Saints Take on Panthers With NFC South On The Line

It's the Saints vs the Panthers in the Dome on Sunday. We talk to Joe Person of The Charolette Observer to preview the matchup.


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Yeah. Thursday December of viola command Thursday edition double coverage here on WW LI MF and in W did well dot com park obsessed it's gonna get children unfortunate radio I'm I'm always ready environment. Ross knows a little later on Carell should football join us for the advocate Joseph person you know look at the at Carolina Panthers a Sunday. In the superdome against the 83 New Orleans Saints Bryant Fisher Collison all right for NBC sports college football talk dot com and writer for Athlon sports dot com. Al would dole geek out in the prep any at 10 o'clock hour on the front prep football brown eliminate Al Adel part of our Allstate true bull pro football roundup on Friday night's. And tickets we punched the dome tomorrow night meant so blue forethought and Allen and the Esquire Pratt illuminate. Phone lines are open. That final four to 6018 semi tech's 8787. Who get plated she wanna scenes battle cancer Sunday in the NFC south. Division lead who has the edge of painters of the saints calls at 504. 2601878. X 870. 87 little behind the scenes look at the man behind the curtain fuel I like your new a new computer screens here man knew a keyboard wireless keyboard and wireless mouse label with what are we doing here the guy gets an ideal test drive those in house in the captain's chair yesterday so there resumes nicely wireless now she can roll over on the Irish society keyboards wireless also the ads for guess is dangerous millions of untreated. Here upgraded. Practice news today from the saints march on Lattimore did not practice they would ankle what's Toronto Armstead. Left tackle. Missed practice law club tight in the co beef leaner and the third one the fourth was sexist in my mind recognized it. Who was that that that missed the hoses that there's not symbols of the king Crawley limited today impressive Marcel Lattimore really. In honesty the media today so he was literally hiding behind the glass. In there and it's true yeah I am in the committee in the training room kind of peak peak and in and out and Ian Michael solace or have an ago. At the media there that we all kind of went over and started talking marking your when he Jimenez does well here you guys are all busy now mouse limit is you know technical appearance they used to further growth he was part of the available guys and then here's. Yeah well look I think it. He said earlier and earlier today that he looks like he's going to be O play this Sunday against the Panthers here it's an all hands on deck on a deal I think something we talked about yesterday on sports talk set. House kind of how I thought I thought I was gonna go crawl had a better chance. A practice limited yesterday didn't practice today it's harder read in this you don't know if this is a rest. Day you know give moon and a little time off the ankle or of his ankle didn't respond very well the cracks just. What does FiOS I don't think indium. I just don't I don't now I don't think they can go double those guys and and could they play pretty well actually up. There are over in Los Angeles but if they have can Crowley if they have more on. And PJ Williams. There really don't they beat him and we towering red without Marshall Lattimore this is. This is and to call them an apt is a passing offense is probably a disservice to the word inept that they cannot throw the football man. Camden new over yesterday is the 24. Rated quarterback right now according to pro football focus. The pulling the football. In the National Football League animal laughing is that puts him right behind Jacoby preset and right here in front of Josh accountable if so that's that's where he has been here. And look. Am not trying to sound area past. The offense the saints have faced against the Redskins and rams last two weeks wave more dynamic. Way more multidimensional. Than the one up and his rent on Sunday. And I'm not saying that Cam Newton can't go off and and take over a ball into he has he can run the football he's he's doing that more was legs this. This time around the last four games and he that he did the first matchup between the saints and Panthers but. I'm with you says I kind of fallen a lot of them there's not enough there's not enough weapons on offense. For them the really take advantage of the injuries this except Greg Olsen is gonna have an issue his foot injury. Chris McCaffrey's deal with a shoulder injury so. They don't they already had a lack of talent or lack of weapons already hatred do we Kelvin Benjamin who played against saints in the first match up. I I'll I'll I'll tell you tell us like does a match of that that that favors assays even without Marshall a lot of. Absolutely it does now like you said they've got to be worried about the running game just really dynamic with Newton and McCaffery. And Jonathan Stewart's an offensive line and that's come together at least running the football little bit here so I'd depleted front seven when he talked about no Alex Okafor. When he talked about it being up line backing core also. So there's some things to be concerned about offensively for this Carolina team to throw the football this is one of and that's why it if your marsh on Lattimore if I'm the saints bringing back marsala more from that ankle. Russian back here he's going to be much more critical next week on a short week in the superdome are Sunni and the Mercedes been stadium. Over in Atlanta it's just it is and we all know when you're coming back from an ankle was a high ankle sprains are like. Playing on and is gonna re anger rated but the picturesque is certainly help. Right was it can be aggravated and also because you live for the entire UISS look. Third I know this a big and I get that but a short week against the left out is especially if you win this ball game. You got to upon I'll call on Panthers right yes sole possession of first place that he beat the Atlanta Falcons and you're really in the driver seat in the NFC south he's got Carolina RD out of the way also an Atlanta. A little more games so you can really coach self and your position so that's why I think that you know let's just face it who's the deadlier lack match up is it. Is it is the panthers' offense a wide receivers know it's Julio Jones in Atlanta Falcons would you want your best guy going Libyans who live Joan employ. It's not Parse our words here Christian if the saints won the next two game that's game set match in this division yeah the saints are going to win this division if they beat the Panthers and then beat. The falcons next Thursday that his star and that's a tough border especially the one next Thursday. Against a rejuvenated falcons team but. Can be done and we could be talking about first week of December NFC south wrapped up. Yet for all intents Burris I know my mathematically but we're talking about you'd have. Did the tiebreaker on the Panthers UB two games at UB three games up on the falcons with the tiebreaker and more indigo with them this. This isn't pretty much BO. Both these teams saints and the Panthers like the one a football third and fifth in National League National Football League in rushing yards per ball in the saints had the edge obviously in the passing game. The painted a 24 the saints are second with 272. Under 67 yards passing per ball game Tony engine Philly big HL and or short you to a final four. 26018 semi tech's 87872. Behind enemy lines. About fifteen minutes it would Joseph person Agile person on tour covering the Panthers. For the Charlotte Observer double coverage here said the person on W two LA government. Just another reason a Pro Bowl voting is just so chase gam. Cam Jordan. Voted as the FL player did as a player of the month BAT's eighth amongst defensive ends in Pro Bowl voting. He got to be kidding me I mean clearly he's would you say set as the season he's seven. He's top five defense an easy chance of course is that this is it's this is the popularity on I can't stand it I really can't and I know look. Pro Bowl isthmus before the fans now I know he used to be for the players this is definitely eight for the fans type type of experience now. When they have their figures it's the new age were they are able to vote their favorite players and I get it. You know and first there's the things Chris in the conference 13 of that though 13 of the vote no I get hits but there's good things that come from that let's understated that's completely bad when you have. The fans able to voting guys like oh in a baseball and Derek Jeter's final season Nieminen I like that kind of stuff so. There's I think fan voting in fan input on this is warranted it. Got to take the the bad with the good I suppose and this is bad and it happens a lot it happens a lot to smaller market teams it really does and that's what are your new world for proud of that hey that's what team it. Set they it doesn't matter in a lot of it is cans not need to play a probable cause is going to be in Memphis so well it can't how far you've compare Clinton spent two months. He saw you. Me Cam Newton yeah no I don't think it's an Al Hamdan. He's my heights and built like a brick here is like two to fifty yet no success does not tackle Cam Newton and I never said I can tackle him I know I'll just taken that houses thing about have a supply I think he may via ideally I'd give it a shot I mean I in my prime got good backhand down post him up a little absolutely. Human element email address book or the guys on our staff heard jazz great basketball players will I sit in my prize you know Saturday Tony didn't know what's going on a year on double coverage on WW well. I. Got two quick questions. Opening of the beer gut response. Question. I know it could be again as we couldn't replace. It now. To the superdome and come out there lackluster performance. They play well on. All been ought to export import. Or football game LA they say you know. We do. What he. Could. It. Be. He'll be suspended that's the new rule if you take if you take a swing it's almost an automatic spent Jack might be in on Macs. For. Well. We'll be fired if we got to fight. Not only root out now be fired on a Sunday like on the and I got new event. The report. At the copper. World tour. Yeah our house I mean if I'm being honest here. I've been you have been around here thirteen years I've seen some things go on and. It is is one thing that. Players you know just Crabtree. And the I. He's only regret yank his chain last year there are some history there. I'll put it up to get any. Peace and now we get into. We'll talk a little off for this I don't look I don't like to fighting in the game and let me just I'm just maybe. Causes thing about a different way OK first off as far as kids looking up to these players. It's up to the parents to decide to tell them hey look this is the behavior that that I do. Want you to emulate his athletic ability or if it's good sportsmanship and yes but it neck and neck case I think it's at the Paris ago looked at that castoff is not be tolerated from me. That's a very easy teachable lesson for you give your kids now as far as infighting were also asking these men think about this now. That are playing for a lot of money jobs and their careers. To to have cool heads when it's highly highly competitive now I'm not making excuse them fighting. But I know this and in a testosterone drew world like the NFL. With a major dollars at stake in my career at stake. I can't promise you that I am always going to be cool if someone takes a shot at me now like that these are cheap shot I. I can't I've at some point I got to defend myself as well yeah and Tony this is aware. That good sense of what I was just gonna say here. Think we might be going too far Tony with getting the eighths exceedingly angry at the players for this because you look at hockey. By two part of the game we don't have a promise that those I think are more violent fights than we ever see in football for the most part. We're looking at NASCAR racing Tim I know your big fan there's intentional crashes. All the time and now what's more dangerous intentionally reckon some money on NASCAR track appointments and somebody with a helmet on the football field so I give it I don't like it either I'm with you Tony and I'm with the Christian. I personally don't like to see it but. I think it's channeled in the right way right if they see it it's an automatic suspension now pretty much from the NFL that's Asian handle and a big find any other thing I want to add his. I've never understood why would like trying to punts about it with a helmet on any way to face masks on the and makes no sense to me anyway 10 it's like wind you know I use our charge in a pitcher has the ball in my back and I figure to get into a fight with a baseball player as a bat in his hands agreed on Tony takes a phone call big H all the nor shall what's going on BH. We're better we're they don't insult my little man I'm good yet like again two quick questions we are wearing it yesterday. On Wednesday based Gartner Dario report more slash. Dead on match it was. Proper pursuit of the other other jobs over by the head coaching position all of a coordinator another school. Spanned. Today today. I know that I am amazed I was on while we're a bottom has been dead big. Beacon and believe deeply in the view without arms are to tiger Bert part of I don't think dot com there's there is there any truth is this great sport there is true that Mac now that maybe you've even eligible even or. I don't wanna I wanna give away the interview is Ross down are we to we asked Ross that you'll hear a little later on a basically too we categorize it was. There's not a lot of interest in Mac Canada and going to be offensive coordinator somewhere else unless he's gonna make more than one point five million dollars as DOC. AT&T currently analogy yeah I know boys as a head coach somewhere else as well he's gonna have to take a pay cut I think there's opportunities for him it's an open secret here right pit. Even though they kind of repaired things Mac candidate and coach shows they have their rift I think candidate if he had his says is just me personally and everything I read. And people I talked to I think if Canada had his choice and was able to go somewhere and make equitable money. Somewhere else at a similar programming absolutely would additional amount that opportunities out there for him. Now Willie dual Lane Kiffin kind of thing and go to a small school take a pay cut because he wants to be a head coach somewhere I think that's a distinct possibility. And we'll talk thrust onto Akerson said about it and a little bit to probably an hour the difference being laid between lane and Mac can Elian's image had been so tarnished by USC. Oakland Raiders Tennessee Volunteers. It serie he had to do that in order there was no there was no other. Roll the dice on him mentally repair his image. But as far as the Mac Candida. Coach no experience I think. When I'm more concerned with is. Hey how he was tapped couched as. The best offensive coordinator in the country my coach Obama promised he may when he was removed as the as interim coach made they had cut. The head guy in charge and yet after a year there's a rift are there's a there's a disagreement or there's there's some sort of I was the highest bad blood. It just makes you wonder okay rule Cotto did you vet this guy out properly revel whoever wasn't even a year with five games yet. Member after that the Detroit game one had to sit down Majoli Eva yeah I mean it just makes you wonder okay well in the talk about as a coach you're responsible for hiring the right guys. That was gonna year old your your your role as a coach it's how you gonna do things and in five games into the season. You know you don't like what he's due one and a half I also think that he also said coach O said that he's not going to metal and and defense and offense he's on his coordinators be coordinators and I think what happened was is he starting get in the business of called plays are trying to call plays and as a minute that he he said he wanted to show a lot to be a little concerned with with this up Mac cannot coach Joseph strained relations. Yeah I think there was read I think they're definitely it was we spent a lot of time on the show talking about it Christian I think with how things went over the second half of the season. I'm openly concerned about it anymore now again and again from people I talked spill. I think that strained relationship is still there it's just kind of simmering in the background and went away because they're winning. And I think I would lean towards saying Canada's gonna stay here because if he has another year improving this offense with miles ran by him you better quarterback many ailing. I think you have job offers a job offers many more job offers and they'll get this year so I think it would behoove him keep your page yeah right they have money stay here. And take those job offers next year they're gonna be there Mac Canada going viewers like Ellis and the arrows pointing up for this for that's that if this program's gonna go nowhere but up when you have and look at lane. Credit to him what he did down the stretch you're getting in the bowl game. But. Mount Vernon they're gonna have a much better cortex. Childbirth and next here on top of that he's gonna have an opportunity. To get more of his guys in here to run his system mean he's he was running that system based on as the personnel that they had left overnight early full. Year and a half two years were the recruiting tool Woolsey for Mac Canada and it's LSU offense coming up we'll go behind enemy lines Joseph person Agile person. Covering the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer next on double coverage says encryption on W blame us mint dot com. Based on an inch rough like talk like this judge Joseph person in as Joseph personal Twitter. Covering I'll stop them awful it was terrible gbagbo government. Joseph where's that Joseph person on Twitter. Covered the John tennis for the Charlotte Observer Joseph I apologize about my terrific introduction airman. Now like that FM radio quoted like Randy pretty. Yeah exactly I did. Doug it's a joke of the week we three assay took to Charlotte beat about Kansas pretty good really expose and defensively in hung up 31 points on them. And the Panthers have ripped off four straight games. What's different about this team the Panthers compared to that we three loss. Well can run the football. You got to remember that we pre game that was still. Early in the year post. Shoulder surgery they were kinda keep treat him a little bit like you know kind of a Portland doll. Left him in the pocket that day for the most parties only at three. The very next week in one of improvement for a touchdown. That the very next week get a New England. And bay. Yeah they got a tip they make attitude buried and and it was such a big. He gave at all off and more energy when when can run the ball he gave actually the defense way more energy. It was and and rally them and and meet at a couple games we run a whole lot but he had a four game stretch where he led them rushing him regain and it that to me. That the biggest difference there oh good that this game and as they say they feel like that we regain. Only. You know they've been ranked pretty much in the top three all year defensively. Currently their number Q behind Jack bill. But but but has it that the cam running BO the big difference. Talking to Joseph person who covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer here on double coverage and Joseph I know you probably get asked this a lot by people outside of the market. And it probably tired of these questions been endorsed a serial little bit. I cannot for all of his success rushing the football this year he has had. I think trouble throwing it would be putting it lightly a little bit. He several of his worst season throwing the football when he fourth rated quarterback according to pro football folk focus fourteen touchdowns eleven interceptions to 60% completion percentage. He go on here but my question to you is how much that's camp and how much that is is is lack of weapons right now. I had a little bit of as a matter fact it's funny that. Are. It completion percentage is actually. It is the guy has never been very accurate. Passes well poly even it MVP he's what the light. Light. In terms of accuracy. And but but you're right I mean. I think it took till about half quakers see it until his shoulder was really right in terms of get throw the ball down field. And that there they abaco and what about the time they traded hell bent to the and I am not at all one on you know the front office suddenly cam cam Baird's. Good. Portions of the blame Cuba. Very happy and I. I went there and analysts went George robbery to work or is that the observer today look at that there that are receiving group. That it does like many. How does he made three mean. Data on you know I kudos to him he says I think. In any in any short sample size proven that the might have been ready you look like he's ready. You at least be close to a number one type receiver. That late to beat that fairly. But but he's really kind of stepped into it though is that it did trade. And an actor that is just panic. You know they were hopeful that that occurred they handle the rookie from Ohio State would develop. And he really was kind of stop and start all he's been in many got her a couple weeks ago it out the year broke an ankle. You know it is today they've used McCaffrey now and out side. And you know he's been effective he did not surprising they went and it he has not had like breakaway type. And Ra I was I was gonna ask you about criminal Jaffray Agile person that Joseph person. Onto the cover of the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer of the saints and Panthers now out Sunday 3.5 to golf right here on c.'s radio four NFC south supremacy but Joseph. Christian McCaffrey has the know early on he was having a hard time or at least the offense is having a hard time coming gig in the jell O line and fit into this scheme. Has he done that here recently. Yeah I think like that that need a New Year's ball oak. And and and he kept the ball. I think. It just opportunity like one drop all he. My I'm surprised. Based on what I thought and effort and in the pre eaten in of the pretty easy games. I thought he would have more discipline I thought he would be the Al Khobar. And and Andy at it is is it hasn't happened in the attic Koppel weighs about over one yards. But not images made like you know go why you know I did not know real well. So you know I I don't know ID. Any hat on that the weird thing is he had repeat that I think it just goes to show you the difference in his leg when you're taught about starters. Who is playing against now every week as opposed to respect and thirteen that he was seeing in August. But. You know I'd. I I've had this argument before with the other people I'd I would not call urged to McCaffery disappointment. I just think that I think he's doing. What baton to eat just missed it a little. We mentioned it earlier how is this team eaten three hour point squarely toward Ron Rivera man I think. This they do some special he really is and he's done this with this team before. Seemed to elevate him to heights they just shouldn't be out you see him on an everyday basis now for one half decade plus. What makes Ron are very different and what makes him special from other quarterback coaches across the league. You know he's he's a go it kind of is level headed the and end sub I. Whether span when the Panthers currently. It stands because. You look Iran outline and you know it almost looked like he did he do it there. But he that way you you know he he. They've got. On this Neiman especially in the persons of Andy. To get real high. Real. Yet to beat Rivera is he's steady and and any thought though really kind of land to push guys and kind of windy back and he played nine years though I think that certainly counts for a lot. A guy like Hewlett rappers. They basically let Julius Peppers that it yet. They figured he had figured out in the years. You know what you need to do to get ready or B for on repairs quote Julius Peppers a day so that he can that joke which we have did you like. Julius Julius we've practiced in the wrecked the day. But at doesn't mean prepared like that late date there. It just means that he truck we kind of police themselves and I think that. Yet not everybody asks BP Carol to be successful governor and like I look pretty well LeBron is also be yeah it gets enough credit nationally. You think he still has operated. I mean I I I think that and and that bet no but my god we're actually now but he does that. But that is acting coach of the year award that he managed just you know and of course is that these that was probably noted that. But. It is it an interesting year I mean. They've they've that being nominated have a bunch of their factories and leaders captains go out to the owners out like a week to. That they were upset with Jerry Richardson got and not letting them speak their minds on the on the an approach that. You know cameras and kind of put his foot mountain the couple times then. You know just eight pat and add injury to pro bowlers. Great all the ride a Leo. And here there are victory in some of its schedule you know they played a lap late yet this year which meant that they got to have it go. In Chicago which court they lock the bears game. And then they took care of business in the SP two they swept those four I was four game against it is the beginning with a big win. In week four against patriots. Joseph person had Joseph person won or heroes from an I mask and Seth my my Kosier is a pretty big pretty big guy six foot six foot seven. Not quite as bill like like Kim but I'm a mortar and a war all want to be tackle Cam Newton. I'm proud that it beat it you know. K I am one of those guys that I mean look we all sport. Grow. You know you kind of lose then oh well time factor he's one the the first time you see them. Coal I didn't know quarterback presidential order that broad intent that. He he really look like type player recorder. And you know and that's why it was important for them like. You know I get they wanna protect them and paying him a bunch of money you don't wanna see him get hurt like he did last year but. But that's that's who he is. Candy is never going to back back tour earlier since. Can't never going to be I'm grade year Aaron Rodgers sees you know like 65. Completion. And you know 120 factory Egypt that. But what he the EU is what you're talking about you know it third and and he'd say well Rhonda and run someone over there. And and drive goes on so. And I think it's important Mike Shula there're there are in line up or Nader. That that he uses the you know it made his or are in play in many years agrees. You'd better take full advantage of his unique skill that while Uga. Joseph Joseph person that Joseph person on to recover any Carolina Kansas for the Charlotte Observer. Thanks troubles go behind enemy lines and we'll see coming down Sunday. Back and announced that it in and looking forward to. I sense you get some heat down here in the Big Easy. I suddenly come on back here double coverage here on the redeployment by the way I'm an answer that question definitively wants the N I know I can I tackle Cam Newton you had destroyed Connie do it. Ali did. Pay by the way if you could we were asking how's us on Twitter. If you take a shot at one person whether it's camp are Seth. Who did who like fig has sat at home zones abundant. Double coverage here on Demi to loyalist and a cup. Tis the season for giving hearts to holiday is join me Deuce McAllister tomorrow Dollar General on vets in Metairie. From four to 7 PM our mission really simply highlight the pioneering work in compassion shared. As saint Jude children's research hospital combined total saint Ellis you and Belgians basketball big donation harsh for the holidays. When myself and Deuce McAllister tore four to seven a Dollar General seven. 123 veterans boulevard before powerball Lauren and I ten party by Coca-Cola. And WWL welcome back double coverage here on a W them well I anathema dot com continue to get set for Sunday's match up a huge 183. Panthers 83 saints Sunday in the superdome and I'm teasing my my my coast earlier about trying to steal my sideline passing get a shot Cam Newton put more poorly honestly said. You look at this game and I think Joseph person's right. It's all about Cam Newton in the running it's if they could slow him down and you're gonna see. Last week you saw Jerry golf autos boot actions where he had a run pass option really it was a pass option. But what candies not enough to run the ball and he knew got. Many. On game pass it was something he was a little unfamiliar with these are put those defensive ends is a pretty carries spots potentially so yes vote Kennedy again and you got to. Be disciplined on the outside as well not only on the end positions but also on the corner positions and get something that deuce in body of talked about a lot this week so. Imus to see what happens the quarterback spot now that it's not going to be fun to Harrison out there believes strongly and it was hopefully not look sterling Moore is back hopefully. He's only playing sparingly in the nickel also which is BJ Williams and and crawling on the outside. I'm not really worried. It's weird man I I don't feel this way all lots. But this week I just feel like it's it's another great matchup for the saints is do I told it was a bad matchup for the saints. In LA it turned out to be that way just like this is a good matchup really good matchup on paper for both the sovereigns and the Stevens and I know we just had. Agile person on Sana the number two defense in the entire league. But there are also that way we three yeah nastase is ran right through and they have been doing this against the weak sisters of the four man we talked about that with the with the schedule. And the thing isn't this happens every year you just play the team yet play can't do anything with it. The Panthers. Are probably going to be a ten and sixteen him and have a chance to sneak into the playoffs a year with a record that might be the worst in the league guys you missed scheduled they've played a might be. The easiest in the league Christians so. It's a little bit of Roger and their record I just don't think Cintron had too much from problem covering misalignment for a half of sport there for pick six letter with the opening a census. They beat buffalo. Behavior did he'd be doing organism of the big win for the may be Detroit. Lost did just. Philadelphia. Then they lost to Chicago. Beat Tampa again they beat Atlanta which is a big one. Beat Carolina beat Miami. Beat the jets can look at what for two fumble on two turnovers that just try win that ballgame. So yeah I agree this matchup clearly seuss' saint I think better and a favor by four points he keeps on going up. In particular because here in the superdome but. You look down the stretch this is what I'm talking about that got eight wins right now getting that ready yet they got Minnesota the but that's at home right but my point is they make me. They're painter right now and a two weeks to be 85 in me to create two of the games back of the saints and and one game back on the last I mean they've got extremely audible games against the Packers again without Aaron Rodgers all star rushed back and act but. Against the Packers and also attempt. Yeah and then they close out against Atlanta Falcons so. And it here's the thing though it is now this is gonna come down to the following this NFC is crazy Christian because. There's going to V. At least at men among six teams at ten and six in the way you work it out with who is favored in these remaining games. There could be up to eight teams in the senate seat with ten wins eight. Which would be on president's sense I think it's been since the nineties when he had two teams and one conference for ten plus ones get left out. The falcons stay anonymous or vikings this Sunday put the teams with eight wins or more in the NFC currently. Yell Los Angeles the Panthers. The saints the vikings. Eagles and look at the teams that are have seven wins Atlanta Seattle. Current and it's double opinions and the reason teams that I set said the ME tenants six and by Jimmie Johnson and don't count out the jury either know not I'll miss six and five for eleven. Tennessee's while jumbled mess double coverage here on WW well. On Twitter or check out three from the literally an FM. Picture of a hand holding a cell phone flip phone adapt. With them Scott Steve ground at your opportunity guests who saw that might be whether it's. Says a lot on what sets it sets flip phone he's the rock in the flip phone India. And in Scottsdale. First on not a deal thing I wish I was to be rich. There is indeed there's literally in a flip phone anymore yet. Yeah I just watched the departed again for the first time how good. 67 years last night I'll have flip phones I'm like man that that dates up really quickly or we just forgetting Howell quickly. The Smartphones have proliferated over the Andrea yeah exactly and. There's seemingly new ones every. Second of the day. Iphones and how long that you know a B iPhone 24 long. The to skip anomalies skip the nine ring yeah. US Olympic numbers went repeat it and I don't understand I can do that apple you skipped nine why would you leave nine out nine degree number disaster Drew Brees Ted Williams. Double covered rolls on and the next hour. We got we got Bryan Fischer. Coming up next cal football writer from BC sports college football talk dot com writer for Athlon sports dot com also. Visited withdraws sellinger of the advocate about Mac Canada and the Ellis tires off that's according to his future they'll begin at 10 o'clock hour and a geek out on pro football. Tig is it would close to the dome for the soup for the Super Bowl or super dome. Four state championships Al Adel and Brad yes Barlow make coming up in the 10 o'clock hour stick around double coverage rules don't.