Saints Training Camp Saturday – Hour 2

WWL's Seth Dunlap and Deuce McAllister talk LSU Fighting Tiger football as they discuss the Tiger’s closed scrimmage held today in Baton Rouge as well as the New Orleans Saints backup QB situation for the upcoming year.

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Howard sewer here till 6 o'clock sets Dunlap and the saints' all time leading rusher. And saints radio network color analyst Deuce McAllister along side you'll continue to talk football buts will transition. To college football LSU had a scrimmage today their first. Posts and our CC McMillan transfer. Scrimmage and didn't get bellowed good for the quarterbacks and it's been just second. But deuce just for anybody didn't hear earlier this week Eric. I international mine is finally it's gonna make a big difference on the field this year for the team I think what had a couple packages Burton RC's. A McMillan certainly doesn't hurt them what it does hurt I think is long term this program are cease in this program. For three years maybe four years I think it made a big impact down the road and also. Will they still be able to hang on a Myles Brand richer because I think another year development here for Brennan could have made a big difference in an usher venereal hang onto that I know the new redshirt rules may be burrows is completely healthy and don't have to go to one of those walk on so that's let's take away from it. Knots the sky is falling to a lot of LSU fans want to make out but like this is a shot across the ballas brought up you just don't see. Big time division one football teams lose to scholarship quarterbacks on the same day and remember according to Ross Dillinger that stat the last. Thirteen years only for. LSU quarterbacks have started and finished victory analyses of this is a systemic problem goes way of acting portrait joke. Those are not pretty numbers when you look at it from that standpoint but I do think you can try to find some positives. And our ceases very very talented quarterback. He was going to get to Robertson place. Both of those guys count understood and as well as Matt Millen no knock against him as well but Norris east he was going to give opportune place. For him. He did not rule to be viewed as this a specialty quarterback and while okay. So so from that standpoint yes I think you're disappointment. He won adapted to start the game you want to opt to run two minute drill the whole shebang we talk about being a quarterback. But I just coming in on third and short goal line. Again. Gimmick is out yet you have the authorities at gadget whatever the same same different he wanted the opportunity to be the quarterback and it takes. 506070. Snaps however amenity is offensively that they would take it. He's going to Gulf Coast we understand that. Matt Millen has already graduated. Has a few more options for both of those guys wherever they go it puts him in. Late starting situation because most of the colleges. Will start. I think Jeanne Kohl starts next week this upcoming week or so as a chance to get the full camp and basically and I can't is over. I mean it may be that they're games are the sexually yeah Alan yeah I think their game start this upcoming week M I feel pretty good about that. If that would and within two weeks for sure. As far as do any houses or concern in and and that just puts both of those guys and tough situation now we turn L issue. Very rare. Will you give to your number three quarterback. To play anyway we know situation and apple a couple of years Ohio State they're they're they're third played. And you know they were a were still keep it together. But very rarely will an elite power five program get to their number three quarterback because injuries to the other guys it's very rare that. You get both of here first and second quarter Rex knocked out for the year. Yes I understand miss and maybe gain more he's questionable. I understand that. But I don't think that in view of either of those all the guys would have taken over fully. Wear it because of injury now. Lack of play. As far as not running the offense or not being able connector receivers that's a different store. Coach Joker reporter and Cogent Mcguirk who reported him. That's totally different and now you move one of the other Gaza to the number two spot. We we we don't know I can tell you that the numbers from the scrimmage were not pretty now today so. Yell it's weather weather weather. Any other one of those guys could've done better I don't know but they've got to get some things fixed and Perry. If they won mechanic he does deal together because here's here's what's on happens. We're finding out more and more beings that happened during the offseason. And it's aren't chip away chip away at the scene. And whether it's pressure or whether it's gas is being in bay guys and there's still part of program. But you start to have more and more things happen to this program. And Folgers will keep him and keep the ship and in in the water right now I layman before they can even get to the games he's having to deal would allow. Other stuff. Yes straight Davis the wide receiver he was arrested who get to that so ugly stuff here both robot and by the way LSU fans are a lot calling our 11 Stockdale issue it's your chance to talk LSU right now so the phone numbers area code 5042601870. 50426 so 187. 87870. Rockwood before get into the scrimmage Elena and the labor on the stretchers who talked about all we clocks but I did. Think it curious line that out of the VO. The coach a press conference the day after the those guys try answered was that they. Graded and had a hierarchy set for those guys on it sounded blank and I'm not trying to put words and coach was announced but it sounded like. That he kind of laid things out to everybody grated everybody in kind of maybe not a physical list but certainly one where every quarterback new. Not cease maybe Newt hay on the fourth guy and here is that's. And calm and it's very common out and because one of the things that it does is allows those gas from a a standpoint it fuel you wanna mauled to be prepared and ready to play. But he had basically just given the grades and look right now you're the first quarterback you're second unit third in your fourth. That's that's basically all it was and they were going off of the grades whether. They understood where they were able to give the team in and out of the hole whether it was at the line call whether they were able to check. Giving them based off of those different things so that's what emit about migrating. And each player understood or knew where he was. In that system all right set up my dues McAllister here on a specialist in sports soccer at the stats from today's scrimmage. Not pretty and this is the first scrimmage posts transfers year. And neither quarterback. Looked very good miles Brennan just five of nineteen for 47 yards one interception Joseph burrow not much better tennis 24. 120 yards one touchdown one interception obviously knows he's film on this so like I caution but Jason Hill this is the opposite way. I caution you can't read everything into just with a box score says there's a lot more nuanced the company and a football here. It's not like a baseball box score. But that's operator that is not pretty from policies quarterbacks there's. I would inflated the numbers that it would if you are releases we when they give them I wouldn't given the completion in May look you know we missed a couple Grozny hit a couple drone. Probably both of the guys went over 200 yards. Had to edit public senses my defense do really well offense we were able called the score a touchdown with such and such receivers. I'm not sin and that out. Particularly would no video available. I don't know if the media rule was even able to watch that scrimmage I think it was a Colmes where Louisville was I think it was a close current cell. I'm not sin and had info out. Null. I mean well. I'd look I applaud I can be a miner crawfish on this desire. I went after coach alas it is he was weighed two Huston yep he was too tight with this with his accessories try to be more transparent NASA I guess maybe I'm not gonna knock him for overdue in this. But what Joseph Borough especially this the expectations that the fan base and some. LSU -- upon Borough they expect him to become the next Russell Wilson maybe you know Cam Newton lighter. That's offered to Joseph broke we've never heard Joseph Borough say it one time that he's gonna be some incredible quarterback here but a lot around LSU think the because he came from. The urban Meyer's system because he was at a Ohio State and the legacy of those quarterbacks in that system he was gonna come in here. And be the savior of this program I think it's unfair to borrow and frankly. I was gonna be a pretty darn rough ride with the weapons in the around him in this offense we're talk about question marks an office blank question marks at running back question marks the receiver. Joseph Borough could be great if it now weapons around them to be pretty darn tough in this SEC. Willis starts of for a and so right now they're there heard for a I know that they have not been successful even though they they have some veteran guys back. He suspended one starter out indefinitely for before can't really get started you've got a couple of the guys that are banged up so up front there hurt. And when you're going to guess that defense that front seven a bagel gifts every day rights. It can make you look really really banned and so what that's where it is that's where we don't see film of this sort of skip the box score. They're going up against one of the best defense is in the nation. Felt so it it in a sense. The negative numbers particular from the quarterback it almost makes sense you would steal wanna see maybe one or two big plays and we don't know if that happened because we don't seem to feel. Exactly are let's go to Derrick you talk a little LSU Derek welcome under the program. They broker their egos or partner it'll do dare tell you don't. Ball do. Floor Thursday morning. Bill and the total medal. It's. Hold it all on them for a couple weeks yeah. We know we'll keep it under cheerful couple weeks. What if the economy. I'll buy you that are out. There directed at political all discretionary war in all while coat you'll. See. Television duel well. Here in about six years recruited him being at war because. You have compete. It is he's he beat. In the ME ST zero. Overall over did it become a fair degree it pretty pursuant instructed you know quarterbacks if you players. I think they'll win more viable wrong I mean you non conference games they should be even win and you start to look at who they have at home that's not a tough slate. By day they they should win and I think anywhere between six and eight and that's what probable that guy is six and a half is over under in Vegas I guess the perfect lie and I took the over Britain bear video right elements seven wins. This opener against Miami do sort of all the questions are on this program and like you said the wound kind of keeps getting peeled back just a little bits. Little increments at a time especially when you news like today Drake Davis beat. A suspension a couple of weeks ago on the defensive line. Doubt that again gets Miami I'm not saying it will be ugly I'm not saying you will be a wake up call but when you get turn over chain Roland when you get that defense rolling. In week one against an offense that's pretty much brand new release a quarterback this for his brand new and that could be. A could be a tough night for LSU fans they better be able to stop those two lead into millions of Miami has some pass rushers. That can't get after the quarterback in if you can't block those guys yet. I mean it it doesn't matter what you trying to do offensively. You won't be able to get the ball off in the other party is. You've got to have success on first down one of the things that you wanna be able to do yourself. This creates internals. But turn over chain. Ideas is the defense of coordinator down in Miami they are going to show some exotic looks so that front. They're going to see if Joseph world can sick or if he can change the plate. And if it's me I just wanna get at some playmakers. But the question is. Are they gonna have enough time to do so cigarette maker office of guy I love defensive football gimme the 107 game give me the thirteen ten game and I think we might see that Miami you like that kind of follow every morning that I mean you're probably give their Logan low twenties. I'm just because of special internals they'll be able to get. Both those teams they'll they'll be were given low twenty yet I must say it's going to be Al my point is I love defensible value of these tractor pulls he wants the policy like 3027. And policy 32 or seven but I want games in my office in the hope that somebody scored a touchdown approved or just make it all three and out three and out three and out what was that super ugly overtime it was a cardinals Seahawks a couple years ago it was mixed today or whatever it was yeah it was gross. In an oven attire it vigorously to chip shot funerals gentle now like that to look at a cigarette break. We come back we got a real serious here for about twenty minutes a couple of serious topics first. LSU wide receiver draped Davis was arrested. For allegedly battering his girlfriend's. Ugly stuff here from LSU and from Gray Davis we'll talk about this coming back on set Dunlap. Deuce McAllister along side this is sports site before we move on to more difficult discussions here let's squeeze in David and David's what's what's up man your on with Deuce McAllister set dumb luck you're on sports stock. You know he felt. Question. As is geared more toward you. You may not think it I think it's more of a conspiracy theory questioned. Hear me. You know when it when Alec you hire. Which show which I thought was a good car because he promised the boring and to talk not coordinators which in order in place what day and and then they brought in candidate. But I think my cell. That he had to do that to get to job. But his real first choice was and linger at all. So I think my conspiracy you're reaching an is that he sabotaged with Matt and it does he get in. And an entire. LSU. Make sure they paid no. Tech is an Hamlet after day parade and but they've they've Ellis he's dating two and at million dollars. I think and it could be. Possibly it is that we come all is trying to beat a coach in waiting. Why don't you think that's possibly David on the writings on the wall there sorry go ahead. But that's that's not compete conspiracy think about really don't think he gave Matt Canada a fair chance and a alt. I don't know if in many and I know he's been an offensive coordinator before but I'll peeking get the job done its operatives in the as well we're about to find out what Mac and it can do in Maryland because of so situation easier and yet. Let's get delegates and the like thanks for the holiday let's get deuces thoughts on this conspiracy theory galore here from day and a lot of thing about the a and M and you talk about Dave Randa that it happened two years to. Souls there was no lead in year one that he knew that was going to happen I mean because he was able to pay him but they did up to union two years to. So as far as him being the coach in waiting yes that may have been long term vision. But not after one season I don't think or not when they were hiring him and look we're gonna harm you Cotto who we got a coach in waiting already on staff. I don't think that was the thought process. They couldn't work together as far as the personalities. Justin managed enough and I know you interview a guy you light what these two went and look at my stay out of do the system. It just didn't work. And whether it was the other coaches offensive coaches on staff. Or. A hole in May Canada we know it didn't work are they were speaking to each other at the end which is crazy to anchor at NATO and good. The breakdown happened in light Charlie Wi one week to share net and it just got worse and worse from there I mean you bought him out. As far as is contractors get Brennan and situations on teams you played in where there's that much animosity between a head coach in another. You know coordinator position coach. Maybe a position coach but not to hate coach in the OC in the defense quart. When your position coach amoeba. Even in that situation you know you want your what happens when you're basically anyway so if you get today a year a year you know you don't you don't have to fire me I don't go home I just hope that they. Give me a decent right you know. Man that was that was an awkward situation. Are we gotta talk a little ugly here so yesterday we got word that LSU wide receiver Drake Davis he was arrested the and charged with second degree battery according to the east Baton Rouge prison. Police department. Now and the use ugly part of this is the details of why he was arrested apparently back in June so this was a awhile ago. Davis is alleged to have broken his ex girlfriends ribs with a punch during an incident April and then strangling her in June. The victim provided photographs supporting her claims. Of repeated domestic abuse according the warrant there's also an allegation here in the Davis texted. His girlfriend. Quote I might kill you and quote and threatened violence on other occasions and this is. Hello I'm gonna leave stuff I've got a lot of questions here the salmon Mac in June and April Weis is is coming out now I think we'll find that. But this is not good this is some of the wounds from the summer earlier talking about that that keep popping up here for LSU in this program. Think they were donor due diligence and that's kind of where they found out about it yet let me say this disease is actually an -- she staff thank you yep was one of the individuals that went to the police department not necessarily the he went to the LSU police department first and then they. Worked with east Baton Rouge police department to be able to. Form late in a wrist injury Davis but this was the M. The LSU staff doing summon our homework because you go back and you look at the linebackers. That had a similar incident. Than just two weeks ago now yeah they got in trouble over this summer I think this is jealous you going doing some of their homework to find out they look. What happened with ex player let's see what happened with all of our guys that are whether they're stylish people walk home. We wanna find out because. Menaces. Drake. Really good player talented but I don't see how he he's I mean he's already suspended indefinitely if there's figure. I think evidence of this there's no he plays again thank you please yeah I mean they they all get out of prison where Somerset police not men and soon it will go to jail first word yet. Football football won't be a worse. Now and it's ugly ugly stuff he can find that story at WWL dot com and Natalie du said thank you for. Mentioning it was an LSU official. That ended up for reporting this so. Kudos to that official. Taking a break for news back with your phone calls on this 5042601870. Seth Dunlap Deuce McAllister on sports are there is a breaking story here regarding great Davis just a couple of minutes ago Drake davis' attorney has come out derided statements to Brooks to be in and be advocate our partners over. In Baton Rouge saying that million mrs. Andre Davis LSU receivers attorney saying that the accuser directives is girlfriend. Has retracted her story in a statement that the district attorney is standing by the charges of this result. Unfolding. 504260187. If you wanna jump on him with me and Deuce McAllister you talk LSU and college football this hour Anthony on the phone line welcome on into the program. You know under a dole. I'll call about a certain. It's. My question. In one this year after year you're in a complicated Kabul they politics politics politics with the grade. Right I'm not portion he would be a real war. Note if you quarterback at lack of water I apologize to me. It will restate it right if they clean it took in. It. It is by all means necessary to keep the king being put to rest. Could it mean to be. Well you don't it would pretty cold right do you support that pretty deep team to be that the pot but it would keep the duke quarterback. Yet they do now we know. Bit cruel greed. It's it's. To what is tape appear to be equity. Rights people pocket veto to control. Good. People. Make too big right or too. Well always I don't really keep keep going under point or I'm not quite get out of value content. Well that it keeps growing breathe it. Like. Being right did not rule out and do. All of them that let's let's answer this in bowling what gets your second one Anthony but all give you my taken just can weigh in on here why they keep Drew Brees he just said the most accurate season. In NFL history. And was certainly by almost any metric last year one of the five best quarterbacks in the National Football League. And age what 38 and 39 last year that's try to keep my maimed by them aged big gone here what what is 87 inning to do with that. Well. Partly it as it can be beaten on a mobile quarterback can do what they can't. All be at. I don't and it is anti Leon back in 98 I mean you wanna know I guess scramble. And mood team down the field but he throws the ball and you just admitted. That he is an anchor quarterback at 72%. Who just broke his own record this past year. So you would rather him scramble more solid guesses what you're trying to. What we're ready he would then it would take portable. Keen protect our goal became to. But I met Bo is what ever it takes also throw the football from the pocket. Let me ask you this let me ask this Anthony. Wright door. Wanna ask you this anti domestic question okay. It sounds like you think the drew should be running more ends. I guess I don't know why but it would are you saying you'd rather have taste some Hillis is starting quarterback and his team because he runs the football better than Drew Brees. No what I'm saying here while. As well keep keep cruel. Candidate in the inquiry to take hold keen. I mean I don't I I guess our let me only ask you this is a maybe I'm I'm dismissing your nuance here are you saying that you prefer somebody to be both dual threat quarterback eventually it's quarterback this team is that we are trying to say. Right well this is there a quarterback come out of that the rule would get a pro quo. Because we've. But there's got Anthony okay I'll let you go here for allow those really trying to it's your point but here's the thing do us. They arts the Drew Brees is growing on trees in college football you're talking about in my mind that none of duty 41 of the four best quarterbacks in this game's history. Period those guys don't come out every year. And you're not just going to magically draft one of those guys you think he is in could be Drew Brees those guys on and allies so today's. Yes and in front of you don't want to assume that the Anthony RI out I'd love to hear the point being made book the play. You're upset because he doesn't scramble. And you you admit that he is an accurate quarterback. You're upset because of his age because he didn't give up his body when he didn't have too because he can pass the football. Is that is that we're we're is that what. I mean I don't know man. And I was really trying to let Anthony kind of explaining that feel like maybe there's a point be remiss in there but I just feel like I'm I'm I'm looking for what he's trying to tell me. Of what he's mad about or upset I don't know why I don't know why he would be mad yeah I mean Anthony said multiple times is the quarterback's job to score the football and Drew Brees does that in a map to run to do that not a one under our current. Up to clog man let's go to Paul Collier on WW well it's up. Called about Jerry and bill. Are. I I don't they're guys will make it at quarterback problems here right now I'm getting everybody on talk about unemployment tight. He's not idea. He's not tied in I mean if it doesn't work for him at quarterback and he's gonna just be one he has core special teams guys what he's not going to be a tight look forward. Debate people position for somebody just support special paint and not the aback about it not position. All all the tile anti got to him a guy who can be an emergency quarterback and a back up and your holder and somebody and one in your aces really were not just talking about a guy they threw on special teams talk about a special teams peace. And that's. Are trying to correct if I'm wrong deuce but if he does that for the next ten years he's gonna play wherever he wants annaly pretty well. Quarterback Graham well one. You know real payments that didn't make it quarterback. Tim do you. Yet Tim Tebow on the plate fullback how those guys they'll compare it in Allen compared to guarantee. Well first and foremost he plays president Ford. And I was wanting to Tebow didn't do at all Tebow was purely quarterback. And he was not willing to play full that would really expect is what they wanted to in the play. Sort of like you're tidy and TM did not want to do that so for Trace them he's sorry to say look. I just wanna get on the field and that's running down covering punts and kicks in so be it that's what he he he would do and that's what he's done. So that's why it's almost a bonus for him. If he can be your number two quarterback then yes I think they would take him off of that other stuff but if he can't do it. He's already willing to say OK yeah maybe I'm not a quarterback full time. But I am a special teams play well he's. It's in his entire advancing spot it is. It's let's say at the end to camp somehow I'll it's gonna happen police seemed to let's say he does outperform. Tom savage and he's the second best quarterback on this roster is he still more valuable with what he's doing on special teams than backing up drew no. You still rather so if he'd rather take him off special teams and an actress. Yeah he may not play all I'm Amy maybe just their holder for you on field goals but I would not risking injury for him. On all the other things that he goes for you don't special things. All right let's go to Patrick on the phone line it's sports stock with Deuce McAllister and set style what's up Patrick. Rob him response but not the last call callable for. And he might be right you know. Or I'll call quarterback that it broke in almost every single record. And head at a record warming be in previous four. I don't know we. I mean he earned. Just towed into enough today man and I I was gonna listen and try to at least explain. Why Khamenei he. The job of the quarterback is to move the office we understand. Guys can do it in different odd lot of different ways a lot of them can throw it a lot of them can use their feet to be able to get the team and handle. He was upset that drew and his aides doesn't run the football. Well he's the most packer quarterback in the history of the game so if he has the ability the role of football keeps throwing the football. And so he did not like that. I don't know I don't know here I think I can't I don't Ethier from solicit and so like maybe there was some kind of nuance are missing their post it in the opposite way. I do think that people just look at cam Newton's passing stats and don't realize. His value running to put boss of your talk about moving a team down the field. And the ability to get seven yards poppy ability a thousand yard rushing season the most rushing touchdown sensed when he eleventh. You gotta throw that into cam Newton's dice on the opposite way we're not maybe viewing Cam Newton. Through that prism not saying your meal and I'm saying media in general saying mallet is in his 59% completion percentage she's. He's only throw in the unum the six and a half seven yards per pass completion mr. sent an interception ratio isn't what Drew Brees is is but cam Newton's value because of the way he runs the football. Is greater or not I thought maybe Anthony was trying to say that but a good catch your question yeah. Do you think Cam Newton will play for fifteen year no no and by the way and you know why he won't play for fifteen does he's getting beat up he is getting hammered. And I saw some of medical heels Tate. Last night. Why don't we play them in the first day oh boy I wish that they would be the first of home. Well there's a difference between him and it's not that rushing quarterbacks can't thrive look at Russell Wilson into doesn't get hit because he gets down EA gets down and he gets rid of a football and a exactly I'm good conversation here. You can weigh in 50426. So. On 87 year could 5042601870. I'm Seth Dunlap. He's Deuce McAllister this is sports stock I got my body real negotiate. Read me. On a personal sex theory says great job guys Seth I knew it through your head away. Toward. Russell Wilson into the conversation meant I have a lot of loved for Russell Wilson I'm not gonna deny that. Drew and Russell my two favorite quarterbacks in the league so I will take Nash had a meal also apparently the power on duster and text in the 985. It's RX of the Bible forts on us that's assay sit out there are lots of bad weather let's go back to the phone lines your set the lab Deuce McAllister talked in saint cell issue. Anything you want here to go to Jeff on the phone mind just fear on WW. I happened is all gonna do well are you doing. I don't find. Critical questions. Asked in the outlook and I hang up the list and you sir good news. Oh it our all own this beach on the end. That our all our defense that brought seven. May not be backed that this year though what a war out in the ground and soccer out is how upset and they're or. Have you say or ask you this before do stances when you say not good defined that. Not do their job. Are you saying like a bottom half of the league unit yes. I'd like dumb but that's just proper question dude I was gonna ask you a couple more and and hang up okay. I can answer your first met the that is that is a correct. That Beck seven is gonna be really do what you can look for Ole miss to do is gonna gamble a lot because they're gonna put their records on out and play them man to man. And so from a defense standpoint they're gonna Trotter who runs time. Ransom gains to try to stop teens and get them in lone second and third down situation. Oh it will news opry hit that answer now on the election side. Wanted to. You you know went up when we found out that until Barlow was common ground here. Are we really caught and you know but the last two years Ohio State. It may call proposed by any use. And I use that you saw number. Or did. Answer Jeff. Bought Sarah deal what I said. And what the reporter still mad to different people on the same day come up to mean to say I was asked them hey what do you see an overdose he can't he's there there every day they're actually saints camp Monday. More than says hey we're kind of in the full picture on jewel Borough is arm strength leaves little bit to be desired he's not able to make all the throws like people are saying I was almost an exact quote they're Jesse right. It will not ask dude don't do so obvious simple questions it is hot here at march 8 or more humble. And terrorist Smart go from three port. All in very well and how can I ask you felt there Sparky or actually it. Happened a great day but this and it all went in it. You'd. Act dumb crumpled little edge there of course match. Is leading. Right now because remember it all in neutral. As your real Burke. An op thought that it is currently in charge. And not a culture spoke job can you comment on. Well from a receiver standpoint whether Drake Davis who's in trouble or not. They were going to have to played pretty much any of those guys they had available one of the things they talk about what they wanna be able to do. Does have confidence and eight or nine guys and so that's a lot of receivers. That you are having to run in and out and so if they're gonna play eight or nine receivers and that's pretty much. All the guys that you have as far as receivers have gone up. Going to be available so if he was a freshman Alyssa just can't pick up this system. I expect all of those guys to play when you talk about from receivers standpoint and you know. I'm I'm just unsure as far as the running backs are are are going yes you want Bruce sixty to be able take that next step I know. As the clock and we're still there Dan Collins is a good suit and Collins is looking a bit I think it starts up front. It has to start up front for them and then you have to remember some looks at they're seeing in and against their defense. It will be as tough. Against so detained Tuesday in a plane went to play it it will lobbyists also may be some confidence comes from that standpoint but right now I think is just. It's it's a wait and see situation. Now named a point on the offensive line and the defense that we'll take a break here OK standby. Because we've got round zoom with caller Anthony coming up after the break where we don't do this usually bit Anthony wanted to call and clarify some stuff so he says so we will do that Colin Max states in the should be fun stuff the lab Deuce McAllister. It's sports soccer and WW intimacy it would oppose and respect the magnets that are at Anthony respect hope. Believe they continue to progress and learn and be comfortable in that office are and when you talk about Jonathan Williams as far as. Having a really bright future I think he does have a bright future the one thing that alto job I'll tell you that I told Jonathan is. He meets the brain get every day in practice. Because at times in practice and some of this may be because they're not in full pay it's some this may be just because of the dress that area. But the last two weeks he has looked like they totally different player as far as his mentality. Of how he's going out to practice and just how he's movement in practice. He does a great job of running behind his shoulders he has great feet where he can pick his feet he can put him down. The yes pretty good vision to be ABC cutback plays now patients will call with a more carries that he gets in this offense but. He can't just be a gap. He can't just go out there and almost be lackadaisical. And build promotions. And starts in practice and I think the last couple weeks he's kind of picked it up in. It's so in the games. Larry on the phone line look at money in the program Larry. Yes sir Albert. Been that the alternate back. But that few week. The site changed receiving games the control it but the map as debris that I implement the series. Well I agree with there in trouble any anybody loses a quarterback like that could be in trouble and not everybody has an Nicole saying and around so. His answer your question yeah they're going to be in trouble of some maps of drew particular long term short term up in Britain get through. The long term. Yet in any team that lose the first ballot hall for him quarter rat for any length of time you're going to be in trouble. Big time trouble. Here is a text from the 504 Anthony. Probably just wants another quarterback. The degrees hitter Kelly Anthony calls and talks about mile Ergen a lot of those questions at him and him and Bob got some beef and her until we know reserve Bethlehem and Bob is. It took to fuss about tomorrow. Or or or Monday hi Anthony hey we gave you chance here fairly would be called them left so I go I we savor it for news when we come back one more hour of the program which Arnold pelicans chances in the west but Vegas NE SP endowment pelicans saying less talent this year and last year I disagree only reduces stake. And Candice but bought him this town. Become a basketball city and a football city the same time. Plus I sat down earlier this week at a one on one with saints linebacker to Mario Davis I will play in an interview for it so that's all coming up. Next hour plus your phone calls area code 5042601870. 5042601. A seventy text line 87870. We're just getting word that Ohio State's. A spokesman has said there investigation has wrapped up on Urban Meyer they're ready to issue and reports and report earlier next week. So we'll talk about Datsyuk set up my dues McAllister this is sports soccer on WW.