Saturday Tiger Tailgate - Hour 1

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk LSU Tiger football as the Tigers take on the Texas A&M Aggies Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.


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Yes indeed second most wins in a stunning cornerback Ellis you histories sitting next to me on a very beautiful Saturday afternoon. On the final day. The regular season in college football because knicks ended a championship Saturday conference championship will be played. Theater talent the ability LSU with a golden opportunity tonight and it's as high as number two in the west end of the third overall in the SEC behind either. Auburn Alabama. Or Georgia and Georgia in the eighth hole. In top fourteen teams Southeastern Conference a multiple of her pick him. It hit best conference record for the first time in several seasons 2012 with a best time of as few as six in two mock. With a victory tonight the tiger and in his six and two in the. That's impressive record I looked at several weeks ago everybody was code for coach knows it and he would go in the early end up being either you know just two votes or replacement therapy from the west and maybe third or fourth. In the ruins if he preference or think that those that use our coach who has received well you know what you think about it. I'll see you go about winds have been us in the last few weeks it's not about all this for quite awhile pain. Certainly Kirby Smart what he's done vigilantism. I was coach statement of the year in that we talked about the knuckle ultimate I mean one an amateur has won their last six. Next to Alabama the hottest team in the U be to lock with you to Ian yesterday with the thought that stamp Hanson but. You thinking about on the shortlist. I mean. Coach Cotto could be a difficult year for those days when you go back. Where it is team was in September and where they are right now I don't see why he shouldn't be the security at right. You know I mean. What coach of the remover him if Missouri right now is it's amazing we're all done with. When you think about having to determine who borrows yeah in the move with seasons and absolutely. From you know it did you know have to you have to the fan base also. And those guys come back to you. Its support to it. I think that's all encompassing with a vehicle to move to do. You know and I think the guys is definitely put his belt and that he. Well hey coach who reviewed it seep through no doubt about it possibly because of a talking about coaches in the country big news of course yes they well there are now on. As he left the field yesterday that he almost Arkansas so we know we have four vacancies in the southeast the kind of it's for sure. They'll Mississippi and Arkansas in the west. Tennessee and Florida in the east Jim Kelly go to UCLA it would seem to be between. There in Florida he does that stay out west for me it he will be the peso at UCLA. The press is parting ways with coach Mike about it. Tell us some prominent historic football programs that the typical to an awful lot I don't know if you had this meeting top profile programs. That could that'll I'll vote for code look at the knicks' coach is now that we have even gotten you know basically some more firings of it would take place. Her between now in the first the week. But it just the FCC alone. In acts Achilles beckoned there. Collections it's going to be on the the forefront including and a matchup tonight duke coach given some absolutely and you go wait no it's it's really a great parent you don't agree. Office of defense coordinator. On whom either coaching or the need to agree coach in the league feat with the right there. Or even somewhere else the where'd you don't know those from the jumped out to open it up so. You may have ineptitude you were removed by accident thing right now is currency units shipped in the paranormal. College football coach's April it bigger you get things certain. Okay coaches that you've seen for the past. Now you go with the Democrats you know through gotta love that I agree he's their talent the ability to over the conversation LHU and Texas a and amp attacked with a nice statement here at home opener at these of course it takes an important win they finished up with three losses in the conference and it definitely Q would it be three years. So you take on this match and it kind of game you expect tonight from both the tigers. And at the Yankees title four to six so when he seventy you can Texas City Sydney city big blow to the ACC yes they've University of Miami at the 2414 loss. At Pittsburgh at Heinz Field right now to ought to be like a morning update and the ball in the hood clean old fashioned hate the route rated. In downtown Ethiopia and percentage ought to 24. Now over to a fifth set it so he beat you to death. The battle at the big house is in the wolverines hang tough. Ernie at their August 14 for the between the wolverines and the puck guys that look at that to her. And of course they don't this afternoon iron below basically that women who was going to Atlanta. This adorable is going to be bullets wooden you don't matter what the records though whose coaches who played that matter to me it's thoughts with a fade than. That you go to within over the years who was called and they all go away you know in so. In other than that that's what they do in those experienced the heat he did you have that. That the brightness and Novo Alabama. In either drove it hit a Democrat entitle you logo with tiger so you know that they look fool. Actually Altman give me down a bit of everything he wore I think our respect Alabama to the point of the word you are in attempts it lets you didn't win it with the or. You know Beckett is that the number two team in the country go undefeated we need to respect him in that we. On orbit it's probably played some really really great football right now maybe a little bit better Alabama put at the same. I think Alabama has its own home because they do these pages. I just think that the this. This mystique about them neatly over yet on all of them please well do to be human if Smith with the kids six to do that is on the people that and they wouldn't want it floated the you know it ranked gaining hands and that's when days which you know what do you think things right just. Just threw it to you on this point. The Cam Newton gave would you have Superman emblem it's only when you come back from that did that. From that deficit to win that game with to have him into the only way you win the other gimmicky fit is by returning of both of fifty yard field goal. A 109 dollars. What so those are two amazing thing that had that happen yet all of the PO that would go outside of that apparently displeased regular normal. Alabama football they've been audited you don't know that so. To the SE the same thing that the passage of her really really really great game with the well I think that's Marco has thrown some of the stuff going on in room resort to name. You go more possible between the going to coach somewhere else so I go to this game is the most important gave it to him right now and I don't know how focused he is on the fitness. Its totality of the accord to salute diesel go around the ACC it's called that they had the big gains in the nation. And of course coaches there's a lot of vacancies out they want is infielder used the only. Earlier this week as we can actually at the involves do you see it is it is. TO Mora and now Chip Kelly is in the codes to the ceiling for us. He took talent the ability can't you can't LA Hewitt take this thing in the in the night at the 630 it's kicked off. It's I guess twenties he used to be on my priority kicked off. In Death Valley right here on WW and welcome back gotta get down to LSU and Texas they had him. Right he ought to be if it is senior night and I'm in it down where the tigers of its today. You take on the Yankees and it's huge because I could it be six in two. With the victory over the Ecstasy in the hand and herb Pope we thought that it bought these yesterday as we move previewing some of the game also talked about to be prep football matchup. It and it just a moment last night quarterfinals on one's some. We're seeing it night tonight it will be on it. Was going to them on the scene not only it than last or not. Oh down in the news cycle while wall and out on the field. Tonight they'll when they going to. The last time as a tiger. What do what do you think it. That minute's thought at the quote it's going to afternoon that the game last week against Armenians who left go to Sunday practicing there. But Diaw to the practice that you supportive. And then more more beautiful and after that you would he shows in business sectors to practice to get rid of both. Friday's walk through the terrible where government do when they go through. You here and you testified was that obviously we own view of the first thing you think about this let them keep the Specter enrollment. Mocking me you know. And you think about all that you've that you've been doing notebooks with it is imperative that you did more to get out of the dorm room code of practice and you know you'd you'd you know in the code so whatever it you hate doing what who have put all the oil worth it that the next day you feel like me that's the best development couldn't. But would dream of being in the other ways so it in. After that the next thing they can about his you know how can we. Pull off a win tonight at its without their team and toothpicks there and do you know Indian home what she thought thinking of that. You know hits you. What's to have quote we have well over half on our part of the game here as to what you know analyst and he didn't do intensity tears yeah. I definitely have it's his joy of course the instance of that that the group is the last thing sort of with. When you see your parents in their own meat you know vehicle pulled week knowing you can walk up ago you walk out. On the field you know. That's one of those things that does change you can you can you know you can't compare it to anything else with some of them. Having cute so you alone. Something like that so yeah you but that's that's what the not daunted by the thinking about it and events that this may that the left and keep doing here infected human. Which you can do a privilege to fit yes they have one of those things that you just can't. He just enjoy retirement community and enjoy the moment that to you when you that what brought you prevent you live with missiles absolutely out of. Well let's take a look at some afternoon school is the school is in progress and also listen files from yesterday. Right now it's called good clean old fashioned hate the Robert between Jordanians took effect in downtown Atlanta Georgia with a comfortable 24/7 lead. Oh it's politics right now Santander in the third. The big house and Ann Arbor is Michigan fourteen and Ohio State. Fourteen Oklahoma State 41 to Santo Kansas earning a third myth that all over at east Carolina 63. Team six is a myth is that gonna get it in victory of the season. They'd on the CBS it's easy game of the week to thirty ample. And it certainly stadium on the planes at Auburn number one Alabama and number six all they did today it is. Number five Wisconsin and Minnesota gives states. It might if they if that Maryland. Also later date boys days in Fresno state West Virginia in the before Oklahoma. Is it state to sixty price point or ruckus when he that are. Right now Weston visits Illinois. It's as though the palmetto 08 though we priced stadium in South Carolina. It's an instant at South Carolina on that's it as he had him at an issue tonight 630. But gave out west mr. talent Notre Dame is visiting the Stanford Cardinal where do Christ's love is the only demonstrates therapy he gets a big performance that they. They can really boost his hasn't risen thing. He's not giving you give at least a 150 north they would lead to touchstone in the army who won at 250 go over and through that we get that this hopefully. That the people these schools to watch you know quit playing Notre Dame notice tiger I would not but it should let. Also it at the apple caught. Number thirteen. Washington State is at number seventeen hole Washington so visit the expo we have eyes we talk a little bit about Alpharma new loading in default zone early panicky thoughts out of the deluge people quickly are you ought to cut down. Well this takes give Mississippi State 31 to 28. The big win yesterday it some Miami goes up to Pittsburgh at Heinz Field they called with the Panthers 24 to fourteen. Really hurting their chances there even if they beat Clinton next week no one has the won't go with that goes to the ACC's resonate. Publicly at TC UT skipped alias they 40022. They come from behind the seesaw battle outs going. Itself vulnerable point 18 in the fourth. It was Central Florida affording that authority to two of the best coaches in the game right there yes what do both of could be up and wait if you vote yes. John its own hand of course for Scott frost yet number 25 with the eutectic here we did you become a world trophy battle. Ten to zero that's in the pit in her that's people who put some SEC because they do with them. Big games that have been doing yes they put that often so it was huge. But a Florida State right now beats Florida seeing gains to a 24 to sixteen in the late in the third. Louis deal all over Kentucky thirty fortitude and that is late in the third at Vanderbilt and Tennessee this evening notice or Pratt the Franco there you go you the waiver that way no doubt about it. If we say Clinton the South Carolina. Ole miss took that dampened yesterday through luck. Fat touchdown passes for 480 it's his widow and her studio addressing demand more 160 yard receiving don't think bit. Missouri can beat that tremendous. Second half they see it's extreme winds. 48 to 45 in her misery finished third in the east that at that being albeit a worst team in the capital the first few weeks that the. Absolutely you know it's amazing what you can do mean. We never give up on with seasonal inevitable or when you visit the which would you want it seemed to be there Cotto that agreed to. To get those guys who have the Argo in they're gonna roll right into a full game and I think you're gonna win Wimbledon I think in the middle of the travel that's what I tell them for the next season I guarantee. No doubt about it that's a look at your school's Arab take that they had him in town this evening. LSU is the only team. In the wins in his not to see that they've been in this conference games. Really you know Mayhew was entertaining game that pits and that thing with but it was the first few seasons it was. Is Dominique you know lets you do is there diamonds they don't navigating to think it Taylor's view the only school this conference that he played eating picked up huge numbers. They had his number it is something about is it. I think that a fair analogy from LA Houston no no disrespect but sometimes the robbery has looked at differently. From Spain but I think in the battle for The Who we saw last year. LSU team. They came out and was hyped up pumped up you know I think really put that come off that tough loss Alabama. And they were like man they they were in the first time there are early so it really focused inactivity in this battle for The Who. Texas a and ML SU. This is a big game LHU is paying its SEC opponent for her I think. Probably who it needs more to who looks I think in the campaign base takes a lot more stock in today's game. In Italy's huge fan base there is not a suspect but it's a fun from the hype but obviously okay what does it they should really really you know for. Decision on the top two pick and we'll go. For me I look at this fixes them game against that lets you America Argo weight that you could. It was the first game Saul on the old silence. What a world where oil as you. And though Kevin Faulk Amin did his thing we'll read text in them and those guys were big bed RC slocum. With the head coach in the army they had some of the best linebackers in a country quarterbacks in the country coming these guys were great so. I don't look at it and see just the past five years I've seen the tenth when he 3040 years. Of every time that fixes it that was just a few picks in that has one agrees. Tradition of its UW football as well what does that Ellison this so breaching your recently tasted that has given different type of team. They haven't been that Grogan prone. These two teams you know using style more effectively and really Greek. Pressing the fifth apparently thinks that it's just been using. In this offensively. More politics has seen him in the course of recruiting update huge night as my on the estimates that in the prep Nelson not late that included two of the different aspects. And the state not the country's well he's great at anfield last night on video and Covington. We'll hit on that would recruiting update my Scarborough starts things off with his take on it lets you it's Ecstasy in the first. Eight CBS update you today on campus that they made a rather crack out of her I was surprised I made it to and you dig it be it is kind of different route awhile back. Go to the Wii's detonate them that way you better Dalrymple was it that was nobody's heard of like well he believes it was going to be a leader crown today. But I can imagine now it's on the pick in the pocket beautiful day here on campus where this purpose can be a nice night tonight. Thinking that things as a lot going on it pains performance makes them that the 2 o'clock. Because it Beckett donuts right down the street from here you hostess duty gates opened up at 340 in the title walk. Come down to preview it for twenty her that is being a huge crowd at davis' the first game indices that from the the traditional. Yeah it's always going to be tradition that the the biggest thing those foods the fans to get to see. You know the guys who predecessors that these it is here and so it you know those let him in the what just live period in excess of walk. Down the that you would do with that look I think Cotto Cotto is open that up and that's what we think that that we as formal plea is available welcome to. Mike Scarborough tiger bait dec com WWW. That I could be dot com at joins us now might. Big big night last night on the print side of things it was. The selects. Playing in states semi finals they've already punched four. State championship match took so a couple of weeks and the not so makes that now moves to the semi finals of the fourteenth that the who goes we'll have that ticket chipping to two weekends. On Thursday Friday Saturday let's start off in Pompeo. Last night with two high profile and of that square off against each other from Covington. And on video and this was an able to gain may end up who who we have so is it dad it is the stock has steadily risen throughout the season. -- army we we've been on him twice this season and you know it seemed like every week we were talking about another 300 game. I don't know what we need each week but I can't beat and 280. I agree. Like you know in the top reminded that the if it is in every week 300. You know maybe 230 you know on this and some games that. You know if you certain you look at him and his size. He watches his play in person everybody. In the week. That you know that karate Kiki did an acute suggests. They just fantastic athlete item count you know you if you look at the human. Mind and I guess maybe you know shot here in immediately after the am. I might look deficit that we've deal for home for who we and that's where he ran for 300 if they hit some seven mile test or call back or. It's still a victory regardless. Yeah I'd. You know you can eat you look at issues running back. Board in the aptly and you gotta you know you get. Boredom maybe not as you'd like to get the probe kid from Alabama. It's between 380. You know hybrid receiver. All of them and is in deep into the back. Did you get the Big Three can enjoy opted to come to you Tuesday. The ball in a statement that they do mean optimism linebacker. It did all of you know than the typical money back east sea machine. And here's class. District and Emory. You know came from another lab is committed. For next year. You know so. You know. I can they offered. Two. He can you Mikey was just about wildly deal came just like. The teaching kids from getting it right here that has done some nice things here. I just wondered you know it if you grow couldn't it be convincing to deploy ground but he did. It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of mutual interceptor was an all order as well like would you you know what about the pronounce you don't know this the it is when he does that translate well to SEC football. In the end because they're from you from Kobe did he is he getting some looks and I'm not not unaware of again it's still running back wise now who'd Israelis you have on the books but 2000 in an AT. Occurred from lord of resorting committed. You know and he doesn't it 4640. And and you guys April and the athlete who's more you know like settle in the deep into the back. I was sitting in the gentlemen these poverty abounds. I mean you've got to wonder. 63. You know 230. Pounder. But you know he's. He seemed like you know crawled to a New York 200 miles you blow broken glass to get to Alabama. In it like a sensational. Since they've been taken to the line back on. I don't know that he's the cancer issues so that like him makers and so important unity in a report stating that you saw on the there wasn't a whole lot Louisiana. This course what you're used to seeing you know she backfield. Where is nineteen is where you get caught back up but you know you know we talk about old town what. We compute urban I don't know last week on the Asia. You know looked at running back for next year it was you scary. With the people who wins in this press to a week ago that we have to do everything that we care to keep him here in state the plea. Where did that here it was uniting anything else that's cute or two ago so I believe that our own if we beat the points. Hard enough and strong enough to where he can become Houston authority from if I'm OK with that neither did these considerate so. Would you think the likelihood of him and it certainly consider. Yeah and at that point you know he's he was offered. But I'm unaware of him being on campus for any unofficial visits per game this year I don't I don't think will they be shields for tonight's game. But you know this is the last home game. So that he wasn't by. No idea he'd be able to become. Yet micro damage it's not I'm not up I'm just I'm looking last night some highlights in these two key aides and from Catholic New Iberia. An entry and in his it's hoax though it's it dates though. I mean. He is like somebody shot him out of McCain in the is Madeline Neumann. Anybody look at it if these kids over the western acres in the end it's select side which sees the 33 Notre Dame can't Iberia. And in it in the public side with whale skin not all that it. That that's that's a good football over you know you can pretty much in the same if. I'm not hearing anything on the kids from England you're Catholic. Tribe he pointed the finger and spears and people in the direction. Of the care room Q did you know the defense lineman. Suffer candor and it's a thoughtful and only have this summer the body can be an aisle and among the first somebody. Anybody jones' case. No method he really didn't get off and some of the academies navy and so forth. I think he can play somebody is an office of mine. Sure. We might stop Mike that if I know that the latest on last night's accident what's up on the site right now my daily you mean yeah we got a pregame notebook. The night of the week. Deeply recruiting people look at. You'll need to listen official visitors. I got in this morning that Nebraska tight in commitment. Got a broken away. He'd be in for an official visit. Top player in the state Nebraska. Think he's gonna stick with them rapidly certainly nervous about. There're there're a coaching change. But you know this is going to be being weakened because he cares more of these new wide receiver. Of course is it cornerback Justin rod as a leader to be offensive tackle junior college kid we've been talking about this summer. The territory or is there succeeds. 320 pound offensive tackle him Grimes benefit that job recruiting. I'd act I think probably. It's solidified this week you know what these province's commitment really. If it doesn't happen this weekend. Mid term grant and the guy just like India leaving Toledo won he would be at the back. Six with 170 pounder and again it was the opposite art. From you count in Mississippi. But you know eastern and again and you you. You kind of wonder how they're gonna have finished out here and in about what we're trying to appeal that would have on the gate and he via an official visit this week in and that that came slope and will he was going wrong with that well off record in communications for a long time. Might not vote to aggravate now I'm Mike Ellis you take this thing ambulance take you he has been taken out night at his midnight. I mean I've I've really. Think that. This is probably he then shot it he he didn't get enough. Taken what from LSU and they join the FCC I think this will be tight when I'm. I'm missing 2411. LSU. Mike stuff but you might never know what's on the side heading you can which no social media logo go take a tough act called role like on Twitter. And will be doing a lot checked during the game big popular feature on tiger bait you know a huge fan. Subscribe tiger and spoke with the Christmas gift. My ex governor Mike thank you so much of the time we appreciate it I thought I don't think it's all right that's Mike going. Hurt the building we rookie team you can't get down to LSU and Texas a and amnesty yet that's there tonight kick off. Boy her but you know we here and there by him being picked on the banks and invite to those. And I think it was our vote but they. I I've never seen though the so who's argued. That the and the earth or is that it's this hot though we've seen with a hot though no one little movies him the bonds on the other main. That the banks and then there was like though castle. They don't like them view that they. It is a view but they don't campus LA Hewitt six Hussein and the night. When he seniors will be honored. Here get in get batted in night. In right now urban just. Fascinated by the look of a quality okay that is on the alternate. We will continue he would get out at you and India tonight on the Uga Uga came down to LHU and Texas they have him right here on W you know. This evening. It is the final regular season game for the tigers and at the end cynical what's the next week we'll find out so excellently. Multiple entities that buy out properties so. A good indication that some people go with. Her main opportunity fairly huge news right now I am in the wind. There in his after its exit too so it's the that the beat it out any reason to believe Italy should welcome it's I'm like he had he has been. 11 thing it with coach who you know I think it would be teammates yet at all Alabama we have that you responded it's all itself. That they feel the floor when he responds that he that. The last time we saw them come out flat with his choice. And we Soledad right ever since then they've become aware that that was passing and playing cardinal football. In the at the very least been in the game give themselves so the chance to win again I think since then the only game that we've lost was the Alabama game or. So six and two since then and he's fixing to in the SEC west. They have to win tonight would be. Magnificent. QX anything greater for Cotto his surfers here at the full time head coach now going into next season we would like these that new one. It did a follow with you know where oh. Britt you don't pay the with the right our arm fully invested in Cotto. I think I think you give him enough. Tar him. Especially in the firm with his office and you won't coordinated defensive coordinator this guard him me. Really great things happen foot goes you even next upcoming let's call it through before you yet or heard some great tourist dollars. Last night you know it felt yesterday on the West Bank caught in Warren Easton next week in the state semi finals to see that had been in and around that whoever it was an up next week yes. On and honestly excited semi finals so make. Has the week off they have a bad week you know they championships or sit in a very thin and they'll all come together probably can't but that they. Party say they can't that's going to be a huge matchup in you know I'm surprised it yet they wanted he was surprised dale wants camp McVeigh is. But they've allowed her policy. Will points in the playoffs they had to shut out the first round and then they had the angels last night the six points. Get the bad route went on the road in the event to this report that the big one there. So John courtesy capital late in the in the states suits his game and it's not division on the slicks that. Caught in Warren Easton that we heard it Berman. Man is it won't be won the vehicles it definitely one of yet you know that's you know who called revolver decision that there is live with so little like a rainbow look at things like comets go to college half of them is without that did not have promised you. They all beaded always because it was you got some of the top these in the country. Earlier they've been in the country. They for both of these two teams in the room. Carl always vote for them at Dartmouth when my album on against code right I love those guys over there especially prices doing over there in the loyalists and the guys that dates are yet. You towards how with those guys make things happen to that we will have a plan they're you know the oil oh yeah it is then that we grew up on the coach at record that was the greatest. Coach I think that any of what could've and those guys they put down widely. We've also agreed coats you know I've stumbled on the radio to to walk through which is now where you'll cope with but figured out with a without would have like this he was. He's the Warren Easton or at a called with regularly and those kids you know you know don't mean yeah go on that's what I've known a lot of people want because. Don't book those guys deserve at least the opportunity with a plea for the championship. And that is the plea would Dobson who through on the eighth. Think if they could correctly her one point. May be right at them one point two but Dalton I think warnings and I don't think being closely mow it it. Great one in the oval few years back tie in the in the you know that with you there carting though so. That is going to be one for the aids they could do a slow walk through don't fifteen minutes of the game get that their team that are in good Beckett right that's exactly right. In the course bullet but a bulk up that are really come opponent or shortly store in undefeated Penn that this might dependable they will hold the semi final game. On the other side against the rain. Written rule so good opportunity to be and it's also a New Orleans area state finals. You go by the you have these big east in the car they can only sure that it in the state. Can't be too late show with the same in my early you couple weeks ago would be Tim McVeigh tomorrow with a really good thing is were they where he served out on the ability to unlock the key to. LHU Natixis say Indian vocal behind me Laynce Nix now. And we'll gonna find out about this fixes in them ballclub and what's the future of the coach Kevin summit this deal with the have a lot to a plea for he would be LA's unite. He's still alive something that he's already done that according. Word is yes you know who. Florida State coach Jim Pope Theres a lot more active duty service talent you can pick counted on L issue Natixis and the insecurity kicked out at night right here on tiger radio that you that your.