Saints Training Camp Saturday – Hour 3

WWL's Seth Dunlap and Deuce McAllister briefly talk about the New Orleans Pelicans upcoming 2018-2019 season as well as what to look for during the final week of New Orleans Saints’ training camp.

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Seth Dunlap alongside the saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister here our number three final one of the program your chance to hop on and -- us the phone line is Arab very good 504260187504260187. The can Texas today 7878. We'll talk football coming up here in my interview with the Mario Davis talk about the quarterback situation lots of people apparently. And not just today last few days on the programs and they want. The saints to make a move for Teddy Bridgewater. Our thoughts on that don't talk a little pelicans here the segment due speakers. I have seen the last week week and a half nothing but pessimists and naysayers. For the Republican chances this season a Vegas hasn't kind of right where I'd have them see a 46 and a half as the over under they want 47 last year ES BO little worse than that. 45. But if you look at some of the prediction sides the predicted finish anywhere. From seventh to tenth in this conference and even locally here people think that because of the departures garage on Rondo. And DeMarcus Cousins as this seems remarkably worse especially in the regular season. I don't see that I see it Rondo last year we're looking at this objectively. He wasn't a day he was almost a liability in the regular season from the point guard spot and Julius Randall in this system. Is going to be incredible I'm so I'm telling you now pelicans fans review. Wanna watch some real fun this year watch Anthony Davis and Julius Randall. The front courts this season running that tempo for Alvin Gentry it's going to be some wash. Love also Nikko as well I mean I think that they kid at times play all three of those guys together. And be fine from a defensive standpoint the one thing Mitch years. You you have to remember is. This younger group. Will be okay now will they be. What DeMarcus Cousins was when they were you know on net Tierney finally were able to put together no but they won't play like that either. And so I I feel pretty good about the squad. 46 and a half that's that's Vegas right now the consensus is 46 and a half yeah markets CM forty around that that number or maybe even pushing fifty. And there there are six to nine. With the way it's being how it is you know they may be able to get to five depending on injuries from the teams split. That are 66 seat to Nazi not making it at all I'm not completely. Hi on this rockets either you're tied up Chris Paul year old you they lost Luke and Mahmoud say they lost literally is that he had Trevor reason I don't think this is going to be the best team in the last and ought to I don't think there were I don't think the rockets will be the best team in the way as a think they'll still top four. James Harden still pretty good play in January and a cappella. They'll they'll have to do bill would injuries because. It if they lose Paul for another extended period of time and and look Carmelo be able to give them something but I'm amidst a sea. Howell he and then Tony worked. 'cause he was the person every and then Tony via out of Denver beef. Four he says it's all's good both of them set on they can't say anything else they realize that only comes on and yet I don't think car and Carmelo Anthony is a shade of his former self this is gonna be an odd anymore no this is gonna be a guy that is is barely. Noticeable on the court he's a good morning that now mean because he he his level last year he became a spot up shooter. Because that's what Oklahoma City wanted him to be so last year he shot his highest percentage. As they spotted shall he was bad at times and mean it's going to be bad for the current president at a time investor. They wanna give up forty threes a game so he's he's going to have an opportunity to hit some open threes and so. Amidst a sea of but I don't think they're they're a top team and Winston. Okay from a pelicans respected in by Louis sports soccer special addition to Deuce McAllister. And Seth Dunlap phone line is 5042601878. A massive list and this is not for misses out wanna a lot every pelicans fan out there. To think about frame it this way are the pelicans better talent wise I know it's just on paper right now but it a better talent wise. Van they were the last time we saw them. In the playoffs against Golden State my answer is a hard yes the talent wise from when Solomon a playoffs yes. They are. So that's why I think. Short we shorts I woke up yards short and long term we its outlook we know playoff run he was sensational. West you can't take away if I have been nothing big things to say about Roger on Rondo but if you look at the regular season. Pretty darn good argument that Alfred Payton giving more valuable to this team or 82 games and. No well at times if you go back and remember he had to be sub out he would even finishing the game rights as far as the starting point guard. So there were times ill pick and rolls and switches you as a peer liabilities from a defense standpoint. So. Yes I I agree as well you've you missed the lob she misses vision you misses a leadership you'll miss some of those things. But L for patent should be five. Jrue Holiday has taken on an increased roles for us leadership. AD has his take on an increased role as far as leadership but outside of that. I think those guys going to be OK yeah I think so too and Trujillo camp starts here in a month. Dynamo head is 34 days tea in the end of some dialogue in that night tennis in the September allowed those dazzle starts rolling in a minute you know camp camp will be here. They've pushed its season. It used to be. Opening night would be Halloween weekend now I think it's like seventeen year through the middle of October so seventeenth men are you bile LeBron and the lakers I'm not big man but. I mean them on the lake a man Clark. I don't care if LeBron is there and the Laker but I mean he's he's he's still make them relevant because our Iran of course there are there it's did you see. Alonso while Lavar ball coming out and say this is still look blog posting you see that this lest it go go low levoir. Once it is not gonna finish the year on the team now I don't know they've got a bill and that there is no way the bad side guy that doesn't want that sideshow man that hole. The only person they meet they need to bring back his Ron Artest. And opiates and ends at that Ron Artest and there's rock but then they would have little fool. You it's a nut case. Over what all those personnel on the paper I have owner would I if you are an NBA executive anywhere would you want that guy on the team because of that. The distraction which one look lawns of the Stevens or. Rondo out of me I mean it's going to be it's it's it's a madman you don't know how Luke is going to be able to do it as a hate coat balancing all of those pages got. Personalities city going all Selassie was anybody doesn't know this Lance Stephenson has been a constant thorn in the saddle on talking about points pants down a standing next to him you know on doing this or yeah killer also set. The same team now. It's a weird bro it's weird way to look I have all the respect. The the player Magic Johnson about the player personnel again and that's him rapidly console. And then we'll see we will see it. Simmons Texan who cares about the tell C that's the way we should care about the tells a view of sports deal of the city you should care bills. Come on five cuts and we talked LSU football on hate basketball. And I know I'm not the only one where we're here to change the brackets except actually met house last this. Deuce and ask everybody this kind of although all the sports news everybody in sports media former athletes. Do you think this city eventually could become obvious it's always going to be football city but also basketball's. Yes and so it's and they have to win. Exit consistently look at what number Boston number not not just a one off they have to win consistently I think people forget this about Boston nobody at their cared about football or Brady and Belichick you want that's exactly right there worry hockey first then baseball van basketball. Well. I don't know about hockey first the bruins' man I'm Sonia. At that point and tenure well I guess it's eighteen years ago now how is that that was a hockey. Now after bird have to labor and a crew after they they became hockey because they nobody could replace. The I mean the Big Three bought it back a little bit as far as. The seas were concerned roaming you talk about bill were also arranged pears and bird and butt killed hole crude that they had Els and ask lost it and I guess I. That was before you born on notice that and I'll look at we know we know Boston Garden we know that there are tomorrow. Maybe OK maybe it maybe admittedly I need to change that hierarchy LK basketball than hockey at that point. I'm Dan socks and in football Nino like I said glad that nobody cared but the point is everybody's saying this can't become a basketball town not an attention may have to win consistently. For sure. Let's bring out and Billy here Billy looked on in the program. Great. They'll do dot com you know on the debate to go out and about mobile quarterback verses the person's pocket passer. I don't think there's much of the debate who's been the most successful of the true. Probably historic perspective you grow it back sort of these. Drew Mike Vick tree capital of the world well. If you look at the most successful law uses the most thoughtful quarterback just from the pocket passers compete in the Tom Brady's been Drew Brees. The term reasonable world. The best. Most of budding quarterback has been handled well. However. He played with the best deep they've received last decade. Blade you're talking about my boy here so it's a tread lightly Billick. Welcome. It predicted here you know the regional group. Called Billy have a cup match is gonna bring receipts or Billy OK Billy what happened last year Russell Wilson. I don't know I don't know knowledge on out you know while what happened last year in Brussels and he led the league he led the league in touchdown passes with more softens a land were running game in football and no defense les booms at. All. Jack you bet to forty and you could be your art would just keep in this year I'll I am big. There you tell. Eagles my boy. Did he keep definitely clear lead pastor at I'm giving you are dealing. Did you hear your need to make good points I make of what the museum and art. But public company Q how do you how like Ross what's he's a good quarterbacks. What if you take it running away he's just another guy the only quarterback running quarterback I've ever seen. Didn't take took away his running in the do we passersby don't go in the net I have exceed one in my life. Their rare deuce I mean he makes good points or they are rare it's Millen because of the health thread the rough and at last hour it's they can't stay healthy that's exactly right I mean you go back and you look at December of dynamic running quarterbacks whether it's. Michael vehicle Randall Cunningham Ron Amadon. One of the reasons they became pocket passers was because they could not last over a twelve or sixteen game season. And that's why you want a guy that can stand in the pocket and be able to throw a ball. I'm all for a quarterback taken off and running if it opens up so got to be passed first yes that's right John Elway it was a note that yes you have to be pass first as far as a quarterback is concerned. If you're gonna last long term in the NFL I think the trend is going to dual threat guy is not run first guys the dual threat that's different route that that's wholly different and and that is where the train is going because you have these quarterbacks that can run. A little read option. And that just that's another asset as far as him being able to get on the eight. A lot of times from an offensive standpoint you're playing against. Eleven against the because normally the quarterback is not a threat to run when he becomes a threat to run. It it makes defense OK I have to have a spot I can't cheat on this certain player and I think that's where it's really. Whether it's a running or a packet. Pocket passes for the quarterback is too. Yeah I think people forget too that Aaron Rodgers pessimism but younger. He is a dual threat guy like I can get out move. On the edge funnies until hurt the last couple years he didn't run as monitor at all now are at 5042601870. That's the phone and our thanks for the call Billy and his human yards and that. I sept eleven Deuce McAllister it's sports stock on WW offset some laps and Deuce McAllister here for a special addition. Of sports socket it hears of a long Texan to try to read this although it's. It's chopped up on a text line talking basketball in New Orleans this time a year would have been no big deal but the pelicans being in town at least the playoff team last year barely due to out of the west was and with the LSU tigers coach will wade it's understandable. Tempt them. I'm talking about then he goes on to say pair phrasing here now that's and should be talking more saints because the saints. Have a chance to win the super cool yes they do although I think all three teams there. Are going to be pretty darn fun washes are specially oh she basketball news that's a unit. Will way oh wait until they rule. Who got some players debt what five top forty and is now five is he's got some players know Lou the question is can make undergo a quick enough. Will see that's that's my question when he was hired a new could recruit. Is if you get those guys play together memories ever Steve anywhere along an upwardly had to do that it. Am I'm very quickly hop on board that and let's go to the phone lines Bible for 2601870. Jolt. Welcome under the program. Really the saints have a chance to win they're both. Are you kidding me. I don't like so. And I don't they were kidding here Allen joked. Well yes. So they go and black years you don't think they're gonna fall back to seven in that they did to three years before. A lot of three years before they lingo eleven a five to previous years ago. That. Talent bill number. Have. An infinite whale last year won't be there next year what does that plus. You're going to be. As they return. Almost twenty of 22 starters. You want your own almost twenty of 22 starters that means something correct. You know they all don't work. So although no well that well not be used to say all teams returned almost all of your starters. Are you serious no. All teams do not have that many stars coming back to open is monitored you know not at all not even close. Mean free agency is meant to Graham much so. Wherever is going to be. You know roster you know roster retention rates only about 55 to 60% average across the NFL are at. But you're okay do you go out numbered but not the numbers there where it came to make apply. You use the right and when our gay view that this team has at least nineteen or twenty starters returning back you you tell me all all teams have that many players coming back and that's not true. Don't mean to tell you the teams that are gonna make the playoffs this year that made it last year I'll run through on the bills the titans the Panthers were their offensive line struggles. Are gonna have one whale of a time and watch in Minnesota Isa don't watch out that division that. And so you're thinking and you're gonna get past that land. Billowed out. I Atlanta's problem I think Atlanta's from a talked about that. So. They're putting your your dot. I love yet Joseph because a lot but you're dot. Out of here with a pessimism what are you talking about Joseph the enthusiasm of if this team does not win I think the floor. It's in games. The floor yeah tiger is two in games of this team I'm not seven and nine and on that there's the floor for this team is is ten games. As you know they have an opportunity to win and I think as many as thirteen. You know and and and that is something that's very doable you play Philly at home you don't go to feel. You have to go up to Minnesota we know the two split with Carolina and you split with the Atlanta goes all division game cannot tell you it's all about the Graham's you played him at home. That's deuce I was just gonna save the team that nobody expects to fall apart that could and I'm telling you there is precedent for its of you wanna go to the teams that might not make it. Back to the playoffs this year. Watch the rams I'm not saying I'm predicting a a complete collapse there. But if you watch what happened with the 2011 Eagles and they brought in all these are ours are all star team no chemistry guys who hadn't played with each other big personalities it was a disaster at just watch out there's the possibility that falls apart. You know the rams are are visiting with a working out today as well nine NC Jim Miller no way he acts. Now hey look that he would get to sex on their defense a lot. Because of the other two players that are inside but you talk about already Wade Phillips having to. Bomb having to Joseph although some personalities from the two defensive backs that they have Indian you talk about OK once and all of those obviously get pay gets paid I think there close. On a contract he will be happy but now sue is going to be playing for himself. And it's it's it's going to be interesting out Allen Nelly. Interesting to say the least you get a came Salim base I'm the same big personalities like all time personalities here. And guys who have butted heads and their teammates before Aqib Talib Marcus theatres and Tom and sue. Aaron daalder lesser extent. And now you're talking about Jim Angle it that sound the all or is our fifth. We're sort of odd defense Harlow defense my goodness. Which watch out just there's another it's in our we got to take a break for. CBS and ask you deuce who do you think because he is he now admittedly Joseph does bring a good point there's always teams. Historically historically that don't read back to the playoffs the end who would you put on Dallas. I would start Carolina any team that's offers on the offer to lie on that stuff and Carolina right now are down two starters one out for the year. One out for an extended appeared time masses Sony offered to lie. The other when you go back and look the rams will have well I take them back. Matt Ryan I mean nom. No green Bay's quarterback I am Roger Aaron Rodgers. Will get them back and play I think system so you talk about Minnesota being able to get in the playoffs because of their quarterback. Minnesota offered to lie and they have issues as well they're starting guard is out for the year. Start with those two teams because Carolina's gonna get bumped out by somebody. Bills and titans readily obvious ones in the AFC edits a pseudo but I think the titans will bounce back tie myself in a tie ins. I think if they can keep Mary. Healthy they've got a shot. Break for news to come back I said Dallas saints linebacker jamario Davis earlier this week didn't talk a lick of football so Alomar audience and I really settle. I say that them artfully and heart Philly and truthfully but sometimes my problem of the text line is people naming him be anonymous and just take random shots and don't have to stand behind what they say so here's tech from the 985 becomes. It says study paints this your best saints history WW all I huge customer of the saints I guess saying the war in bed with the saints or something and we're not objective news. We can go late one tackle says we won't make one completion as players won't Kyrie one. Football or make one reception so as far as. The perception. We I wonder do well I don't wanna call a bad game. Are all called boring game but I I want to do well but. That didn't mean that would that would go after an effective game visiting you go back and you look when this team had their problems as far 79 were concerned. How many of this term roster. Of those players were a part of the team less is go back 2060. Well on offense you get Brees saying Brohm Armstead did. Fans and its offense O Max Unger Massa Max was he there yeah you was he just been treated for Israel we have traded for him so I guess that's ignorant. And a and the defense GI cam Jordan and cam Jordan and cam Jordan and and he got some of course that it's a Heredia. I mean it's almost. Some people forget army and they have remade their whole roster almost. I mean it's it's amazing when you look at it from a course Barbara standpoint that are a couple of the guys there were involved in it but not not very many. That whole roster has been almost completely remade and some people dislike cause the same team it's the same guys. What happened first it was the players that went. When they got started to get new players the other thing that happened was. And it was stuff. It was some coaches that had been here which on until six. Joseph that was a first solid I remember that I was a shocking day earlier docile insane and the next phase was bringing in also. New scouts knew scouting department GAAP revamped remade from that standpoint so it was a total. Told rule. Revamp of organization from a player's standpoint to coaching staff standpoint. Two scouts involvement so look I would be very very very surprised. If this group here. Is a seven Iron Man product without any major injuries now a major injuries in taken capture yet in Dana that can happen but if they're helping. I see will be more talent in the seminar for into. Here's it's actually nice five meaning that whatever the saints are predicted to kick but they flounder. It doesn't look pretty even the basic stuff and yes wrap up the defense and office alama cabal on a rehash all that. I won't get a text here from the final four deuce the first quarter last night showed tons of promise. Well like we talked on. I guess it just goes back to what I just said the offensive line did the first team defense there even though they are plain Vanilla up our pretty good. I thought there were pretty good as well and and one of the things that you have to take is taken to consideration of that off until Linus help yourself we've talked about it. That is a top three offensive line. Mean you can go back there and run. Behind those cattle you they've got what they've got you guys that are in excellent shape and training. To be. They could be a really really good group now they've got to stay healthy and knows yet to be determined yet to be seen if that's going to be the case but if they are the that's gonna change the dynamic of what they can do for an offensive standpoint that philosophy. The other part is. I don't think that they're afraid of the expectation. The wanting to to see if they're doing is embracing the expectation. You know I am from the loot the frame of thought if they look. Will seat in a lot of people are predicting us to do well we'll see how how they do shuns violence that is. You are right we go do will less proven right which is some levels low branch in nobody's taken on the mentality of this team. Visit this is a group that feels really good about their prospects of going out and compete. And wanna talk football with the Muslim talk about life and a lot of his. Off the field contributions is one that really the good guys in football and a guy who gives back in many ways. Not to his community and really s.'s country here's that conversation so some left. Hey you know with the Mario Davis saints linebacker here tomorrow talk about what saints fans it's no you the man behind the player. Your active on social justice because we salute and a second that's. Protest started along time ago when you read and when you're young you you didn't read in consume entertainment like other kids siren. You have a mom always just tell us me answer what is some needs to make me. Read. You know look of the word and definition right paper's own it but she also maybe you know like steady people so I got I got into. Studying people like Martin too keen Malcolm made mama on the market to a from a young age. And two bucks a quote while I would really looked at the documents the life and you know those the country Rogers out of it's always. I don't want to have a platform. You know and be able to do stuff but when I got my platform. Don't want to use it for good. How old were you when you were study and I'm Malcolm X MM okay those guys. It had to begin you know on his early days of 78 years though you know progress and great third grade as early as I've been reading habits that people here. And so you've been very active in your communities for every ago let's talk about socially promote justice form. Of the New York be platform for you this is after he signed with the saints. It's it's a big issue across the nation why is that important for you. Might just think you know. Marlon king city you know injustice anywhere that there is just to work you know so. We wanna be known as a just nation no good. You know when there are people in my country being both Chris and you know not treated fairly. This is his guard Chris have a ripple there as those on the same thing that we fight and and and New York City. With the roof bill when there was be child. Whether you will. Not being to have all the information even going for the court. The same things going on here I mean it's even worse here. Look at the incarceration rate and the bigger the greatest costs are some very you know per capita in the world here in new William and in Louisiana. I just think this opportunity to know do is write themselves when he's up that won't do it. I view is something even passionate about for a long time going back to when your kid. Learning on and Ocalan a Malcolm X was just. Yeah I mean I think we know grownup grown up in environment. You know. And after dumb African American about me no load while being you know a lot of things you see you think is the norm. But no once I'm off to college and once I get jobs in the real where is much bigger. You know and everybody is not facing these same situations. And so UConn no they're not right when you dividend of when you get to see it you know kind of killed Sabah sidelight you know while my people do you know Chris Obama people being treated unfairly when you look in there. Cocaine crack crimes being punished ten times a day parade where crack is for dummy in that neighborhood cocaine and put them in white neighborhoods. He knows like flat to happen that way so especially when you look at the period of cocaine being more dangerous than being cracked you know so. Is that I think is a lot of ways you know our system. Is this. To oppress a certain type people and no I think he's is about bringing awareness to these issues Shawn alive don't mean. No when I can. People look at us and no wooing you and while by us as players I think we use our platform can hear have a lifetime with this final issue the people who heard. Since linebacker Jermareo Davidson other issues that you been passion about recently is immigration went to the races sensor REI CES senator. And you brought food. Two. These these people that have been detained at the size and evolves like. Mail is. Life changing experience I think the amount name. Woman differing as just Norman. Who just look at the issues and realizing who will be separated notes unionized to think. Like files separated for much you know how I feel much have been in the east Neeson is this always wanna go on and that's people who are so we ever have a game plan we just went under. Obama went to stuff Wal-Mart they that we felt like it would need it would help he knows flaws like. Hygiene the tear you buck keys stuffed animals color books as one to make how much how the moment they can be. And be a blessing to him you realize these people. What did they've been running for more Christian but they're facing generic country any good over here and indeed we continue to be mistreated like AKK it's a very. So we just want to be of this incident. It's obviously a hot button topic in a country receive. And that the child separation issues. On how do you react to stuff like. I mean it goes all goes hand heinous and justice is not right you know and so intimacy something's not right him and use. Everything in my power to do something to help alleviate the situation we sometimes is not moods but it. You realize how a little bit can go a long way like everybody can do it will be. Was a stern experience at the year the racists and drizzle with spiritual where all my head. Yeah woods it was it was aggressive very good time because. You realize the people notice people spoke in English but they were coming to us just very grateful and given us hope and just thinking. The key is smile on the playing the last loved to had a language. You know we all his movies have loved us out of this maybe we can all communicating B capacities of one another and just be of one another and that's. Was you know you realize that this so much division have been where they were by shuffle people in boxes this person this is vs that. China pushed everybody to division will really need unity and unity only requires little doesn't require us because same it was a map. Requires thinking the same just deposits to love each other beautiful one. We've use your platform for a lot of good when you hear people's day football players should just shut up and stay on the field it shouldn't use that platform for good like this study react. Over the fading teens you know I think. Anybody nobody should just stand stand quietly and be sop. Nobody on here. If you school teacher on here to a book strap on your view. Saint sanitation engineers nobody should stand by and watching justice somebody sees the role happening they should use this platform. For good and so you know classroom. Whether you're. Court ruled whether you're on the street was you know restaurant. If you've seen Justin tells them I think quiet. That is just like watch the bully and unquestionably somebody because not you you don't wanna do which is just wrong with the bully because you that you have something you will power to hit the situation. Tomorrow I'm glad that I had tonight a little bit and let's face fans that's tonight a little bit here keep up the great work off field and you're like are they this. I was earlier this week had chances to sit down and talk with. Mara Davison and do is I'm telling you this guy does so much good off of the field it. It upsets me is it boggles my mind and I don't understand. When. Athletes in football players in particular are painted with this brush that they don't know these issues that they're talking about every day. On the they're painted is is guys who are intelligence that don't know what they're talking about. It's beyond something I'm passionate about Lleyton tomorrow davis' alone by the way there's a lot of Mario davis'. In football he's just one of them but you have a lot of good off the field. A lot of times guys choose to give back in different ways a lot of times guys used to. Do it with money some do it with time. Some create foundations so they can support certain missions. Goals initiatives. And it's always instinct to see. What each individual player chooses to do a lot of times what happens is an M and has as you say it. How he was raised how he was molded the impact that he wanted to make India of that's what you see. Home. They'll some the things that he is trying to achieve off of the field. It's a platform met some guys they use it in a positive way some guys use a negatively in its all up to the individual player. In my opinion how they use their platform. Some Gaza going to be very outspoken about. So you're superstars are going to be very outspoken about it and some of the others there is not going to be something that they want tot. I don't have a preference. As far as how they choose to use it whether you're current player a former player whomever you are as far as. Being individual that has that platform the only thing that I acts as you do and right manner and a right way. Because it is one that's it's not guaranteed. And it's one nets you know it's really proves to be able to play the game that. I'd be it and these guys have the opportunity to play. The 100%. What when you. When you see people. It's say guys like to Mario Davis as a slams that this is a perspective I want from you is former player. Say guys like to Mario Davis on you know aren't doing any good she just kind of shut up and stay away from this house of that upset you. Yes and I'll. The one thing that I till Indian vigil and whether he's football player or not is being informed on the issues that you're going to discuss. A lot of times there may be partial. Information out there a lot of times you may only hear a piece. Of information but the one thing that I do know. And the things that I have seen an expanse. Very. Have a right just as right as anyone else and understand the platform that they have. You know use it and be informed in the right way if you want to speak on passive that's Molly advice. Teeny athlete that is going to. Speak on an aunt and issue. Sage advice from the former saints running back Deuce McAllister here it's due sunsets dumb apple take a break your calls coming back. Area code 5042601870. 504260187. He text line. Is 87870. It's a special edition of sports stock. On WW I do slick camp wraps up the training camp part. Of the saints free season tomorrow what are you what are you looking for here the rest the pre season got two games left cut downs looming. What couple weeks away here what Jordan format. You know albeit cutlery Tim is a ruler will be occur after game three still final cut won't come until after week for. After that game I would be surprised after game three though a couple of guys there they may release that. Excuse me that won't have an opportunity on this team that may release early night you're probably only talk three or four guys but at least give those gas. A chance to try tickets all with someone else as far as no team is concern this week even though training camp. It breaks officially. You really doesn't have that how does that change like how does it change camp and then post. Well you get you go to really more of database kids really you don't have to stay in hotel bills. As far as players are concerned that the veteran players get to go home they can stay at home. If you're a young player have been you you have an apartment or house they get to go home. From net standpoint and a lot of the meetings shift from the hotel there in they will shift over now meanwhile will be at the facility. But since they leave on Tuesday to go to LA. They're still in Kia moat I mean because they will steel meet just like they normally would maybe not at 2 o'clock at night. They'll meet like that maybe that's 10 o'clock but they will focus morsel on their opponent that week if that makes it. I never I never thought about it is this away a little better in scheduling move by Shumpert and company where you can extend camp a little because they're going to be a hotel are going to be together out there in LA well officially ES TE in scale. What do you take me on the road and we are still an old tale written so it. Campaign over I mean. They make it spin and might I guess one night Vegas and at night one night at home is basically what they'll get the opportunity to do and LB Monday night. But there may have to get up and leave him at the role for a week and a half and think about that let's is a veteran move by shot I'd like to add. Do you think they're gonna stay out matter reflects a clears and take him back on the road. I think that they would probably stay out in Metairie for at least another year maybe two years and being in venture off to another. Area just not degree Mariah its its curse or places first man. Houston can have it for however long they got their agreement. And outlets on people other Greenbrier you to be the subject like news. Centerpoint of the new fallout video game I guess it's going to be pop culture mania around the Greenbrier out there the saints were cochlear obviously games being released later this year but what is it called ball outs. It's fall out Tim heard those games pretty Biggs was one of the big games of the year but. The central location of that game it's as close to be at the green grass. Follow yes fallout it's it's that this post apocalyptic. Go ahead and post post nuclear war you know I don't pay militants accidentally our currency and yet you'll hit man known that I agree on over watched you'll Asia threatens its cities reviewed this they water and produce the ISI had an extra three or four hour but they love with that agenda leads her to pause spree began our I would take in our final break of the show one more chance to go in here with the saints' all time leading rusher 504260187. A sounds of from champagnes post practice pros want to really press conference on line just a little bit WW dot com. And at FaceBook page Adobe to be already a FaceBook page check those out tomorrow three to six will be Christian Garrick and Bobby a bear here. For another special edition of sports stock. And you can find me Monday through Friday at aids on double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap I'm out thinks Dave potter thanks all of you for listening. You're sticking Elaine thanks callers thanks you textures and LB saved this weekend hopefully the weather and power will. Stay home force in the world to act right derby derby only serve out.