Saints Travel to LA to Face The Rams

We preview the Saints-Rams matchup with Myles Simmons reporter for the LA Rams. Can the Saints keep their win streak of 8 games alive?


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Yes indeed welcome into the Wednesday edition Thanksgiving eve edition of double coverage here on WWL I anathema dot com. Said they'll have crushing Garrick your hang out that Tim Zimmer mask control showing. So pelicans love rock in the polo the red polo the renewals pelicans we get the score update for you a few moments tells back in action tonight. Going to be went over okay see last the last and they were outsourced trying to build on that. People need to forty soon visit fourteen halftime it could afford to have they are playing the spurs this and hurt us in Italy on the blender. It's like this would be a Bernanke called the wonder how 00 boy. I don't know Terry Leonard are Jason are like why Kelly called the blender apparently don't like that whatever they can unhappily it and I also voluntary. You need but you don't on the show oh times a month and a I coming up this now are we got behind enemy lines mile Simmons up miles a Simmons on Twitter report of the Los Angeles rams host between. The horns podcast also. The duo high school football playoff action man coach and itself. Sold for modulate coach at Condo high school. Because Nelson Stewart agreed these men knew agrees Ivan. Once special season talk about that no cover them we can we cattle craft show when you talk more about it and I can well it's just magical there eleven. And knows this season where they thought they'd be better that we didn't think they'd be anything like what they are. And for those who follow you know high school football here in and around New Orleans and in southeast Louisiana you know this is a place where. The Manning's went to school or O'Dell Beckham went to school but he was all that talent. An all time talent that's come through that school they never. Made the superdome never played in championship of the superdome. And coach now owns and Stewart and the greens are one win away from doing that. And I'm supposed to be impartial of course I do the show I discuss Diana it's on everybody wanted to dish on Friday I'm I'm not I can't be impartial honest and I am I. I'm full on for coach dirty works with this he has to last this 67 years. During the state championships and I don't wanna see him in the Booth and I don't wanna see even knew I was totally it was a silence. And the I love or go by the same time I'd like to see him. Down on the silence on the coast agrees to. A state championship daughter sailor 940 yet they're favored this week the absolutely other planet home they're likely mean Notre Dame. Notre Dame can I ask Ed the winner Notre Dame Riverside on the others that should be your game. Notre Dame favored. 1020 host the locked on delegates podcaster recap the Pelz in the San Antonio Spurs also are weekly trip. Out to Vegas will Ralph Michaels at cal sports LB handicap or. For wage talked dot com we let's take six also a two minute drill my brief conversation today with. Seasons and Cameron Jordan will start off there on the wheel and seats in particular they travel to Los Angeles take on the seventh three Los Angeles rams black eagle not that. Throwing 3431 victory on Sunday against the Washington Redskins in overtime their banged up let me give you the latest on the injury report. Its first Aussie became a Carlson he's playing the Sunday. Missed two games with a groin injury list on the practice report today Marshall Lattimore did not practice today. Doing that ankle injury suffered in the first half and the winner of the skins and can Crawley also listed on the injury report within abdomen injury everything I understand about this says. Is that this is not that big of a deal should know more tomorrow to try Donna did today he should bill go on. Sunday well and not Lattimore though we're probably looking at a adds to a week or two weeks of camp where they need to Karl back his thing images go back Brooklyn are hallmarks are. If they wanted to push it. He could play. At some point they didn't assigned to quarterbacks just because Marshal on board yet they signed those two quarterbacks why because number one want that's about to honestly your I sell I come I'm so there unfairly bash and Delonte heiress but. You're the officers with us today we need is watching the tape and he was you concern I know you're on a Darryl Tapp ask ram that's our I Kyle was zero earlier this year's I have added man I'm and I can't. A cap thorough sharing the Euro after what I did earlier this year and auditors has been bad. And they need to shore that back getting it's a very good passing offense passing offense so I think so overrated when he hasn't had the numbers quimica you know this is more about me it's more about a resurgent running game and a defense that gives there you know big turn over defense one of the better defensively that is giving their offense short fields a lot of time to work with and yet. They profits production and their points per game which is right where the saints or just over thirty points game is more product of that defense actually. The injured off and an office that's not that's actually not taking away I'll stand here and say. That I was wrong about golf I thought that he would be a complete bust he's proven he is absolutely not a complete bust he's proven he's capable until quarterback. We know Carson Wentz this is an MVP type of guy or look at right now he still has struggled and so has major holes in his game. But this is a tough spot for the saints because all their missing on the defense a guy that we're gonna talk about a little bit tonight. Alex Okafor cannot tell you and you know this this is a massive loss for this team. On that it's just really has for his ministry Henderson can be I think in the future he's not Okafor right now meters peacock. You'll back to Marshall out of while saying that basically if he hadn't played this for the playoffs. I think you'd see him go why push with a rookie in particular that gave you more likely got a play I know this is an important on this Sunday says. But the ones they're in January and more work to do well and this is this is a centrist thing right it's just they they're also important right now it's kind of cliche to say that the NFL but it really is like these last two games you're talking about. You could say Washington was a little less important oddly than this one because of the tiebreaker scenarios if you lose to the rams here Christian. You're going to be tied with the rams but you'll have lost the tiebreaker with the Ramsey would have lost the tiebreaker. With Minnesota and then you've still then you'll have Carolina either tied with the right on your heels neverland arrayed behind you so you give all these weird tiebreaker scenarios in the senate seat. Where the saints and start to get behind the eight ball but even for all the they've de hi and and all this eight game win streak and they set themselves up in prime position your playoff run. It's just weird in the NFC this year we're I think that there is so much more talented teams. Are so much better across the board in the NFC and AFC this year I know you have Pittsburgh and have New England over in the AFC but the NFC Christian we can be looking at a scenario this year I was really looking at this trying to map everything out you can see. Possibly two teams would double digit wins and are gonna make the NFC playoffs yet rant you got the Seahawks have to look on the outside looking in. You got Detroit who could be a ten win team on the outside looking and it's going to be crazy down the stretch man and I just don't I don't want the saints get in the situation we're talk about such a great turnaround year in the Sydney like ten and six and on the outs are looking at. That's why this game is so hope pivotal because of those tiebreaker. In particular also look to be ten at six Doby. I mean you look at the now I Reggie have a club I don't the other bad claps at what I what I'm fearful of is not so much. Tennis six but the Ambien 10611 at five and deal being 88 at four CR five seed because he's done a lot of football players you mentioned. Two more games it's Atlanta Falcons who right now would be the sixth seed in the playoffs. Other start to figure some things out he would not have the tiebreaker over Los angels of you lose the rams you don't have the one over them over the vikings. It gives same record and the you know Philadelphia right now is the one seat so. If you if that scenario plays out at best he'd be the foresee right now yeah and that's that some. Man at falcons Chad gifted the game in us it's a bomber permitting and a bomber from meek of mice and that might see a polar routes but they just got handed back in they would be out to be toast right now -- they're not those dirty birds are sticking around alleges see the implosion of the the Georgia Dome and I'm glad clr I was I watched the one over the bus stopped in front of the camera Melanie C that all went viral for a guy he sat there for hours in the way of years he's been waiting for that don't simple resident and Abbas the president wrote a camera. We have some fun this. The cell and look here's the thing. Our Turkey of the year awards right in sports got a couple nominations under those if he wants you to weigh in on your targeted and every name on our list he can win the final four. 260187. On Twitter has set the lot act Christian you are also. Get middle school will Flutie if you will and Thanksgiving tomorrow but for recipes last minute rescue ideas that are easy simple. And must have dishes at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day what do you think before this holiday season Fo want to open a final four. 26018 semi tech's 878. Semi double coverage southern Christian here on W did well enough in the dock off. You're a nerd common words. Near film honored I am a film there I am a film there about Wales. Great Segway that was that was really unscripted. House you know cruise around our FaceBook page RW Gloria FaceBook page saw video me inducement deuces or agree to a point now. A couple these big plays in this decisive. Saints in the end Washington Redskins game if you wanna see it just log onto our FaceBook page. To find their dues Cuban really really good analysis in particular on that third one place where meant I tailed him up with a stop hollow Yvonne bell. On the redskins' third one Lleyton a ball in there and up. Preserving the victory or at least in preserving a shot at the victory from the won't sink so after another now is great I hope that becomes a regular thing is do that as I think everybody's gonna eat that up against fine on our FaceBook page. It's again just nutrition just in her now in the film I've really I really started so every Tuesday and again this is not paid endorsement right you've been on it says he watched as well united come opulence of that in there. China China watched the film but. This this is what's cool about it is that it's open to everything him like just average casual fan can go on. Subscribe NFL game pass and watch all the Tate he wants all point to angle on a coach's film from the sideline angle. Yeah I don't take our word for ami put yourself. It's pretty is pretty reasonable terms of price but if you wanna educate yourself or at least CD game was in the game go check it out innocent Angel C on many allow. Did notice and in particular. Go watch whose breakout film you'll learn a lot zero I got. Oh testy little testy review on here your fast Florida are winding skills I'll have the clicker I got the mouse somewhere along. A warm weather all well all on the up on the computer out of that allows watching your little out of sync you know there's there's some quick. But you can use on the left side there you or use induces him upset. And in case he's impatient when it comes as has so many even ms. turn off lights will be at peace and its internal ST one of the he wanted to do the vampire though man I did show with him. While it was of one of the Friday shows and you were off and fan of pro order yes a little extra yeah and yeah I was in here and I am music tonight show on Meyer light studios to not open the blinds stuff would be kind of grimaced and clothes and that it shot. It's too bright nears he's an actor he's back that's. Sure I'm pretty jet our people online for at W alike come whose biggest sports are you the year right now is it your choices. Are dealing with south winds blowing twenty to three halftime lead. And January actually February Tiger Woods Lavar ball are somebody else he wanna jump on early voter may well I think we know. Who's gonna around with us vote on our state falcons will be falcons but I think it is hands down Lavar ball you talked about and have clown coup and a maybe doing the wrong word but in June in just in the way he turkeys and again Turkey there well is that the appropriate word I can't. I am so over this I'm so over this family. Julia like I edged I just and and it's so unfair to a guy like Alonso ball early Angelo all the all the boys because. Their data is just spoke ends up for a long ruling and ruling that there their career yes you read any of the stuff that it's ones though is going through in these not only in the locker has been during the game who. It's it's brutal man I I would I do not envy. That kid and all he is having a brutal terrible rookie year right now also and I think. You re you wouldn't be hard pressed to tell me that it is not partly because of what his father's sharpen up pressure on him. Absolutely right now operate there are people who was also set predicted 67% of those voting say Neil at a falcons are the biggest suitable are the biggest. Turkey after some wall collapse Lavar ball at 33% there Tiger Woods zero cents a males are so I think overall consensus here that. I feel like it's about wins I get it understand it's easy low hanging fruit there boulevard Balkan they those to be one day one being of particular. He had and here's how here's how me. I guess little you pointed this out all right and office two. Emails how little I pay attention to this guy Kazaa I just don't wanna hear ball any ball I just got iced and out. I thought I was Alonso Alonso ball analysts on using Alonzo ball. But I had from Lavar laws Alonso ball anyway the point being is that that's how irrelevant they army. Good they should be and I'm glad you're not paying attention to him and I'm kind of happy some moderation to know what is nameless because that's the whole reason he's trying to do this everybody knows his name. He's received legal polygraph was. Here is to live vicariously through his kid that's. This is a bad bad. New noted resurrect that he had actually got a cup of tea I think with Washington NFL. It was a Washington jets and it was the jets go 11 of the franchises over there on the East Coast. He went to training camp with the right you just never got to live his dream Seawright he's living his dream through his kids. Anyway what's this Tennessee coach the lakers. It's access all that yeah I saw that I saw this morning he went off and I was like includes properly and again would you Grassley about that. And I know we're not gonna talk a lot but whatever. Luke Walton has been the one guy all this that is have Lavar balls Yassin sons back lake. Nonstop Yunnan and unanimously every single time he talks about the bar or toxin Alonso. He did it says none of the props about him and his family in the kids nag at you after Luke Walton give him Parikh. 5647. Actually 5747. Out pelicans etheridge in Davis and a free throw over the San Antonio Spurs 734 meaning and that ball in the third quarter and we'll keep you posted here on double covered dough for bridging Madison from. Host the locked on delegates podcast with us once the game goes final also an assault DiMaggio. Conroy head football coach will join us at 92935. Who's Nelson Stewart head coach of the new mean green these. In the meantime that your phone calls final four. 260187. XX 87870. 5176. As a sports target toys seventeen absolutely must be. Kyle Shanahan is suitable for the one late in the game second nine pages twenty on the clock running Cowell calls to pass plays. WT. Eight spot away DC the league ruling. On the Redskins intentional grounding call it should not have been. Yes and I see that's rate OK I don't care I don't care either he's you know what the saints were cross points by an intentional kick yet at the end of the first half that will let the defenders kicked all it took back at the end zone that cost the middle session but up first down clock stop there would have to shut the enzyme that we got all the points we added a bit over so good yes. That problem at least cost you shot. At three points there but the saints also got hosed in the first half some of that here that copy they got three point and that could have been commit seven. Jason out. It was a four point there not saying that this Washington three points there at the end of the game that's fine but yet this is that I hate this game is yet this this call costs the game node that is not a demos say that there's so few instances in the history of the game. When you can say that's called the senate reconstituting. And although the league should not publicly. Dispense that I if they did mess of a call. That's fine but communicate that with the team in the office they don't delete that information all the doorway gets leaked is just about that somebody running their mouth to the offer reporter. It center and they shouldn't do that because it causes so much consternation. Amongst fan base now the Redskins are saying no we achieved by the NFL that you buy either of officials and I would say look at its own balance across the board those kind of things happened we can and week out. That they're really tuck it it'll go let's say it's one we can go form the next week it really kind of balances out and sometimes even with the saints. It's kind of been an imbalance in there and against it against them at an FA and that is it. Recalled by the end of watch the replay there's a little pressure up the middle there on cousins that you didn't have timeouts I mean it was like he's about to get to act again it that was probably it was the wrong call but it. Again it's a judgment call there's wrong calls made every single game I just a motorist at edges a every single time a team loses in the sleet and even then just that leak in any professional sports in the country. Immediately the officials are blamed. It's their fault -- point to the fact the F stop on third one legally they'll point to enter into non call Els messed up point to the fact that. They couldn't cover Khalifa leaner Kobe fleet of all people or they'll have to carry through to you when you are seeing your many overtime yet so there's a number of other reasons why. The face mask that the F faced as a cost an interception on the first play of I think that the fourth quarter. Ms. number of things if there are actually is the second drive that where they want tied up Al Kamal when he got to want to version Kelso and got that touchdown passes well. Go behind and lines an actual miles Simmons at Myles Lee Simmons reporter for Los Angeles rams and host of the between horns podcast also picked six coming your way. My conversation with Kim Jordan and when he play anymore hum along with two middle special addition Turkey addition. Two minute drill and give us your sports Turkey of the year. Is it Alonso ball are Sunni Lavar ball and he'll after hours of the Atlanta Falcons were born at twenty to three halftime lead to the patriots in the civil double coverage. Happy Thanksgiving here from all of us here in common W. A big well Los Angeles. This Sunday to say is taking on a 73. Los Angeles rams to surprise football teams and ask football league this year. The rams coming off a loss to the Minnesota Mike has assays and off they win. In overtime it's a wash and resins to help break it down miles Simmons that miles a Simmons on to a reporter for the Los Angeles rams and host of the between the horns podcast miles they slow time we pursuant. Problem. Sure there must dive in is the player Jerry golf much better from a year ago as a rookie and we had a pregame it's saint ironically around the same time. A year ago three touchdown passes and one reception to a fourteen yards. The what's been the difference and his game hasn't been charming that. I yeah I think mostly been bad. And I'm in quote. You'd have had a all. And then oh record from when she quarterback that the Big Bang that acting. I think you have to credit charming. And correct the coaching staff offer corporate network or cable and a with the quarterbacks coach and that graphical user then. Better offensive coordinator in the wee for a long time just got so much. Experience. Around here we can't help him progress and I think that. The biggest reason why are seeing the progress that you prevent future. Yeah well one of the reasons there's things that helps him out smiles you know this is Todd Gurley said the resurgent little bit of last year. Hurley is back to that Pro Bowl maybe even all pro type performance here. Yes no question about it and the interesting thing that they and so much in the past game that you and I think that bit. They've done. Equally by saying no good. The ball well so that one. Like in orbit passing situations and. We didn't get much of that last year or should go out back when Stallone Willis. And look at Todd girly and I. Use catching the ball well and the ramp that much better receiving options on the outside as our quarterback. Better. That all are currently get from wittingly. Did. In the past there especially last year. And put nine guys are are really just couldn't content anything else but why. Tasking is doing now at the opposite team in the way that things have opened up that way you can really tell the difference with taco. Another guy in the back filming I say in the backfield because he's basically a defector running back now's the former eight overall pick table on Austin. Who on this season he has a 171 rushing yards 36 attempts only. What is that seven receptions on the season efforts Avon -- and what's even like this year they're using him try to use and a little bit different way than what Jeff Fisher did. Yeah it's more a quarter war should say and what sort of running back cut early especially Portland. Dunbar I came back after coming off a who I am able to perform at that the injury but I. Its interest in what came on because last equate. That alt oh. On the pay I bet you a better job of making sure that cable that the ball with everything but. From cable it's almost like. They've kind of gotten it back to what he was doing at West Virginia or even do it back when high school and all market. Running back and doing things out of the pack or more meaning have. In the NFL so a lot of what they've been doing this year so you. Using it on and chat Wii motion and back come acute. Centered on the and then that turns also and for not only get the ball on the back you go one up them or riding on it inside out but don't type so. It's almost like you're able to count the back court but he still is that kind of did this have to pay attention. Behind enemy lines here will miles Simmons that miles a Simmons reporter for Los Angeles rams and host the between now forest podcast what has weighed fills meant that defense. Ali meant he met time and its interest because in the east room. It kind of they're all struggle with adjusting to them let them. And not being much different that different from an all. The plant open. Warmth and comfort than they have in the past like a lot more old former. Coordinator Greg went out there with the Cleveland Browns. One things started. Click want to do it going. In the different. Out and emotional thing that they departure like the run that actually would keep that comet in the week in the way of the mine all. Last week. Under the so Iran hurt at or under that yard. So there are things we've got cleanup but I think shift away that the comment our league in takeaways going in Cuba in the bank and. That's just. Something bit. We're told is definitely empathize because you know what just over halfway yeah he's been in the ramp or have more takeaways they have all last year. You know it's that you're seeing who was similar stories between the rams and the saints this season how well documented this week one of the storyline since banned. It's like the saints again that the rams are a little bit of Famer Roger to they've beaten up on inferior opponents and down here. We hear a lot about that with the saints now the saints again the meter their schedule how do you view it yes there's been some cupcakes on the schedule but. You know we saw him go to Jacksonville Jackson will prove remember one of the 23 best teams over in the AFC they played the Seahawks tough the beefed cowboys what EC. Yeah it's interesting because you'd do you have asking state. They're all that strong that want. Signature away and Mike Wilbon is eight and wander in and year cardinal now. One of the top this year. Indy road trip and Jack or Jack well this should mention that. Your taxable while big fly over. For hours. Basically at the plate that kind of caught in no way all the have not been sleeping that got shut out of the picture liable or not. Don't really help you bat and just say okay. That it'll. Mean the one. One units resiliency and how well. Out yet. It. Didn't get that total weakened that. We're not what you want it not sort although. In that game. And so quickly through the fourth quarter when and sort of open and then I'm gonna go quick touchdown. Think it yet it can still ample room. Could talk about friends that have. Been fees and now. No. Getting harder or not we. Start. Three. Tried to try to you lot but just to get to that when. If things about. And the short term thing around in. You're able to sort of at that point before you can do anything else. Miles and is that miles they Simmons on Twitter reporter for Los Angeles rams and host the between the wars podcast helping us go behind enemy lines here on. Double covered miles we appreciate it we'll see you Sunday meant. Rams and saints 82731. T NASA get a W the rams a favor by two and a half over. The saints 32 if I kick off the black eagle. Against Los Angeles rams right here on saint renewal subway come back. I'm in public tossed around ten questions look quiz here. Ten questions on whether he'll survive. Thanksgiving and up next on double coverage on W all over the San Antonio Spurs 87. To 59 in the third Gregg Popovich is about to lose his mind. Yeah this is incredible man I earliest you're talking about being up thirty points on the San Antonio Spurs and a and I know they don't have quite Leonard's. Tony Parker but this is still the spurs the third team right now. I in the standings in the Western Conference is incredible a couple of weird scores on. And Allen here and also Golden State just get routed in Oklahoma City was 79 this year oh Casey's at 7056. On the warriors who have at least for them look at is what it was off a bit at least for them they really struggled in the early going don't have remarks were we back that let's let's do this. This test this quizzes that you'll survive Wesley is gone off by the way his name points eight rebounds seven assists missiles and other brand to a bring up the best of him. Will these survive thinks he'll be ready Josef can question France's I. Do you want to relatives' house for Thanksgiving what are you bring a dessert mashed potatoes a football I was supposed to bring something. I'll on. Probably asked him last two nights ago let's say if you ask them what to be thankful for and you say friends and family basic stuff or. He spot your spot lion Black Friday toy seventeen is almost over or Metallica I hate Black Friday I'm not Metallica fans I'm definitely gonna save for a there's a college student is back but really that's right like vacation part of the holiday and I don't you go on talk here. So wasted no time bringing up politics at dinner what do you do join in the election is still fresh try to change the subject retreat to the kids table stab yourself and hearsay you know me well what I'd do a match situation I'm jumping variety America I'm jumping into the fray with politics political thought I go to my dad's law. Last year for Thanksgiving and this is right after the the election. We have different political leanings almost the blended families and we have buzzards we have buzz is that at the table. Yes of an abrupt politics is it must you're really want us that's only some degree is all ball I mean here's the thing liking kids and you know he know my failings you know what day north politically these are no mine are than. He also Jordan's. So yank its little contentious so. Yeah we decided let's is not even go there the buzz on the table. Not to let us battle about the because you can't agree and in politics you just can't so it's a hasn't had a potential to ruin. Thanksgiving I continue with the quiz here. We said your answer would be join hands still fresh all yet none on join into political suggest that. Your love life is now a topic of discussion what do you do be honest go in the great bowl were detail especially if Nana is in the room say nothing and demonstrate with an ear of corporate. Why now. The law that is going on here. Why. The boy. While I can read them right there I think I'm not going to be demonstrating and I'm not can just tell him. Man now the sordid deeds and hosts though. It is I'm ignoring him obviously gimmick land sales what's the how about the mass still Libre Aaron. Say nothing Nigeria and nobody agrees on what to watch on TV it's up to you now you pick. Football Macy's day parade Discovery Channel a die hard house. Young old man die hard guys plan. Whose plan umi to umi began bombing and it has nobody who's the cowboys are cowboys browns cowboys Redskins. Well this year watching diehard. Daddy terrible and I got somebody you're not a die hard fan no not at all you I usually am on the football but that he governor would die hard sickening. Hold on here stop the trade away second. You never seen diehard I've seen a lot of family asked about the fans it's Hamas failed it. Crap and garbage the other big regiment third assist as at the old wounds have been reopened between family members of what is your next move. Nothing let the entire should look out till the calm down and join and start a food fight I'll actually probably just kind of sit back and enjoy via. Enjoy the fireworks probably don't have mile oval craft beer don't knock the figure apparently Watson let the entire each other out there without your answer all right. Politics is both again what now stay out of it. Try to take an objective point of view calls them I immediate. Put a Dell lawn like in that SNL sketch now I'm probably cause an immediate map point I've been known to do that a couple of attacks including I know my parents. And I have elicited as they know I've done that a couple of guys are just Didier what you're doing and I'm calling you out mom and dad you're nearly stuff from eating with the dessert table looks too good to ignore. What more could you won't hurt par putt and walk away and remind yourself to apply for a gym membership. But that pumpkin pies so worth it. Must resist. Temptation again you've seen me shot rounds of food do you think I'm leaving that scenario not eating that dessert no I am in full trick defense coma after day. You know cookie if I'm John Thomas but. Yes I'm trying to if somebody breaks like five pies over you wouldn't it's an insult not the least trial all five pies man yeah. An easel so I'm trying them all members of your family wanna play football outside what do you do I wanna be Drew Brees. Oops I forgot I look at my workout clothes again or for the third time. Sure just let me digest my food first or pretend to pass out on the couch from all military. Honestly probably pass that account but I would want to join in and so I have this five ties them five pies and a I last one you're about to leave but you're suddenly bombarded with a left overs. What do you do take him no grocery shopping tell him you're going on diet tomorrow taken as long as there's gravy declined you feel fat enough all right first of law. This is the easiest question the whole bunch what's one of the best parts about Thanksgiving that's all the leftovers you don't have to cook for like the next three or four days at the grocery stopped I am grabbing is many things they can on my way out probably even a couple things announcements yeah I'm with it will be easier now don't be still in China and stuff and so black spots are what animals are and I am I going Roy Moore Al Franken I know assess. Thanksgiving Day would survive face giving. And a Bo is congratulations. You I think passed from the nature reserves or national score around here you survive and they survived according to the the meter here it within a correct answers are you take yours public. From the 985 here. I agree with this Christian doesn't like die hard I'm speechless I am kind of speeches sound get that that would that movie seems. Right up your Alley it's. Okay you you're like what's the mother I've seen it like twice obviously. So awful that. Nothing does nothing that nothing about them what do you what our Mission Impossible. On a comedy I'm in the fast and furious that no way am not a pastors. No way Mario like anchorman Will Ferrell that job yeah I am absolutely ridiculous stupidity comedy time super troopers Alia. Fisher without a doubt about it anatomy. Hamas was about soon. Well so when we come back a public Timmy on the clock here make him take that says that the clue as well double coverage here on the. I do let's go you ready go. Ten questions if you'll survive things given them one you're going to relatives' house for Thanksgiving what are you bring a dessert mashed potatoes football house was bring someone. A that your answer that's that's sounds like empire question to. You're asked what to say you're thankful for you say friends and family the basic stuff. He spot lime for Black Friday 2017 is almost no work or Metallica. Yeah and kind of with him that someone wasted no time bring up politics a dinner what do you do. Retreat to the kids stable stab yourself in the years try to change the subject join in the election is still fresh. Now I Smart guy. You'll love life is now a topic of discussion what do you do beyond just go and a great bowler. That's M a activity. Nobody agrees on what to watch on TV is up to you now you take football Macy's day parade Discovery Channel dial art. Yeah me too. Old wounds have been reopened between family members what do you do. Your next move enough to let him tire each other out telemann calmed down join in or start a food fight. Nozzle entire each other out and I. Politics is about to begin what now stay out of it. Try to take an objective point of view call somebody needed are put a Dell put on a Dell liken that SNL sketch. Cox one and it we agree there. You're nearly stuff from eating and had deserted look so good what more could you won't hurt. Walk away remind yourself either go to the gym. But that pumpkin pies so worth it or must resist temptation. One more could you had to know that Tammy does no legs members of your family wanna play football outside what do you do you wanna be Drew Brees. After a workout clothes for the third time sure let me digest first Sharpton a pass out I cast my Turkey. Nights he'd be about playing football. Are you about police suddenly bombard the leftovers what do you do take a left overs no gross shop until you're going on die tomorrow. Take it as long as there's gravy or decline you feel fat enough already. It. And you lesson Italian out all over the sky he I don't understand now that's that's terrible to him I you don't you left overs. Whatever policy is that ever just on the day after Thanksgiving. There's so that you can't own. While that's contaminant is always full that's led too weird that's wasteland wrong. As Americans. That's the best that Turkey. The Turkey said it would try to address things a little hammers us aha he kidney. Yet this tale naive view survive I don't know survived my personal I don't care ballot that's quits this alien diets come out the window for the next 72 hours he resents competes against Saddam Amal double coverage rolls on. An hour two here on DaVita all your Turkey of the year. Given to us at his or so 1878. 810 points advance text and seventy. 87 in excel modular next hour as well.