Saints Saturday Pep Rally - Hour 2

Saints Football
Saturday, January 13th

WWL's Deke Belavia and the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert discuss the NFL Divisional Playoffs including the matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.


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And good afternoon and welcome to our number two we are here at arouses East Coast we approached 3461203. PM this afternoon and that's moved you to sit. For round two of the post season in the top seeds. They had about a week and now they are in action as the Pittsburgh Steelers in New England Patriots. As it with the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings opened up their Leo. This week in sounding off at game 1 this evening is Atlanta at Philadelphia tonight it is. Doing an entertaining beat Tennessee Titans will break down all hopeful the divisional matchup for the strong influence obviously on our matchup. The saints at the bike over the conversation at 2601. And seventy. You can take Bobby or myself and eat 7870. And as he would dig a little deeper into enemy lines along with the saints. And the vikings apparently today. I case you can in looking at the they get odds right now I've won it is Atlanta and it let Italian cook. West gates got it to enhance them rides it resold to an and it creates an okay incidents is they went to me has pretty stating it's been thirteen and a half. Pretty much all week long right open at thirteen in the hands and it is state they're in at the one thing in movies but I have ball with a total it's at 47 and 48. Jacksonville continue to be a 77 and a half point on adult the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whereas the most fluctuation on line this week take place between the saints in the vikings still moving opened up at three and amp. Now some spots haven't had five and a half. And also the win in Las Vegas has it as the saints eating five and a half so they have about. So well at that point out that shows you how good the vikings all our you. You give Brees. And the saints five Napoli to all of this you know the thing in the quarterback lobbies merit and that just shows you. Because it's that Minnesota they truly have. Hold the advantage. And did act and teens. When you look at the roster. You know I'll always brag about. Boy Jacksonville Jaguars they can ever get a quarterback that oblique Portland that the roster yeah with the vikings are one of those. He is showing how ago globally said this before. I'm not that they went. That is. The quarterback the utilize Teddy Bridgewater yes Sam Bradford case team that is playing on rod at third quarterback line. Although they would. I mean it's on the pinnacle peak is yet in advance so that shows you house now I'm just saying the bike you know god divided our. A team we don't know we don't know as follows we we could be seen but you know what. We know who the the pedigree is as far as to who the top they'll they'll and that is obviously it's Brady Brees in Rothenberg right at a quarterbacks. But you know and and Matt Ryan right I do but you know always always seen. Brent Johnson always saints and all I can make it. And if part the team like Philadelphia. Talks may or got a lot more to go with the young. If the team like you know we talk about the depth and in Minnesota Vikings have to get through both. We just on this the one of those quarterbacks I've just taken its yet to be you know I'll have to be. You know but Drew Brees I don't have to be met Ryan. I can be bred down a QB Trent Dilfer. And now or even a Kurt Warner owned a banking and the you know an old occur more Knutson in his prime now and acting Gates's who vote in May be waited because. Like you see it mine that team. Yet and whatever they want Brad Johnson and then you look the rate it's nutrient gophers their defense will look he hasn't been as a team honestly yes yes they'll. That's why it means. Look at the eagles' front look at the jaguars even look at the vikings yet the visit is they need to know only given up sixteen points to gain. But they you know with interest in you know confident it is only human was seventeen and eighteen points a game now that not all of that is the last quarterback. Went out of playoffs the hour. To veto quarterback with him plus well starts in a post season. Like for it to Drew Brees gonna have a thirteen a group well starting he's he's gonna have whispers right you know the last time that that it that it had a before. And you know it was an inch game on that you've got out coached. Because they thought they could do would be easy to win Tim Tebow over been Rollins and in the 2011. Are you aren't well on big as it was as slain. And the this views obesity with their defense in that according nominated yet coach Tomlin but that that when that occurred. The last time and immediately when you had a playoff. Experienced quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. And neither of Tim Tebow that was that's what you showed him it hasn't happened now. Now what's interest in. You know I'll I think Drew Brees can't be consistent I I talked about Matt Ryan for it to happen a passer rating of at least a hundred no Morton at five consecutive playoff games that low streak in the NFL. I think at times. You know. It might be putting Kay's team it was an ugly experience. We played portals or even no and he pulls you are even Mars very current and updated right now peace scheme that we did this year. This season the he had five games when a passer rating of 117. Are better but I Brees had to. Brees had two games with a QB rating all the others seventeen keys he had five so. I'm Jesse I know all those meetings very quarterbacks the saints their faces the toughest one yes I think that although guys are. The bout wheat pasting them is on a quarterback rating of 107 point two completes a new 1% of his passes. Fifteen that's that's yeah that poured out for a sentence and some Anglican minister took it would be viewed on the streets well I looked at these last couple games by the week fourteen. You know EE was seven to five point nine quarterback rating. Week 15138. Point four against Cincinnati when he hits point three aren't there to secure it until it's announced weeks sixteen verses mean they've close that game wasn't much because it was long decided. And rods on them plea mean they without Minnesota's guardian. 85 point two in the week seventeen against Chicago when he wanted to point that a hundred point you know one thing is Bobby has had growth for much more than a 200. To learn to yell at the contest and a lot of people make it about the day you know the inexperience of him but you know we had defected to. He's gone against the saints secondary that every August Altamont. And in Italy and who used it right so let me is inexperienced going is there an experience to today if that's kind of a habitable walks and that's. Well and you look what he has help in the vikings' defense that we brought this who beat him actually read this summer's event that Wendell. And not only. You know that even tonight is given up three points over three gain now outlook would actually occurred and that being those Packers and bears game. I you have to look at at the quarterback yeah. They gave up a touchdown that of the angles and they give a three point for the bears and they shut out the Pakistan Iraq and not play not so Google would last regained. The Stevens if you round at all that David gave up 3.3. Point average. With that basically three points right so now though the one against the bears beat the gave a pinball one it was a punt return right now that's against the we haven't. Talked a lot about that specialty using those hidden yardage. Who's gonna win that battle. But when you talk about you position. Because. That visible well but it's safe to all of a sign. We got the ball on the fifteen or ten yard line gotta go 8590 yard that's will be hard to do maybe get. It few vocal range and to think they can we help out defense we back of the bike it's even get a few first down. And all the sudden they got to go 85 and ninety yards. Over long haul vs your firearm they'd feel unity get a couple offers announcing yet at least it is scoring. You have a scoring opportunity ultimately get touchdowns police ticket point does but only because the position getting a couple of offers now. All right we will roll out the break we'll let you know coming up next we want to take a look at. Another big matchup that is coming up tonight on WW radio we've got all. Three of them coming up what's on the early game tomorrow will be on because it will be a program he said. But the saints and vikings coming up with tonight we have Atlanta. And Philadelphia and later tonight is going to be. The New England Patriots. And the Tennessee tie it all that's coming up tonight where Rouse has come out and Jonas east calls we approached read at 3 PM this evening before we get off the NFL football here on saints radio WW. Well the first game tomorrow on the final day of divisional week and is the third Z. Jacksonville Jaguars at the second seeded Pittsburgh Steelers these two teams met earlier in the season the game that was detonated by. The text of your tech laws but a lot of folks them although a majority of folks think it's going to be completely completely and totally different outcome in this matchup. It up with talk about the Steelers. And Jack what now. Take nuclear he's the Steelers reporter the and a lot decked out ticket thank you so much fulltime and it's almost like. If there's a match of this weekend where nothing that took place in the regular season. Nobody's even remotely thinking anything about that matchup it's this one it's almost like. And that was centuries ago that he net even happen. This is clearly when you look at Pittsburgh experience vs Jackson videos you know. Potential but they're going up against that a Steelers team the B in the cold day at home and their quarterback is the volume of experience compared to the Aggies face. Yeah I know emotionally intense electric or you might happen. I don't think that the act like these and gotten where he not get paired. That is in the water and relatively cream art and up and show us. I've heard a lot of them were acting in a competent and bite and people who talk about the future of winning it. I'd be on the with a lot of problems and our speed and you know back in the legal. Jacob what you use we use stated you may be on back like last year you know that game against Miami it was a lot closer and it's going to take it. Something and that standpoint when maybe you might see on folding or you think it's Sunday may look tired. Com. I don't think I would would drop parallel back last year contributing to eat and then it added that it is but he might be. I think when you're an edit he bit and potential the clock and can put our quarterback an O turnovers. And then you know nook possession trial acquired. You'd. I can see that either you know making permanent date. They keep them but I think people. But the one that made that we try. I don't think that officers got so I'm section. They don't speak up and up and pop the balloons. Now Jacob how about. To me more. Probably bill that the winning form of the reason why bring that up. Consumers dealers were six and all this season when he has thirty touches or more so it is not that form I'd say well what it says the receiver horror. He's gonna touch the ball thirty times more and you look at. The old saying well. He wasn't ready for the season heating go to training camp. You know all of us that contributed their disease Republican he had a heart he had four to six touches sixty boarded the other player in the league. So I mean I don't know he kind of instantly you know then he kind of has I don't know that ultimately don't wanna might retire as the it was fans embrace that because. Libya on reality he might struggle but doable we should've backed that up. Man. I don't know I think he does and kind of take it with. You know the kind of mixture them. But it's ours is the players go into it and it did you have any course we got one minute it's kinda get off their back and and it's calm and as far as as far as you know bring the practice. Sunday. You know it is one of the nonprofit news and sports writer is accused on the back at the ball strike that winning. They're winning the marketed at one. But the kuwaitis now it's special that you could control the cotton belt buckle and the ball it has happy and up and down. They could split and now opposite or oftentimes along side Antonio Brown. And it's completed what happened after that what you if your vote be sent to jetlag and. Yet Jake let I think it there and I and considering. That that corporal pharmacists in elite that Ben Roethlisberger had. But it it's like. That how you handle adversity is crude crucial are critical in the NFL but since they gain knows that only 22 touchdown passes seven X. Quarterback rating 103 in them a look at the jaguars. They've gone to a 23 on the road since beating the Steelers. But therein wins were against the browns and the colts though. I mean Alison I think that jaguars that Ross is unbelievable. That you put Drew Brees gone on the jaguars is simply hurdles then you talk about there over the patriots and Steelers but. It's enlightenment Robert kind of handled adversity. Because every time we know five. Intercept that has to shock the QB says that no matter Hamachi spirit yeah. I think decade with big tanks onto that team as a whole you know and so that it patriot I didn't lose. In and that Panama and they really committed to have gone they've been gone a lot and after that I'm not arrogant and measurably. Better quarterback since then just just Mark Green bar fridge and let stupid prank the so yet you think to be cleared it would do in the game but elections and take an Olympic allotment. In addition to the right on out again now that the quarterback Matt execute and I think that while it is quite upbeat. And shallow because they're going Connecticut on what. Now they don't Jacob when you look at. You wanna keep it deep it's off balance and everyone always talks. Around the league when he casually observe and jaguar defense in the players they have. On that defense when you looked at the Fillmore to tape or the game in general but I hear you had shady McCall I would have on the ankle. And he's still are ranked a 119. I almost eight approach. That it may be on bell has a 100 yard topic been robbed regret not have success in like you say probably have. Double digit win. And he happy. And up acting formula that the bullet that hit the maybe a dispute. You know again barring injury Antonio Brown that the key not McCain that I commented yesterday afternoon he expects to play. Yet know that this is again in the it's on your arm of the ground. You know another six days to care. That means the anxiety where can. And it just makes it easier than the target and not challenge Catholic in the outfield are under pressure on potentially you know put the field back again. Given us the latest on the Steelers and detect or report opinion not that economic. Take a cleaning up politics appointment and take that underscore Oakley at the KL IN GE all underscored ticket thank you so much of the time. It ought to gain tomorrow. All right coming up against the owed its two divisional game down and or two ago he continued. Route in in and out giving you some tidbits it to take on the saints and the vikings weird routes that's come out in on us. It's like out grasses they've been making mean heats here with BP A use EU said. Well the big one market growth data chipping went on and use it much more here at routes that don't location he thought we approach but part and he CBS up and welcome back we are at routes. And as duplicates began to take it ain't got that game it was a bit. Want to take it to witnesses Rio race you think. Routes. Have a good time date set for the saints and the vikings are you think trio that need to yes ma'am that the Atlantic and everybody's. Excite the cause that it tailgate and that's eight in like oh well you hopeful note because this team unity in New Orleans Saints and obvious. You know you'd think about it sometimes and face it it's ball but is this week people question. Who's most dominant team sports right now Golden State we talked about him about it this. Starting a run it's gonna be there for as long as they wanna stay together. We talked about the patriots and the Alabama crimes and that it. You can't eat it tastes YouTube it's ball. Which you think about about all the saints. Is the first time since thirteen effect in the playoffs. It into. Finish on pain SharePoint team meets it can return. Any error when you to make you go at the idea that will blow. I mean that that's that's a stamp of success both India and highs that particular France as the dean at. It's yet three times. In a dozen years you can be an NFC championship. Obviously. In order to order for six with the pages have done but. Look pages be amongst the best yet and I think this may have been what are the most consistent programs. Even those 79 I know offensively. But dozen years yet been invested events. You'd think about it as you think about it. A win and yet reach amateur appearances and it doesn't use. I would think has some low water mark but Jon Gruden he's got to go to at least three AFC tentative gains it ten years in I don't know about that most of validated team yet the. Well ten years in guaranteed him a hundred million dollar yes that'll take these are ignited cornerback in public but because you know activists rouble as little as the office that ever finish Dallas number six. And I said this to look at that dozen years to show you that you watching. On Billy believable prolific often today to those teams the yet yet Duke Ellington and that's the worst ever finish to a number it. But the point of bringing up. That when Drew Brees that you love you know not here. And fans are gonna baseball how often tonight will score points and scoring office at all that because if you look at it dozen years. Twelve out of the dozen years they've been number one not top five I felt that I have. Top ten office top five David noble one. That the vicinity time and they've been one or 29 out of twelve seasons. The reason why we're winning and he thinks seven and nine is an upbeat bit too long before last one before last. And with 27. And this year were middle of the pack so today. If we have a young defense up becoming a look at we have wanted to younger teams in NFL. That having that only this season. But at least Phillips wanted to wanted to saints are in the hunt and as the act is being home or are. You know it is pie in this guy think the saints are viewed. At the top amongst the NFL season got to be among the top in the NFC now it just goes to show you go to competition. How hard it could be in the NFC south and because one here it is going to be next ship the Tampa Bay. You that you're not by any means they optimistic optimistic gain Bobby. They lost by six points list right you think this thing about it lands three now okay they lost it to end in Austin and it's one report 11 mr. Hugo. It all through him on that Cam Newton schools at 35 seconds net. When he to in nineteen in the economy B goes down district so I mean net net the team gets real close to me you're talking about. And force teams in this division I think I can loan packets even let these team that is that. Well because that'd be closed NFC south and we have a great opportunity to have three straight seasons being the representative of the Anderson Ruble mine from the NFC sell you had to pass and VP winners in Cam Newton in Matt Ryan that you see the competition. And like I don't know went ten of these that it turned a corner but I always say this that you play implies like K and you go. Consistently. Nothing Heidi you know figure to get that nobody wins canyon before shoot. In the NFC east out that so much heart that is birds the patriots and and the AFC east you have patriot well like six and are 51. It is simply because. They caught against the jet. That they ought to get an adult what's in the bill that where there. The competition with the states basin in this season and some told you know in the final point in CT and TC's south Vietnam but it it's in the AFC team and if he's now with a minute man. And I thought that there's nobody that good guys subjected them. It's it's the Jackson Tennessee's Daniel look at detectives that deal this time Watson got hurt you and a dog with all in one is that they have not is because Andrew Luck was not available at the colts so yeah nobody even knows about it when you talk about parity in the NFL is it to me it's unbelievable. Considering that. This is that's great about NFL. That they're here you had the Eagles as the first double its need to be an underdog in their first playoff game. That is sixth seeded falcons to the island on the road and it three point favorite. Along. And because there had in his one game would you look at always say that played he can happen. I think if we play the vikings and a seven game sees they would visas but it's one game. We just gotta have the ball off a wave we get off to a great start. Somehow. Less than a ball out so we B plus one and a terrible margin. It felt like what you see like you watch an NBA game like rent it if the pelicans were playing the war. The palate as might have set the warrants but then I beat him four times that are you looking more doubtful and and you look at how baseball is usually the better pitching staff. It is not just one game that's like football to me is intriguing. Because everybody thinks the falcons to gonna win. But it's one game but what of the ball box the Muslims say they let this thing. I mean of five point underdog. Actually abducted the vikings are could not think it respect Drew Brees. And Sean Payton indistinct but all the Kennedy just when no one game doesn't matter. If the perception over long all the bite you better it's when that game that's what counts. Why you routes just not that that is the is talking about this meet so to speak for the reopening in San take this out of plastic flat 98 a pound. You get pulled out a dollar eighteen at around it got eight bit read the full laundry it's on sale. Also rotisserie chicken for those who don't wanna do the cook and they've got through district one all they all these different ticket you get amendment. Italian Bob McKee Rio all the plane. 59 match that's on hold seeking on this Xbox. Taken excellence in management cents a pound coming out to Rouse is due to meet you everything you need for yet tailgate. Tomorrow is to say to the vikings here on state radio WW and welcome back date is set for the saints. And the vikings the market where it route system and that things in that coach you know it's getting close. The crawfish season is always prophecies are right now they've got arrested for those doing the ball and not just the crop of people like you. This evening for all different things notes on the committee youth and ticked in the Houston we have. And then in the Finnish gulf on groups they've got the understand rains ballroom 59 man as the extra spicy. And it got the sack that ball is 49 and they get liquid also it's they get all sorts of different things where you seafood. I am peppered its own zip through an image use everything you need here is that route the U mean typical thing that makes it. The good butane they've got everything you need even the cool all here at Ralph. All the Rouse has locations close everything we're talking about but we have to be here on the notes or at thirty or 61 east calls we approach in this happens and Obama. Anthony thinking take this vote may issues and then me. Will be sold in it now more this year you can or eking Cate now at different packages. That you can choose from and they haven't shipped anywhere in the company yesterday. You and routes you can go online and ralphs dot com or 806885998. But he. And the ego boy it's amazing that went to saint treatment at considering all the entries even. And this started you know you got 22 starters. I'll wanna say. We have like six or seven that's not even available so we gotta give the organization a lot of credit for the depth they have. And I'll I'll learn a worse things that happened last game against Carolina. Is Andrews. Now I think hello my they can hang letter pass protect. Think you know write it right yet just let him go Google users in May be may be from this point not that we have before. We used to they Bobby that would that they were at thirteen as a point move it forward to not call anything. Until it's time Nicole. The way as how many times and in the we will all questioning. But into his second year his second year it may this year you could see him start to come around you knew the guy headed upstairs to see with more. But the cultures use caution instead of bravado and encompassing. Already split on via buses right many think that this guy is that is pulling dog in the National Football League right now. And there's the and you know I hate to say about what to mark you've got to see how beta omits. Well especially to trying gate mark gain ground and now in America going in the running game. Added that I think cal Monty that's another account Ahmad he's gonna get paid. Whoever is agent is that it's not a statement that whatever position deeply split over six and it's maps. We utopian and not pay enough out of lamb and of course dealing when lamb that you used to mail office and saw it it it doesn't know how to pull a Campo and I'll show you piece of pulled. You know it that is gonna have the piece that Thad Allen I mean audits of gonna have to pull it apart they gave us a big part of what this that you. Well I think at his feet now another thing out about it for a block in the guard position. We got a whole that Iran arms dates and on the run that these healthy yeah. I mean I don't know if I mean he's been he's been they been these felonies well the top three tackle. But to probably be and you might ask itself saints fans okay would have to Iran arms that that book now. I happen. McCallum lot out there are you gonna wanna keep them my card and the like talk with does that count about this with it happening. They can move Ryan ran chick. The left tackle. And Indy and move can LaMont the bill. Like the right tackle. Are because the one thing is when it was for yes well right objective right now because prize Harris who weak link. It rise fires as the school in the game tackle. They could be killed instantly you know he is the eco that he knows pretty evenly that we easily and his team. No I'd beaten him now applicable to look at that d'antoni had Nigerian hasn't read it might not just ride it out but I think he you know pretty tough it. Brice O'Hara has been cut five or six done yet it debate is talent is he leaving at New Orleans he got his own on the did anyone hear what he's done he's on the team yeah bottom. They bring them back on the team they cut them it's all about Ronald five and a built toilet seat would now these active. Who build the opportunity. Now other area an outward about. Is you might see I'll I'll. Well what is he really done that they'd play it figured he should. Frantic moment and read that moment he said exactly but the team that is next Jack. And he hasn't you don't mind that that that means is short Dennis sprained neck. I can remember back in not able to playland a playoff to like that he broke his arm. It's but brokers that we did at the same quarterback to win this ain't built patrol beat it. Now not having radical views you as a thank you might say will Willie's mean to step up. Yes really neat that his junior but we've Brandon Coleman did. Would the outcome ARAMARK ain't over Google's long run brand vehicle pulled it toward a best. Bryant blocked and receivers in the NFL yeah and he's just been a topic he has now he's not available no he's not still is so I think that's good hinders also and there were in those long run if every cooking gas electorally players are. And the bike at their bids outstanding against the run. But the one thing. They gave up too well run for their loss to Carolina Carolina. Jonathan Stewart had over a hundred yards and a sixty yard run you know let me too big canyon have like a mid east York. So that they really ran it up like it. But it does state to sustain drives just. The 67 yard drive to buy it they'll give up those kind of let it. All right come and that we and unlock the key to some calls postal continued breakdown we broke now too. The divisional matchups have another went to take a look at. Including weaving in and out our matchup the saints and the vikings where Rouse his 34 61 these calls we approached you on the home of an all insane this SH radio WW two hours down and one in the books. One more to go. And we're headed off to west who wants coverage. The and failed divisional round of the playoffs game one Atlanta this exceed the top seeded Philadelphia. Where the eagle with Horry three point dog at home. And then tonight it's the New England Patriots had a favorite thirteen and a half points over the Tennessee Titans. We're talking a bit more about that when next hour here and also get to sit by LHU basketball well what about the doubt we'll wait is done and as she won ten games all the manage your. They're eleven and four right now and they take on Alabama another in itself to a good start. And on a good job is new lenient. Avery Johnson and issued 2 morning beat Lehman at four overall is a team that was picked. Fourteen out of fourteen teams in the SEC right now in the top half. Well above the top hat and the Southeastern Conference pain so that's coming up. We'll take a look at that with senior right attack debate that compounds on also give back to recap the week in football. As Dave random we know about his BO that's immunity and we talked about. The rat than not they come into the settlement that's always so what. That neck and that was going to make new details of that and officially named Steve interning at the new offensive coordinator for the tide us over around the won't Ellen Hughes sports. Come up anything close the baseball season when we're with prominent tigers rank entering the seats Democrats opposed to 601870. You can text the city seventy eights and already in my opinion polls available for you at WW rail. That's how we're asking you what gives. In the big play out in Minneapolis defense or New Orleans offense Minnesota's defense and who owns all things. You can case you vote online at that you did you you know dot com to I was down they want to go. On Beckett Jon is rare Rouse is east costly approach will be here for another hour thirty fours 61 come on out and get in on some videos including. One of the king cakes they have all sorts of want to get to traditional Mardi Gras element of what tomorrow would it be nice put out on their table be electing go. He yankees' Bobby got the ability here on the home of the saints and tigers this is WW.