Saints Saturday Pep Rally - Hour 3

Saints Football
Saturday, January 13th

WWL's Deke Belavia and the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert discuss the NFL Divisional Playoffs including the matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings


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Yes indeed taken a look at some of the awesome stuff that we have here at rao's including their own bringing in a Sicilian exit. Virgin olive law and also. Talking about a while some mechanic and Cummins and so does not the main thing for us has put their own stamp on it during the break hosted Danson. Getting excited and you can only imagine. What is what is what is going to be liked it the saints can beat the vikings coming up next week. 260187. You can take the city 7870. Operating mas opinion poll is available for you at WW real dot com as you of course about the saints. What it comes down to tomorrow. What gives in the big playoff games Minnesota's defense all the saints all that case to vote on line. And that you get you know dot com coming at this hour with senior writer tiger made a campgrounds I'll be close to break down image you've beat week in football also. We'll get rats take on basketball that's right. And meaningful basketball game if we always. And the exciting LSU tigers ultimately to him once thought conference late. And they take on Alabama tonight then up to the phones go let's go to. They see Darryl on line to Darryl thank you called enough. Good this is the. Our ideas. Out all gloomy day you came out. I'll. I think I'll I have a solution possibly to win in the game and you know. Gone for it in the new games that is not tip line at the what we were that. You have Smart. We need to do. Opening statement that at the first thing I think we need to do it looked like you know do we need to do it. We need to do it I am and we pilots being brought up. Opening the door on the bone has definitely uses that don't on the bottles in the film and I got I'll I guys. I disillusioned wound. At least it will ultimately. Spook. Is. Play in the game Clinton apparently the man at Atlanta. Green received them and Apatow actually. And quite worked really well. In Cutler. I say wanna go troops and once that's neat on I did do you gate thing you know. And that's good that that got up front and the person. I guess they want to mix it up and all first them all well and book. Well Aaron it thing is that they don't run on. First down they still have to tip the run the ball. I mean I Nikkei is have Drew Brees threw a 4550 times some pause beginning the vikings can't let him through Leo more probably more employment in the in rushing yet as far as yeah you got to him if you gotta have some bad like a high twenties low thirties 2732. And then and I think if this is that played and we weep as thorny times. No exactly yeah that's what you gotta give Ingram income arable an opportunity to run. Not always talk about different formations. Like troops that you're receivers. The thing is drew reached an article at the ball. Whoever has the single covered tennis to win. You know the UK double team everyone. So law all the sun at the focus and and not that you could be a wash and I'll love like that Thomas but I nosy funerals this. And you evening you get a top coroner top receiver. The receivers should built it that a 5050 maybe win a couple of more times yet but that could be a wash. So we'll what happened. You know on you don't have Brandon Coleman leading jocular times is that Connecticut game he beat Jake gave junior. To step up that you promise and wrote all law cancel each other out they can't beat so now so. The big Edie you're used outlook command in the passing game is still gonna do screens. You can need. I don't know you between him and mark in its peak in sixteen. I would not be surprised at all yet but like getting yak yards after the catch. Legal victory you go back to defer and then a game and efforts they have and we think about it. It was 32 offensively they'll run efforts there at that point four we either making them welcome there. And we had you want Josh here owed Brees fumble he was sacked once and then you hit the full two. Taking junior so it TAT and T and you can be important for five as a way to Africa attended an average and average by a fifteen yard to lose yeah he does he's been. In two he's made a significant impact all of ours down touchdowns something so we're out of out of the NF four to six they range some on as head of BP. And in average analysts say he has four catches fifteen yards a five catches fifty yard average and he's doing his job right and in unity dodged jail. You know it could be than expected this call was on him evolve. It is really speak that he maybe have a gain the win don't want a one that he has. A five to six targets yet. And not two to three targets you know that the move the chains could this is like as of late Willie speed is had a significant pitch. A critical first down ball will see the fans are all excited but instead to do that one time. Maybe do that 45 to. And we've seen briefs we've seen talked over the yesterday he says the tide is ready. And that it be one of our pregame interviews tomorrow in the count down. Well it's really sneak back out that phone though let's go to scene on line 14 good evening thank you for calling WW. Hello. Hello Jean. I don't know goods are behind. It well. Bumps in the city's schools. They won't go to chew bubble in the real world and and unfortunately while traditional oil. All. Google through. Would it goal. And people. Coroner is not going to be anymore what voters sure it does this principle well. Courtesies and at least have to out of here and gonna happen. And that's the bottom line. Yeah that that was so weird like wait a long long time ago like at the death 2000 and all that's that was yet don't know what it could have should I think we started turning the corner courts rated movies first year you make it an NFC championship game yet yet dissect it did dental content and then after that and we'll what you want is suitable. And knelt and and it you know there's new word 2011. And it even at thirteen who will Lola thirteen to three. Yeah I don't know what you Gordon and ill admit that they have bagged gays are all honest then that that that you know as it and it's. No such thing as a and we can't we have a couple of the same today knowing that that's oval when you go back into like 06 and now you get two generations that are addicting. I bet on this Sunday don't even know it's the Clinton knows that and it looked it up because they know and here's the plane when you start getting double digit. There a double digit years that you considered among the Basque are successful in the NFL right it did did you laying a foundation. So right now bill that that we in the hate the other thing. Our rights on back to your calls plus LSU basketball this evening against Alabama and it's like at the big week in football a couple of hires and it. The F Financial Times on an act candidates arrangement will continue here on it at my house on saint radio that you give him a cost of around zoo it is no one's found out that become a radio religion. Around I think it is and I am having fun today yet we are on an auction or candidates which. All the customers and a shop and and have a good time in their body lined up waiting to see Bobby and you guys so. Always feels good so I guess it's a game but what you hit that you nacco it to dipping them. Economic hit one or two more stores and work my way back to that so I definitely couldn't Gumbel and morals are you going to go for the rest okay. No idea yet again that cup mommy is in me and it's not and then. Did any at home so yeah I can't even on it. Filed for a thousand numbers is because you want one of the political book. Well I don't astronomically kidding we did ask I share your data base is so particularly this year with two last weeks though yeah bicycles and Marcos paranoid priority right now and you often get balance on the balance right out as you know so we could be a parent I would that but first we got cannot be pro extended holidays. I have a lot of crawfish and all that that's coming up but first we got a couple weeks of the most thinks that's a playoff it and then you never know. So we'll talk about different things that course routes as always hit it's that was going on. In the community and obviously wanted to. Keep it tuned to it the tailgating and it's been I was telling him you know. When I think about not much you can kind of sort of stick in all content you can but that goes on wing get a hold chicken. On the six dollars and it's cheap and you got commitment typically demand rotisserie right and just but it got that there was a hit as the yeah so we got it. Well not all stores and not nearly enough for it departments. Everybody's busy everybody's you know working in an. Double work in homes and so forth and does not on the unions don't work we have done that. Rotisserie chickens and ended ago we have. We've expanded our. Graph he. Right to go again grabbing me and our daily news food Elvis suits. It's your steak salad bars are always open you know what didn't launch in and dinner time in. Yes Leo how we do all could be avoided you know it was not the engineers Ross's and learn every every name. Somebody asked me Tim and it is is that no one. Is that arouses spam is the only ticket as we did a lot of people ask mr. Zelnick you know that the practically on volume down around. Everything we do we have a home you know it because if all you need yeah we've been. Fried chicken going back. Two images the first browsers into but don't you know we had them mr. arousal but now is the first store. You know enough almost temporary relief but actually Delhi front who now first take me out so. That if lost or stolen and do yet and they had a couple more coming up this year too so we have a couple of new location opens will be open a new location. Mobile. Probably you know so that you diplomats say LB well. We currently have five and that market right now after the elusive it one right he would crack myself I am Baton Rouge guns Alice. We've we've expanded in the market this past year it went on cupid Verizon you can cross and rebuild and another one right now in Baton Rouge on oh lead in Irving. Yeah so now be ready. Now while I'm Cindy disaster movie shoot the breeze that they'll the location is on humans is at a certain it's now a certain kind you call that. That's how new is a new is flagship store okay I got you was format. You know years ago 1015. Probably fifteen years ago going back to 1999. When we open up offers a Experian marketing to the dome which is the exact replica witnessed or he isn't man bill right now you know at that time. You know that was Donald's. Flagship idea right designer store and we rolled those little went on the markets. To but no homeowners Amanda bill. Slidell and young's bill. And then a few years later you know donning his CEO now and I know he came out with a another. Flagship store which is on the latest that we have like it was into the crime dens brings it would have on Baton Rouge. Airline Antioch. In another location might end up yet so. It's a they have different formats. It is amazing. We did is still there Dennis brings. How quickly after all the blood that you all came back. He Alley while us out of there early with someone over here. That that was tough time. Tough tough deal them but we dealt with it and exactly four months I believe it was it was in August Norman an exact date but we opened up right before Christmas I was exactly full months and we had a really. We had a crews had to take everything out stripped of all down to the bottom half there read redo it also but yet but hey this is good. And they all the routes as we via phone and third when all else that was for tomorrow too so. It's in the I again thank you I appreciate how things go into the club next week yeah that they have and that's you know yesterday I only on world corollary to be had right now with Motorola will Monday morning they go out and I think yes back out to the phone pagodas. Beating him by the beauty eat I. I. There are right Dave what you got from mobile big part of those who dat nation will we all. We loved it right over here bubble yet and yet they're not good for the you know under what are quite literate now class act and also. Bibby who have been beaten and if you know. And in the back bank we. I'll be glad about it in the air. I don't think of a playoff teams yeah U right. Do you play out deep in. The plane. And they were. Now back out air it to build it up. If you yes. And a leave them in your own orbit on. Well the thing is that it's native is that even as like a different season. That players that oddly spirit who got Lattimore ran Jake. Yes they are rookies they played so much in Brooklyn anymore. It's amazing now I'm a be objective. The vikings on the same team in Dallas cook they don't have him is still have a two headed monster look at Murray he does that raise an indictment got. It's pretty diesel. I think actually in and you can see in their record when they're right. That both teams are better and thereby it's a better than when that we played in the brewers' game that we way better than we were in their first game on Monday night. Yeah I agree and I think it's it's gonna come down on both. Go to termination I am. Not big enough you don't give it. It not an update you wanna look at this you already doing you could say it is almost every week but I think it's more critical. And some gains than others. Because. The vikings have been opportunistic as far as taking a wait of football protecting him like we've been. How we're plus seven an antique in the Dave they're plus five minutes I think I don't know how it's gonna happen. It doesn't matter we given up yardage like we did against Melanie would force field goals. It when you have an opportunity. To make it interceptions. Are you for the balls on the ground that we recovered it somehow. Just a deal that plus side that even if we plus one. But even light intensity plus the ballistic which is plus one that's also could be built a winning formula to win at Minnesota. And I just think because it matters it is overall as good as well as we've we've heard it we've witnessed it. Get off to a great start okay. The patriots game this technique gain health offense that's on the chair about known member Tom Brady hit three touchdowns in the first quarter UK cheered just to be Jared. That's jobless some way some somehow. We get off to a great start in the first water. By its fans they well be educated football that it acting chair to be chair and I gave this example during the week you know you watch it the national soccer. The Premier League and the Bundesliga. Whatever in Europe. It don't matter what is 00 but they just cheered in the chair and he hit a good to have tears well NFL football not life that he got to get the phantom the chair far so we can get off to a great start. They will have the momentum and the fact that it's somewhat quite. The vikings fans where's that loud throughout and who behind me. Well I CBS a day coming up and there will get to browse and it was look take on at least you thought well this week make enough iron. Includes interning at the financial terms released on parting ways that neck and net. And basketball taken on Alabama audits both coming the first of its Ethiopia's. And welcome back we go on location and it arouses. Coming up in about thirty minutes we were jobless who wants coverage of the NFL divisional round. It is not what one Philadelphia numbers six ant man why you hear Rouse is accorsi got all of the execute and go home and cook. They'll have them prepared for hot food mind of course also betrays the instead of with some of this history. All parties you can get some as well and also they have some new items Coleman now they have and how shifts. They create their own masterpieces have been told about it new mill fire fried chicken can be released. On Monday if the team through march to the wrath locations it's now with the specialists album with that kind of he faced to a and also on the burden rotisserie chickens look at some of that. Those items coming up. On the front of the week to 60 points and Islamic involve operating in my opinion poll what gives in the game tomorrow saints' offense. Vikings the its operating in my opinion would that be that you're seeing right it's agony that come violence saw it on to now be week. Paul LA Humana so I would tonight basketball. Against Alabama and you think about that the way to conference started Bryant but you never know but looking at it you kind of had an idea that. Three of the four wheel going to be tough games Alabama's been put to get a good recruits at a pretty good year last year and Avery Johnson Kentucky's Kentucky. In the NA in the am another good you on the coach Kennedy he put together some type recruits also with whale. So create those votes. And rabbit and opted to win three useful. There really enough. I agree are currently you they certainly had an opportunity beat Kentucky. At home by marine. Then it goes. How she and beat our younger man MT near the retreat I ordered the bill. Ella Hugh you know got the victory on. And yet in Arkansas all they want but walked on here all Utley cheap it would go up and speak about one point. Oh. To win while. They are taking on Alabama's senior night which used. Certainly. As talented as Arkansas. More. And the technique and Tina played instantly you. Don't even seen that he Mac and I opened it like you know they went. Out here. Wouldn't three the first war where people would just opening. They'll keep that we have won the first we're. Brad you you obviously know more about this and it did not file militia on day to day basis no but the conference. Either with a nice you know come off and land issues that we use surprised that they were peak. You know a lot of heat haven't fourteen out of fourteen teams not just think it just in the change in scenery. And the excitement that we always see some kind of you know injected enthusiasm. Beat duke and eight so this beat when a new coach comes in as basic satellite will wave with a pretty good background. I was surprised at that eliminate barrel cost now to really shatter that mean that in the top half of of the leak right now you were talking about your pre season. Our predictions and I'm in the third that you sit and look yet. You didn't think it would get off that this out of a start and I think what's surprising may be more as some who ridicule with the program. Is not a flash in the hands don't you start to see things that are going to be. Trademarks of real way his is impressive his imprint on this team. Things that they do and I think you ought to go to C continue to get better moving forward. There's no doubt about that. Really what it that you get it will be huge for a bit but. Yet he's he is much better year. And was typical of who would bidders below. Knee and that these issues. That god that you saw out with the action of from mom walker. You know they're in you know hot with a lot last year so from mop water of one player. Who's playing significant minutes and what an issue that you mark ward turned out. The first step in the deep and actually fractured. But. It really didn't Rodney. Acting out after the not cock I think they'll number they're. And it is standard. That deal and he might get behind him though. Look at it 3-D. They have a few people paying for the chance to you know seek to protect home court. Get that win Alabama tonight Georgia on Tuesday night. He got out early this morning. Or maybe late morning the air we're only a little bit more than I lakers'. So that's not saying everybody finish you a lot. But the walk up the but the that he buying a ticket is the last couple eight and really been beating it. Right angle the Golan back what we football basketball operation and it is that they are that you're right now he'd go to. No we were at the current copper that are being with that even Maynard and owed on. And that will only is part comfort. What some of the players yet to be an atmosphere. Surrounding the two programs right now art art. And a stack. And promise I'll see riots like debate that comments it was now book running when you look gate to. The nonconference schedule although you know you have to be a bit resonate and who you're around the company you keep the means a lot in the Big Ten right now it is hippy hippy in the tapped it. Purdue's ultimate good sought. We'd oil issue they missed in in you know. In net gain tight but when you think about it Bryant music in now knock them off Michigan State peso. UT and the move forward in united comedian looks down the land in them get ahead of myself but. And they can be look at it all and not content to up what really cute dear accord between Michigan. How they're doing in the big T and at depth of the big CNN and I'm not have a game with its it seems like Memphis. Real ladies is starting to the oats and thinks that only using in the product but also what he wants the schedule wise because he knows being a big time basketball. Which you've got to do it then not conference schedule with with limited space that before you get in the conference play. Conference schedule was strong back that we're that we could yet be neat that they only played fourteen. Right now that are top RPI they beat Michigan in Houston law and check out. Just poor they're. Thirteen nonconference. 100 RPI and actually not going to help them a lot. Obviously now it before keep these particularly that you can be beat Michigan used to continue to win. But the outlook La. We know me. Made all itchy on the roster for this year trying to win as many visas are that was number one number two. We want to change the culture. And that the second thing he's gone about duke. And then number 31. Re recruit for the future and get better like your. And he has certainly accomplished that you know a lot about it later trading Japanese. Noel you got. Three Chinese that are in the top sixty in the country do those three. Or like in the top. Twenty are 25 so. Wait. Doing everything she would want you and out and see what happens now that night one now you know and Alabama com. And Taliban now we solve the financial details on May Canada. What he's being given down restricts based the FBP be paid a million dollars by the third the first of the month. And then he will be paid in increments over that I think if you think it out around thirty grand mom in the final Tony mosque there. Nicholas the officially naming of the and is coming back and I like the way you broke it down. When you pointed out to win at the last cornerback was in receivers. Verses you know coach interning in what he's facing. And you know it is pretty much ball down to you know who you have a game what got you gotta go wit and and that's correlate to the success that it right there. Become more money. Story right now follicle on site mind. In. Coordinator. But it is the players. It you know ever since the national championship year. OK Alex she had one quarterback. Rapid. At night that burger. Remember one or C a what you thought it was pretty good right. The quarterback Matt Edgar actor actually the top lot of help that the curse jar. At running back here he'll deck in right. A lot of back and land during his financial. Year. Alex. What we're right hired a so. It is a hacker you or. You're personnel everybody talks about the issue rate. Off the court. Jindal this year or a quarterback and your ear or work act directed. And yeah it wide receivers. Who were right in the purse or ring. I ran the eight Y keepers drafted in the first wore out or you succeed they'll. It you know Kelly wrote the bill being off or gators. Put all the warning that went to a aunt went in you know when he can just like. Can't Cam Newton go wrong on that at all coordinator when he thirteenth. When he is. It per. It is personnel and if you look at. How hellish ball and recruiting. Mail. But talent most talented players you look at the aisle. Are declared it would grant recently he been he had the problem. Browse senior credit tiger made that come and it brought in the field goal wouldn't be you know the old or Brad thank you so much of the time we appreciate will be looking forward. Today at a feat he got summoned up here at the front that we are popular. Appreciate it. 2601 mates and you can Texas debates and the ten tickets I'm not come magnets and phone calls the gates who also. In obvious prediction on the two Saturday night games that is Atlanta. In Philadelphia and new England and Tennessee all that's coming up tonight map that we take if from houses on saints radio WW and welcome back don't get Rouse is now the three days they don't. This ticket to come each week when you walk in the story on the picket because. This sounds although the store but you wanna pick this up and down the sum of the parts of the three days there where it's at its lowest price around tournaments and it's. On May cool and meet the Love Boat key sticking with somebody in the in the court. Not cut that and then make when it's got to be to get some about what you cooked in the together no utility only if you coated opponents he's got a different taste lose you don't cook the thing about him doing good things but make water. Point nine cents a pound it also cut the Eads on sale on a down 97 cents. And potatoes the potatoes and it. Mean ground sirloin. 377 pound Hawaiian points gallons of dollar 88 picnic chips and the course the smoke sauces Mr. T three now for nine C three dollars on net. And all that it they sold over half the meaning he takes the may issue I've announced continued in today right now can mitigate some more. You can ought seeking pay at Rouse is and I don't we don't not accompanist or you can also do it on and it was shipped anywhere in the coming years say. 806885998. Or on line at routes is. Dot com to the phone to go let's go to Bobby outlined to Bobby thank you for calling WW him. The guy who bullet. Yeah. Yeah did. I'm hoping that news here though marketed that about it. The equipment comment but did a much longer they aren't going to be on the ball. And the lack in oh herbal. Yeah and as we got a good chance as anyone and if not this year and you say well why not etiquette past. A couple of stout team just to get this who oval. And I think we gonna be in the hunt next year I would say a word truth is that right now. Considering. That that's that lasted druze Lloyd B you know that I've been to that aren't it's 2014. That yes he seasons. Why you don't like drew on the ball forty plus times radius to win every game that's Superman. But it yap about who we can run the football. And his capability thrown it no the saints he get that double digit wins. Seasoning teas and out and play as the deepest middle of the pack the media were as high before we head injuries and AJ Klein at all. But we rose to highest highs them eight. We know it was seventy now so I kind of unit middle of the pack when you look at. Look scoring average we've always been 12 or three as far as number of pointed the patriots in the Packers. What you look this year will we were the scoring offense we were normal for average when he points that we still a top five so. When I look at where drew is that you look at the balance ready to football and passing it. You know in the top five them to overall offense. They drew to an adult with that would hinder drew going forward is that he does get hurt. Rabbi and how to deal look at Tom Brady Tom Brady three year old and an Drew Brees he still wants the play a number of years. Not at that restored because they had a future quarterback in Jimmy grapple on now look at the success he's had with the 49ers. But I could see drew we shore. Keep you look at this year the ex. Seventeen a solid state deadly. And his party's. Ominous safely ashore. Kazaa or that and that is Whittier College this year promise it through four more years than you go I we'll come back and we'll wrap it up and it to set the west who want. Covered that NFL divisional football the first one Atlanta at Philadelphia but it makes his prediction on the first two AFC eight NFL divisional game next here on WW RA winding down again thanks all the fine folks out here at Rouse this. All the routes locations hit it fat in both we hear. At the east calls we approach always being at the route system like in the Kostis is. In the in his black and gold finished with a unique suite that means Bobby that there are way out. Saint Italy it's gonna be. A man I think we don't need the points it's beat two reports one here are 2423. I'm not not things that become public support quality and an easy by it being the mobile yeah yeah that's what it or to Hitler were to think significant modeled. And nine hello while the yes I promised to do. Good to Drew Brees on morality it is because it every other features of Drew Brees about the recovery beloved we thought about. Now the gateway LT the Eagles out that the I get beat I it's you. Go out there and anything is on that now it's ban flag and there I'm on with this on anybody but they did even the people that it the business. Not like it means anything now all they liken it is like Villanova. In all it's now I like the fellow he's not a villain not yet but it just the island everybody it feel like the falcons do indoors. But I think I think the inclement weather I think is gonna sell what ethnic Matt Ryan. And that both need to do a little bit I think if he has a little bit alienated. I think this ain't gonna have to travel to Philadelphia in their. Who rule read that'd be next men and I don't SE sanity has been late game next week so that's exit so picks up. 42 minutes later in the suitable to both eighteen unity targets at 54. And the guy I was sick I don't think that night. It the only slight gains and I'd watch the whole game is tonight tightened in the was just kind economic and got the type that patriots I don't watch the quarters see okay well but is it Davis he's the event after the first add audience still landed a right but I could see did not necessarily covered but still winning by double it is that being the patriots. The Steelers I'll speak the jaguars likely jaguar that I think could be just all right paid to Nixon. But did not mean that it is they shouldn't be product and of course and the constant love always so great that goes. Monster Nate and him on it routes. The pause it and now on them and it's not the ability at their football makes Philadelphia and Atlantic he is the eighth and embody a man pat pat.