Saints Training Camp Saturday – Hour 1

WWL's Seth Dunlap and Deuce McAllister talk New Orleans Saints football and interviews with Saints players and coaches after the Saints preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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And look at money under a special edition of sports sock Seth Dunlap and does the saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister alongside for the next. Three hours and got a lot to talk about a lot of saints after yesterday's. Point of fifteen glossy as the Arizona Cardinals immune to that just the second. But not saints they've got a lot of sports talk about LSU they had a scrimmage today and do with the quarterbacks and that's a theme downhill the last couple days. Did not look good and they had a receiver Trey Davis. Arrested for domestic battery although I don't think that was the exact charge when he was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend. Breaking her ribs I'm not good stuff and we'll talk a little pelicans later in the show do it's not much stress for him and welcome back on Ansa news. You keep going go on but Energizer bunny over here and now we got a role minutes is skipped console. And I'm happy to be in on a rainy Saturday. Evening. No but I wanna hear from our sports fans and in and pick their brain and give their thoughts. On all the action that has happened over the last are just 24 house let's go back to 48 out about that yet and I agreed we kind of catch up on the and talk about sporting world net bios talk about saints here we'll have some highlights throughout the hour. Last night Al wanna get into the good the bad the ugly agrees that phrase that weasel 'cause you phrased that way Johnson would reduce that Soledad so how is how would like to start with the good here. And I agree with you when you said the offensive line play and the special teams play pretty much across the board very good. Very good I think that you have a level of comfort. When you look at Brandon Tate in his ability to be able get the ball out 25 a thirty yard or plus or even better. He has the ability to be able to break a kick off laureate announced I think there's also comfort level when you talk about being able to field upon. You know that that's something that no head coach wants to even consider. Are we gonna catch supply. And it times that has been an adventure force look I thought thought one Tommy Lee had his opportunity to fair catch one he did a good job of it. He was very sure with the ball but. And times we know that this unit got in trouble last year because of fielding punt do we have anybody vacant field. So from that standpoint I thought it was good you do got an opportunity last night to see him. Can all talk to know that that that was may be one of the question marks of we knew the rule with the new kick off rules. But you know he hadn't saw and so for them to be able to get something on tape but thought was really do it. What was instinct that was not the first team unit that ran an onside kick. It was basically some of the backup guys that weren't in. As far as that still in the game so they add up to a recovered they did not recover and a thought will look good as far as kicking his fill those. You were able to excuse the majority of those what was lynching was. It went back to Thomas More stood in a holder. Instead of takes appeal for the majority of camp Jason Gil has been the holder on field those with since he was primarily play quarterback. More stick was a holder sought but that was instinct. Thomas a body did a pretty good job as far as pot was concerned it was a they did have a pretty good return but there was blocking a bad. The defender. Bare their player black makes two par in the back so that. Back them up a little bits up up they did pretty give as far as ponting was concern in Toms is always gonna give you. That four and a half you know maybe five seconds hang time so. Whom whomever it is what is banjo. Tree dead man's one of the garner as a hardy led any of those guys they should be able to get down and make a tackle you have some of the guys. That are competing for those positions as well. So from that standpoint alone from the special teams I think they won't get a few pluses. Now look I had went through and greeted like the coaches will do I'm sure there are some negative. Plays or players that had a negative mark to but there are some positive things at least look at the before agreement offers a. He does that to ask would you agree that Brandon Tate's is the did that weigh in front in that race for the kick and punt return to doctor and he's pretty darn good and I wouldn't put him way live front. I would still say time really has an opportune. Two to be able to get to me after remember timely was banged up that first game left to blame practice. And really didn't get an opportunity when you talk about Jacksonville's opting Tom Lee will give us a chance. To be able to prove himself then in also balsam Scott. Can be a reliable. Return man when you talk about kick off well I think that right now he's on the positive stuff. That being brand Teddy yet so totally against Brandon Tate here in this is I don't think it's mutually exclusive where one of them like this team and other one doesn't think there's. As scenarios were able to make the team but if if Todd really doesn't win. At least one of those jobs. Does he make this team is it's got to be pretty uphill battle to slow but how deep that wide receiving corps well that's where he's gonna have to make his mark and I think that he will get a chance last night you know he got an opportunity to to play a little bit it was late. But he's still got an opportunity to play I think that they know what they have in him. As far as a receiver is concerned the question that's gonna come down for him it is. Who is inch. You know is Kim married if a 100% backward he's busy working. His way back in VNU you get to talk about some of the other guys that may be ahead of him. One thing that's Amelie has maybe owes some of those other guys let's just look at let's say were it's awesome car. Totally complete all three positions as far as the X. The Y in that the Z when you go to three receivers he's going to be a watt so I think that gives him some. What a bit advantage. If you're only a number of three or slot receiver so to speak because he can give you something we're all the other position so. It's going to be interest and see how that room shakes out eventually I let's talk about the bad here it's set Dunlap and Deuce McAllister on a special edition of sports socket you can give us a call at 5042601870. There you could 5042601870. Aussie can choose to text at 87870. A part of the bad here com well hello. I don't know if you wanna throw quarterback play in the battered the ugly but. There's no doubt the quarterback play. Putting it kindly let a lot to be its last scientist. Of the media central. Says the F protect the football I mean that's that's rule number one whether you're talking Peewee high school. Duke old college. Benefit. You don't protect the football you cannot win and they did not protect the football last night and you know I know a lot of Graeme blame will go. On palm. Trees and he'll. Some of that it's probably war. You know the interceptions. Both of the UNICEF is total like for him to take a little bit off of a pass to Meredith but even before he threw rip estimated I want ticked down to run. Given right now dip as low. Mac you have to yours again. Go go right here because what he did he stepped up into the pocket and any kind of fired it in their real. On all the crossing route and I saw people blaming cameraman it's that's a tough pass catchers it's a fancy edition hands. Obama blamed both what rent its hand you expect to catch but he wasn't expecting it to come as hard as India. And so if you've got a gun it like dead to take it easy for tick tick down to back but the bad work for you pick up the first now. That's bad look so you have the two passing gets tipped up twice you have a really nice drop goal. You know just think about from a confidence standpoint if they're able to get three or seven out of their drop instead of automatic sudden chains defense has come on the field you know when you look at the other. Two fumbles. The ticklish for him. One and it almost looked like the running back hit his hand or arm but I don't even know if that was the case. They were trying to hit the back in the flat. And he just lost the football. He just lost the football on that that that's I don't know if it's excitement I don't know if it's the new football me because every football to play what is a little slicker. Muqtada they try to get some of that oil off of it but. I'm not Asher ill and you you you have to take care of the football the one that did Ginn junior used trying to hit it on on the go route. Tate is gonna help him out if I can't get to nobody can connect. So if I just got pushed a guy out of bounds or you know go up complete DB whatever it may be ticket they take ambassadors subtly yet today. Procurement GOP. I don't care what you do would break up the pass. That that's what he's got to do and soul. You know that you'd have to take care of football the other play. Savages in. Bush rides in at left tackle would love to see Tom climb the pocket a little bit. Maybe bush could. Ran the defense of Ian. All around the pocket around a quarterback a little higher. Just depending on whether that was off I know what the three because it would have been quick game but depending on how many seconds steps the quarterback was. Taking that's really go on until the the tackles okay this how long have to be able to block Nolan and quarterback after he gets that that final step. You want him if he can if he's not on his number one guy he's got us our climb the pocket and so that's working back up in the pocket particularly if there's no pressure inside. So is it fair to say when we look at those quarterbacks all of them on talk and both teams yesterday. Fans wants taste some hill to be what Josh Rosen is Josh Rosen yesterday consistently stepped up in the pocket ran through his progression is very actor couple passes century would love to have back obviously makes rookie mistakes do. But I tell you Josh Rosen was incredibly impressive as a receiver meat and that's the guy that I think saints fans have won in tastes and held to development to I just don't see it yet yet they say yet that demanded it might happen but yet he's not there. How long is our throw complete quarter represents. Well I mean he's played at a very high level since in junior high you know it's. You're talking about a young man that didn't get to play quarterback last year but it tastes and he'll. So you gotta have your highs in goals with demeanor that there are some throws that he made. That really really do that you talk about it curl. Rowdy talk about somebody out routes that he was able to throw he stepped up into the pocket there was some throws that he made it looked really well but being you talk about a curl Michael Thomas where he uses ha you talk about where he's run a Q a horse for now. And the ball floats all mean he's got to throw the ball on the fifth step as far as on the roll out as concern so are some positive things in there. But obviously we know the negatives as well and we're not even talk about him. As far as the long run that broke it was over two no one was in the flat decent of him lose containment he takes often. 43 yards later the First Act. Here's attacks in the final four DC think Drew Brees baca is in the building now do you think the key GT. AT there and captain enemy practice squad opened that he makes the act of 53 roster. I don't think he's rated take over in role. Whether this thing through all of the stuff and left hanging out. Whether they feel and talk to Meehan and Emma. Whether it feels comfortable witness and it's and or. Jason Gil as the number two guy. Munster and that's going to be their decision where they're going to grade from battling. Pre season games. By Munich yeah rose as well as the OTA curls as far as charting. Those things that may keep a chart of all this stuff and that toward that ultimate decision is to be made. It is on pre season games we see them perform. You know I wonder that they just might take a look at here's a guy who doesn't look like this and expect cardinals' roster towel Josh Rosen is planned Mets might Clinton well I just wonder Michael Inman at the plate right so I mean yeah. One out you knew you know going in though that they like Rosa and in terms of number two in Tempe so. I don't think. They keep that third quarterback in if it is I don't know if it's Clinton I mean you have to you have. Some. Wonders where if the starting quarterback. Draft Bradford his injury history. So you think that they're gonna keep three quarterbacks use excel yapping so I don't think their team it can afford. With Sam Bradford history injuries to just catered to quarterback. Now we instincts we know the history of Sean Payton and one when it came out as a six years ago now really liked might land site at saint strapped Adams. There is some connection it's Deuce McAllister says Dunlap here are special edition sports site you can jump on and win this 5042601870. Terry could final four to six so 1878 text file but it 7870. Blessed saints highlights for you and we'll talk a little. Alexander baloney and the linebacker battle very deep position group there so at the lab Deuce McAllister this is sports stock. Phil Dawson. We'll start a song. Balls caught four yards deep. The start here. Opening kickoff yesterday and yes Brandon Tate he looked good yesterday what good first week against Jacksonville welcome back to the show Seth the last thing now with Deuce McAllister till 6 o'clock to nine taking your calls and texts induce. Grand auntie I didn't expect to be this good man and I don't know labor and we talked a lot about the return gambit he's just been a lot more impressive than I thought. Ever stand last year yeah I guess they average on punt return stand ten yards per punt return last year. I mean when you colleges look at his overall career it's always been a niche. Count position and maybe people were expecting too much of him as a receiver that is serviceable. Receiver. But I mean if he can give you 3035. Yards and then I'm ten yards per apartment. I'll take you know I'll I O two in the reason I didn't think you'd be this explosive isn't this is where I got caught up I looked at the only have one return touchdown and is now ten year career. How can this tech can be that explosive well apparently is a lot more explosive item credits where the heck is he that's been pretty good. Let's check in on the text here teach you five tech from the two to five. Tom savage wasn't any better set than Jason bell Mike Glenn and his terrible too don't jump off the hill trained yet. He still has time to grow and learn a first of all I can jump off the taste and he'll train if I was never on and I do think like I said hill. It's gonna have a long career deuce in this league because of his versatility. And I got stories dialogue is never been on this he some hill as the heir apparent to drew and got to contain. To grow source quarterback is concerned I mean. Last week he had an up and down game the numbers looked okay. But he guilty it was an up and down game there was too sexy he gave up that he probably shouldn't last night it was eternal so I mean until all the things that you gonna just have to grow with. He is going to play on Sunday now whether that is backup quarterback or in the specialty and department we don't know. No doubt no doubt. No doubt he's I mean that's. Don't I don't want anybody to think I'm taking shots at taste appealed the dude is an incredible athletes and like I said he's going to have a long career because of his versatility in that it's it's something that's going to be incredibly valuable to. Any team he's on in the league let's enter some calls here let's start with. Chris Chris Johnson more sock put Deuce McAllister it's up. And got Chris is Chris doing good Chris are you don't. I. Chris somehow put it back I'll hold we were here have a hard time hearing you here it's they'll see we get that straightened out Steve's Steve you're on sports octagon not. Poor thing out there and content he. Partner and be there you know what. I'm. Who surely appreciated that just wanna share some of them dollars and I was able to pick under Sean paid men and Mike McCarthy and David Cook cliff into some of those great often to minds that I was around and that taught me. We go forward. That's got perhaps they have at the street Steve I agree deuce you are Uga he'd grown into this role. And you are one of the best on radio and analysts and they went to this do you what's this NFL symposium last year rate how was I was pretty got to be critical this past year. That was my first time and really just to learn ins and outs and I'm I'm the finished product by any means and one of the things that I wanted to do was. To continue to raise my plea to continue to. Be able to deliver the knowledge that I have to be able and so. Where the year fanatical fan aware of you just as a casual listener of fans to be able to hopefully teach you. What I see as far as from the game of football and so it it it was pretty neat to be able to. Learn. Not only offensive systems different from what I've played in and from what I see. But. To be able to pick Dennis Allen smile and a little bit. To be even talked AG a little bit to understand defense of coverages. Yes I understand and know what Covert three years. But what what are the straits or what are you trying to take away from an offense and so that's really what I want to improve on and things that I wanna learn and diversifying your knowledge. A 100% correct thanks for the call Steve let's go to Ramon strain on what's gone on. A it. Valued at what point yeah it was so I cannot thank from their. Sports talk radio. Lots what they'll come out because no one year deal would be effect you know. Are you know what one they'd done but these guys is they don't. And baloney you know. Tuesday would agree that your immediate blow. He's being we'd be step away and I don't think he would it take to get harmony and back. Apple bought well being. And he kind of altered and it. And quarterback who played ground opened as the years. Our children and Wharton has. Police were among common but an outlaw and packets are not good enough of these young. Or regular order yet but that he was injured. And I thank you to go there. You know being charged. Bet you need to have. One. Oh arraignments we're up against the clock you brought up some good questions here this will get a chance to respond to quick 62 sear for CBS news and right back. We'll looks out to attempt to kick a 31 yards plus it's got 59 yards total. A kick is up. That's well let's just 31 yard field goal yesterday welcome back set Dunlap Deuce McAllister here on a special addition. Of sports talk your calls and text here if you wanna hop on and and let's responds to rein in nothing to the called Raman in an hour responder the first four islanders responded the second part as far as us being on objective. Alice we were myself here I don't borrowers and anybody else's mouth. But if you listen to me long enough here on my program and I I think you'll find that I am very objective on this. I am not sure anybody because just the you know to legislate their nice guy. I'm trying to bring you objective analysis here and my personal opinion on Alex and Bologna. I think the fan expectations of him have been too high I don't think that he's under performed may be what the coaches think he can do. But I do think the fan expectations and you drafted out of Florida were just missed frankly too high and they expected him to east come on an NB some comparable right away and I thought that was unfair to him. I mean that's six rotation and a lot of times to get from fans. He's a good player he's a good young players well and one of the things that you see from him politically in the last week and have for a little maybe a little bit longer is. He's plan a might normally last year he played on the weak side right now they have to Mario Davis playing on the weak side and Maloney is playing the market. Now when they go to medical yes he plays the week. It's different he played the Mike in Florida. So he's done it before but when you're doing it in the NFL it's different speed of the game is faster the angles are different. So it's gonna take a little time for him. Two to settle in as far as the Mike is concern. But they still have other options they can always put me into a tail in as far as my course they wanted to they could slide to Mario. Back over to the Mike that's something that both of them have done. We've seen them Newton. Use different units. Mix and match as far as linebackers are concerned that's the versatility of their group you go back and you look. A decline completed Mike he can play the sale in the week. You know I think that's where they're gonna be really good and then you look at just that top six as far as depth this concern. I think they have some very very good dip you look at a player like Craig Robertson. Who can play all three as well. You know. They have tried to replace him year after year. Guess what he's done. May play Larry may make play after play after play and so you love him as a veteran he Steele going to be productive for you all he has to do is get on the field. Net and as far as handling guide it to his they have Maria on Hussein and Clooney's. Slower looks slow if any thing. He's almost look like he's playing too fast and you do are agree as well he's he's not a slow lomb factory. Now he may not stop the receiver from gets a pass coverage issues I gather that that doesn't mean at all he's a slow guy and he's not dissected the play fast enough. Yep just needs to learn those coverage skills a let's go to Chris Chris look at money in sports soccer Deuce McAllister it's up. What is going on on our cards out people vote but I don't know good nearly. Cut off. I know we can hear you now yet welcome back Christian and now hip. You know appears to agree. It was important. That's prudent isn't. And I. Why is it. You want. You. Went there. You know. Without an open. And and would come out and that's. Well now you know. Public. Chris and pre season though you wanna that you wanted to show everything increases Normandy and exotic season. I don't know whether. I. Regular event. I can get out. There. Letterman. Collins' last on soon and you about Mac. And a bit better because they're. We're gonna happen. I've been a bit of that could change in chip chipped. It just been out there in the public. General. General. And bad and yeah what is thank you don't like that it was you know. Yeah and Chris I will say this year in the personification of a lot of fans frustrations after the first two weeks of the priciest. You want last week. Now last last night ES INS and you lost if if it's not the end of the world also. I'm fond we're plan base or Vanilla whatever you call it because. You don't game plan this week here. They will somewhat game plan. Against San Diego now what's inching is they go in practices against them for two days so San Diego old CB familiar with some of the routes and a double moves and different things of that nature. But those first two games they think having game plan to play against those teams know what I mean is. You make it the day before maybe two days before you make is it okay this is their roster these are some things that they like to do. Normally you started game planning for eighteen. Of the games on Sundays are game planning form and you get introduced or on winds right now. And get some information. Let the game was Friday night they may have gotten that information Thursday and it's a walk through as far as this is some of the plays of the electorate. This is some of the base defense is they they like to a show. This is their roster. You know here to it will linebackers that you re going to give out people that that's what pre season about and so forth coats. The one thing that you don't wanna do. Yes I need to know that he knows what he's doing. From a standpoint of being able to process and line up and get to the right position but I don't want to give him so much information. That he can't even go out and play. It's almost like he's paralyzed you know because he's thinking too much. And if you listen to coach Sean Payton and the we got some tape if you listen to them. That's almost what he's saying. Are we given them too much because what we're asking certain players to do they're not execute. And I think that's some of the frustration for him as well because a lot of the stuff. Look man or steal implementing. Their playbook in a lot of instances as far as installation is concerned now they'll start to prepare down and and go back and maybe ten day ten days twelve days and start working on things they wanna do against Tampa Bay. The right now. They're more about evaluate. Then eight gain instead of yes I wanna win a game but I want evaluate. This and get the best written replies they should be you know we're talking about an incredibly difficult cut down this year when you have you have more. Difficult decisions on the edge of this roster on the bubble if you wanna use that word this Ross and I think they've had Elise is the Super Bowl I would agree maybe maybe the 0011. 2011 team. Had about the same amount of talent maybe not open down roster. But I would agree sets. You may have while you will have I feel very confident and you'll have a player or team that made this team last year. Not make it this year. You may even have a player or two that's a better. That has play three or four years. With the know the team that does not make this roster we artist so long to have started a couple games you'd cut and the Montel Harris about there. And and and Brandon Coleman was another young man and he's helped me he Rubin and that makes once he does get LT that we interest and see if they do bring him back. Because that's the case he's going to be fighting for another position. I see your phone calls hang on we'll take a quick break and we'll take your calls lots of people want to sound off on this we'll do that it's pretty much ulcer along until. 6 o'clock tonight Dana can Texas City 7870. Deuce McAllister and I'm Seth Dunlap this is sports soccer. Tom savage under center he fakes the handoff looks to his left as time that won't caught on the sideline retreat once meant. And he's gonna bring it up. To about the 45 yard line to pick up with the eighteen Chris Campbell. In on the tackle prayers zone. Yeah you son we've been seeing them all camp long sets Dunlap Deuce McAllister along side. Talk in states here and trick once that he was gobble up every single thing thrown his way yesterday really has been throughout camp and the kid looks like he's going to be specialties. It's got a chance to be very good for him yes stay humble and home. I think that everything that Michael Thomas is doing everything. To do and is a lamb cam Meredith. All of those veteran receivers. I would try to mimic everything to their dual I would try to learn as much as I can frown. Talking about enough the ball as far as knowledge from stand standpoint. By how robbery press you know how can you show me. A couple moves that I can use to be to be press coverage. What are you looking for. In certain coverage from certain quarters. He can start to DOS six and different things of that nature he is going to be really really good player. Re a monster now let's go to the phone lines here shakedown welcome into the program and don't shake us down gigs a month. I don't donate Beasley don't lie you don't overdo it on the here's my comment audio commentaries and that is what city it's that same as my opinion. Kind of like like an inside inside game and it is it like the law or that is almost every comedy comment on your commentary around now. While would you give them I wanna be straight about that. Well I appreciate that. Recruitment but. Right now we're kind of subtle about drew not been out there I'm kind of old school you know. Back when and younger first refusing game wanna choose you re sort greet you gain baby born to a quarter or reviewing game. They've portables out. I'd still like. You know Michael Floyd. You know. Typical Chicago trickled smear that Watson he's got additional. Is that here is you know what guys. That you know one receive an award receipt. That it's more Meachem did that whole you know or idea task comeback where it would keep it and so comedy bit. It's like it depends really on page with them into action this week. He played game or Underwood disease and grow under we try to eliminate that risk of injury injuries and injury for two games they grow up. I it is a bit away aggravated it even out yet Triplett would reap what you said you know determine. Shake down here's here's here's the thing that I see that they do. The amount of throws that he gets in practice with those Gaza Jesus. Talked about. Is enormous. So from that standpoint of the rout running whether it's what Ben Watson or mayor Dave. Every day after practice before they go and do their there. Quarterback talent but may work on a certain route with the receivers so one day it may be original. One day it may be over Iraq and so it it may be a look that they saw in practice that the defense was given them. Until drew tell me look this is how won't she run this route when the call over his plan let's just say he's inside this is where this is where I'm going to places ball. Forty he's done it trickle on who's done what mayor if he's done it would Mike Thomas all of those guys they get those roles when they go against San Diego this week. Listen to him talk and an inch on. There will be sold me the causes allscripts I mean every every play that they wanna run is already script they already have it. Laid out and look you'll get ten plays this this period you'll hit a six plays dispute. And this will be the throws that I want to to throw an obvious dees of the receivers but I want to run this route so a lot of that is always. Now where we get cheated as as fans and and you know talk about it we want us CM dude in the game as well. Sometimes those certain situations don't get to come up during the game so yes you have you have every right. To be mad and upset that he's not out there but trust me he is giving those roles with those guys. In practice and I thanks for the call if you wanna jump on in 504260187. And that's the phone number area code 5042601878. You can choose detects an 870. 870. Under section of five before that say no Oreo very good roster it's great to me on the plus set the situation people want to play for the saints very proud of the president else set deuce thanks. Still riding that wave is another Texan a 5042. Games with divisional rivals without Mark Ingram. With slick six exclamation points here yeah I don't they are nervous and your sample David. Market harms it's critics argue industry sees does that tell you what you gonna miss via unanimous tomorrow for game I should say I don't think that's gonna determine a winner Los against Tampa Bay are gonna miss Murat and injury is that the. They're gonna miss him because here's the thing. I don't think there is one person one no there's not one person that we have currently. That can take up the slack for what he gives you from a running standpoint a protection standpoint and his ability BAB kits as far as what to screen with a 2101 option route there's not one person that we have that can do those things that he gives. Now yes alum mark and still run the ball out welcome mark can be a playmaker in the passing game. But when you talk about he comes off to feel you bring in a Williams Jonathan woes. Very good bet not take anything away from. There was a situation. Last night that if he presses one of those runs just a little bit longer when I say press I mean he he he stretches to play one more step. Going with the the direction of the offer to lobby forty breaks aback or before he cuts back. Still setting our game but it may be a 25 yard game. He he he he did it well not actually envision patient. Patience because he sees it he's making a right cut but be patient. Be patient for one more step. And now instead of it being a seven yard gains at its a plus when he it's a plus Tony run I thought it was very very creative in the open field. Where he's going to Matt have to make sure that he is sharp is in a protection. And that was the one thing that you knew would mark you going to get and it's more then. Just drew going up and in identify and Mike you know because once you identify them the Mike. The offensive line has the other guy while running back you've got. Whether it's I am. Whether it's safety whether it's four week on the backside and all that has to be just like you snapping fingers in if you can't do that. It's very very tough force on in drew to trust you as a running back. Kampman angering. Well broken down deuces cycle if you were sent hey you're on the phone lines saying on what is your cause you to second and also some Tex coming in that the podcasts. Of the point after last night is labeled incorrectly it's linking the Jacksonville game. Where we're going to match fixing have a text into our IT team into our digital teams so. Thanks for alerting us to that's actually him quite a few text on that I'll try to get that fixed set Dunlap Deuce McAllister this is sports soccer on WW. ET Baird trying to grab the State's first touchdown he he dropped back. Questions out of the left he looks he's gonna pull down to the five foot up underneath it JT Baird is good for a touchdown. JT bear with a twelve yard touchdown run. In the states finally get a touchdown here would twenty seconds abated. Jed say almost bring in the saints that and yeah nice call there by Zack Mason Smoot call. On the island by Zack Zack got Chris tell me he was a pretty nervous after game one. Before game one I should say it was broadcast that he acetylene into. I remember the first time. I ever. Called play by play ends I'd say it is a frightening experience the first time you stepped from behind the Mike there knowing that you've got to be that painter that artist birth. In a thousands tens of thousands of fans across the across the region. You wanna pay a pitcher and it's not easy. No it is bodies or there's a lot of information that you must view of him. Just to keep people of the brits and it's it's it's not easy deal now let's go to bill on the phone line bill one month in the sports socked with myself and Deuce McAllister. I don't today. Just got them to one of Yugoslavia apart the birds earlier. You know about the game that night and I am essentially. That's what you expect here are increasingly being in. You know we've played with him play in a very. Our question to Jews is we know in game four going to be as good second. Important in any game. Would you consider. Just to get a good looks which you can sort of maybe planned that aren't as starter and I haven't taken note when apple and there's. I'm much or why savage played last night and let's say that they do a bit more boxy and just I listened to signal any. You meaning gained four. Game four that's what it will be I think JT will play a majority of that game I don't expect GT really play at all. In week three and a reason they basically just flip flopped quarterbacks being from. Going through the rotation from what they did last week. Last week Jason Hill didn't play with a one off to line. Last night he did and so the week before it was the opposite so they award to evaluate both of those guys would going with the wind is not only from a receiver standpoint because you still got some of one receivers. In with com. Savage so they'll continue to evaluate. All of those guys but you can look for the majority of the starters at least play a head. If not maybe a little bit more this upcoming week. Ethics of the call continued talking saints' all show next hour we're toggle LSU they're scrimmage earlier today quarterbacks. Struggled. Mightily will tell you about that and see LSU receiver Drake Davis arrested for battery of his girlfriend broker ribs ugly stuff.