as being in coach now here's the thing. It can't vote doesn't. Great job or get the job I don't well in the rocket. Parallel and an inconvenient though. I hit it this year. This note is that. Iran is that we are. Bryant. What we did see it you know. Four vacancies prominence who. You know Florida took us a year Hughes Arkansas Mississippi. Game that lets see if it becomes available. It I mean if you don't have quote unquote Europe guy is it almost seems like you know depressed is open particularly with a hot name he's already on the heat goes UCLA pretty much for the we when he boarded. Debt become well a question of okay well. Who you go to Vietnamese who who's out there in the you know me I'm sure they awesome name but it's almost like. You know you go has the last couple years who've been parents of young and upcoming. Coaches that already and places that really seem like. They're going to move unless there is no maybe a new lease on life. I guess my point is if you know it's if you don't that you can get better in all you really eating bad. Is Vinson the parent coach did you name. Well. Look well you can you hire. Like. It. Yes indeed I think it goes to grow one green and then at one guide network this argument all thinking and Q. This probably or are our technique I think building on route and it goes. On punitive it was a large number of lower. The point is. It's very difficult. To get me sick that low power by opera coach to move one. A conference school. The year in all problem. Of the lap body now. You know who's had to bet that in the majors who built. In acts like he's your and he got all that and we'll order a lot here like north fail to. Is name. A lot right. Ear and more in debt and use his name a lot because debt to. That's Keegan did it appealed to the group school. Look at beat goes to. Excess air. Would direct problems and. Granted stay in that same lane why is it that symbol for is his name always comes up in. Any FCC remarks. Coaching hiring hall. In if if this is the only guy that faith in him it is actually going to have to wise that gambled that. Well. It's a book. Will be fee act. Yeah well as in UCL issue ministry. Under. Mark Hamrick. Land you know vote was an assistant under statement today develop this very wrong currently Q at that time that. The only reason why you bought the main. Mentioned is that why people act that it actually. Would wooded. You know you look at the other will make. A few years there that mention LEQ. That. You'd been in the year. On the evening they still can. And look yet. We're dumb reasons I'm out offered those two are off. You getting your Cuba that you mention it at all because we that are that the Auburn a durable league in LA here. Thought they keep talking about is. The school did you hear about the names mentioned are all yet connect with. You would to cool idea. So Brian what what was seen it right now they could be some people it can do anything about those now don't particularly when he bad routes that day. At an issue came back from being down when he won their content those same people that was saying we need to cool dip direction that the worried today that goes now the army jumps you go to a place without with the with. Let's have less pressure and Arkansas. Outlook in that this would erode app will now. It. Auburn moved in and out. Of the money equally all that what you want our vote like that are well. It Auburn alum I think you'd be late now go to the Auburn and pray is that. I would he or all was who is where every idol when it came Egypt and people were far out what that changed once. Along there secure. And it. I don't get it back on track. I'm not so if Auburn win today now in the catbird. Seat in the main actor pretty. Good guys on track from offered begun yet in saying well if you're in the outlook on those who are. See you right it's like a bait that time brown as though it only does it DO story DOE or. LA Hewitt six is seeing him. How easy is matchup tonight some teeth to the confidence. Well. LIQ. Usually at the running the football in any and all those two years ago immediately didn't want them well in the. You know it's pretty good job in LAQ Ron the blacks here here in the ball well. Top. LSU and normally. Tech named him off day regard to thwart it what age John. They ran court last year you remember. You know scored three cut him in the fourth quarter and Ellie you really root ball well again. So. It looked like she'd be in good shape and at that the issue be at all. In. It all that meant the back of the deep trouble seen journal op. Inspired will act you know players because they're coach of the outlook they currently have heard everything enough. That really going to be a big market gained an. Welcome back got it down Kelly Hugh in Texas say you know right here on WW review what the latest on. Everything is pending news halt exports go to get you give you you know. Right now in the it is Alabama view trimming Auburn seven crew in their confidence then it's it and it's taken me twist this. I didn't realize that hamlets that smells song was mean to them often so it's right now he's got to be feeling pretty good either way he's got it it was. Heard that but I just I mean I guess for me relax and I guess Brian Hartman you know are that that a little bit. Haven't always had personally to back too soon to win everything. In the news in terms you are doing as well as the ones you. You didn't mention that you are that's not a good pivotal night so I mean you give them that's the guy who go right when and that's what sense. There's no way. In the world you know markets if you would you go with a sixteen year old arcade year or seven game with he's averaging. Nineteen games in the years living wise with. But it wasn't. It was documents available they'll be winning type of week you know it was always in the from what an exciting way it would W when he lost it was a very. Exciting we when he lost as well also wasn't right. You like used as you know New York a cloud of dust. They're retirement it's over with noting they had a lot of security you'd think that it's outta work there weren't losing you know in the in this in the fashion of his. You're born in this you know what it means that if they lost playing really good football or you go in medicine and I think he lost the last three games a year that. And you lose against Alabama and are going to that's with Temps you as everybody in the west Alabama with the best team in the best team in the country. Every year tattoo so you know it's that you get over it team and you know you won't be you know doing anything. In any better which is Bryant LSU takes its name and we talked about run the football LSU the last time you associated analyze success. You know your thoughts on how this game it was takeout tonight and an issue that takes an in your prediction. I think you get lucky I think it equities and the Clinton who uttered in the end of the night you're gonna try to. Or does someone enough and I expect and play our galaxy and come out. And play well. I'm looking forward to the day very wealthy. I think they'll issue will go on in Colorado or report that green and one. Brian is this matchup tonight in moving forward. You know we we succeed to be the first time in the conference since 2000 Quayle out. How big that it out advocate the use it like for the program the select coats if they you know this will we know it is and it done awhile. What it means on the surface out front the recruiting trail up because you do it well look. I think there are bacteria like these and those they can do we think it odd years when he could not keep him. On track to win and you haven't done. In four years think air it very important for me or any program. So who killed them progress there. I think it's important. Relative to close out the wrong. You know almost like it it would lose their tonight. The good. Spot of the Atlantic it will be sort of forgot. Imran. That the Ole miss situation now it's. You know one thing going into the season but it's almost like you know. What quote a message that somebody you you really taken its utility weekly is not ace in the hole he's coming regardless if we can seven years' probation. What coat with wanna take on that without knowing. What type of penalties are going to be handed down despite being seed really you know. They need to name a coach idiocy because they didn't know and they wanna meet in new head coach it's obvious. Well yeah. I think it whoever they hire an ethical under assuming that the college is part in the career. That's like you'd probably been at it yet and I think you. Young and as they can once we get the opportunity the boat and our conference who. They'll be somebody out there will do well in a job on. On the situation that part in it not in any pressure on the begin. In bracket. They've got no book on the game because he got on the site but they can keep up with. Debbie Debbie got we got Agassi dot com we'll be. On line tonight. Wrapped up thinking and analysis and let degree up tomorrow and. The only way they were so you know. Out of senior writer at tiger bait downtown. It BO though it be in the hole or he or what Brad thank you so much for the time. Appear. That are. Due to totaling seventy. You can Texas City 78 in the David you kill your thoughts about these college coaching vacancies in the Southeastern Conference. And of course you know for now that the five battle four to six so what if they could take this that he said he says he heard. It took tonight at least you all things alien. And look on the tell you right round like you sit before. Ellis whose offenses start Lou we gonna establish the running game. Texted him I don't think that he'll be ready for the ones who put their weaves in and in guys. I don't think we need to I think Q would it mean to be your goal woke overly fancy wood off him. We just need to believe this. To make sure that we control the line estimates offensively in you guys in in their Williams going. Can control Booth does the clock. Get some first their own in schools and thought and maybe so from some of Google's view that with I think will be okay. Did baby of the Dallas morning news joins us now to talk about Texas union becomes champion thank you so much for the time that this. General questions though at all. Does this game tonight head meaning meaning but it would summon win or lose if he wins this game. Elkhart op extra things happening on secondly I don't think it I think I think he's pretty much gone I think that this is. Going to be when did inform me you know at this. That they can becoming the game plan will not be up there in I think you'll not on paper. What you not being but it hit the party made so there's really not that but for him to do it and hopefully you know. Medicaid for him in the next job but you know they eat late in the end it here taken lately and hopefully I'll repeat itself on the program approach. So being. If that is the case in Vietnam they must have their coach him please call. You who they want I think. So I think you know we've had multiple sports. A vocal group of reporters in the thick of the guys there look at that. You know it seems that there's there's a little later on both sides on talk or think they were giving him on everything he needs. That was that enough for kemba the thing I don't know you know he may try to get outlawing hand. Com and on go to like that there are a lot of money you can everything easy outlet by hand it is not happy with. In a winning anything here to kind of ludicrous to think about because you're programs that would do aerial views on a year in Europe faces. What this is not enough they wanna go take that BP championships and national championship and if you're gonna do that acquired Alex is officially in this show that he could do that. Yeah and and I'm I guess the risk of it is that the that the use that that's what's out there that was floating. All your eggs in one basket so you shoot for this guy. If you don't land you know get the moon in what you do the negative Tenet's second joystick and cruelty we got a coach but. This is not a guy we won't it. Yeah that attitude we're. But you know I'm when. From lord of the greens today. You definitely I don't know what they're gonna do for plan B. I'm you it would have been scary attic the U. What is it an extension. And I think that when you report the it part time that he was kind of under the radar candidate take it and now my. I think he's gonna be locked in now there this period he used the value look at and you get a guy making. Is CBP's. Money Mike Gundy wanna try to get involved and try again to the point that McCain attacked. Really it's going to be involved I think at this point when you look at how what made him that coach it's like look like. Been baby at the Dallas morning news over the scope behind me and I think clean and yankees they commitments on this evidence or. Poetry and SEC lately as the baby boomers 31 point four. The end is seen from beginning in the tough loss to Seattle a stroke is nickel state. Right it is pretty tough but it's Alabama where where is this team you've seen his team policies in longer. Had they. Developed it to you know. A ballclub is it is what you thought they would be take us through this season when they all pointed its final game in recklessly. You know I think he'll like that but do not ever going to be I have added that the stakes. Pretty feet and made you know right now they're here that are forward. I'm watching him tonight he's partner that spot so I don't think the thing with that he made acting very optimistic outlook on things. Amin and it really it's probably happening here South Carolina game. I was under what program Florida ballot in any way and they they need if you only when that market what went over time. And if they come out with a greatly the years at a rebound well now that walk away. But on the flip side you know looking back I don't think you're never Kate. Look at the problem was Wayne is easily because obviously here because when you go back and look at it. AP play here you are you put any combination of me together and it doesn't seem like that was good upbeat really. And I don't think about how well and I think you're right along well see on that it was you know it. Everything happened so far as these Pakistan. I was the in the past. It being on on the alleged use that things when you look at Vietnam what they had to guard against this matchup is the only team in the west of the union is yet to defeat they came to the conference. What type of match up is this thing he had him when they look at tiny town and take on Taylor's you've seen that. More than likely is gonna come which it is kind does want to rush the football. Yeah I mean that's going to be using it in a strong advocate right now do. It different than good now I am not here guys control. The line of scrimmage of the grant from the point of attack slash hearing it and got enough left in the tank. I at that point though you saw that it was going to be tough being on the Eagles have won the first drop Latin and Alice you just lip of the ground. Obviously hoping that an app and it's much. All of which go back and look at Abu pivotal moment in August that the thing that remarkable look at them on the that is out there and stop Barbara ears. But what the I expect them or heat is on the ground. Indeed they even if they keep doing that again odd thing in a box and I'm not then. Mean maybe Ian about him a ticket value on social media. When there has been under or being in the army camp that or take the W. Keep up with our content there we're we're now is dot com you re going on I was in coaching partnership are pretty shortly. Service the Kapalua and ability as well the I hate that. When he's on the it out an agreement. To look at it and I think the country right now. Exactly. It's going to be I think if you know it appears now. I think his life advocates practicing it on here who live at the military air countless people. I think it's probably apparently did and debate than the obvious here here is her you know things of that separates not knowing where. You know the end is as always a lot of he has said it but some things that man that they when they both came out this that we agree to disagree. They should agree to agree on some because they base it and never let him it's not about the field. Well now they have had at college and come back and bottom of the block of via that the and a scary one of the theory could experience in the engine the oil. At. They were they were there can be my last group before that forty years earlier you know. This is true that the group that all David. I can't thank you so I don't see Japan. I think that we are prepared all right. Yeah they duplicity is on it you know it was if elected. That was due to them about it. Boy yeah her votes is that taken and look in the he would. Oh so close yet so what room Tulane the only 4130. This openness that is. They outscored the must think seventeen is set him in the that are the only school pool with eight. That's down. The most things implement it but read that they want to. As we've fallen Angel in the bowl and it au Prince Philip. Allegedly the dues yet yet no doubt about it Nancy the things that Korea is there with you know. With tickets now welcome back it's come up with cool example of the breakdown from herb Taloqan about affording it. If for thirty wood on the LHU sports where at Hewitt takes senior tonight right here. All it yet and yet you and welcome back inching closer to Tony Ellen Hughes both network and about forty minutes please let them borrow. The call for you tonight means that it that way it's united rightfully be on prior. Including the real missiles I'm that we like to read it. And that's got a Villa on her be it up later in the don't know if you use you you be out. Hello out so yeah but for them and in the sport you want to you know with forties. The authority he would go through use it but it it means. You get on more out of it it is what do you the from the team standpoint those things that we. I mean you care all of them with. You as well but that's just a cinemanow. Fact though of just woods what you started from not only. In college boot from the moment that few who can remember yet your parents being whatever you need him to be. Would you invent to that point the finish of the very special you know. You just sits on the I didn't even think of elected we'll be doing that in the united at all at the event at this. In the another plans made that nobody that I didn't think I let them live accidentally scene they tell him and and bus in Nixon. Knew we beats that the accident is almost crippled well around. I look like aluminum for a misses half with as the baby was. With little plastic baseball bat in the U the ball that he always with a plea with you know we photo of baseball offers in the football game. Then basketball lubavitcher right you don't want to return but knowing who we all. And two more years man I'll be walking across that that that deal with it and you think you that is that the. There so if you hear my Detrick in a statement it's always a special ceremony before the game coach though it's that he is that the its latest. You can see you know it and it's and senior night to night when he seems to be that's awesome this is currently the owner view that blanket statement. What are we talking about the image you offense against the yet he had in the Phoenix and a couple of years ago LHU. The ground game didn't it work like you point to their but we have seen over that Emily Hughes. Air patrol in the we'll throw it through with some success. There will they will you know sometimes just got to do to go to win the game whoever is where everything you do it. I think that you know we have a quarterback indefinitely that can be that if we need this to happen. But I don't see that. Being the unit's caused the issue we that we try to win this particular game so we'll go out and try to run the ball in the steps that we're game with. If it comes to the point weighing him does stop us and we we think we could go back and go to vote the community and also sort sort this growth and so when we can do that you know her. It was since. The weekend that the toy making idle its offensive plan has progress. I think it only thickness that all we talked about it once and for president yet but mostly for. You'd go for something that was a huge question awful to a season. The way at Alex this is this that you don't quad but the future movement in the people that the buttons here so I mean we hear. Is this the market between now the bowl game but yet we round yeah this is the obvious that we talk about who's going winnable behind them and that. Who was gonna blow with a biker guys any guys kind of threw you with that that goes so you how much we think it is off with a mindful of these young guys. That it would be some premiere we move forward so I think look I think Yuma tell you right now I think. Coach O in his very first year this is going through its final game of the season. Reputable news has done. Of a remarkable. Job not only with them the team home. With a cute individually. With the coaching staff but also the people who union. On the tell you right now everything that he's through that he would attempt to try to do yet he's at least try to do yet you know in need me start with him he's been. It's mood of the first few vehicles that you can. And it's it has been committed special someone that the guys in part that he has the only bit was on the plane. I like that the that's one of the first however think that go in that area higher Cotto on Mercury news you know we you know coach Phillip or whatnot with some. On the list of of I think coaches went with him in the first I think in those. In the twelfth game and ability of the vehicles have been done about this and doing a phenomenal job right. Yet it's out of make it better tonight because they can get this six into it competently for the first time since 2002 Leo and have a shot cookie with a win season alive. And I'll be the first and they agreed that the since the year in which was 2000 and their team owner Donna on the Philip B a right now I am only the first tea in Alabama Auburn though it's seven puppies. Welcome back at a level it too including herbs particular village you any idea that's next right here. Oh it's accurate view yet UW.