Saints win a wild one and Nicholls makes the playoffs

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, November 20th

Bobby & Mike take calls on the Saints' wild Sunday win and talk with Nicholls Coach Tim Rebowe about the Colonels' upcoming playoff game.


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Welcome back to the second guess you know how fourteen. Of the second guess you know. I've yet to so what's the casino beats right here at Hancock county. Mississippi couple does this bug you know be on until 630 tonight. At 535 this afternoon in head football coach at nickel state university that regal will be on with this Tim is that getting. Three years that Nichols state. Getting his team ready for first playoff run for the cardinals. And what of the people's wishes to go we're one. A game all season long. Adamant that it will they please help the cold in the way that they John they'll get new stadium in dividend at 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon so. What I believe would job. Give reported staff of bill with the cardinals QB on it thirty at 630. Switches to the sites radio network could be missing school to show at coach on the in his guest tonight a B Ryan Nielsen. It's got that that's got a connection here. The wanted to Mitt promote the idea coach you win. You bring it up to quote Nielsen when he comes on. Voted you go into withdrawal when he was sets of account animals little miss. And and it's 730 tonight right you know me what it's like the NFL and Ella Hugh. It'll be Bobby's favorite team the Atlanta Falcons. They latest atom feed off. Adolescent unit that's he got game. He's got you you what's up. You you look out and. You at this in Atlanta meanwhile a good deal well well they've had five the first. You know and Morton Anderson and aren't asked aren't you Michael Haynes and openly if you play long enough he is knuckle we get a job and moaning in pain as well as do what you gotta do when and and it owners to pay you pretty well yeah but. I don't know what the blank he ever gave the job at home people lined up and dismissed the is yet it was all man Reagan made in. And it right quickly that I well I hotly recruited guy and they had recruiting April football. You know that you don't like to hunt and like you don't wanna talk to you know you'd hear things got to be quite legal burden on you gotta be polite. You look dog money goes you you can have camaraderie. And so we going quail hunting. And I felt like that are aristocratic. I'm like that hard back and got the shotgun. You know bright honest at all. And you got that dog to work in and all of a sudden they point that you get out and you flies the company. Quayle I mean you get to shoot. I needed a lot of money when they put the full court press. They had Billy Payne helped we've recruited you don't believe me it is. He's the one that brought the Olympics to Atlanta in 1996. And he's the president of Augusta. The masters. Thought it even though. Anyway and I I believe that what I don't know it is like an old man the collapse them it with the news you know like no it does hang in mountain. You know having a good time but I'm Eric again you know they doll to make a difference. We had this one bird doll. That was unbelievable. And you know you gotta everybody can hunt you know at Dalton the typical client the quail in this in the company's. That it's one dollar Dion. Was more about 50000. Outlet that is in the early ninety's I don't know what they pay today. But I tell you this dog with an adage all of the above all the dolls that'll hold and break its business that though. That after the odds than those without it covered you need that dog the and that dog with all the change. If he was separate you know it's about who's the best cover guy in the hit it in a ballot and if you get it done the cornerback position. Was it now you know at that balcony with such a high quality good read it's not. In India. And and he was unbelievable on ago he would find the. It wherever you wanted that you can be which is good yeah. That. Each and every Monday night nobly we've gotten as Dave Gilbert with this but they still vacation. So Mike Scott rodino hear from the so most liberals that does my. Thanks so much with the on site paradise. I big week. What a slip Thanksgiving week is we can we yen in. You know had a big crowd this coming this past week he would. The crowd you tonight the body a little bit about what's happened. You read the slipping in at the game lives in and I know come Thanksgiving guys that would be real. We'll Thanksgiving Day even thought they was to open 11 o'clock we're gonna put in Scranton Jones for a and also in the blew by you be open from 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock that night and we got Thanksgiving Day special there the on this weekend. Friday and Saturday night we got to witness plane. And on Saturday night we got that must think cart it away. Well. So people from all slide LT investigated it that they did mean cheated out of it the last. Couple times in and out via new television saw the man everybody was all ripped up watching in minutes late game. It was crazy here Sunday the final round stage it was packed him when he started coming back in the fourth quarter it just went crazy. Well lady you know it's kind of crazy because there's a lot of men resident who dat nation. Who like and trying to beat the traffic in that little early. But then all of us that kind of thing like 00 well blow I got to galactic gave somewhere. So bad champions where they are on a tailgate. I don't like the outcome. And I've had a number of banks we did the polls game. Eager to point out that they're not guilty a little boutique in Allah purely. Aniston and realized through result quarterback. And ain't over till it's over. And so that they'll ovals felt guilty like that the go to the fashion. Are so be it because that they'll have the game early but that that the bottom line is that I'll tell you when you're that confession. What was that they were consistent yet that that this it would get benefit that it and deployed after our selling them like you know all of there. I know you would. I'd ask okay. That all of got a couple of times. It was only woods that bottom section no one's but right now I'll go away. Always date that they hand out the media members that there are we get now in a press box that covered a team and all that so that the kind of caught in that tunnel like well what else happens it's gonna win. The trial look where he can actually see. The outcome that might olive there at the end and now. No way it was truly magical on the play like we knew that reflect back and look at the game on Sunday. Now the guy fifty plus years as think history. That's going to be in the top five. Of things went the reason why at assays that. Because it hasn't occurred. You know that come back from a fifteen point deficit in the fourth quarter of words more the first time. The states at Beverly wanna gain in franchise history. When they trailed by fifteen or more points at any point. In the fourth quarter so they realize that that fly out talented. Solid state they'll be gone. Grief that we all don't it I don't know what's gonna happen. You still remember that team that occur when the Redskins keep him build that fifteen point deficit to overcome that and work war. Mike. This coming weekend. Men big weekend of college football. The Iron Bowl Alabama Auburn. You guys have everything on the big screen but also if you wanna do a little game and he got a little TV all hopeful and all the slide. That's correct you can watch the game right here this launch. And so on this this'll be an extremely well you guys might because you got to be back pretty solid out via us in the bid to us now Mike thanks so much with John Aniston. We'll tell Dave you you PDA. You know they hear rule we might be replaced. Either backup quarterback. Well Ed you know what this in the Orange Bowl you know why happy is that our goal because there are members. The food nation. Auburn Tigers. Aren't you Google war eagle they love Alabama. But they love this thing. So I give my path between them excited Alabama. Mississippi Alabama Florida Panhandle. Called on the golf schools golf I'll say that that's all over that nation. This at all yup it Carol that the analogy that allowed the things the and I update there it is the smartest thing people. That that if you look mythical the whole Florida Panhandle. Make gummery mobile way everywhere. Although at that Jackson is like you know what I have a favorite college team but we all have a common we love this thing. That. But tonight we appreciate it we'll be back with borrowers looking yet. On this taking issue might be about human alive from the so with some of the casino. Beats not cut coming Mississippi in the longshoreman in slide down. On job you know how to without it might. I'll make good to be in a lot of people obviate my match you enjoyed hanging out you last night but it was fun and you brought up that point. And I don't know what then do it. But my friends always go read beyond the Diego's Bobby. Followed one of the ones that let them. Optical view as a nation on. The states. We're not doing wrong. Did it owl man up now on you right now I would never believed that don't like being you can ask my wife I am not fun. Left their own my weight the last play a run them on equality there I don't know what was going. Yeah well well lately it's it's a bit too bad it's news about the in me. Yeah. I'm Italian. Air is score. Now you look at a dance and it got off the polite thing that we came back. 11 out walk. And I had to be about an important. Green mom I'll hit the ground up and. What the war on needed by what is going on you're on the that you want ordered Michael rock soil. I. So you made up when long jump and positive and no problem with that you win the big Jumbo. Armored being mobbed nothing Bob we can begin needed the mountain who detonated in and out in the way they a lot of left do and I'm not beaten put them management Roland though and I'll admit that I needed and I'll never do it again Bob rock but it. Well I'll that they here's the Atlanta on the dynamic it is that advice going far all members of government and nation when you watch the game even on the road. Against Iran there in the future road game. Adult leagues they at the TV. I'd gotten pretty insane drivers scenario. You know that don't go outside and empty your trash or do something and why I mean. Because we went with it comes coordinate over up tonight no I don't. What do you Adam Levine and going on and on that about the game it Bachmann bring up one point mom and go ahead. Men at high rate of the egg roll common down to that de Alina Josh hill dot Josh Fields look unbelievable block. He feels that the it would block on that yet. When the equipment man not to wait for them are running him and pop up element wrap up like oh my god it would go beyond that. Yeah. Well and Lena spot catches late. And listen we've been critical of Colby that he hasn't been the impact player that get paid in the lighting grid and down the stretch. He came through game at that age. All right ballot on what all right liked like got a little we appreciate it we'll be back with more second guess right here on the big eight Saturday. App that is CBS. News update. Back here on the second guess you'll like it the about we've been alive from the so we're slip look at the you know. Each side right here in Hancock county in Mississippi you welcome attention. Bill who dat nation now with no break from the little ball. Of the sites that we're gonna go do that football go to nickel state university every bull hill thanks so much we don't is the night. Yes we can't him. They with the doughnuts at pebble Y kidney game Thursday night game. Like you have a great comeback and obviously. The rivalry between Nichols needed southeast in. And then you know come bottle top and that well this movement is games majority in the playoffs. And it was electric the schedule would enable it you even though you lost the southeast is this they'll be in that in the playoffs. In activity. Being able to hold to gain cubs Saturday. Afternoon at 3 o'clock Thibodeau gets all the code. But by. By Jake. Right there at the end. That we did kind of ran at him and it is. I looked at that point. We had a feeling it what a Maine couple I work. That problems do you play. I got and it's not. A mop up Red Sea. Did an outstanding job of course it did in net well. My rectitude you know put the pieces together. Schedule. But daddy you draw a lot it is you want to throw object to paying them. And now we went to. In only two losses was and use him on the board in the country time. And the copy sold it through that equality and no mean we thought it. It is. The one in that. Things happen in one of the old the team's going to be commodities in making some guys that war and it really read document. Didn't double brag about a little bit before you took over Nichols was one in 28. In its outlook conference late. In the last one in nine games this year it was evident to insult and now we're lucky I mean that's a remarkable turnaround and unbelievable job Nicholson. Certainly tremendous amount of credit goes to you coaching staff but a big part of it to me is able state. In about a six this avenue mile radius at all from so many. Good football list from the body at the river parish. It you'll violence in Baton Rouge area. Your staff really not a rant that gambit there. And really change. You put the noise back yet that John they'll Gately stadium that'd get lost and just like if you full credit for that brought it great job. But what was the game plan early on with you was that update to part of this to try to keep. As many of the talented local kids. Soon and Graham and give an opportunity to play rot away technicals. I'm smile that he hit that. That might get the first thing that up to the optimum mine. First good coaches got to get those guys a lot of credit they hung in there need to be chance to come with a nickel. And it was recruiting recruiting recruiting. In in my Q do you gotta get some good players and you'd change. That whole. Venue M and we did it. Do we have good players and other art class we do so we got to apparently really was the first black. But we think we just out of there and let it and obvious it is that second class. With the dollar elections in the chase Ortiz and not those guys coming in really really changed the whole. Dynamic Abbas why. Now coach regal. I know you obviously promoting in it I think fans. I mean I think a giant Nokia whose feeding should be sold outcome. Saturday afternoon and I know that's not enough if he's not our earth and yeah yeah. But what can you tell hopeful that I'll. Solve them without I'll go I wanna say South Dakota State that Jack rabbit. South Dakota is that the ideal billions correct with that god it. Yep then then now I heard have a very explosive offense that could be challenged. Well they you know caught with their quarterback in he's probably as good as we face in the last couple years it might you know this is going to be yet own statement. But you need something like that would Jeremiah Briscoe. While in and that he'd make them go in on the Italian that they be god is you run the ball in Bristol. So he is really truly dual threat quarterback. And in the Albert there an average and point them. They they can run the football and throw a week and hands a lot you mentioned. I'm I'm just grateful that we off plane at home and we need to get crowded there's a lot of tickets left body. Enough people and then Bynum like Creighton. There's. I really. Last day and a half but in a lot that we can make this place loud make it like those guys. Every one of the things I've told you uncle was the biggest improvement. Even though the the first game this season. Which you defense blindly you you've got talent and you got some depth there and and that's the hardest position in the world. The same conversation with coach though so. Those that got it real skill plea is that world office of the defense of alignment. That's been something that's really changed dramatically from year one year three with the colonel's. So what we do Mike who you know a lot of big plays in a lot of well. You know that that. That's Horton heat and indeed those blows like it. Did that in the in the line you know all that is why don't those guys make it. The line guy you got rotate him you know is when he did the law. In but. That in mind. You know we think it has to have an outbreak in Moscow and the brand I know. Eat too much and I think we've made a lot. Strides and the last couple years. Jimmy thanks so much which daughter's been out of you got another engagement you gotta go to but. Which your very best Saturday in product apple were to do with you would be. What did go there. But that broke girls are right David thanks so much they don't they vote head football coach at nickel state university degrees below. And it will holds. I believe will you please help gain on you'd be stadium in pivotal. On Saturday will be back with more so it's. Back here on the second guess she'll Mike that the about the event live from DeSoto was slip a casino. Beat sided Hancock county Mississippi. I got to watch the game last night with equals in the cowboys. How impressed are you with Carson which booked a one and have you guys in this league. Well well look at them. I don't know it's kind of like. They version have been robbed its burden. You can open yet they'll move better yet he's got is he's a big guy that he actually can run. He's very athletic. Coming out of North Dakota. No that the Eagles the right cornerback. Now on Philadelphia. They their fan based the kind of think he awaited the approach simply because. They want a championship receivable Aaron writes that this is not one but they've been there a couple of times you know. We all recall right there in in the superdome with the laws that are raiders in 1980. It they would done McNabb. In the patriot yet the laws that was that it got there twice. But they have not one that that I'm not a hater of the Eagles I'll look at it kind of more blue collar city. That you look at your yard curry even these see it. The only thing I know is that you look inclement weather. The saints have gone to Philadelphia before and won a playoff game if he chip Kelly's gap and so line. Listen obviously you want to have that don't do that bandits who field advantage come playoff time. But that's one. Place. That it is the post season that we've worn on the road and it and basically it was the Cole gave Michael game it ES salaam. That's an. I could not care for the cowgirls last night. And lifted even though it might benefit the saints and Eagles to lose. Let up that was very gratifying especially if they can have. That Mosul with how Philadelphia boys' state nominee out don't they put it though. And just wasn't the run in the public it giant thinks great pick up our. Right so they're receiving cores so much better than what we saw your book will be back with more second guessed right up that is race. On the gates of the finishing it up here on our number two of the psychic gifts you know we've got to go to Tony and Australian Tony you know how to would not it might. It's not the time. The sentinel had known what we. Yes. What I mean I don't Polonia. But it taught a play right quick outlook you to describe to local saints fans. That you like today game that the you have some buddies some dates that are watching that became like you that maybe appreciate the things like you do or what. That as a news editor and defense tightened things but. Planned Pepsi are great guys these legacy and gun laws that insurance. That's a balance. And and that applies. In mine was. Down the 3.2 because we play advances like he or in she's gotten. We went to the point swing. That's around took the ball in his in the back pocket I was expecting from the and the willingness not to be. I like he did he design seen recently and government on the on the on the and commuter Renton and you would have thought that was that was huge change like. I pulled it you know it's great like it lightly. As for five yards but and it's all we trust him can it be and how we get I'll like it. Well I like lol well I got me. Oh they felt excited. College you got angles. Like him. The etiquette there. It ain't no way I think it is politely. It. The right. Coach me now the matter regional law at the. It's only hand bullet point leads that you work you know at practice that. And he picked that that one bit hollow would work without the ads on the Redskins deepest thanks so much but called on it we gotta go to break. Will be back with or second guess. Right after this news break sweat demands though.