Saints vs Bills Preview w/Sal Capaccio

The Saints travel to Buffalo on Sunday to take on the Bills who are undefeated at home this season. We talk to Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio and get the inside on everything Buffalo.


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And I also know or Luntz. What's up across the gulf south of what's that you listening wherever you are across the world. Welcome inside double coverage or Thursday edition our weekly finale show here Seth Dunlap. Christian Derrick and our producer Tim Zimmer hanging out watching a little Thursday night football for you cardinals Seahawks go on at a hawks a seven nothing lead. It's in Arizona also watching the pelicans and the raptors. Pills down one amid third quarter 77. 76. Got lots of talk about today LSU getting ready for their rivalry game with Arkansas will they have a banner hang oral certainly find out. All the hogs present a problem for the tigers and talk about that's. And we will preview with cold fuel. Cultural while us for the SEC network and former Auburn tiger in the 9 o'clock hour hour of one here we're gonna preview saints bills won't go. Behind enemy lines with south cup hot GO buffalo bills' sideline reporter. So reason that zephyr charity Christians in a post on WGR 550 in buffalo. And then we'll talk a little Pelz and our three after this game and tells trying to win their fourth general trying to stay above five Kerner Commission what's up man I don't. I'm good settler before tonight and look the Seahawks many had to rebound from a sixteen penalty perform in the you know Washington Redskins loss in nine out of their banged up Earl Thomas now for this ball game. By the way have you seen the thirty for thirty young camp chancellor if you missed if you if you missed it man that's instincts are got a lot of respect for for him chancellor as a person. Certainly the football player in of course we got that speaker Elliot. News coming down at his suspension has been upheld. He's out for sixteen so lots about the change in the NFL. Yes and see that's going to be another totally the Seahawks have exact route at least four penalties on this drive defensively here Allen going into. Drew Stanton who again I don't understand would be on any team except for one adversary in scotus yes some on affinity. Forgery sand. I think this game Christian character watts in its own hours talking about this so. They're doing it needs the sky cam is the main cam which is behind the quarterback you Vera played Madden it's much like matching yet the view from behind the offense. They did this I'll was the last week or two weeks ago because of the fog. And just because they had to do those only cam at they have to show the action. People liked it so much to do and and again I absolutely love it Christian you can see here routes develop like you just can't on the other one. If they zoomed out to slow the more she could see the two receivers on the outsider two or three receivers have liked it a little bit better but we think now I love it I'll of this hidden reason. Hit our two c.'s Betsy Wright hates our. Health students he left so mad men yeah I see you're not I loved the view because. Like you said it's like the alt point two version when you watch in the vote game paths of some like that. You can certainly see a lot more developed. I've always thought that the end zone view was probably the better one. I always wondered why if at some camera angle but we don't see that more just because we saw the replays. We always also rich pretty wrenching ones when and that that sky cam out there I absolutely love and I think it's going to be. And vote trendy thing in the national football league for. I agree I agree it's it's great sand a watch and now into the first quarter cardinals driving on some penalties there. Chris I got to get to the buffalo saints game coming up in buffalo weather should not be a factor there your head now so on Saturday in a couple of days I really think the saints match up. Extremely well with buffalo here at the at the front sevens going to be tested a little bit. Especially with Tyrod Taylor the most mobile of quarterbacks that the saints defaced image to see eye happens on the other side of the football. Buffalo's been greats. But I don't think that they've been testing with this many weapons on the outs and I include Camaro and that. As the saints are gonna throw it damaged the strong favors New Orleans and that's what Vegas sees as well as the saints right now two and a half point favorites. Yeah oh concerns me though is Geneva Carl mr. practice two straight days long what's left tackle. Toronto armed states that's a bit of a level playing field that those who say it's a bill without arms had before come out there win. A man can you because pleats so so well I just wonder how we'll play defense let them Chris stated that your job last week in reserve. But I think that he can't underestimate the value both of those guys throughout review says that that's the saints are the better team. I think that the bills haven't really been tested often defensively in terms of stopping the run a pretty good there the saints' rushing attack is pretty solid in particular where alpha Alvin Camara also. Mark Ingram so I think the weather. Is going to be off 424040. Regional pain it's that his I'll be out there and help us. It shouldn't be that difficult to deal with I mean we figured November what they're over twelve at that point. In buffalo 44 degrees sunny. Not bad for upstate New York this coming year so how they should be a factor I think winds of about seventy miles an hour and I slow breeze there and I think the saints. You know should delete their seventh victory Sri. It's got to mention here in the middle of our top kind of watch in two games here won on the computer on the screen. General holiday for the pelicans man he is going off tonight's. I mean I've never seen drew play like this yes to one team in the nine points. Seven assists four rebounds here the three and a half quarters. Points. Lunged drew big the big tube of Davis and cousins and only combine for 44 points drew has 49ers is crazy. Look we need pelicans you go here they know what that is their fourth straight and try to go for now. Look at they get on a roll here this is about all we everybody expected the pelicans that do. And they start off kind of sluggish car slow. But is it Davison and because got hot at the gate complementary guys go around the men misty can be what we thought they could be that is a playoff contender. Yeah I had back to buffalo LeSean McCoy got to be worried about him this offense is all. You have a long long days. Yet she's been out been around for awhile we all know that but I think I just think. September come off base here the office is that it really give the saint to throw the most trouble we'll find out here in the back into. Of the scheduled to six that top eight new quarterback rankings are that the Santa faced. At least six of the top twelve passer rating quarterbacks in the last eight ball games it's much tougher. But I just think that. To be troublesome to this safety could you have I have yet to have a multi dimensional attack the patriots had that the vikings had that. To me teams aside from maybe maybe perhaps. The lions haven't had that opportunity I have had a nice mix if you go back and look at the bucks suddenly having an eagle on. James with it was answered injured. Mister biscuit making his second NFL roast are first up though roach started saying it's our the National Football League so I just think it. To beat the saints defensively you have to have a lot of dimensions of the bills don't have. Now made done an offense anyways they defense we know a little bit special right now maybe the best defense in the National Football League they're certainly playing like it. Or break here I'll remind everybody that the road to wrestle mania Elise back to New Orleans and WWL has your tickets the threat we do tonight here on double coverage join. WWE universe April 8 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome as New Orleans hosts the greatest spectacle in live entertainment wrestle mania. Today it last chance to win with us listen. Now. Till 11 PM sometime on our show for the match bill Timmy got it to be a big match building being doing when you hear that. Give me the number to call landing you can win free tickets to wrestle mania 34. Right here on WW. Well well adversary and said he is not happy his heart surgeon stop the football at the one yard line. Check and then that they got called for a hold them soon don't have a holding penalty on Arizona whistled at Akamai. To the half yard line here and we'll start the stretch. This game is already seeing Christina let's talk about ugly there's affable this game has seen nine penalties now in the first quarter called nine into. Yeah look it's not too isn't aren't the Seahawks went on pace set NFL record of penalties called this year it's not the typical Pete Carroll where. You know they've committed penalties on the back in in its live remember a couple of years ago you I've you know this well a couple of years ago summary is going and we knew where possible and in a playoff slot and well atomic teams at a conference they were just him until he or are we make a call will take some time and time but I think this year it's a little bit. Of a different story for Seattle. If there's one thing Seth it's gonna prevent me from all right that's the team to be in the NFC who'd be there mount penalties does eventually that's going to be on doing it in a playoff. Yeah it's it's very concerning the one thing that I gets little off topic so I kind of understand if the team is consistently one of the more penalized teams when they play like Seattle ray. What Pete Carroll brought up an immensely your take on this personal what you think. And ebony was a press conference last week the week before. Is the amount of families of their opponents are called for in the trend there's the last five years for Seattle. Their opponents have been called for the fewest penalties four out of the last five years not them but their opponents. He says that's unexplainable. What do you think that. I think it kind of is inexplicable. I don't know though that that means that I don't he's trying to get the referenced call is they were more. I think that. We should focus on honestly and I like Pete Carroll aren't I like him as coach I didn't think much of him before he came. The Seattle Q by the way he left USC. See you here go there at this point but I just think that that's cut Pete Carroll. Trying to sway the jury a little bit to call more penalties are all on the opponents and less on his. I somebody wants an update on the car football playoff games that we don't have it will never report out there tonight but if anybody. Knows the score out their Texas City 7870. And we'll certainly pass that along car absolutely rolling again here in the playoffs trying to win. Another title sock in little pelicans talk a little saints this for Sadr pelicans have retaken the lead here in the fourth quarter 1994 on the raptors. Against Jrue Holiday is just gone bananas 32 points seven rebounds. A couple of a couple of steals there as well I don't know deals. He's the true that I should we talk about Drew Brees yeah not true true breath sometimes it's not drew. It's truly want to or more jury talking always talking about in the night which Jake Madison possibly if Pia the pelicans whole lot. What are you most worried about it's on the saints are we talked about what worries you Cristian about the bills and what they're bringing into this game on Sunday what worries you about the saints this weekend. Then I'm still concerned about the saints special teams we've had a we've seen pay extra you know trustees miscue and an had a punt blocked which is good it's positive but. Another extra point blocked. He's seen them off free points on Sunday. They continue to lose turnover ballots we straight weeks as appeals Tina's plus eleven. And particularly give away margin and I think that you're living on borrowed time immensely and I think also at some point. You're going to need a B punt return our big return in the kicking game. To win a ballgame where we're gonna see that we saw back in 20091113. Saints went. To the playoffs when he can as well they had pretty special teams that some returns and a silly want to oust the big one. It is to get in really good field position I think Thomas Moore said. Might be having his best year as a saint but at some point this return game has to get on track. And Norah for the saints when a ball in his come down of that at some point. This year yep I agree we haven't touched on the Dolan bro injury you know the previous show sports sock to assign if you haven't heard Delmon broke. They announced their keeping him iced the sending him to fire he will not return this year. Sean Payton says the injury just. Coming on to recover from that a little bit slower than expected B he's OK and you know they they said everything they needed to say there's still and his corner they hope to have him back in the offseason but. We do they might be one this is what they don't necessarily need it Delmon bro I don't approve that but but here's the thing Christian. They're a little thin at corner should an injury or arise or something else happened because we also however when Dovonte Harris. And the rest of the crew out there was planned the starting quarterback spot since it concerns me a little bit because we're only halfway through this season and not be kept playoffs not even halfway. And that position is just injury prone. In the NF at the NFL level. It is only get PJ Williams you can stash and covertly use what's your starter got a doghouse but I talk to police source about that Robert de. Any and they basically told me that. They fell here. You to come back in about three or four weeks amid healthy yet a setback related to the surgery he had to repairs broke him in the suffered back in training him. But really came down to other injuries. That the saints are facing right now in particular if they brought back John Hughes they've brought that price Harris. On the office Salina Malaysian National Palace by terrorists more valuable. And help them grow well he's not a silly more valuable that roster spot is so it's such a valuable spot commodity we will move in massage. Each and every recently ultimately decided to keep more on injured reserve. And it's unfortunate his. Dell broke last year fracture to do it week one. Then into the season on injured reserve with a shoulder injury and this year missed the entire season. As a guy that you know bellow as we know we know the story battle all the way back from. Neck injury that threatened his career in college. And then can stay healthy because he had an opportunity Haiti was probably one of their better quarterbacks. Now probably he was there a better quarterback. Last year year go to yet injured in. I think the prospects looked pretty solid this year when he penciled in him alone Marshall Lattimore PG Williams working Crawley. Opposite at the quarterback spot back I. A suit saying. There's a little nervous over lying here for the scenes because. Can crawl is played so well along with. Along with can call playing the slot and also Marshall out of more that the -- disrupt the chemistry by. Korean Kelvin probe back but it's just unfortunate the brochure oh shut down for 2070. Do you think we ever see him play in saints uniform again he's a restricted freeze of restricted free agent this year so seats would have the first rights they're bit. With their kind of wealthy young corner surround a man and I think he is going to be back his wife though. Because that the tune here injury history in this in this guy. I think hurts him significantly. Getting a tender offer from another team and allows the saints actually. Tender him I think you know lower round compensation level that perhaps they would of it probably wouldn't if I were tendered him at a first round or second round cut compensation level and he played this year and done really really well. I think that automated some teams resident to. Ultimately matched an offer sheet or sign on to option that should say. I think this kind of works in the saints advanced to a degree honestly the it's it's suffered no bro because. He can gotten paid whether bus seats were sort of create or. By another team sign him to offer cheaper I think that this injuries have been nervous over aligning for the saints go for the real reveals that some positions that some players. At that position. Tim says he's the Eric Gordon hopes the New Orleans Saints who liked that I don't agree tenants and housing it could be to listen to this close deals where. It goes to its guy injury prone or is that there's just have bad luck I think some of this is that clubhouse. Taking a break here for. News when we come back we go behind enemy lines Buffalo Bill sideline reporter Sal could pop GO joins us. Yes indeed. As promised sucked pot GO apps. Sell sports on what are bubble will send one reporter and host on WGR 550 in buffalo joins us now Seles I meant. Mark or. Or Grady go south of Fazio and eighty. Does it does and man tell us about said this bills team they've been the surprise in the NFL we've been following Maxi pretty closely down here Christian and I have. Saying that you know they're kind of a scary team right now on the NEA seal lease that defense will tell us for that the saints answered don't know much about buffalo tells. Well yeah I mean like Dave. That it seemed the last two years ironically Rex Ryan is this you know. Genius defensive coach and it ruined them. And moved them reports reader reformer. Everything was too complicated and really they want in the last two years they would've mandate playoff team because the opera performed in. In the coming here now Sean McDermott who comes from down there Carolina outscored their you guys know she's a matter internalized into the outlet that's what this season. He has appeared at a really good job. Turn that defense around putting terribly back in the right spot and Jerry Hughes and check possibly should be. Linebackers and and the secondary really played well in straight away from down there and Alice she's got a very familiar with. Having outstanding rookie year probably. The second best rookie quarterly and Marshal and Moore estate so I thought that the defense that is really. Buttoned up that communication is good and keeping everything in front of them in have a good week last week at the jets didn't tackle very well but overall. That is indeed register on the opposite side you know there's still a good running team that. They're not nearly the right in the habit I will be your and that's really been a source of frustration. And the passing you know regular nice job this year but the good addition appellate Benjamin Israeli and how this team throw the ball. Salad bills are plus eleven and it legally UA ratio and affordable home a bit of a different team on the road. But I wanna know. That sometimes these blue turnovers are sometimes these. In these turnovers that looked a little better in the box score that perhaps they are whether it's through yummy maybe a bad at Pat's and at the reception but some like that. How legitimate are on the ball hawks with the saint offenses are up against ours are some kind of fortuitous bounces are both. Well that all about Davis. I'm on the sidelines in the final report to the radio network and and when they come up with interceptions LC generally because the right spot. And sometimes there are reflections. But actor running to a football and they are there and they make the play because they're in the right spot in. You know collegial Preston brown deflected ball that lock my height and and I think you know after brown was in the right spot of the collectible because of that film study. He really knew what the tight and was doing and how we got the right spot right time. Played in his only drop in and then Mike I was charging to the football once it was relational so I think that the I think the combination of good they'll study it and also block in Abuja at about going your way. But you know the other thing is fumbles and I think the guys. Shot McDermott head Charles peanut Tillman calmed training camp per day. And peanut obviously you know play prepares for a long time sleeper Carolina last year. He was one of the best ever punching the ball out he exits points for forced fumble his career and he thought the Bill Belichick spent a day teaching them the peanut punch. And I tell you several of their their fumble recovery this year chain stores just because. They've been actually using that techniques though it is by design. But of course the football background Evernote when it's gonna buy out that WA. South Fazio at itself sports onto the Buffalo Bills silent reporter or host on WGR. 550 in buffalo olufsen names Alka pots EO. That's now talking about how Tyrod Taylor. He's been one of the more efficient quarterbacks in the National Football League with very little housing gotten done this year. You know if you look at rushing yards last two years use or 500 each week one of the bat that's running quarterback in the NFL. This year's rushing Erica than down dramatically it only got about 200. After eight weeks as one of the reasons is secretly learning to stay in the pocket that extra little back in to deliver the ball while taking it shot that's really helped. The overall pocket passing in the Asia reducing time hasn't lost the ability. To keep obviously to run when he needs to but I think he's not nearly looking downfield as much they're looking to run as much. Keep your eyes now be stroked the ball I'm doing things you know I think I would like to see him once and awhile. Take off what is there they get rid of the ball sooner that's been the only. Negative about this year something that we on the ball just a little bit too long and maybe he's trying to find that compromise. Between the two. I think he's played really well I showed that the scene. Brought him back and a restructured contract then with the new review I don't think they've really thought it would be the franchise quarterback going forward. They load up on draft pick next year at two in the first two in the second. I think that was really because they wanna get their protect quarterback of the future I think our animal that needle easy created discussion here I don't know what they're gonna want a commitment yet appear to be really interesting situation. Because he has played his way. You may be making some of the organization realized that he can be that guy for the for the future. So out when you look at this of this bills team there aren't. Is that training camp they what they trade him also Marcel Darius recently they also trade a couple of guys in training camp than anybody up there Western New York see this coming this kind of performance from the Eagles. No adult means not only locally but nationally are people so those are and many people said. That that there are all on the number one pick it could be between them and the jets and maybe the ground. That was related they're armed with this organization was never doing and I would vote for the point now because I've witnessed an entry here and I've been around on the it you know what I don't think they're that roster might not be great. But they were gonna go out there and try and win with what they had they felt that they were building a culture from building a dream that you go out there compete on a weekly basis about what exactly what they've done. No one thought that treated in the lot in the huddle are on the same day. Emotionally mostly country especially locally. People that are out there all that's when he eighteenth turned over the scene current roster we don't care about 27. I've never been the case here they are five and three at the midway point they're undefeated at home. In the book and the play after the trade for Kelvin Benjamin. It's really what signifies that they are all in balance when he seventeen yet. Know people in order realizes that they'll have the longest. Playoff drought in North American professional sports right now they have not made the playoffs and seventeen years every single football basketball baseball hockey team has made the playoffs. Since the Buffalo Bills and 99 they are looking to. Issues in the driver's license they can drive incredible. There's you know there's a joke that says that beyond you know people say that the drought can drive now increase in the throat injury. Confessed script I feel your pain there because my mariners are the second longest streak or who taught accurately prevail and that man is alike that it's gonna Kelvin Benjamin. We're expecting to see him play this week. Yes he will be an integral part of the job he was gonna play last Thursday Knightley out on the permit very much about. Do we think the right way trying to look at the big picture. He wanted to be really Smart you know Kelly just got there he got traded on Tuesday we got our hypocritical on Wednesday. Got to play Wednesday afternoon we're gonna suit him up and he said he wanted to be fair to put in the work you guys it. You had been there and it would now to different deal out of the twelve days since he got the buffalo before the next game I think he's gonna be a big part of the opposite Charles clay coming back to. I think I think really met you at one of the best tight end in the league Italy got hurt against Cincinnati in week 45 whatever that was and elegantly back so I think what Benjamin. And clay on the field it's going to be a different dynamic to the offense. I know you kind of answered this before and I just got I'll ask you to know more times we talked about it a ton yesterday here with some we were doing our quarterbacks referencing Tyrod Taylor. Do you personally think he is a franchise quarterback I argue that I think years the numbers prevent Alba what do you think you see him every day. I don't think they I don't think are particularly kind of quarterback he can win you. A lot of teams that everything else breaks down you know those those are special your readers want. Air rockers Tom Brady but they're also very rare those guys I think you can win with ironic that you could not beat it's you know playoffs but he's good enough to. Give you a chance to compete for you know division championships so inspectors inappropriate at quarterback sure because they're hard to come by. But overall I think if you want to get you know one of the top quarterbacks one of the our top and I'm asleep at. Well when defense the running game is breaking down and you can just reliant. When you games. I don't think it's Tyrod Taylor along. Yeah I guess that was that's kind of what I'm referring to their do you do you think it's worth rolling the dice on something like that because like you said he those guys come along once every two or three years. They're great question here's the thing. People say that they can while you know it. They probably opera and next year or not I don't think it lacked in what like I think you can keep the next you're under contract yet. He is he's gonna cut server eighteen million next you're which is not a lot and they wanna get out of carpentry light on the cap. They could they'll draft a quarterback it look the way that senior class looks and at least the guys coming out. Not nearly what it looked like back in what the offseason so maybe someone these guys all doubt you'll have to use adult animal to move up I think you're gonna take. Those traffic they're gonna move up there wannabe star quarterback's. Maybe you could still take what you can keep Tyrod Taylor and you could see where it goes from there so. What I think Paris played really well. I would not complain at all pirates it was still starting quarterback built 28 PM exactly he gives them opportunity to win but in the long run it you wanna compete pursue global. I do question if he is the god can do. Sal the pot GO act itself sports Buffalo Bills silent reporter and host on WGR. 550 in Buffalo's now. I don't know where it lies go he's the anchor bar somewhere else for Buffalo Wild Wings from some awfully corporate here while. Yeah I know and Juliet okay Chris. Jeff I don't folk on my phone on my apartment but we want some wings. OK so. Few weeks ago we did the Bucs were in town and the Buccaneers sideline reporter and I knew each Iceland chorus we knew each other and yet never been out so. I took him to a place here called Gabriel gate which is not our C got to go to the local that was. I want your take him out there than to don't be up there a Saturday so. They're obligated group gate it's it's an Allentown which is close to downtown but but if you really want a troop awful experience. Nothing wrong with anchor bar or adopt those of the two main places in the famous places. Everybody goes there you're kind of a Taurus that okay to do and that is that it's good for sport people but uncounted go to Gabriel gate or bar bills that you gave gate and are. So out of touch she'll buffalo sideline reporter is in that's fraternity with Christian their hosts WR. 550 in buffalo south Rasheed time. I didn't follow on Twitter at Sal sport that's a little dose levels until. That Toledo a silent reporters share. In which that we share the the eating experience paneling in our hearts empire film little left them that's okay amendments are caged greenbacks and wings are some and so this. Old but I'm definitely. Paid by the way and I don't get a break but. He believes that it was twenty years ago today that dollars and maps listing in the United States. When he is it. Well and I guess you saw the Buffalo Bills when they were in the playoffs last just about the fact that it's. That's actually what they were getting beat by cowboys as to what that was. Men. Was snow had to be after that. I'll talk openly photographed naturally that here and now long time had some contrition and set the antenna hanging out. Now well looks like the pelicans. The loose down by fortunately seconds left they just tried a couple of thirty's won by DeMarcus Cousins left wing you thought your spelled it's no good at about drafting of the ball. Andy four point lead. Pretty tough to come back from that set the lab Kristin Garrick hang out with yet talked a little saints bills soon. And he that post your prediction Syrian Christian for this weekend's time organ Ian smell is you talk next hour some college football talk but. On this one. I got saints I think it's giving a much closer ballgame and then maybe we thought oh we've seen the last football games and talk about how. The saints have won by eight points nine in double digits after that at four of the six games of the six game winning streak that. I just don't seek going this way the bills are really different team at home they want for. Four straight their undefeated at home I think she'd record as a bit of a difference maker. You know arm in about a playmaker in this polian. I don't like the saints' ability. To contain running quarterbacks. You just heard south say. That he you know Tyrod Taylor led the bills Russian Alaska we are fairly said five yard rush last couple years I think that he. Has an impact there I don't know that the bills have enough offensive firepower to repeat of the saints but I it's close ball game allied to laws the win by four point. I'm with you I think it's gonna be much closer game than most people think I have a sneaking suspicion. That missile is gonna come down to whoever has the ball lasted used to do in the slang it's gonna be that close. And we'll see a special teams Christian you talked about a lot here this hour. Could it come back to bite the saints missed field goals a block of Bobble punts a muffed punts. Fumble something like that may all like the saints here. I like their matchups like that talked about earlier in the hour it adds this spreads only two and a half so it's basically pick him. Some or take the saints against the spread here a little pick six spoiler and that a little later bet. I like the saints like in my about four as well as concede this like it's when he won seventeen game a a 2014. Game point seventeen yeah some like that. Hey by the way more losses made a field goal to unifil post. Speaking of that look like me on Highlander through upon you but I hey I love it I'm just going back and forth I I don't sooner. I like it to its its bowl now always like the Seahawks colors color scheme. But it is worth one week he's kind of meets. These shades or implied here. It is really really loud outfield now imagine you have you had that there weren't there all neon green by the way the color us uniforms are not watching. Can you imagine if it was that on like deed to Boise State bloom or in the eastern Washington ahead it's like that. On in my eyes can handle that is out of it is that these only watched that a mile. I like watching the football like instant color scheme uniforms but this were a little pushing it looked like the black the all black cardinals also its contract. Raptors made one or two free throw some polls news score here in nineteen seconds left. Annan amounts play set up fully know how it's winds up here after this. Its final pelicans they fall to Toronto on the road once when he too want eighteen that he needs of their record at 66 on the season tees will break it down. With Jake Madison in the 10 o'clock hour Thursday night football. Falcons at the falcons the cardinals have fumbled it away here it's going to be a fumble as he was not touched. Austin to the ball back up by graphic also follow if he's not us it's not such truth mechanics and get up and run Brent. Ray I think so I mean I can be Rhonda thanks LC Errol let's go to David mobile on the phone lines and make his saints prediction Dave go ahead. Yeah I keep doing your Agilent. OK now. Aides to the agreement that he help or mental. Error count. This is Marie Peter gobbled payers. Quote you the retrieves Carolina. He's out of reach an artery tree okay this. I don't think you can't say he's a retread he's not a he's never been a head coach in national bully and I had to legalize illegal on the opposite here with you spout off nonsense. Oh or eight great football each. Speaker. Millionaire cut off and let you know our. Dayton. I don't know and he didn't agree with this ESP a kid Sean McDermott is a retread and I he's he was the defensive coordinator for Carolina built those. Good to great defense is the last few years there this is for said coaching chance and still one heck of a job they call that in completes. That is not predict that whites. That's completely in the New York is just crazy man like some of the reversals this year. I don't defers much like I bagged on dean blamed you know a lot over the years. But he didn't make. Dallas and grow like this I don't reasons that's accurate I'd just New York get it to you this what I mean when you have all sorts of problems when you have. Guys in suits. In New York in an office building making calls thousands of miles away ridiculous NFL. Your act together.