Saints Saturday Pep Rally - Hour 1

Saints Football
Saturday, January 13th

WWL's Deke Belavia and the Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert discuss the NFL Divisional Playoffs including the matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings Sunday afternoon.


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And a good Saturday afternoon to you on this divisional Saturday. I'm all about being bandied got to be real on location at Rouse is always a favorite spot the second set in a row in January that means one thing Leo in the playoffs sweeping the New Orleans Saints. And round to mark the saints at the Minnesota by the team in the face more time in the post season and anyone else. And franchise history our location is browsed as if you're getting off because way. We're right here optical if you heading to long. Be difficult weeks via hit us on the left hand side he would just come on down. And you'll see is in the big shopping separate 34 with 61 east called reproach but those look in the Palestinian. You'd GPA this argument and we got not to get too including senior writer tiger made that come browse all will be with us talk about this week tiring and also. A sense prompting Italy Hugh written on basketball team that is. An opportunity to get to 3 in morning comment played tonight a narrow loss to Kentucky follow with big wins over top twenty by Texas a and M a brought victory overall until the night. Here on WW radio already have eclipsed last year's win total there at eleven they only want him last year. And whale in the top half of the SEC. He's a hall of fame offensive lineman knows a thing or two just to say the least about pro football literal will be what does and the gentleman about it and I have become. Close to and know develop a good working relations with over the course that list. To a thirteen here's Larry FitzGerald senior took over the Minnesota Vikings for the Minnesota spokesman recorder. One of the longest tainted beat reporters or inept team in the National Football League in yes that name and yet he has the father of its year. He had big is that as deadly sunlight on landing it and you're looking Eli Peyton that you look a hall of jail right and the hall of fame player and you know who else is steadily in that the vikings saints connection and canned jarred that fact Steve Jones the Jarden inside and big policies like the six time pro bowler amongst the best video feed jars and you go blood. Mom and I. Things things that tonight now bought by its end now wanna hear it but think about that atmosphere. And you've got to appreciate appreciate is that you have to be objective. You know it's going to be awesome I think we can handle this that reason the hill and I they Sheila meanwhile have them ready for this. Which you watch it Chan that's gonna goal line in unit makes the it's kinda reminiscent. When you watch the World Cup would Iceland all of a sudden. He modern O weren and it will winning games. And indeed go biking chance. You know we do who'd actually at an angle like skull. Who here you have Michael will watch that'll get you both let you Scandinavian or not Ryan the but I think. It's on paper that the team ready building and the adversity. What you wanted to do you wanna jump on the vikings quit. Like indie crowd to get them oddity gaming maybe have the momentum. According your paper now you know like to also pay back Minneapolis. You know what people don't realize. That we lost the bid the Minneapolis and the vikings that a suitable yes. This occurred. Went back with the 2014. With a girl group warning that's bull. And now they put in the winning bid. And it's been a car. In Minneapolis. This year and the like is obviously trying to beat them home team that is doable but. You all of that never lost a bid to hold those who will win in previous years. So that you have been now ideal I think the pity governor Jay Garner the time. Go global 52 would have been perfect picnic that you always tries Centennial year. And obviously that didn't occur but all we could be a big spoiler. Thing of pop that okay yeah that is global re going to be in it. They say it's meant to take it lightly wherein it's no Goldberg does both the consumable. Griswold we're gonna have a chance that they. Before 20/20 five to have at least one and after upgrade the superdome. Two Tuesday detention. But yeah obligate does not go on in Minneapolis does that hold it is doable in this state tonight Ian. You know what's crazy about the playoffs the and down when you look at this. Is that no. I've ever seen. The discrepancy as far as quarterback experience. A first of quarterbacks who like our football urgent as bars the playoffs and when you look at Tom Brady. Ben Roethlisberger. Matt Ryan at agrees. Dave had eight global rings. Five Super Bowl MVP awards and read the MVP awards. Based on what they did and that particular season. The other quarterbacks. You look at not a quarterback quartet session today. That being mark is very Otis Nate bowls Blake portals and who we basic case Keenan. That up a quartet has combined to wages to a playoff games and those came last week it is wanna game lastly bidding and that it victories. That game went out Mary go to the titans upset that she simply portals and the jaguars in the beating the bill's old. The when you look at it realistically. The only game that really as Vegas I guess a little worried. Our fans mutually follow football say while I don't know what damage to think that the vikings considering it's been four and a half by point favored. But we have agreed that all the playoff experience. That I don't know like this article is the thing when you look at big gains today. Even though about the Eagles begin to see this afternoon you know it's amazing. If the saints beat the vikings beat and who we plane. We get. They only wanted to hours yet are twenty hi our unlike the last time when I'll I'll with double broken yet yet savient we also San Francisco in the in the next dated dance beat packed. We cynic all and it literally making the giant to come that is through trial Illinois at a well we get an OT lead we went we take care in this letter about the does come at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. We gonna go to Philadelphia's though. But when when you look at it. Beat the gain then occurred today and watch this afternoon yes we had 100 of your radio between the Eagles in the falcons. That is in that I mean I I know 1000 feet. Nine EED. Right now even with cars that wins. It would be more like them like it's in the think that you the falcons might win right now. I think you'd be enough that even though Eagles at number one seed. That you look tonight. Kamal the titans are a touchdown underdog. Yet that that would be announced that over Tom Brady the patriots and even build the jaguars to their business against the Steelers. They look at the Steelers that is the local one Pittsburgh actually in this time on the jags and that the ruling that definitely bull in a bowling game. Of the interest it is the thing to the vikings. Like the title it well we can that I. I've on location and Rouse has come on out and Jonas and on the east close we approach for those that in the put it in the ATP is the exact interest at 34. 61 as we wrote a break coming up we got a lot to get to one day show will preview all the divisional matchups in the coming around even it's. Do the show will tell you about some of the great items on sale. Gusts as that we certainly here in on them and threw it. Men as so many things to go through but right now particularly close at this point and cents a pound that's the part about three days sales but does an eight under a dollar and ninety sevenths it's. Wanna put themselves on the grill they've got that the three pounders that he smoked sausage. Is 49 and saving three dollars so much more here and Rouse is including the Trace you don't even at that cook folks they'll do that for you. If you wanna cook the you have me in things already sees employee in the pac. You just take it out and put on the real all of Brian's we're at Ralph is coming out to us that the black go pep rally here on stage radio WW whenever the saints win and we all win folks all phases of life down here in Louisiana you know not like football but the clothes that economic impact on what winning those examine. Probably felt the most. In the grocery business and not even notice things await people stocking up it's been a busy week this week. We are at routes Islamic great locations in a man of East Coast we approached him a cost around system does now. The amount whenever it's an exciting. Road games people always tend to come and shop dignity. But in the playoffs it's like to harmful coming up how many people have been the pain is coming in all week long. And about the game you don't have a first look good morning you guys so it's good to see I have yet over in March or in. Could have that available if in the store and yes always exciting noses like died Donnie. Donnie Rouse was interviewed on the double down use channel and heard Robert this morning you know it is an when he said is true. It's like an extra holiday you know. People get together family friends neighbors and all that their body get together and cook in that has to be a lot of jambalaya losing fumbles and chilies in and everything else going on this weekend you know so especially feels. Like outside. Football weather is going to play and it don't look this is like football web now has nine coup in Chile the idea chilly and today is really good because it's cold but you can get outside nicely is that we have done right yet I landed the thing you don't want to wait till now. All saleable strap across the call late this morning as the coming of have been on death about it Clinton hard courts it's. You look at some Vista TM announces we talked about this last week we were in. Right off the vote out. Right and not you look at it if they going will mean this is stuffed it you know and I can tailgate quit writing this kind of bill but yeah. We we haven't they and and we we plan and that unity we don't that this happened but now it's it all comes together. We have a great big three days sail again going on this weekend thought yesterday in prices that today and still through tomorrow. Great price on lake waters Twain ounces of proud as easy as in the state Jeep is in the Gulf Coast right now. And then also I've got a good price and on grounds are along. Are the group gets some good lean grounds are going to 377 pound for all the burgers and all that yeah and another thing Els again to onions apartheid is chip. Seeing the take everything and it would be what I call home gates tailgate these units of the aisle don't meet you told me you'd do and it is it may even do achieve an annualized and I am chicken and sausage and on doing Gumbel to Mars and have a cup of Chile last night she took the good of a Turkey chili. Yeah which veg and that's Jim. A number of that memory I guess a huge. Portion of them who detonation. They think it would be divided we dollar receivable hydrated did then David this is big gain. That we get past Minnesota and I and I and I kind of agree I think the winner there's it was Minnesota's saint mode to take care in this weather. Right now I agree and then as it's funny because we beat the Minnesota at home. Back in the hour particulars will only witnesses who now is an exciting night rock your night that you know. But as good as is a great. Great weekend is a lot of people out about right now they enjoy and whether they do with some shop and take advances in great passes and all the stores throughout. And come 33344. Tomorrow particular Bosnia for the TVs at home watch and. Not enough that's a good team he has some Picasso rounds I write I don't know I think you know now is typical with. Don't get it why your routes is votes of Marty grow we are in the market growth season right now if that Wednesday Tuesday before Valentine's Day on the thirteenth that you can get. Yo Ralph is keen Kate shipped anywhere in the count and Hewitt tried also with some. Different kind of got the field traditional pick that certain packages under ounces and you can or you can take their cute anyway. Yeah 260 when he in the you can take this 8787. Two big games coming up to date the first match at the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia is a three and a half while on the go home at the Lincoln link in the department of fear and tonight. Tennessee and giving you complete all three of the other divisional matchups and talk about opting matchup as well was that you basketball vs. Alabama tonight in key SEC game McCain campaign to me when you look at it that first game with Philadelphia and in manner. I don't know I've never seen a team that everybody it is game they'll loan that is the number one seed won thirteen games and it's not like if Clinton in. You know image generators and a quarter ended in the playoffs and they put in the both campaigns state you know as I do and you got a quarterback that got. Some playoff experience he's been to a playoff game before in just a simple standpoint not ahead at all the three full games is that one that looked at that these. But I'm all of Philadelphia in bin on him just from the standpoint nobody else going to. Well everybody and and you look at the Eagles they're thirteen in three. At Lincoln Financial Field the past two years of humans thirteen to three upscale home wrecked yet the home brain and related financial VO one of those losses in week seventeen. Said that when they lost the cowgirls. Within credit him indirect vote and vote to mean basically when the game's on the line they like thirteen to it and I mean this show lead influence. Now big of they had cars that wins. Now you know we talked about this early in the week. That cars that went to basically work in this matchup like nine points the Eagles would have been a six and a half point favorite. Now the images Jodie going back at nick polls. Is that that all all well what are the spread right now because it's been two and a half 33 in an active for now though when you look at it. And it's all because. Naples vs Matt right now you know it's amazing. And now has been gotta love this match rise in the polls he's the playoffs. He's recorded a passer rating of at least a hundred or more. It five consecutive gains. In the playoffs and the lack even though it lost its noble Matt Ryan. Never Ali in the big league he did his job soon be. But he said five consecutive gains with a quarterback rating of 100. That's the second longest streak in the NFL but. Because it could be interest in this the that I think the one area. Can the fountains on the top line. Block the Eagles the line I'm. In there's that if he gets an NFL they don't need to know about that due to strength. And then in the Eagles that they don't want to do this to help nick pulls candy run the football yeah against the falcons defense can come up with someone can anyone who's in that means that yes yeah he's through because you look at how I've changed. You know they're stud running back right now you'd jive and played against the saints in London but it dolphins and I that we shut him out that's exactly and then and Dallas two weeks before he joined Eagles and the cut now. He's somebody could BP be in the game OK when he played but it dolphins the you know he ran 530 yards in his twenty to seventeen win over to falcons back in October to fifty. So you know as a player I think mentally have yet that says it's that a team right he's gained in the JU guided you know that he is the state. But he gets on the against the falcons you know where he and that rush have a 130 yards out the he's averaging. Now when he's at Miami. Warning carries per game. But the utilize him on the Garret blunt but is not a one trick pony so to speak with. If you look at it. And we are remembering him in Miami could he could be an explosive back where. You know he was a Pro Bowl that grand thirteen hundred yards basically in the at three gains over to a not a hundred a 150. So he can be explosive factor. To help out nick polls if called upon. The an Eagles uniform he's average of five point eight yard. Well you know how we brag and on Camara they'll exploit here on. And how Ingram cycle will five yards when he's riot hopeful that you know five point eight and then you got the Garret blunt deacon who's really been a team player. He's getting the 766. Jars this year in these average of four and a half. So the governors have to see how the falcons trying to stop the run. In the gare blunt also he's somewhat of self you know why can't these are two time Super Bowl champ. With the patriots who knows what it takes the utility job when it's gonna come about in the well to be a factor. And of course so we'll break it down even Moline and and I continue to do like it remains to demonstrate its hot 72 in their last nine games. Up next before local news it's eight CD and spoke to and welcome back over. Half in the inking takes only issued just at announces they say no more looking case in any of the bakery with them about grasses. All their markets available you can go in and you can all of them had been shipped anywhere in the continental. You yes that's exactly right it's also packages. There can take that it is the parade connected to looks packets check it out there do it all for you here at Rouse has in the they they can do everything and then you're. We you think about cook and you go oh well console had had this an outfit like that and as we can't but. A want to look something. You can go as far as you wanna go painting and you go to the back in the meat department. They have this is about they have all the meat is already season you can just take it out the pick and put on the real. You could do which is still think that the party trays they've got all sorts of that they that reason why we know but is that they always take care of us. And we get to eat some of this stuff that we we are giving you a I guess you'd say they bird's eye view of exactly. What they had here at Ralph system coming out Jonas we get to 3 o'clock this afternoon before we handed off. To our coverage of audio and checked that pizza ovens. All right Kendall we isn't yet I did it I it's much more arousal much Florida's Tubal morgue it's amazing. You know when you come here. That you can not go away hungry no no you bring you grown he's the house that you need eating area exactly and they'd be ugly experience. Well we checked out of him off to Westwood one's coverage of the divisional rounds at top seed Philadelphia Eagles thirteen to three in attaining. The Atlanta Falcons who August 6 C joining us now Scott Grayson beat reporter for the Eagles on ESPN radio in Philadelphia nannies and point three. Scott thank you so much foot dammit. What what is the vibe like this week just among Philly fame that they outside of Philadelphia. The keystone state it everybody knows that that's a hard core CD that's a tough fan base. But they come galvanize I would imagine the outside near the bodies weaken against the Eagles. Bet though it feels justice bet that you did suspect in this town like right now this is us against the world. You're absolutely right I think that the mandate is really kind of odd bit of roller coaster ride because base. They're excited for the game and an expected moment they speak about it they are holding their breath. You know what's gonna happen today it will be overcome whatever they base and at and orders could be the ride it and I think that's what these bands are trying to deal with so early in this game here at the crowd really fired up. And it Eagles game can stay on top or get on top early. A big crowd really help you know push to bring to the finish line but. You know I think if if things don't go well early on your gonna start here in the crowd collectively hold perhaps. And it's going to be a rock brought. Scott Grayson is it what does beat reporter for years in radio for the dip in ninth and point three act as Greece and it is the only why it's a win 973. On 200. Scott put put those out dead and it paid attention to the the talk and hit the for the networks the big ones and it. Michael oh they know everything about it and now we hear news that. What this team with all cost him wins you file in every week. But those added I don't know for the gifted tell us about these team what are they overall the complete body of work from belted in and out in the beat in the buoyancy if you. The bigotry and to me it was just the mentality of next manned up I mean this team went through a lot of injuries that they're people that overlook. Outside of this city they're rolled on down early on. Date computer going yeah half we beat them they treated or. You don't Ronald RB corner you went down the first game of this beat you recorder. Aren't they weathered the storm and of course all that he got acute heart when the credit he deserves no doubt that. Joseph this team together really helped spur the bureau a lot of that now would it out there RD. You know gonna load automatically now obviously not they have a guy that team but they've dealt with the adversity of next manned up. Throughout the speed may be able real article picnic pulled up well grounded and we bought this being the last couple weeks what. A really developed playbook against a lot of sighting happened on it earned that what they're running and I think that if they were trying to keep a lot of it under wraps so I expect that city. A much better call game from Doug Peterson today more work to the strength of nick polls. A bomb the beauty can do whatever life more on its IE in the running game to it that really helped get it. If the bill it would be really overcame everything like. It was a really good. Really jelled locker room that felt nothing could take them down. And it really trying to maintain that lead in the Caribbean are quiet and what you guys respect him before. It really is have been against the world mentality this week Betty. Have really put a chip on their shoulder and back nobody. Outside of you think they can win that game today and I I expected beat them back about on the field that. That's got that you mention it and by against the Eagles fans you know how they embraced their players. That the best friend didn't hateful he's gonna have to make plays in the passing game. But I public interest then when I read that edgy jive. Average and five point eight yards and it basically six yards a carry in his seventeenth that he Eagles that you got the Garrard blood who led the team right on the 800 yards he averaged four point reading I Clement had 321. So that would definitely help nick pulls his case. If they can run the ball. And is as to what is your take on JU jibe because I look at I know is that all the uniform yet at the previous season three gains over 200 yards. And I'll look at out McNamara average in like six point lawn and I are Ingram oh over five yards though. To me. Absolutely yeah we have not been able being dropped beaten him. The jerk launch started well we have been wearing down he went on now. The bye week will certainly help a guy like him at perhaps took about global order and that the ticket I eat it and I think really at keeping bill. Yeah and running for the op. You're right about news that I think he got here a bit of a bank the and gotten better at. It that got a little better orbit got better old better. Eight gold and putting on that are run getting darker back. That he would edit you do it that day and I think you're off you're going to move the ball. But it on having the wind helped give him an opening that you eat out I'll forward. I think or climate really bring you back there and it was so. You know and it would use that. On one and it's I get it out there may. And currency and ready board go. Passing game from old and the run really help open things up and shot over the easily. Bordal. Right yep we can be beat keeper to beat today in the Barents well really picky about your act. And as god speaking at that defense then. I know the bass wait to get at fan base that route that happened at home feel it and it. It's always been the case to be at that the that this kick in but if they sacked and uphold the quarterback are in the course and turn overs. A what you're talking a little bit about because I think it dominant that the eagle at the bits of line. And look at also the home field advantage that's at this early at the Eagles what thirteen to three at Lincoln financial field the past two years. Now that loss in week seventeen that Dallas on that evening and account that. But they've been pretty dominant at home and and and obviously that could be key how deep it's a blind distrust that run. Yeah I think you're absolutely right that it you know we update you know how much to be off an eight bit. You're absolutely right it's good that war in. Iraq in pretty grim news on the back up a little bit but we injury. You know it was huge. I think yeah those guys in Albany a line that Ryan got shot by if they're struggling it could be as you're really helped it go. Yeah utility shut down rod. Up and it's going to be windy here today it's coal Bert don't seem. You know equals it really on the run and make about one match all that really played together. It's incredible run the ball. That's gonna put equals more on their heels a little bit not be able to impact here at that I won. The quarterback but it quarterback. Out of pocket and played. That really hurt a lot and you know now I've got it back I think right now he beat that if they get back here. Outline and throw the ball. And the other corners that I have copper or boxed. Back in which is cute so yet that the ECB could be the line what are operating Graham. Betty Currie then it grew longer and a great pick up and played really well those guys. Covering the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional game this evening that is coming up here on WW radio at 3:35 PM from the linked. Economy it and interfere in the city of brotherly love Scott Grayson. And that's the latest Philadelphia and at and I think eagle the report of the 973 yet and ESPN radio. People with got onto it at yes Grayson and seventy Scott thank you so much for the time we appreciated dog gain deceit. Or. All right and out the Philly hopeless there's India take this guy we appreciate it all right book on an NFC. Probably too big it's not proud they owe it to most intriguing matchup you think about strip Austria. The Atlanta offense in the Philadelphia beat the saints offense in the vikings. The thing it's in the community it matches. The sends addicts and acted day gone against that to Cox and them on Macs on against men vote Joseph those big event than that. Well on its eight and as a fan. And you tend to follow the Internet you file out of football you don't necessarily see that tonight and look and I got to give Matt Ryan a lot of credit against airing Donald and the rams how you moved in the pocket and made plays. As Erin O'Donnell. Was gonna get out again and have backed bill every play not that I'm against the guard. In a ballot that could help well then they'll children at that time the player Fletcher Cox. Woody still disruptive. Then the backfield not goes in his duties and yet don't team playing outside. And Matt Bryant is a pocket passer so baked it. Truly stop freemen are Colbert for murder in the football and the wind blown. It doesn't affect your passes now. Matt Ryan he would have been less than them tea right now you know it's in his head he the company it is unbelievable you know why like I said earlier. Matt Bryant's passer rating of at least a hundred Al Gore. Five consecutive playoff games at the second longest streak in the NFL three nights a man. On. On the season better. That and in have so in other words. He set out to do my job opened my teammates. You support me nick com's backhand yeah yeah it be interesting to see. How this front like that eagles' pass rush when Matt Ryan yeah and dealing with elements trying to sort of ball accurately when all the wins. Yet and as good as Minnesota's defense is the egos led the league in defense of Russian defense this year amounted to seven and yell it. Yeah gain book that there that it is and it both the bottom line is all the received a bald Eagles in the biking you couldn't run it exactly right. That's the first game of awful lot of games this weekend at three games seeking union efforts in the law. On our sister station. Atlanta at Philadelphia at 3:35 PM kick off from Philadelphia today right here on at the home of the NFL WW and welcome back moment by being bandied ability we're on location it arouses in you sit for the saints. And the vikings tomorrow we get too big gains today we talked about the Philadelphia Eagles in the and that's not that's coming up to the at 3:35. PM Indian tonight and I kept Tennessee. AFC's the succeed winning last week with the odds the winning this week. At can't see 45 matchup at the top seed New England Patriots that's tonight at the night at in the stadium. Local incidents date gain a little later he's sick so when rates and the its economic anybody can text the city seventieth in the we read routes to stock up on Paul object game day. And I mean everything you need here and routes to take this you know feed in celebrity is now. I would never served in public palace haven't liked the additional dinner. Economic breakout two routes amazes. Me you know take my time you know depend no went with at him but if you need like a quick speaks. And I duels and Rick gravy. I have not the subject who youthful. I'll OK okay yeah on my TW did he do it right clear yet directly if you want a taste systems so. They've got direct truthful but that's the disputed you can mix up even that the Al fatal wreck it differently. It chips the Rios and ruffles on sale also things like we talked to cut the early. They go through this and neatly out a lot of benighted that you could and we here at a party come close of course things domestic that you bone steely. Beans kind of stuff but for the good. Lo and I didn't think did the best at two worlds you know king cakes see the golf and I keep is they. Apologize any moment abatement this week in the law apparently you know let the and have the message to world you have be the Mardi Gras colors or Safeco that's right you got these days king cakes and a black man oh an awesome solo person. If you have an a party at your house get ready for the game get Wendy's kink in living he is debate with you beat it about half an expert Ryan that well yet and if we take that the death and I want an excellent kick off or have stability and see Jan Jensen who's the lead they would. Well Bobbie that we talked a bit about that matchup early tonight and that's an interesting because. It's not one is slated as the two tomorrow look at nick both hands at a playoff game and he was almost it. I mean let's face he put up in BP numbers the you to saint late eat with the 2013. Touchdown to interception ratio. But tomorrow you would get into it the disparity. As always quarterback. Experience Ben Roethlisberger Blake photos Drew Brees antes keep them that's be speaking if if you caught on a list you sanity check off. You know pros and cons if you make it all the air bags upbeat big advantage toward the Steelers and the thing. Well the I'm is that today it is you know follow the patriots of falling apart today it lawyer role you saw you roll hot. And that's the neat thing I'd be into bed at night yes it three headed monster that we Bill Belichick Tom Brady and rob in the doldrums the Robert Kraft. All I know is that Tom Brady has played the patriots beat. During his tenure. The patriots are six to one against the titans yet he has he's had thirteen tech's passing technology only one interception. That's his best touchdown interception ratio. Against any opponent is career wins all on its most important is the most with a tight this evening game. Big item I have to let go ahead and act out of that promise that mostly in this but it would you want but you look at a quarterback value for technical life scoring touchdowns on all the NFL team. That ratio the best touchdown interception ratio if any polar in his career thirteen touchdowns all in one. I commend bank rip Rouse is coming out John as a big practical pepper etiquette is that the sites and the vikings right here on stage radio WW acting gigs at tailgate food good football conversation. It's football time it's played out timing yes the saints Austria and it. Fourteenth needs conference eight left overall in the saint mall to the tickets are brown will break it down a little further next hour right here on saints radio this is WW.