Saints Take Down Panthers To Improve To 9-3

The Saints stay on top of the NFC South with a win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Seth talks to WWL-TV Sports Director Doug Mouton on the win plus looks at the rest of the NFC.


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What's New Orleans what's up across the gulf south the delisting wherever you are welcome on ensor. A little shin dig here for the next three hours double coverage and Seth Dunlap Peter Christian on sports stocks that means. Just umi in our studio producing tens and of the next three hours right here on double coverage. And it's falcons' week. So lemmings are and have a lot of fun on the show saints nine in three. In control of the NFC south now. Basically a two game early on Carolina won in the standings they have the tiebreaker so. Nicely two games to give them with the Panthers there two games up on Atlanta. Basically went away on Thursday wrapped in this division up with three weeks he'll for all intents and purposes. So we're gonna talk about that matchup on Thursday. In the Mercedes-Benz stadium. Deal like that Thursday that match up. Against the falcons what do you think happens that's are pretty jaguar opinion portal it'll all night long on the show do you think the saints beat the falcons on Thursday night yes you know. Logon to WW dol dot com. To cast your vote. Rim talk to Doug notes on WW LTV channel four sports director at the bottom of the hour ago inside the saints team now and Tamara obviously getting. Very big hub for rookie of the year as he should that award also I think smell locked up. On the fringes of the MVP conversation at Christmas talking about that hug and a little bit I think that's a that's a bridge too far where. Meredith new leader's own team and in rushing yards. But at some bagging on him he gets more touches it he was you know deep featured back here. You know seventy yards he'd have. So Sox dug a little bit little little later in the show we'll hear that Syria we heard a couple hours ago Bobby Hebert talked a major breezes that your QB to QB. Is the other big news from the weekend the college football playoff. Is set controversy like we thought there would be a close slosh through Wisconsin to Ohio State's. And that allows Alabama to squeeze by a Ohio State and some other teams into the fourth spot. And there in the college football playoff. They'll play Clemson view rematch. A blast through the last two years national title game. In the semi finals right here in the Sugar Bowl. We pumping your fist and what's that about it's a big game it's a huge hit him but leads and trying to get over there that's for sure. Over the into the superdome assuming its next immediate passes through Allen on the good probably. Oh give us a reason to hookers and the other semi final other SEC team they get 2% it's happened to teams want conference George the bulldogs. They're in they're taken on Oklahoma the team a lot of people kind of have is they're sneaky favorites in this one. Miss four team race they've got the likely Heisman Trophy winner. In baker mayfield a guy reminds me a ton of Johnny Mann so I think it's a good thing on the college level I think that's not a good thing what you get to the draft and beyond. I am not sold on his draft stock at all. But as far as this playoff goes sometimes you just gotta go with the best flair. We're gonna talk a lot of college football on possible playoff an hour to come and tell you why I think the system is broken why I have completely soured. On the system and if I'm being completely honest a kind of soured on college football in general because of the broken system. And they have. A bunch of suits. In a room. Big school commissioners and and alumni and deciding the fates in smoke filled back rooms of college football. We're sitting here in the NFL which are talking about a lot today as well and describe their fortunes and future actually on the football field. Great write a sitting there on Sunday I tweeted this out that set Dunlap. Member eleven watch in an actual sport where the results. And saw the playoff fortunes are actually decided on the football field and not by. About a big wigs and a backroom somewhere. To soured on that a really added all I'll tell you why our two ross' gonna go. Really preview that Alabama clinching game and our few weeks away but Christie Garrett had a chance to talk to Travis rear senior analyst for bam online dot com. And also we'll talk to me any Robinson sports columnist covering Clemson for the Greenville news sort of both sides of bats. A man we're gonna talk to. In SEC country guessing them on the program before Alex shaky covering LSU football for SEC country dot com so that's our show today lots of football sock saints falcons in week that's our focus as well but. Look college football. Playoffs at bowl games coming up LSU by the way Darian the Citrus Bowl plane Notre Dame for the second time and a handful of years. In a bowl game. On New Year's Day has to be exciting to the saints will be there. Just a day away from that. And hop skip and a jump from that play in Tampa Bay. They would make some Florida plants. Over the New Year's holiday. We'll take a break here coming back let's get it's she knew. And and New Orleans and Atlanta. Timmy threw me off of that music man Euro a ruthless he's that it ran out everything has just started out there are out. Now let's talk a little falcons and saints phone lines are open. Final four to 6018 Syria want you tell me. Why you're excited about this team right now on what concerns you most about this game on Thursday in a chance to wrap it up here for all intents purposes of the division but we all know records you've thrown out the window. In this game saints falcons 504260187. He's the phone line you can text me. At 87870. I'm Seth Dunlap on Twitter asset Tellabs skin started here on the welcome back to the show talking little saints falcons Thursday night's couple nights away. From now on the divisional game on Thursday for the saints who we play a lot of those on the road and accidentally got the falcons on the home obviously. Recently on Thursday night as units up one short week now both the quarterback starting quarterbacks for the falcons were injured last week including but I consider one of the the 56. Best corners in the game right now and Desmond Trufant. So they're going to be banged up in the secondary that's gonna help New Orleans here it's all about timing right we talked about this before it's about timing on when you play these teams. And alas they were rolling and coming into that game he beat up a little bit. Lose. To a very good lord a very good Minnesota team who's just vastly underrated Rhett. Who I think has a real shot to be the number one overall seed in fact right now it would be the number one overall seed if they what I don't care this case came quarterbacking a team this is not the same case keep him. If you had in the past. Undefeated in the second half of the season is holding on to that drop that job over Teddy Bridgewater who is back in could return it. Meat into SI gonna happen. Saw a lot of film on case in Baidoa. This weekend's. Breaking a doubt he says plan. Better only per play blaze is that he ever has in. And his career and it's not just because they're on a better team I thought well you know as his schemes went is that defense. On a better team. Yeah. He is stupid that's not that he's and he's playing better you don't watch is film case Kim. And he's playing better than Sam Bradford ever did at least over an extended period of time. For that seem they're better right now with key element quarterback mean would you would Bradford a quarterback he was kind of one of those in Iran to see anybody get injured. And how one of those guys spread. I think the vikings work oddly a little fortunate the Bradford got injured and Kino must must throw him Eric is he's been flat better quarterback in Bradford analyst. But let's talk a little saints falcons here. Obviously a massive game standings wise Atlanta since you games fact no president in uninteresting spot here. So like even other two games back of New Orleans and NFC south the 75 New Orleans 93. Now can still control their own destiny because. They have a game it's Carolina they have to against New Orleans. To build one or went out. Eleven beard champs. The Tennessee sep us. Now the way they're playing and only that's gonna happen I don't think. I think it's safe to go announce Thursday and beat this team need to slow to what's happening in the banged up secondary for the falcons. Who have been a little bit of mirage defensively they're actually be eighth ranked defense in the National Football League right now we yards per game wise. Massive memorized because yet eight and yards of the twentieth in points allowed. Big disparity there are other reasons this turnovers in the foreplay periodically from the offense. Give the other team short fields special teams issues. But again good matchup for the saints now the states because they have the tiebreaker on Carolina. The two wins on them they would. They were tied to head to head not a three way tie it's aloe ago. So two games obviously on Carolina and up there win this week three games to go yet basically that she gamely on Carolina for all intents purposes Atlanta be out of it. They'd be three up on alana. Three games play. Walked. The talk arresting guys get guys healthy he still have that designated her turn off IR. Marshall Lattimore a little banged up. Big week big game here I know it's short week I know it's a real tough spot. Her any team but especially in one of the best rivalries and National Football League. But at the saints. Especially their profits of their role and like they have been throughout the second half of the season. May go into Atlanta and just keep doing what they've done. Run the football this is a should BA run first team not to play there obviously thrown more than their running that's just the NFL right now. No team I guess except for. Who was at the 49ers a couple years ago and Harbaugh Seahawks years ago they are actually skewed overproduced and running the football doesn't happen anymore. It's very rare. But for all intents purposes again this is a run first football team with can marry an anchor mr. should be. Breezes affirming. I guess one of the reasons why it I think breezes have one of his best years not going to be statistically one of his best years you know overlooked for the MVP award. Tuchman and appeal later in the show as well. So what are you most concerned about on this Thursday and it's weird. I try to be real with each week gonna talk throughout this two weeks ago I said look when your pal out of more crawling going across the country playing LA agave no shot eternal and affable. Actually thought it was going to be a little uglier than a wise. Your credit and had a team for especially second half. No touchdowns allowed the second half of the game. Given a nine point three field goals. And then last week I said this matchup wise you look at what Carolina is good at. Running the football and what they're bad at throwing the football I didn't I didn't think they would miss Lattimore but members of that secondary. I said the saints I didn't think that what is afford a half point spread I think that was nearly high enough so that should be seven and a half eight. And stun you when I see when I watched the film of these teams a lot throughout the week here. Atlanta if they or healthy in the secondary. I say this is a toss up on the road. Finals office still. Fox's Neil Alyssa sell office supplies is generally bad sports really really bad. But. But the injuries now I really like saints here. I really liked the saints I think it's just again they've done this a few times this season and you know what that's fine because it in the past few years. The saints a little obviously I'm a little and a lot unfortunate with injuries and catchy teams in the wrong time this year the Cassidy in the right time out. I don't care. Rent and I hold that against subscribe there to win and they're gonna get a win on Thursday a stock. Now or open up the phone lines 5042601878. In talking about saints Alanna Thursday what are you most worried about. Stock DePaul in Shreveport falling on WW. Yeah outlook quick I'd just look at one quick question report it in my own real question should up. Video what happened that did the deal barrel from planet what you call Brad the thing. Have to keep our eye yeah you know I at least solicit jurors she hasn't called designer and host the show that I know exactly you're talking about we have Iman talk during this entire year so I don't Holler she met. I. Like those calls fall really that. What's up what are you got what's on your mind. Like this year this year are permanent that. But the 2009 year I did think that thing. They add that magic and that matchup in the bottle I think there I think O'Meara is special what we all think he had. You know people who are low but they're quick. I Tamara lately sink America moves slow. I think in those it will look like he's living well but he. In their court. Well I think I got a serious and it looks like he's whose slogan is really move and aligning pace man I call the what he calls himself the matrix and I think he's the perfect nickname for him because he just slows it down. All right the only. It has not been special that it that you can't you keep its orbit on the you can coach. But it got whatever it he's got a got a abundant looking at some of the don't look at the college I lie and he showed that the inability of the banks are running the ball. He's he's just got it and erotic compliment then they'd both compliment. Op operate and that beat that complement the opening. I think they've got the magic this year it got a real shot. Yeah no they got more than a real shot Paul I think right now at a handicap is just gonna depend on who gets that number one overall seed I'm mile. And I know that's kind of cliche it is to say most years. Really and I'm honored. Reverse that a little bit I don't think Philly right now with what I've seen them big in big spots. With a negligible home field advantage. One of the worst if you're talking about comparing it to other home field advantage is across the league one of the worst home field advantages. In the NFL I don't think happiness favorites right now. I don't. Saints get the number one seed everything goes through them there my favorites vikings they get the one seed old boy. Watch out that could be three home games you're talking about the two home games there in the NFC playoffs knobs in the super rules in Minnesota as well. Let's squeeze one more call Iran from ruling got a 62 drama it's up. They've meant to broker a question is as good as Lachey you are you correctly if they wish to. Thirteen for and it did call sheet date did all the game of the come through new laws of our speaker act like and. I want to tense they don't have the tiebreaker with Minnesota right now so if they end up head to head if Minnesota's thirteen three saint 213 three it actually be the two team the saints would be. I do what you see out there it can be there so it. Who I mean he can once you do that apple and anything can happen on that. But I tell you he ethics to macaw. Hold the advantage is right now you can ask Christian about that she's real high on school chant and everything happening up there in Minnesota. That is. I'm not exaggerating when I say this and that's going to be I know it's a new new place at their new stadium. One of the toughest places to play for the next two decades in the National Football League you're it's just going to be so rare. To go up there with the even a decent vikings team and steal when you do not want the vikings to get the one seed. Would be bad news for the rest of the NFC Doug notes on next. Welcome back double coverage start a little saints saints falcons and we bring on and Doug moods on its promise to meet him you will TV channel four sports director. What's up man. LA held on since on the phone them. Produces it hold ten holdup still man still and I know you're sick tend to get over big called you okay in there. It is human bombs Abiola a hundred breeders' fear yesterday president ago. Urgent care I dug notes on in the program now Douglas a man. I'm great I'm great and I think the saints are pretty great now as well and they're in jail if wrapping up. Really the NFC south for all intents and purposes we talked about that Doug the first half hour but they go and I notes task here even with a banged up secondary. But if they go into Atlanta on Thursday the station's wrapped up here three weeks ago basically. Yeah no doubt about it and this was the week it did it it crazy how they want an eight game winning streak and put no separation in the division and then in one week. Yes losses from everybody else and in one week and the other two games up on Carolina. I really honestly you only need to take one attitude from Atlanta even if you split with the Atlanta you'd be fine. On the paper in great shape in the division obviously in a conference at the whole different story. A whole different story we'll talk about that just a little bit a real fun NFC. Where you could see legitimately 310 win teams left out of the playoffs of at all or setting him talk about that later in the show but. I got a gaseous like the obligatory question now whenever anybody's doing interviews that. Alvin can marry a man 12100 yards plus now. Of offense eleven touchdowns and Ali in only only averaged six point seven yards per carry it in the Panthers so his season average Jesse went down at earth from seven point one to seven points diplomats. This kid. And special hour run out of words to describe this guy is he's yeah. Yet clearly the most surprising. To wrap it in at least. A decade mean may be official on error at the Wharton. Carl Nicks might have being. Did it surprise you know column next doesn't come the saint can't shape cart but he was that all broke literally about two guards. In football it was a bit frantic so that he came. With one out. There. For a guy drafted Lubbock coming obviously is much more up front. Just. Great columns. In that. And he wasn't in I'd entropy reflection I mean you can literally eat the back in the NFC that you could make any kind of sport that's been better than an odd girl. And even an argument you would be 5050 but it but to me properly. To. You know. All pro running book Pro Bowl running back in the and it it and let me on bills that bird and two those are all pro running backs. And yet that liable to be the best at his position in the units now in year one. As there ran to it yet it literally. We certainly haven't seen. You know it's insane to me is that he would overshadow and it should I should overshadow just million of what this season Tamara Sammy what marketing firms doing man he's for us. In the NFL in rushing yards are now second the conference 925. Point one yards per carry nine touchdowns rushing the football. This guy. Is isn't all he's having an all pro type whose season is yet he overshadowed by his rookie L running back. You know Mark Ingram has been terrific you've done everything that from orbit if you watch. They're two up on the eyeball test tells you that matter is. Some in different look at aggregates and Ingram. Leave it at three rock. Out of every play in the way that you love. That this CO running back you mean it is forty yards we gain. You get a stick his nose and get one that but come Mara has always not letting people. Grand any kind of hold the yen on its over the bullets. Elude the east that is Alan and I am still it is crazy the eyeball temple played added they're not equal. That Hebert has been terrific but the matter has been that. Yeah I know it's also a little bit crazy is that I don't lingers and around for seven years later a man he's kind of a grizzled vet was only 27 commanders point to c.s are gonna have this two headed monster for the next you know half decade at least. Yes no doubt about it. And and all that is in great shape. With my comments to our arms edit the young guys I mean you can bribery objectives sending a great year as as a rookie tackle. I mean really. I honestly look and long term it it's how long can keep Drew Brees and the net that. Gonna determine how law is one year is great but if you look. It is I mean look at Jacksonville doesn't and that that and they and they have letter Florida. And there a you know marginal playoff team visited on the quarterback like on quarterback play is what is weak is based on a lot of bullets. Come Aaron Ingram for people to do the regular credit talking about the 89 men in the box and nobody that does say. At least on the economic consistent basis is Drew Brees will literally kill you. And as long Drew Brees is the thing that's what makes those two guys go they're not seen in over stack the box. Yeah indeed talking to Doug boots on here on double coverage W Nabil TV channel four sports director of news on Twitter at dean boots on WWL. Yeah I miss you breeze there cycle saints Hawkins insect Doug bit. He mission Greece here and he's not getting mentioned in the MVP conversation which is a little odd for me because you have the numbers that sometimes he has but I Yousef one of his best years she's gonna shatter his. In accuracy records completion percentage record he's right there I think he's actually setting an interception ratio record for himself as well Lisa career high bit. Everybody's talking about Russell Wilson and Tom Brady now can all the sweet the last couple days nobody's mentioning breeze and hear what he how do you kind of handicap this MVP race. Well it is and I would not think that server is the BP rate in sports is an eyeball at. More than anything and you'll watch any patriot game. And one person you see for me getting. And number eighty controls regain control in the world the world and done amazing things this year. This year to its credit and obviously for the team's credit. Most games are always talking about the matter certainly. The majority of games this year. Certainly the last five YouTube come only talking to marry and Drew Brees says in real. It is. When he needed to be. But I'd all the Indian BP rate because he got an app to control gains it's a good thing but it doesn't control games. The way he has in the past I'd I don't expect to see him and it looked at by a vote in the MVP race and beat operate and bam. Easily. You know what he's able to do and continue to do in New England is absurd and because the would be where my vote would go but not in union BP rate is a good thing it means they're split in the. I'm with the end Brady's it's overlooked because easily conversation every year so it's if you just get tired of his name up there it's you know it's a fasteners I agree with you on Brees I don't think it's easier to we at some textures as injuries being talked about it's mainly that's just. What their running game is and has saints falcons on Thursday. Doug and the secondary for the stock is a little banged up it was odd Desmond Trufant who got in cost. You never see somebody come off a concussion on a short week and that's exactly what's happening I guess the doctor's cleared to play on Thursday we'll see bit. The saints. I think the catch and again it's happened a few times your man with the saints are catching their opposition at a good time Heidi we think on Thursday. Yeah. Look at the exactly who's playing and he's not that's what the cause of the programs that. As scary matchup the matchup against Carolina but typically count on it and done between now. I love that match the falcons because of the way they can spread because of the weighted can run on defense. How old you know look at finally to the simple reason I love listening to at least split. With the Atlanta but I wanna see exactly whose play in and get a better the deal. Both what they look bodies get beat fifteen if these utility you can have Lattimore Crawley you know all they had to go now law of the states to without. Then. Against Atlanta I don't like the stage at the nearly as much. So this essay we opened with that in this interviewed it is just wild rain now you've got the Eagles. And the vikings with two losses the saints and the rams right behind them with three. And like I said. You're gonna see at least 110 wins seem I'm I'm sure you left out of the playoffs in the NFC maybe more than that had to handicap this NFC right now. Like it's boy it's it's on it that and obviously right at the saint it's what. Until it up it was in Seattle was really interesting to fill it up wanting that that has looked unstoppable. The enigma in Minnesota they've been able to do. Wit and unbelievable deep and and T seen him. Our quarterback and a great running game look it is our key aren't and haven't had a nice game about it. But they have done so. With the end it's and that the top of the credit Adam mile I mean. We've. Scene at the beginning. That the department of provided that and eland and keep Steven's gonna be more about it you certainly wouldn't expect and the team frightened for the noble. But and then at that it did for the state and Oprah you lost that rants of the states. At that said earlier you look great division not separate you know eight because of the way to eating sets up. Aren't we but aren't the vikings I just read before I talked yeah I was talking is some listeners about this. The vikings are scary is if they hit that one seed line that's an insanely tough place to play. But they have three home games including the super called the parent nobody wants is that. But he again but right now the vikings would probably be met them once seen any Etsy. Shortly. At saint cane and beat. Each of those other. And war really good team Seattle looks like it might be that. Really good team I think the playoffs are going to be unbelievable in the NFC be it. They honestly look. There is out that look like there's. Five teams edit any of them for the Super Bowl it wouldn't surprise you bet. And at that point actors in everybody multiple times it does say to the suitable paint it wouldn't surprise in bit Al it. In 09. At this point he's in an earlier in this tendencies and I've still positive despite Obama's suitable and you know let it out so positive despite Obama's suitable right now feel positive that it's largely because. There are five really good teams in the NC right now. I think it's going to be an outstanding two months of footballer of the season and playoffs study it's gonna be real fun real appreciate you joining us Doug looks on. Yeah go ahead all right Doug very ghost Demi Avila TV channel four sports director at deem roots on. Demi WOO on Twitter and I agree with them right now the vikings would be my slight favorite in the NFC they've got the tie breakers now. Tiebreaker over Atlanta the tiebreaker over the saints. Don't win that division. We'll see. Boy it's gonna be fun what do you think it was NFC what do you think about this Thursday night game in the falcons. I would say Doug's a little more bearish than I am. On this game with the falcons. I really like the saints in this one rain now what do you think 5042601870. 504260187. Phone lines open for it it's double coverage on W. Get a sex or disagree with our take on the MVP here race at age 7870. From the 985 disagree breeze isn't. The QB they are sub 500 team he asked me in the conversation. Just because the numbers aren't there doesn't mean he's not. And MVP and I agree with party your sake there 95 I don't think the MVP. Should be. Org X fairly usually is about the numbers I think the voters have been pretty good. In the NFL about this not so necessarily in other sports but certainly. In the NFL it's not all about the numbers it's about their values that seem like breeze there's no doubt he is one of the right now it's three for best quarterbacks in the league and he continues to be is going to be a sure fire first golf may ready to go through all this. Everybody out there was is this program knows my love for drew. I just think there have been other quarterbacks more valuable to their team this year Tom Brady to Scott Dunn talked into it he's just doing insane things right now. He's got a great team around him and Russell Wilson who is going to she asked sir. Shatter records for percentage of production for his teams he has right now 84%. A all yards for the Seahawks that they have gained this year. He has thirty of their 31 touchdowns and they've scored this year it's just insane though to be my two front runners. It kind of depends what Seattle does down the stretch but right now I know lean Brady. Over and breeze or west yet breeze or Wentz or Wilson. Somehow Seattle wins out in and Brussels continues this ridiculous pace that he's on record breaking pace. Probably throw my vote to him. Let's go to the phone lies outside Kabul Thursday night football saints and falcons and that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll the saints beat the falcons on Thursday night. Log onto WW all dot com to cast your vote stock to Byron in New Orleans Byron your on WW. Right Burma and I think it is definitely going to be weapon upon Atlanta files. That. Yeah no doubt but it green beer or two Atlanta has no idea what the site and Donna Brazil because it would ever done about it. And land in the same old same old flagship probably out of the operas coordinator and the fuel. People in the glare of the ground so there really aren't put his friend and about simply. It's film though I get your Santa haven't played the saints are saints team like this Biron right but. Let's not discount you know film study what these coaches are certainly prepared for again Abe. Pretty much run first New Orleans team that's not technically true esteem mr. Waller could at a time but. Run first relative here saints who call for Warren in New Orleans Warner and I mean a real what's up. Damian. And saint Politico. Thursday night but I'm just concerned. Though that we don't think bill in particular group stretch on and it line. And you know I know. In the games and the during an excellent I don't know police. He'll be available on the national. Other guys look at the movement made in. But Symantec. Me and gaining transcript I think we've got there got the ability. Offensive guard down. No slight bit. Yeah no I think you're right pass Trish going to be critical in this game Matt Ryan not nearly the same guy under pressure is diet. That's always you can say that's cliche image is not in the NFL anymore some quarterbacks like Rogers. I like Russell Wilson I would just talked about their actions he just is gooder or sometimes better when their under pressure. And when you sends in ground cover zero blitzes and extra guys bit Matt Ryan certainly not. Of those quarterbacks you pressure him and his production falls way off. Saints' injury reports today on her speech marking her missed practice. For some reason Pete can't go it's going to be sitting out element to analysts said it looks like at strong arm says he's going to be good to go on this Thursday on since the persist Lattimore back at practices halo he was limited with that ankle. We'll see if he goes on Thursday my my gut reaction. Punches yet he's gonna go much reason you didn't play last week. Diener. You're on Debbie video what's up man. Then mass value. Do you. Look. But the Atlantic. I watched vote listed games they've played like they played against Seattle. There were going to be partners slop. Off. Oh but did point want to make the is that he talked about how we go. But it is against Minnesota. And policy and look who's on the team with a first record and it's rack. Debbie for a outside yet don't know your realm all you continue here yes if it's a three way tie you were correct he goes head to head first in other words. If the if all three teams that played each other goes best record out of that but if that doesn't happen in your hide it's it's conference record do you go ahead. I thought it was from mod has been in this conference records first then head to head. It would be an entity teams. I if a ball three teams have played each other it's the best record out ushers in other words if the ransacked by these rights of the vikings ran now and on that because. And they beat the rams. Well I think you're wrong about about what about the situation right now but they've got to put my example there are a lot of all those needs Malaysia. Yep I do believe note you know we you know we could get a break. No I agree no no you'll read I think you can get a break here you just never know. And if it's something why in some for a wade sag crazy for a wayside with Philadelphia and it's the saints' hands. A Minnesota and the rams general gonna conference record you know it's way too many moving pieces right now. It's a mini moving pieces I got all this the schedules for the contenders in front amino coming over those in the comeback I think there's one team that we haven't mentioned at all today. Who could sneak their way into the playoffs and I can't believe I'm talking about tell you next on double coverage right here on WW. Error every can also listen to all nine games of the state championships are right here on WW on our sister station. WW well HD channel sued starting on Thursday three days in nine games state championship coverage I'll tell you that he mouse talking about his. Right after the news.