Saints v Cards: Fans First Take, Hour 1

Saints Football
Friday, August 17th
Seth Dunlap and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about tonight's preseason matchup between the Saints and Cardinals

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It is saints game day. Number two of like you're saying last week we hope 23. Saints game days welcome on end to the most interactive saints. Pregame show anywhere ever. Ever an area well what other areas be completely hyperbolic here all time. Have to cabs first day Steve court sit across from a former State's offensive lineman. I'm sets Dunlap and this is your show your calls texts tweets. For the next two hours and you just heard the phone number there'll given again 5042601870. Saints cardinals coming up. At 7 o'clock tonight just after that's when we kick off. We'll have Zach Strief Deuce McAllister and our sideline reporter Steve Geller on the call. Connecticut dobbins five them point after following the game and we are with the until midnight tonight. Here on WWL. And the seats radio network our runner foods opinion poll today and we'll give this a little bit later. Which saints' backup quarterback do you expect to play better tonight. Jason Hill Tom savage or GT Derek we talked a lot about those three last week. Steve I wanna do this at the start every show I just wanna I'll what do you monologue man up you wanna get into this season and the reason I think this is going to be really good today we're having an energy drink debate right before started off here. Are you and Ian Hoch who are behind the last you prefer one brands which I don't like I prefer a different brand. Did you got to Oleg Magnum sized energy drinks sitting across from me is is pretty impressive man. I'm manager easily impressed that I that to me it's discipline the allies can. It's just kind of what I do but. Look at whatever cloture vote of their army if you if you if you've not got a thing going on over there and you like that and then you know. More power to you yeah you'll look I I guess maybe I'm have a little size and we hear something new to this I mean c'mon man to walk with a little about a little Andy thanks in Africa cup all right Steve are gonna kick it off like you do every single show here on fans first Jake courts take what you what's your take on today in a pre season game number two like you've said before. It's not really football it's more of an extended scrimmage what he thought. It is what I and it's the same. But I guess the only difference between this I guess last week's game in this week's game as the fact that they've. The younger people you know obviously understand a little bit what's going on a lot more than they did before. And they obviously gonna try to replicate that today and in in the fashion that they're not quite it is. You kind of wonder what's going on has not spin around nearly as much it was pluses a way to sort of looked back last week. And and the things that you did wrong in the things in the of reps that you wrote you know able to get as a as a younger player on the Internet first game. And the corrections that you need to make to become somebody that ideas become pro football player. Those are hard to see what she watched tape and I can tell you look at that a lot of its. A lot of these guys are promising and they're all great football players are going to be wrong but to make it to this week. Especially when you try to make it on the roster that duke is as deep as the saints rosters at this point. It's going to be tough it's tough there's going to be. You know the bottom percentage of your team is is always sort of fluid state you know from time to time but. This one little less than others in past years have seen so. Look for what do you hope for this game is his improvements from last game. You'd like to see the defense go out there and really sort of begin to be a bit more physical from the the starting talk about the front front guys. The starting eleventh and see if they can you know get three and out. Do what they're supposed to there you know get depression that we need. Do those types of things defensively and then. You know the thing that you really know for most and foremost is his health you wanna come out of this healthy but the same time you wanna get something out of it so. What Paris you can tell that there was a little bit. Non cohesion. As far is Sasha in the second half well of course and that's that's when I think the majority of the younger guys played the open if even given the fact that. Temple. On pace those types of things that you like to see. He'd like to see the fluidity of the play calling and most biggest in the disseminated amongst players and those guys be able to. X acute short period of time and gives me a lot of that I didn't see. Or Agassi I saw a lot of it that could be improved its Pluto. So. I guess really sort of look at it that way I think that he sort of look perceive all around improvement from that point of view. Pre snap stuff you hate to see that pretty snaps up hate to see guys lined up the wrong spot. Or heat that the agency guys you know lineup the positions that you know they're they're not on the ball as far as a wide receivers you know. You know the slot guys is is not on footballer is off footballer in order that it would have the formation is and not really sort. Tight on some of those things you won't see all that stuff gonna get button down and make sure that. You know you know a source. Polio when our Rolex time is three hours 45 minutes before kick off and this is your show so let's kick off Rainier and go to you on the phone lines Bible four to six so. 187 if you wanna jump in if you got a saints comment you wanna wrapped. You'll ask Steve a question hop on in the start off with truck and Larry Larry what's going on. And Larry. We I want her to court bella still based out and bought bought by on the back to the ball well Q comedy comity and all bankers and did not think it's. I'd like to what he. I. Reps I would think that they would probably get the first quarter. Is sort of maybe what I anticipate so why again that. As far as them whatever their is that assimilate to reps as the I don't lecture but I. I don't think it probably would play a first quarter you know deceit they get him out if they can make some adjustments on the side. You know real quickly and and a lot of times you eat you like to see that just to see how they transition from the defense from the office come on. You know after the pond or after the you know you know the ball changes are quick change you know should be a turn over how fast can they get on again you know get a play called. You know what's Green Bay last night cremated a great job that's first it was because of fact it. Aaron Rodgers text on your necessity he does that better than anybody is he catches. I've been he has to a game where he catches that other team's defense. Dragon pass across the field they're not quite get off and he gets penalty and snaps the ball real quick and in the hit to get free play. Most likely it's probably some sort of Q at some point where where he knows hey you're going to get ready to go and snapped the ball. And that probably have a certain number of set plays it dead and that go from that OK and they know that what they're gonna do. Or he just knows the fact that he has got a a certain easier change and snap count changes a snap count he's trying to catch those guys sort of the play called. And he's trying to catch those guys you know it that so to me. I mean that is just critical when he sees guys that are strive off the field anything as I say it if they cut more than eleven. This is a free place for no matter what happens you know we get a free play force and McCarthy's aren't with him he knows today. You'll watch it he's out weak UK he's quick quick snap real quick they get off and if they do if they don't throw a flag that you throw a flag and they and they haven't figured out yet. He just challenges because he knows he'll win every single candidate okay so I did it take it's a it's a great ploy I mean it really is it's it's Smart football. I can hear the the gears churning in the saints fans heads listening out there they're gonna ask why don't the saints do this why don't the saints do something similar. Got a look I think two times they do I just think a lot of times there's there is a there's a lag between. And unless they're a lag is bad it's in a lag is normal between the play that gets called. Coming in off the sideline. Or compete you know whoever's going to be shown repeatedly and industries to drew helmet. And when he gets called when they go lining it's set. So somewhere along that line. You know and Lester Andrew's column to place. Where the team knows it and can reprint first whenever in the second play and we don't like snap count is if he changed a snap count is one catches somebody. They can always do that so I'm just notice and that the Green Bay does a lot they do real well you know and so I don't know if there's a particular trick to it. I just know they get tests of related it really quick and I know that they get off. I was go back to the phone lines here Pierre in gen silly welcome money and the fans first take what's up. I. Ordered the C it was like an Asian. It's a that it that the real good. Poll. Said that until geo right. But. I would be out currently. Well that tackle Chris well that just yet no doubt tackling so one thing you delicacy cleaned up and it they don't they just don't. If for safety sake purposes they just don't do a lot of practice tackling that's just one of the things I don't see somebody get hurt in practice from tackle. So they don't they don't do you know they expect you guys to sort of know that my time you get here but. You know the rules and everything that it's just going on and then venue are. Are beginning to change you know and saw I was watches and games last night in their calls of some penalties on some things that I am thank him. I don't know how this is gonna this is gonna work out for these guys but defensively look. That's one of those things where you get that's why it's good to have the pre season games is the fact it. You know you're so used to your office if I was playing defense you're so used to what your office is doing you know if your lineup and defensive tackle you know what. What was offensive linemen are doing you know what their stances like you know what there. You know their weight shift dislike him what their you know I think that way you know on their hands if they go wait on the heels of what they're doing and you've seen it all before. And as much as you try to play an honest. Look there. They're Smart and they see things and they began to react the same way because they've seen the same thing so they're gonna react the same way. So when you see another a group come up and they've got a snap count going on that's wanna watch guys all types and jump off the offer them. In off the ball stand right next to it because you got a guy that's this force in the count there. And mean service and an account because they're trying to get off on the snap at the same time that's Napa is influencing government and a and they got to watch a football or get off so. There's all kind different ways it did to get them up and they got to keep remembering is fact is you got to stay disciplined. You got to do your job in which means you got gap control that your gap you've got you know. You've got discover you've got this kind of cover over here you know your linebackers are covered who were they've got this responsibility. You do those responsibilities and wants everybody begins to do that you play good team defense. He's former saints offensive lineman Steve courts I'm sets Dunlap just getting started with fans first take here on saints game day. Your show give us a call 5042601870. Beacon text to sedate 787 coming up next don't talk a little about Marcus Williams. You're anywhere around social media last night big firestorm. Around whether he should or should not be answering questions about. That play against the vikings in the playoffs last year doubled its us that's coming back. This is fans per stick on WW well. 504260187. That's number feud hotline and the most interactive. Pregame show for saints fans anywhere near till five here's text three years Steve who's the six the man the first lineman off the bench the guy who replaces. Sunni okay element today Munster. I don't know criminal who are starting five that's its point. You guys I don't know if it's going to be bush rod. Offered doubts who I would think you'd be right from the days ago it was going to be Revis. It's it just depends I really don't I don't I don't know now and it might be situationally depends on. Cano simulate a little bit of anomaly from the standpoint he could play all three positions. Whereas you know Josh can't play tackle Likud and he snuck in an agreement attack and so he's going to be either. You know Carter Center and in the bush rises are going to be attack or ignored so. To me it just depends on the that's just the first two guys in mind sought. There's a few others that are going to be mixed in there that you just don't we don't know where these guys stand in the saints have a unique problem. The effect of they've gotten some really good depth of previous starter depth all the way through our eight guys. Some of the guys there yet cutter getting scooped up no doubts on the rosters multiple guest list and mail we are gone or that last night and like anybody thinks there's the city OK element days hanging on trees out there and he's a rare bird got to replace five positions don't see that. A lot let's squeeze on and Jim here eyed gem on nights any MS sixty seconds then go and. It's our. So to other banks start and committed to throw the book ball four spots out there are a lot but it's got her. Out on on. Want to speed up but it ought to that's a lot. What would you rather it is done all right and it Trout are slight. Well it's game it's game plan so. You know look if I had my bout that was the guy that was calm place but. I want to hit people saw him I'm gonna try to be as offensive as possible from the standpoint look I wanna get out there. From the get go and get this stuff. What I need to get credibly run a little bit yeah I'd like to do that is from the standpoint of that kind of gets me in the game and and that always did and I think most offensive linemen like to run the football because that's the way. And then you can exact your will your opponent and the same time either the clock to submit to control the football are so many different things you can do. So that dot but I would like to do but look. Welcome back our blur foods opinion poll online right now it WW dot com. Which saints back up quarterback do you expect to play better tonight Phil savage JC Barrett cast your road there will keep you updated throughout the show. And it's your show give us a call 504260187. That's area code 5042601878. When it's your calls in just a second steer a lot of talk a little bit about Marcus Williams because of it nobody was paying attention the last couple days to social media and especially Twitter. Old boy was its interest staying there were media members friendly fire going everywhere here I want to preface it by saying this Steve. How were in the opinion business rape and I think that anybody you has an opinion on this. But me personally I'm not gonna go take shots at anybody who has an opinion on this because that's their right anybody that thinks they need to ask Marcus Williams a question. Very good journalists are doing that I think that did the friendly fire in the media is just a little bit silly and crazy right now. But as far as I guess that in the background this is some people. We believe that Marcus Williams hasn't been asked the tough questions about Minnesota. And down social media on Twitter they were saying well it's. The journalist's job to be reporters' jobs the guys to cover team he should be asking him these questions every day. My response to that is similar to what we seen from others in net first of all we've heard Marcus Williams addressed this before. And my personal opinion on this and he in this just my pin and I'm not taken shots and anybody who has a different one. But I don't really think I will learn anything about Marcus Williams or do my job any better by asking him those questions. At this point I don't think he needs to answer those questions I don't think. Bits those questions do anybody any good right now that's just my opinion on what use. Very perceptive of you Grasso a not look. The kid made a mistake. Okay he owned up to it right there at the end of the inning and a two in the press conference right afterwards he today I missed tackle. Okay yeah and that's all it was. Just upon digs did make some terrific play. The Minnesota Vikings didn't come out and take you know I had this one on wonderful you know play that happened. Let the guy made a Graham made the catch and and what happened was there was no word on any any swift. Okay. So what I mean. That's the game of football. Not only that the fact that guy's a young guy look I can tell you right now that. The first thing that they talk talk to him before that that play it was look don't get a penalty that's the only way they can they can get us okay. To Linda behind you OK and don't win go out of bounds so. He went in there thinking that he had lined him up to scoot and was gone when he gets a football and that is going to be here is his legs out from underneath him knock him down and it was Camille. They wanna tackle and throw him out of bounds. You wanna jump open and at a perception of in the ball intercepted. Anywhere left OK it happens and look excited the guy is going to be an unbelievable football player and plated and a and a at a higher level than than you would ask of a rookie coming in I mean he really did he played really good last year. And so the fact that he may display and it was so glaring it hurt so bad. You know if people wanna bang on that I'm thinking okay. Go ahead and asking that question but yeah basket and get it over with because it's not gonna help him look the kid did exactly what he's supposed to do was a player. Live up to it he made a mistake move on when there's not a thing he can do about is not a thing anybody can do about it. And I can tell your right now he's not going to be thinking about that ever again in the or surety so look as a player. There's been times I got beat witnessed by sack. You know and look if I sat there and just you know. The dwelled on freely and honest about it for a little over and over again and on doing is thinking about all that's gonna do is is bring me down prima in my in my performance down. So we're not gonna help. Frame of mind from being confident things and I'm able to do out there so yeah. Look. Wildlife and understand what to what what's the message was what's the what's the goal here understand what. Little things about it so. Had to stay and Mubarak out of point now I have so I had a lot of views on this and I wanna say this again. That I I'm not you know. Impugn anybody who wants to ask those questions and I'll mention him brown a funeral Brett Martel Brett Maher tells one of the really good sports journalists in the city. Anybody coming after him because he asked that question that's his job to ask that question. Mean anybody coming after anybody else because they don't feel like asking Marcus Williams those questions right now. You shouldn't do that either I just think those questions about look and they'll let me say this Steve. You last year when he sat there in the locker room and answer those questions what happened after Cam Newton and Carolina lost the Super Bowl he walked out of a press conference didn't answer those questions during the Cumberland manor kidded. There's this this kid at. This kid of ours has got some class okay that than knuckle head over there doesn't anytime you do that kind of stuff. It just cruise you know you don't have class and you release it. It's a step back and that kind of stuff just. That rankles me in such a big way but. Yet it's not even is not even close to be in the same thing this guy owned it he knew he made a mistake and lived up to it and I mean that it's it is what it is enough to get to a report was to ask that assay. It's been a long not long time now in and did does it ever come back dia you know rethink of that is anything they want you from time to time. And I guess his answer would probably if I can read this would probably be affected. Well yeah epicenter thought about it for a while it would do sort of remind me Evans that would kind of be bring me down a little bit and think and as bad player. I'm opener and do that again and you can rest assured he's probably not too he's probably never gonna make that same mistake again so and he. Lesson learned you know if you if it goes out west on a much of the plays and and he seized it would remind him. Terrorists demanded he didn't get over that yeah he didn't learn from that but I I don't bottle for disguise to give a football I just I don't see that happen. And that's just that's just our opinion Steve one of the things that's it's always perplexed me and I think this is a recent trend with the explosion of social media weren't the opinion business like I said. I don't understand how people and our business are going to take shots and other people for their opinion does all this is is in my opinion you can disagree or that you disagree with Steve's butt. Come on and lake what I saw and I know this is so box I'll get off their right now what I saw last not associate me up I was just. One gets let's go to ray in Metairie here on the sportsline a radio talk about this duet. Heavy as the month for a growing market William the other of course and about why. It was a tough question that we have Shaun Tait and the offense. Why did they played so. I mean legally import lead in the first recorded what analysts here. Well those questions on aspirin well let's hope they get they array I think I think they did ask him a tough question on my whole point is I don't think he'd he had docket. I think he owner right from the get go and if you wanna ask him the question again I think you do that. I don't know why you why why we have Mark Williams about talking about you know white you know mark is whether the very areas and listen to win the game what one tackle. We do you know when we blew that being the only opportunity is in the first court. There you go I mean you say yourself looked. If you can't sit there and and point the finger at Marcus Williams and say that was the play any did. But nonetheless they're given a lot of the things that happened before that we should possess the ball. We should've got the first down if you read realizing remember that we should you got the first down. We didn't have to punt the football of them were they got the ball actually through the past we should have got the first down we can around the clock out okay. So there's a lot of the things you can point to and say that was the reason we lost the game it was a because this guy mr. tackle look. If you're in a safety position. You know that that you're the last guy that's what it called safety you the last guided the day. You're you're the only thing we have back there if you miss pays its gonna be six points and Sony at that stuff happens but yet we should've got the first down. Up our rights what do you think 5042600187. Eat very strong opinions on both sides of that issue I get. Both the opinions I just have mind. 504260187. You can Texas City 7870. This is fans first take on WW. I'd I want it just really quickly Steve and I'll move on from this because I'm seeing a lot of social media and some people are actually hit me out. Apparently I wasn't clear on this I think I was I think people just don't wanna listen. I hit what I just talked about with my opinion on Marcus Williams is in my opinion I don't fault anybody for having a different opinion. And I also don't think people should be taking shots. Pats beat writers and journalists on Twitter. Who'd don't feel the need to ask Marcus Williams those questions that's my opinion I don't think that accomplishes anything. And I know these guys they all do their jobs very well. And if they don't feel like they need to ask Marcus Williams that question for whatever reason that's their opinion my goodness here out on the move on Mac and all but a Delaware. You are from anyway because it doesn't anybody yes exactly in it. In it for anything that doesn't markers and good does do say it's good doesn't have been reporting good doesn't do anybody give us move on film it's a whole new year ago let's go to Patrick in abuse springs on the phone line tactic here on WW. Crawl urged all Islam at our media or our. Reporters weren't all balled. Let Matt's question command that that wanna questions. You know it you'll like it goes on Libya. Beat the report report when there so. You know and yet he had it done within the bat that. You know best thing about last year at Dover and go I'll bite the only plate. There are acutely the only comfort or more seen a coach. Parole for every single question would a on the golf ball and not lose and that still continues that neither here. I got into. Yeah. Think it's an honor in all all. By. The port or make cornerback you know yeah. You don't mind me that being you know. Matt Jones played Arkansas assured we know why he would quarterback. Guy or at all. Matt Jones four inches is is sports is taller there's you know you know the in. One and 2.2 burst to 21. Matt you know had wide. Receivers beat him that line about he played YC. And hill. He may. Be complete top in a year that Matt Jones and the mail. Put up or removal was at a alkaline balance and cornerback. Yeah. That. She completed the DD GE. Court. And I I'm not gonna say anything about now because. It. As somebody at the again. I know it doesn't have experience it. Tell me show me a lot in one game in taxes did 2220. O'Neal are you guys. Look at. I like you might look I think he's. I think he's one football player and Jesse okay that cat complacent football okay is vehicle NFL quarterback right now no not even not even close but. The guy isn't an athlete in and he's gonna make this team easily just because of his special teams ability there's no question now the fact he can't play quarterback. Is kind of intriguing because yeah he he does have that and this capability and he has that athletic Susan Matt Jones amber renounced talking Nick Saban during the time when one of my sons is getting recruited to go there and he said you know this Matt Jones guy he said look. He said we still haven't taught him we have touched him we have touched him in a couple years the guys absolutely killed us each and every year. So that comment a speed is is sort of the same way and it was a quite a shift in quite as fast as is Matt Jones but nonetheless. He certainly is an athletic guy and look I'm pulling for the guy. He seem court former saints offensive linemen and I've set Dunlap this his stance first stick on WW.