Saturday Tiger Tailgate - Hour 2

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk LSU Tiger football as the Tigers take on the Texas A&M Aggies Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


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And good evening about it Allen on the two counted out LHU and Texas and now among all with only LSU great quarterback hurt Tyler. I'm the ability on the beautiful LHU can't come up in a few moments yet ammo sports direct new it the reason network will be what is the deal with this week. On Italy shoots Ecstasy in the is senior night tonight and via the votes in the by you on a the end zone below 100 that it sits on DaVita via. Oh really you FaceBook page ain't gonna plow them doing yet probably. Some. This fact yacht the yeah I mean in Norman. And that to date. Well yeah. It's. Well let's examine a political and go to another thing you look with me. Man that is some goods the don't do it aren't normally are here again upon looked at though for yes. Yes I came to Arkansas game. Are you there is okay to sit here whatever and it. That's real radio that viewers there with a bit go to the cemetery at eight it has value target goes and that's it it's in music. If an inexperienced and make good. Good stuff but it did he stated date and you know her. This is. In in this candidate Ellis unit home units they think it's. Everybody would say you know you look at the attack the it. Is it do you know it but nick you may not but both of them it's in his news talking about him. Allah emblem and joy and not for the whole hurricane thing you go to that floor. And you'll know what universe in my name and you capital gains it today. Now the Easton and that is so. That's that's one of the best songs ghettos of issues that. With second year head coach he's got his work cut out for you with that thing about it he's ever my own campus support network think that's the reason why you have. Those particular games you know on campus that would bring as many people invited many people as you here's who the old tiger needs to stand up some support. But I love that could be often be that we're going to be tested from game one. All the way to gain in the eleventh that it that you would be anything in imitating who's going after the bell ethical Cotto Cotto we'll have regular rule. We're gonna have those let him back we need to look at the quarterback we need look at the office a lot of we need we're gonna be ready. In Wheeling and in this really passionate about what goes into therapy group a look at what tell you that weekend. It's going to be difficult. We can win the people. You know I would say it's obvious difficulty nothing about it it made it. It team matchup at least you and I am yes you beat him you know the Philippines that ultimately we win tonight we winnable it would definitely be up fifteen they're going to be African they would vote. I agree all right so let's take a quick time now because it definitely welcome Butler it Korean break come back. Get tips takes last night he was governor prep football he saw some of the futures also on the game. Who Kuwait of its third straight game the young man from it was spoke with 300 yards. Am he's the guy that Sony with the boat will Belichick that somehow the William. To comfortably in that group counted on LA Hewitt six in him. Thanks so much to the fall guy he's a band of five million Minnesota yes indeed count it down to and it isn't without its six right here and to be the reason network sports director at new direct yet Blair smoke column is that of the Tokyo dot com don't just Netflix -- at Texas Stadium yet thank you for being with us. Big night last night. And it is the pro football scene quarterfinal don't want sides have not found on other yep where were you last night and you had to be it a pretty good matchup some work. Well what does kick out to be a good match count was it. We would. Perfect applicant like your area on the world. In the back court either scored or got. Right or quantify it and there's been there it goes right in they were. Really good night it was clicking and if you gain offensively. And then and it's partly Catholic it and there. When they had the football but aloe plant their quarterback technical they've. Group for nearly well our game and away he ought. To keep it that. China plainly that it Catholic and now hopefully. Keep the play Notre Dame in the division three state championship games opening. I like your your earlier thirty. I just think about what you need a bit. Yes they they look phenomenal last night just on the highlights so that no doubt about it. Yet the memo as it was now yep LA Hewitt takes a salient than you think about it it. He took some people take it to its not like one of those things where. You know you could talk about the family if you off the family but anybody that talks about the fan that not a fan in me and the way that kind of it looks a little book you people don't take that town and my point is is that. Being a real pain and being a program that is competing at a high level in the conference if you. That's not been the case when it's been LA hue and that's evident because this is the first time since 2000 to a village you can be six in two. In the late which it said it be huge if they were to be in him and finished account. Yeah and another chance to win that game or. There are seen here. Quote the last three years in united. A couple of programs started. Lighting after that point thirteen feet and someone that would be you after the national championship game following the formula that but. Bill. And there and get jobs here tonight. You know that he definitely can change the whole law. All Ulanova off if you lose here. Well I agree. 884 in the right knee. Had a chance it made it just like you had a chance to be toward the job done with you. Again meeting the job done again at all they can't keep that the EP. Absolutely they're part due to earn it and now what does coach O have to do a note to get these guys Austin do you think we'll see. Something that this in no offensively wise in regards to the scheme or or we're gonna put anymore pressure or texted him the prince. You know with the pass or doing things. I think war Allen news. Just get theory right there only are there now fitness. That they had to stop they'll. Lucky if the quality athlete who flat your your guy that her. We'll rushing yards per game on Monday Burnett only 10% against Pakistan. With tiger that the does that. Winning streak that they pan over that that CNET. Or bird won the football you critical long. It and it. And out physical outlet. Inside Tiger Stadium though. To me to gain. More you know it all. You care. And he won by a couple of. Yes let's see we get to the Vatican Nixon's kind of fade it and now we'll get to dates at which it. Who want to make sure we got it back to you correctly so it would yet again if it. For example that point topic is game is Burton and you know not only that. But when you look at the LHU Russert you look at it camera. Is that there's a lot of Luis in the presence on Libyan roster and I would say of the team typically. In the conference. That blatantly humor him that the kids in his state that on Enron that. Make mobile contribution. In probably you know demons of this civil on the outlook on Alabama's team with. It's always get in the game plan right out the bad that this locked it innately in him in the Latin. Coach some info on him a little pathway to Louisiana. Recruit him. He usually raises some really great talent from any regularly brought in a Kim what's it to you yet on his coverages that he has done well with the oil is doing. Idea man from bidder be it that bad yet in it's beating the well you know I mean so you go easy or with some really tucked him. A top guys this holiday concert. Recruiting wise until the thing about the thing about him with someone that's that kind of you know for me it just makes. It doesn't make it's it's this guy I was on horizon and he was that Houston and he was so grateful you got that are I think than their immediate argument though it argument that was trophy. On it then you know he had two other guys come in that column area because his name in an accurate that accurate for the other guys and they. They withstood right now with these two guys will going to be who he voted the news his successes to. Sentiment fell in guys' ability he does with the program to another level and all the sudden both of these guys leave right away what was going on at that point in time. That you know that made these guys just wanna leave and go to the difference who all of a sudden. Ended up with his innate that would got to attract quarterback wise offensively wise for that matter. And I just don't I don't I don't know what happened out of one and know what happened on the inside we kept with some Indian food you'll put the flu you'll look I don't wanna ride so great. It's so fast it is almost than congress does that still wouldn't vote to come down from. Know exactly yet reached on this now it yet you know whats it's come I don't know do you see these movement. It means some rumblings that image in it that simple issue here we ought to he has later. From a situation that. This game idea what's gonna happen on this amounts. Of future was in in doubt. Going to be seen suppose it would be gone after the game that you want to when he in the game 32 seconds before we go to the podium east though Europe coach. Suppose though the support came up. Now it's not like the money in the air you know is it doable fishes then man they have a definitive answer you think though if not you're risking you know pay. If it's on the that we than I mean thanking them you gunfire collective. One night games and Ortiz they yet and you know be an issue for the first time in Alabama so. It's it's not more drama here we are you two years later yet been sent around dimple issue. Yeah. This phobia route or game right Helen taxes and now. But because of everything that happened around in the game now the last three years involving. Coaching rumors and dimensional now two years ago it or on last season and now on the bubble that either. It gave you really can't get that game that your your openness try to really that was here between Alice and her because. This story line if you keep on the field was so out coaches nor. They Avandia athletic directors. Who might be the next coach people that maybe they called it the gentle and careful from now. It's great. It has taken a step further in the cabinet Kevin public point. I mean that's that this could be apparently he's been outside if they want to an end if they didn't want that. You. That's. Coaches. There are there were it's a tough profession it's got to get it. I feel the warming cannot move at any time put. You know a net loss here a recruit go there you're here and that can cost jobs at a that's just you broke it is that these guys do outside the moderate to. A lot of pressure and blood pressure and athletic director I mean when you're looking at six or so but he millennia these things. I don't know I think she coldly and coaches to whom you know those programs all of them become one. Their skin they. What you know what here's one that could be so. I wanna wanna be uniquely what do one via coaching college football Atlantic if that's why all from the perimeter. It's typical that in the night is that elegantly in early two and they were. About the UT and were actually playing for something instead of its all about the future and really look what happened opening game that the matter. Yet Blair spoke Thomas that WW dot com we can that would sports director is doing this ITF this matchup tonight LHU six is seen him. What do you see in this phone what are your teeth which typically have a break this game them. Well I guess Patrick Reynolds you it's all. Right in a minute rain and can stop the name it and have them. Except Cadillac that are in them. You know that you can deal. Tennessee and Tennessee again or. Accountable fortunate. Tennessee did last week it would have trouble blocking that while we really mailed out with a special teams play so if there. Oh well this could be the QB and it's not our place here. When he special teams that they didn't have a C lastly if they agree to. It that it again beer. It and I think we're. You definitely. I've always. Capture Portman and dental. Significantly in a couple turnovers well you can do that well. Crowd the crowd here tonight who Lance will be the art whether. Note you are and not to be and be at 630 in the the in this one right dark. In depth of movement OLEQ. Stands to lose two good running backs and guys in in Williams what they have they missed an eight inmates here. Young man in unveiled its its stock is rising as fancy seasons we have seen. A rarity at their at diverted exits and that they got you make the media from Florida but you know it's almost seem like imperative that you know this equipment back in Louisiana. Manny can't lose in two years and wrote. Nine locally. You I'm not day obviously the coaches generally aren't recruiting process. Ramped it up here with the national signing day coming up on the number one intimately early bird it. There and tell you coach this group who blame on Sunday so here's the raw. The security strategy and eating in good. Any running back this Ellen did it come out this statement while. I mean he's he's right up there I think with what we felt like it were the other Catholic a couple of years ago. No it's not a big that there you guys are cheer me Miller's problem there. But that this guy if something special capabilities. Two hit it into it you're at it that bad yet this line of scrimmage equipment bear front that he's got to move. You know at or. That earlier this week you don't account and they wrote that. Clyde Edwards dealers the wealthy don't forget about when art for an added on its roster but it's going to be strange next season. He cannot recover will include all since 2000 I don't remember ever here when it can beat them. And neither really liked. You need and ultimately going to be the main guy caring football and you go into the when he conceded. That Markel BYU. Really no light in. Wilbur Ellis deeply pack here. And so not nothing against those you know they you you gonna meet several run and backs but. All of those all of those young man that if the other comparison with what they and then over sit at all yell at the world. Note beating you is is key for me yeah I think you from coveted as well. I think if they can't lose this coming you know I know it I know they gather no longer here to stop the following eighteen and then. You know that was kind of one thing but they got on him late last year I think the committee for me in the image. Tonight in the Russ the Clemson as a true freshman it you've just it would just hurt because when you see what they have come in backed him with Atlanta quarterback. Receivers. And not have a centerpiece bat coming back with a client that. It's pathetic the tickets I mean they couldn't pick at that as a freshman is as we've seen around here yes he would. And I'll throw one other name keep equal about Julie Guy they'll and he backed it up with clay court out level but the guy can run the football. And he he might be he might be another answer is well you know you have to go to taxes and vitality downward to connect running back got a couple. Originated. It was different yet program a couple of things that you don't you know not yet as always thank you so much that we appreciate. I'm right there is CBS and welcome back on it now to an IQ and take this in him. Do think though when he simply give it's that he's the game night who you think he's gonna win between and they used. And and that put it to with mr. uses its caught up on some scores. Of some games nagging both of these new games coming to an in it would go right now numbers that it. Jordan it's gone now they take care of don't detect 38 to set it. Is number nine Ohio State just missed the Yoko. But they the only meets in 24 when he and it's in now gets the football with top one tunnels that. Two win in game. Oklahoma State no problem with Kansas right now. 58 to sit and seen the apple has improved in my entry on the beat date of Mason Rudolph for my vehicle and two TE. Also right now methods they get it can't victory of the season. They go to the American championship game counts in the thirteenth over east Carolina. Coming up kick off it's just a moment away number one Alabama and number six Auburn on the filed Wisconsin is it Minnesota is that the new course with content articles the ticket. The eighteenth championship game it's because it's Ohio State and the champions is their man and boy did they point their ranked Broncos beat Fresno state. Number four Oklahoma. At the mayfield would not start this game do duties. Gestures toward the crowd as we serve as commerce thought that it Albers started there. Exactly from the before Oklahoma in its thinking was that it you know look I've missed conceded there roughest point meet their basic right northwestern Illinois. The now battle both Clemson if that's out here on legacy. Vaccine in the course of the game then root out west Notre Dame is that Stanford. You on that. Oh yeah and also note that apple caught Washington State is at the Washington and both of these sent in his hit each other. In the packed Quayle as we said earlier in the week in there tonight you soulful moment of all thought he not Thompson. With a huge game when you are going into school with that does not enough critical meekly in Mississippi State. 31 between eight X we'll find out what Dan Mullen and also what Ole miss those formal army coach. Pittsburgh beat Miami is the 24 to fourteen really hurt the ACC. Now if Miami goes on beat Clinton what does that do. To the easy chance but they already you know what they take a look at it and loss from Pittsburgh hello my name TCU beat. Alias they 45 point who's got frost and Charlie Strong both. It coaching names that have been floating around and it is cut froth in the Central Florida black knights take the area of south fortieth and forty authority to self or. Now 110 now it's blatantly interest in the game in game. And but do you take these U Virginia commonwealth of people. In two Steve. That move through them go this well gentlemen it though. Go back to the Chinese here eighties and go back name's Courtney knows who. Any group at that moment when you may have been asked Larry if the west think the only thing over the way things in New Orleans. Turns out it X-Men its it was in the both of us. Couldn't seal my man how are you with them all yes and the university Colorado now we have a year where was it was it. You Aleman and plus it was not the it was looking they. I was they can afford it made him all these. In the busted nose that candle. The end of the script on the state in combat vehicle Hughes oh with Ecstasy in the what what is it like what you see all these applause that is uniquely we use it you know her you guys played together. Talk about young opiates on the plane you today in her effort so many out there. Is it just seems like their biggest thing is Texas this flowers California. But he talked via bad per capita is it that then please the ripple bodes well article college. I tell people all the time I think when you look at skew prediction is being away. It divisive it's it was a cute and manipulate the Pepsi on the West Bank. Think that they only Q school with or provided a plea agreement with the NATO with a program like they complete it tell about the how. How plentiful the obscene is in the game in any year in the attic in the is you know we we see it that. On to a season we hit them they were lying in the New Zealand at this time we have it on him you mean them. This is so mean these laws that they did in this allot it don't get him out of exposed to at least in the capital radar. And make what you call Ralph what's most who route. And then bam one that you see him like he that we show you compete. Stubborn decorate in not yet here believe that the political Syria the Wii. It's a credit suit some coaches that think the credit to. The playgrounds. You know her to not talk about this'll card. We coast thinking great playground and we've had over when he from 1918 UT over twenty guys that play division one. So I think that you know complete relative Haas who here. These coaches do a terrific job you've now accused prepared. For the next level and when you look at steals it. There's no one better. You know put on skews that position towards. Texas you know vs. Flawed Kelly yeah California mean you name it and think about them and think about her bills through that little bit hurt Tom the thing about all those things. You know comes from small you know we we don't have much to choose from in these guys do great can prepare for the maximum. No doubt about it you know I think everybody kind of wonders what his situation is like. But. Right now was flown in him a lot of uncertainty because it's been going awful while the start of the season kind of quiet gulf. What what does it invite. From a business standpoint that I obviously you get to know these coaches I mean his. Not just in the owners who they recruit to keep you you do it the normal course the Yucatan. With the uncertainty have unit instead be somewhat kind of it's difficult not only seen what you know. Players and keep it going through them and also as a and I don't know what's gonna be going home fold. Well the first thing it's very emotional. That get attached to these coaches. It's a business you know it's the ultimate mean dollar business into the you know it's almost all went well wouldn't that position to win and succeed in life you know you you coach in this city it's tough. We all try to follow. XE XE that has has you know you've got the tough that it blow everybody's. Trying to beat the knicks the knicks and exceed that everybody could. Everybody has been absolutely that this is that something you look at. We'll look at India. I mean we dropped the first game is do so in alto pain you know I don't know that that may. In them become better with the help perform you know we've had some quarterback issues well guess what you know Q what they will be. A tremendous quarterback Kevin Malone and not get mixed up backgrounds no more pats and that opens up the room opened up some things but you know if we would have gotten it you know look we're you could have been you know but I think they'd be made it clear that it you know. This time you have to win win now and I don't know if he wins this little you know and eight win denial wins in this seat that was tough to well you know it. Quote become a bit. You back in Louisiana you normally Texas that over the deal and then they get ready to watch them closely. How the fuel you know you get that says the white. They'll listen Tiger Stadium. Could go with him though it's the only with the sort through four years ago we were. The though it's on the you know getting to the game in game like that little bit kind of well that these guys who have been who bio that you would not with nine coming back and they have been removed from food that that view. That in January that Chicago for Politico this with you but you do good clue how to though you don't. And you don't think yeah you'd you know he would you Jane I don't know. You go urban tackled together and been friends for many many years there. You know I'm a big jealousy thing you know from Louisiana got it got a group of Thai government for the sake you know what. Today you know what do group today the government from us and that's that's that's the sweet moment. To see these kids get to this level in beautiful formal in this we do well you know so it feels great it is good to be with you guys. Sit up here you know it's awesome field there is no place like when a Tiger Stadium we noticed yet that the field and his electric. The fans to a great job. On the full of them agreed this week and. Quick that's so great welcome bank of us vote on these succeed him team. They really haven't threw that that first game because these efforts to what games you see it in Nicklaus has been completely gave them poking and I think it. Although a lot of people's eyes out to meet them down on some respect. Down yesterday and of course now coming in tonight's the night all of its real old news. Going back handed out LSU Natixis in him right here on derby and welcome back you're out there but that keep everything alive. Eight beat Michigan is it was going to. When it gamely go down point point point they. It's the ball back in that span theater that's when he heard news over the so little worry so much it's the least. It taste like cola. Gone maybe they literally every day. All alone report. That the meeting with the Kindle but you talk about tonight's matchup who bit that the body of the mean it's young son played. Him. You know us we talk about Indian. Those first two games I think it's. With people vote mean question sockets solves. That the opponent because the opponent lets face meeting in. Italy with the bat which museum in Los. Adrian moss at the beans about so much. So you kind of get over the and he still looks but it's that they couldn't close team who almost beat Georgia you go. That it be tennis and now so right the ship in an open a lot of people of that lately so it's evident that some hands. It was an opportunity to Phoenix you know I mean you've spoken man it. What has happened between those first couple of weeks and now. It that is below the plane then you'd see that well I think the coaches do a tremendous. Oh home victory in the coat that. The workers or. Well I think the explore who backed quarterback yet it really relieved he's he's great passes. You know he's speaking on these ones that hear them and the office. You know but I've goes in the report it in you know I'll look back. Nebraska yep okay so Nebraska and people who haven't. You know what it always that yes they. That exceed. That wasn't good enough. So that you make it's. And you go back with the tribal fault right yet. You know and I believe that I think Emilio who finds itself at that position I think that I do right now. You know everybody's impatient they won't win right now but if they give so little. Money. Them adequate that was timely meet us look back and sometimes injuries a lot of content and play that you know that mixes. Okay but let's look. When. Wimbledon. Yet. He's playing twenty. Parts. A a lot of I didn't go the way to would you typically. In the FCC. That's tremendous anything quitting with that. Yeah so these guys you know he has thank you but when people may be the most you mean. So. You know I wish that you almost. It was a business but I think they give. I think it's the cute they're all used. I don't think anyone I create a hole in them so we can point out that he was. Most recently and hope it's more clients but we've elements of mines and that was that. You know through the Mayo does it does. Took the higher road claims that so this is the Natalie did football wise it's about you. University which at the end it right to beat me couple. At cop be it. Which is more than a reasonable a mobile with him Singh and Els is though this right now that got ready and available if you if you guys like these you know somebody if you but this one. When the pelicans on it with coach we've if you got some Q no way to whatever they. You you've got a plane. But if you Google originate in the local Luke now not now know that no I don't believe it. So if they have a plane that they want to wrote. In a week or I'd be. But if you if you vote is critical to the you can find somebody better. I don't know who you think you can go to our answer simply withdrew decision that many people that the crowd about four already in Ohio. Nebraska and hope we just thought you silly you eaten in oh would have a couple of them you know. Well and that's April. Maybe the most. One that I agree that looks like now this does it reach. Well. Yeah well. No doubt about it plus it's always been the grip but if I keep them with the postponement with banks thought that what you do these things right right right. You. So. Right road but not an office. In an hourly. Volley at. Vehicle pulpit at the right well it felt really good. We do when you beckoned and it that you can blame them in the old days eating eating fame won game 1111. Believe anything sticks out with so many. Great prep days back then. You know. What I think about prep days that they have entered Somalia that it coach that quantity obviously. You know he's been. He's been a spiritual father. Hey coach that's right. Talk to them probably once a week. He's just a tremendous. It's our must give us he's touched so many lives also mean Q. You know I'm a big supporter answer. We've done business we. He put us out of business yet. You know things I've learned from him for thirteen years old now I think those things in life it's funny how those things come together where you look close. We were phobos. The opponent that actual x.s and those feelings. One on its own thinking arm because it's throughout this. I respect the team made me so those things night. It's like him with us Ali good is it to victory in the do you agree that yes indeed I like utilities that might take the same and with the expected night. Conference in the plus we will continue local behind me and I think now and talked to the baby cope with in yankees. And we will talk with rounds Aussie right exactly that's not the key is great you know but her ski team and then accepts. Between LSU got it doesn't do what it means we thought that they'll bless me with additives that are coming back. Got up ought to get to LA shooting at him sixty to kick off tonight right here all at WW yeah I. About them and not minutes ago landing though that the elections would network and it was there to becoming it may be. Who Clovis beats it to CNN Anke. The Dallas morning news to be witness and senior writer it's like if they act. Round though he was as close as we do each and every. But analysts have been hurt now it was his duties in the matchup that was used office. First aid in the fans and the night at the it's is it in him all aspects of the effective. In today's gain all that forthcoming but you'll take an issue in the amateur. Who's going to win tonight yankees audits like its you can text us at 787.