Saints Roster Projected Cuts, Who's In?

Seth and Kristian debate which bubble player will make the roster and which players will make the practice sqaud?


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Symbol violently to the Tuesday edition of double coverage this is really really weird what do we do and I'm like actually face to face the said Dunlap intends ever. Here it is the next three hours double coverage body disrupt of sports talk Seth and Bobby are still debating. This this massive trade in the NBA they just went down a few hours about a hour and a half ago between the Celtics and cavaliers. Bob and our thoughts on and a little bit ago that. Just I'm gonna do it I got a call I got a call our producer on here's your attacks and about this before the show and Tim simmers audited nothing's happened is losing and I. Wearing during Longoria. Led. That'll cost is that partly suddenly obviously we all agree with that oh you know I'm not wearing right now. What's when my and our Christian Washington Huskies yeah and I guess what I won't be wearing that Washington Huskies had ever again we will have a fitting end. Expires in ceremony. Tomorrow. Probably before the program yes yes there will be not entirely sure what I'm going to do and what I can legally do but we will. Do something I will do something. Bidding up for this what three and a half weeks of madness and had endured. I won't get any NBA trade who won the trade obviously that's the first discussion who got better who's the bigger threat now how how how does this change the landscape. In the Eastern Conference the first who's helping their case to make the saints' final roster still unpacking the saints. Pre season win over the chargers the good the bad the ugly and like I say who's helping their case to make the saints' final roster who's hurting their chances. Of sticking around pretty impressive performance in that c.'s defense eight sacks I'm sure says he guys talk about that quite a bit last night I'll travel back from Los Angeles. But then. I know it's just the pre season and it in all it's all you know pre qualified with that he had the preface which are gonna say about anything unique comic she make. In the pre season by it is just a pre season but. Those are positive signs things we haven't seen increased seasons of the of the past their ability to generate a pass for a. Yeah absolutely and I was gets a push back Ozuna in the live chats on game day as well. Being impressed by mail linebackers and and a guy that I had been Dahlia is anti though. Okay Brad at a guy that I write I thought it was some kind of weird rehabilitation project here. And give much of a shot but they were file over the place penetration I thought he was my MVP of that game on Sunday and so I. I'm fine I'm I'm objective and what I saw and then I had fancy Oates is pre season. It doesn't matter here's the thing. We haven't seen the saints do anything close to that in the pre season during a 37 in nine years so everybody out there is sailed just pre season doesn't matter you go back to lose in football games and looking bad. In the pre season five new uses seven in nine seasons what we're seeing. Is an improved. Deeper football team Datsyuk were Sam I'm not ready to make you any overarching statements. Really about everything ever sold the it's still a process but this this football team Christian is better than what we've seen the last couple years is that right. Has that much some confidence saying at the two pre season games I remind you. They did well is at pretty well as an offense without Drew Brees now there's there's struggle on third down offensively but again that's without Reese. But all we will we've seen Tennessee's defense we hadn't seen in the previous 45. Pre season. Defense is the saints have put on the field in a particular what was thought to be the hottest competition in camp immediate biggest question marks in camp. Has been a linebacker and in fact. I think is this the biggest pleasant surprise always seen so far. He's got four linebackers one on AJ Klein that says your Millie and if you were down that signing as well and I think he perhaps you're coming off that a little bit given the numbers. He's put up in the pre season. And the way he's played in training camp Palestinians alone figures in that competition. Greg Robertson and of course may anti tale I wrote about it on lines where it's coming up. If you I think what we don't they'd the other saints line backing core at W law dot com so that'll be up shortly and it's my thoughts overall how this. Line backing core was once perceived as a huge question mark to start around in the shape I'm not saying this is the second coming. Of the dome patrol but it certainly it looks better than a crop linebackers they fielded over last five years in nuances Jonathan Vilma Scott Shanle and Scott Fujita. With the saints what I just comes down to Matt's entail. For me I'm still a little worried about the the weak side spot the world's Bobby don't you play 30% of the snaps whoever holds down match Cobb. It was the will spider I was really worried about but it Mets I tale is anything close to what we've seen. At camp and in the east pre season games. He's going to be more than adequate it's for that defense that he's seen an improved pass rush a better back into that defense is well. I am that I'm not ready to say I'm excited but I am less concerned that I was three weeks ago when you put it that way. Yeah but I think it's Smart and safe. By hootie who was helping their case. The most make the saints' final roster are to be to do well dot com bridge erupting between casual thereby receive Tommy Lewis linebacker Adam big hill safety Eric Harris. The incident how quitting mama calls a final four. 260187 text 878 semi dead is dealer would join us later on sports columnist for the Washington Post on what he has a players in the National Anthem. We saw last night the browns. Twelve players to stated in a kid who was a protest on the nationalism. Take Mattison and pillaging pelicans NBA writer for Burma should just not come on the trade of retiree Irving from the cavaliers to the Boston Celtics. Who won that trade center and also Matt Harmon in the at 10 o'clock hour fantasy football. Writer for in the backyard banter dot com about eleven sleep sleepers are so they're a handful sleepers are you should be targeting your upcoming. Tennessee try attention Christians are you out of the cellular in this league you I would never make any talk about what not the factually only here heavily battle one that. We had two spots open for Farley I really draft I think what next week right. Keiser got to spot to win a tick I don't wanna give it to light more Bernard. Or or Steve Geller you have to be a part of double cover no will will will confess it also will fill us yet on this I don't know if you can. Alice you can be part of the locket that fits your teacher back I'm annoyed when I slept like a little housekeeping news here. Now a way to messiness on the program last night that we are moving around our FaceBook live chats we'll technical reasons for that. Algorithms of FaceBook zoom into this by orderly you know each night when we're doing a live chat and it's gonna be 915 tonight's. So don't expect it my point is an expected at the first brick like you'd come to expect the last six months housed in with those lessons. Two nights ago Ceglia does silica Sonny time for Manhattan. Crazy it was absolutely. Insane I saw some pictures of Herbie from the times Picayune in the press box watches the game a bronze medal at half the on Sunday we just got done recording our podcast has known name our weekly game of three owns recaps if you can't get enough through owns. Be sure you check that out that is up right now on the main page Debbie to be all dot com. Your host myself Steen a styles a recap everything in western roast tonight it's a podcast has no name go get it. Promised Greenspan's. View will likely to listen to. It's all line for a had a B Demille I come like he said I got to see the eclipse lastly a cement in Dallas I timed it perfectly I was due landed I landed literally and in five minutes it was at its peak. So sit there watch I treated my picture out colas like Donald Trump I did have. Protected classes I think I look at it OpenId get guy opens professor prequel seat. Yeah I mean they're not coming in over real quick I was like I that that was a lot of buildup for just a few seconds of real pleasure. Yeah and you are in the zone took Tallahassee great name by the way aren't making my plans so I am going to go. To Austin and which we've really seen some coming off my head up I. I'll well I do think it's a little overblown by its. SEC this is really troublesome to me is why your stance that you originally had which was alleged two and thirty for me and you're like wait. Wait you're one of the guys that like has you and T Bob Ehrlich in braced nerdy dislike no lot. I a lot of illegals do like hey now it's cool to be inert and the near. It's totally stepped on as a clip that this this solar eclipse allows all bullish about last week at Los Angeles that is just. Patently untrue or you're hearing what you want to say I never said it to charity I would. Called very few things to an area there are few things been in a solar eclipse I was just saying. I think is society we've blown out of proportion just a little bit you know we're not worsening the sun and the moon that's God's. Anymore but this button look it's fine I had fun with that I'm not going to live by the way this is where I don't have. Ethnic trump too hard of a time the first Santo if you look at the sun without glasses that's appropriate to. Just for a half second paragraph second insane don't say half second nothing that her my eyes but c'mon you know let's not and look at I say that touchy about don't trouble me like there he wasn't the only one that probably was like other regularly you'll glance at a quick Ellis a quick glance I just wanted to quickly glance at its. I did I'm not saying out recommended. Robert Carroll are sinks radio network producer and engineer took care lawless me Dusan Jimi Janis classes no less than he went to Amazon and his welfare he's the motor in that group that's for sure. Come back who's helping their case to make the saints' final roster we'll talk about it next. He was setting Christie could jump in a final four to 6018 semi tech's 8787 on Twitter at said a lot at Kristian garic. Of course our like these which has been moves who'll. Philly and on that as well saint radio here on WW. 700 million dollar power a lot of powerball who happen. Mean I don't play the powerball very often how I'm in it now I will I'll be in it you're conundrum answer I had done. You you it's tell me that you know you live in the now you wouldn't reality yet you know you give you can talk and it's Eli via. I usually give him last week would your head literally in the sun. And now you tell me the you're dreaming of winning the powerball can play like you're a dream with a towel. What you see you're you're taking his pro like you would a web like on everything lately and you're like a party group are all part of I tell you what else I'm gonna do. You are king Nat king Dunlap DR king party Cooper he's acting Dunlap first in his name I'm gonna throw some what blankets on a text there at 87870 from the 985. Tommy Lee Lewis has earned his spot says the 985. I could not disagree. More this is what I talked about we over blow why net pre season game performance Christian and you when I had out on this. And I always wait for you to get back here because I want to point to that box or yesterday Allen appoint to the practices he had. Last week. I am not saying he will not make this roster but anybody who thinks that Tommy Lewis is way out ahead of the pack ahead a quarry for him Brandon Coleman. As we approach the homestretch here is just flat wrong note that said that. I'm itching to see this race it's the most exciting race I don't think they're going to keep six receivers here I think they're gonna have to cut at least one of those guys of your asking me Christian. One race that I'm really looking forward to the last couple weeks here is the Coleman border Tommy knew his battle for probably two roster spots. That's. Very intriguing to me I mean I would I would agree with that let me get back to my thoughts on animal but similar million dollars and would you do with cinemanow. I can't get office right now this is stuck in my head I would have thought this out when I would. I would dive in it like Scrooge make deck in men realize that I'm not a cartoon character probably Brickman but. The hill. I don't really know what do we do seven million dollars is go watch wolf on Wall Street cold fun coupons. I just target you know dispense in hundred dollar bills the here. And Errol watched them a limited him blowing all of white powdery substance not all know it and he he summit that. But I mean he also it's just go watch a movie it would. It would invoke a lot of things that I might consider a site that white powdery substance would you break bad. Brake pad now. I would for sure I wanna talk. I'm also here is a look at die if I win that. And when that powerball I'm just doing the games I Estella duties on Sundays but everything else. Don't do it aegis cannibals that is what allows you to do alleged pick and choose what exactly right there in my SL -- dollars it's like OK you don't want to limit new gains amount of the sit back and count my money. Anyway icy talk about the race at wide receiver in particular between Brandon Coleman. Tommy Lee Lewis and Corey Fuller here's my thing about. Vertical is on its roster that. Even if Hillary. He's just on this roster for war suffer some expert inexplicable reason he's not done tremendously great pre season games but he's had some good practices. But he's not anything terribly bad either although we missed a block and a Cleveland Browns game which I think there were number of things that you can point to you know for four wide and happened but. The race really is between Tom and Louis. The court Fuller both of them really had a zero stat line. In the game on Sunday Tommy Lee Lewis is part had a better has had better practices he's been out there more consistently court for miss some time and an injury. But what the biggest thing and it's gonna sound is gonna sound bad but it's the truth. Tommy Lee Lewis body type doesn't fit what the saints offense wants alternately they like bigger receivers. At Tommy Lewis can can can make some plays for the passing game he give vertical but Corey Lee Lu a corn news corn Fuller is that bigger. The bigger target and he's your insurance for Ted Ginn junior. As your vertical threat he's a bigger threat. Yes hands because they already have a returner and Ted Ginn junior and they have a back up in Helmand commit area. You get no special teams value tangible value at a Tommy Lee Lewis and I'm not sitting here trying to bag on the kid. I set on this program it's just a numbers game here at the saints I firmly believe like you do he will not make it to practice squad he's going to get scooped up somewhere yes yes and make an NFL roster and probably contribute any big way on some roster out there but branding Coleman is the most balanced he's actually. Contributing on special teams quite a bit as well you pointed out usually he's very solid blocker on the outside. He is a red zone threat I agree I think he's got this locked down. And I think we forget the early part of camp maybe the coal where four had before he got hurt that he was kind of are probably the first week our breakout player of the caps so. What we had a week we gonna happen Tommy Lee Lewis dominating headlines before it Corey Fuller summit this day where hadn't he noted the Tampa around here. With that tied decision we don't know who's been let us. Yes so he would be a category of helping his cause right out pretty Mohammed a defenseman rookie defensive end six round draft pick he's helped his cause quite a bit and to pre season game to show he's in pass rush ability. Eric harris' talent man. Had a big deal linebacker. And we had an interception closeout tag team that's not one of these plays words like a lot of did you see that I mean I know he's five and sunny out jumped. He can now the ball a jump ball but it was kind of an insignificant play. By and large but I'm not trying to severe rain on his parade of talk about coming to us you know in who's hurt their case we're now really mean obviously. That is not about big name. Is a funny thing. Hi we just talked about this line backing core. Right with us the four in particular the starters that we see it Craig Robertson AJ Klein may anti tea out how it stands alone. We're just a phony as he's stack up in that and this a former first round draft pick that you would think should be the top form of this rotation at linebacker. As of right now he's not in particular because he's missed two days of practice going back to Los Angeles when he anyone out there when that practice those two games didn't play the game on Sunday and this is disappointing you know on number of levels now I think gonna come no. But it's not it's not a good look that your four former first round draft pick of just two years ago. Is behind five players are four players one of which was a second round pick a decline ugly was undrafted. Craig Robertson I know was undrafted in the third round pick out into a. We were talking about a third fourth round pick not a first round pick here. I don't think you when we make these cut down predictions Christian yet I don't think companies aren't power and and that's that's that's a discussion that the team is who is weighing two is hey look this is a first round draft pick. But on a silly one economy is still out of relatively cheap price does on his rookie deal. The man. Me any look he's already said here's here's what a path to be heart Sean Pate has already said he's not very good on special teams. In place special he's very well and if you're if you're at best the fifth linebacker in his rotation. To make this roster you have to play on special teams and my money needs to par or better specialties players. This stuff on Anthony yes greed I. Come back full odds over a final four twos until when he Sony who's helping their case it was hurting their case to make the saints' final roster set a Christian here on WWL enough maniacal. Take on the Texans Thursday. His over the volley at 930. Yard he had had tickets they are already sold out but and of course Saturday. 7 o'clock. Kick off with insane to Texans game number three in the pre season and that's inching closer to the regular season and roster cut downs. To 53 from ninety to 53 which I policy says account like how like the fact that they can go from ninety's if you now it's going to be up it's going to be a pain Hough. On on on did they do it. Well I utopia. All you have a busy and that's immaterial if you're a happier dot com present somebody how many pinging your phone constantly as roster cut downs happen but. Which are about who's helping them make their case who's hurting their case to make the saints' final roster. At a big hill is not hurting. His case but easily caught up in a numbers game I definitely see among practice squad for this team. Did yeah. You talk like shut down man are you you say is cut and you're saying it and I just I can't Geiger I agree I saw there's too much depth. Both linebackers special teams wise yeah there's just no spot for him you know I think some trouble here as well Tony McDaniel. A guy who I was big on them signing I thought it was a run stopping presence in that middle. But they already have that would Davidson enjoy eriksson's are actually point this out yesterday that in today's NFL a really only need one of those guys. At pending injury and the other defensive tackles there on your motto ranking ends the Davidson. I'm just performed so well Paulson in games and also in training camp. Bet I think when you look at mcdaniels roster a beaming Daniel salary that you would be owed here for as a veteran salary. I just don't see a spot for him on this team. The outlook I said in my first I want point oh roster projections he's a player that the seats are not going to be will be on the hook for come week one. But could be back on its roster after we want these a vested that are you know is also gone and I think we talked about this salon last week showed Darryl Tapp. I think Darryl Tapp is. A proverbial dead man walk in on this roster with everybody quite sure mount not quite sure on that. And I haven't bounce them off my roster who would you have would you rather have on our roster monitor tap I don't think you build a few more. Bulletins. I think you can and there's a worry how how many receivers keep coming and those linebackers DT I think both of end up on on the roster. He just seems like dead weight Christian to me he can't rush the passer. We'll go by the way I think you know that and he was the sack on. He was either me attack tale sack or palatable for sack. He had the initial pressure and cause the quarterback for the charges step up in oak for it and it while you can have one play common a look at his. Entire career and I think the last six years in his career his sack has high sack totals to a half. That's not gonna cut it as an NFL defensive managed just not and by the way the ripple restructured his contract Christian leaves them. An easy path to get out of only 60000 dollar signing bonus he's owed over a million if he says on this roster soon they're not going to eat much and they would save a whole bunch. Should they cut him I just think him and McDaniel. Both are going to be on the outside looking imminent sauce and I just don't see us like whip whip where. Who snaps with you today he's I guess moms snaps right now when you get to the regular season is not get Hendrick since. Not certainly not Okafor. Distinctive. Overall his veteran presence and I know he's look he's he's gonna get fifteen to we snaps a game not gonna ask them to be Ella productive you know Richard didn't. That's why I think that he stays on this roster. A player some categorizing. Hurting his case. Right here at LSU piracy retreat and drought he was already behind me ball long shot to make his roster inning to make the practice squad and not be all the fuel for over a week and a half now. They are barred any easier rush how to Tulane who I think is the better player and probably the recently Barnett is hey we're by looking at the practice squad designation for him yet. Too bad because that Roger L actually special teams last December a pretty good camp before he got injured but there's just no spot when your ballot for spot he can't get. On the practice field how to go back though and Randall. Here for just the second person and you're right I understand that a lot of coaches logic here is the quote unquote veteran presence locker room presence thing. That drives me insane in today's NFL you look at the successful franchises. The patriots. The Packers. The of the Seahawks in those teams are ruthless Christian with cutting veteran dead weight and that is why they are there every single year cut but he's the better and and day has it that way because it what what what he isn't costing may cost you millions. That's how long they'll definitely. Of the eleven years and here's the thing the voters the NFL PA pays for most that anyway. Because because the way it is the CB is structured so it's really not the impact he's a stand but it because he's only got a sixty guys are signing bonus he's only got a 60000 dollar signing bonus here. You can just say I think we are saying the ruthless when they're nonexistent really save money. You're saying that the patriots in Seattle Seahawks are ruthless and they are the with veterans that. Are dead weight that also have a lot of number a lot of money on the books you cannot OK okay Christian now snag you and me fired up here about this. You could not convince me the Bill Belichick who's run a misty and he keep Darrell tapper how they have better depth overall well let's let's say I think the saints have better depth overall now who. Who I talk to Mohammed. I saw a tray Hendrickson on route four unproven I don't care there improvement all their proven and now. I'm not enough yet not enough for me to say I'm content delta and Darryl taps in nine seasons like I said his last four years about to pull up the stats here the most. When I looked up yesterday. He is the highest sack total. Hi I was two and a half at from a defensive end position and a 43 system you tell me bats. But the saints need on this roster. Man I'm just you know what I just realized I can't talk can type at the same time this caca. I don't owe it to the end and here in women's redo his last well wander over seven years since 2009. Two and a half 32 and a half I'm half sack one and a half sack two and a half sack. About which you blogs on about what you need from a rotational player. You always sex is out we mama have. Oh I don't know I don't know look I'm Kelly I'm telling you how you have to look at this I do I still I'm not totally low don't tap as a player either. In what he can ultimately bring but I'm looking at a from a standpoint of OK he's a role player that might get fifteen snaps a game. Right now I'm more confident that I can roll out. Darryl Tapp and game. For fifteen snaps and I know what I have in him and I don't know what I had yet train Anderson I don't know what I had yet. In and now putting mama I think I know a little bit I've seen some pretty good things but I haven't seen a large enough sample size right in on that veteran out the door okay go ahead run Darrell tapped out there to get run over an abuse all your am glad that you're here you I'll go Juan. That's and that's not even close are you making it sound like. Who was a Davis tall who would say what are you may have Zoe Davis I have seen. A lot of herald that grow and Darryl Tapp is not the answer is even a backup right now defensive end good he's a good guys good locker presents find them on the coaching staff. Get out of the rotation. Since Emilio. For sixty yards and I look eyeball to sort of alchemy -- he's heard me on draft night this is the guy thought they should not have draft there too many issues there OK some walking that back and amuse my eyes watched the seven and out there you go walk this this back to Colorado to cut down that's fine I'm not saying that they're going to do you're not gonna do I say what I would do and I play the better player. And that's Mohammed Hendrickson yeah. Okafor and now Okafor does tonight I cannot do we start right now I cannot believe you sir Alex Okafor to Darryl to app you want your plant your flag on the Darryl tab mound misses her son planned my flag I'm simply just saying. Hey right now Obama coached that they're veteran experience plays a factor it's two pre season games and 22 practices that I have that I went out but he Mohamad on and train your song right now and that's not enough for me to the family at this point. Now without a team opt out putting on it and it turned Anderson. Continue to have a nice three season ending in these final two games they make more impact and and they said this is a lot easier. But as of right now we're doing roster projections that we're going to be doing on Thursday. Men he's on the roster as I stand as a seed right now and eyes and I and we all know. This is fluid. All he's roster projections of fluid that week to week is going to be injury driven who gets injured assess how the numbers are a change in a particular position as I see right now and I sent. Delta ass on this team you can mate you can debate his merits when he brings to table which I think you have argument. But I also think that. Two rookies. I'm not I'm not so sure that I'm ready just in the man. Well let me ask you this as rotational where. Cam Jordan's been very. Durable so let's say you're closing in any in the active now I did it it was just say that cam Jordan makes to the season Alex Okafor on the other hand has Shoney's has a lot of injury issues. Who would you have rushing the passer op city cam Jordan would you want Mohammed rush the passer Darryl Tapp every Sully kicked off. OK yes OK yes you'll understand when I'm trying to get that here. No I mean like he's really he's not he's the rotational player behind Kim Jordan so that that the proper the proper question if Kim Jordan goes down. Is Darryl Tapp. Our trade Hendrickson so you're you're think their boy I I this think you're trying to keep too many people maybe that's Ambien now I don't think you can keep all these people at all these of one of the zoo one of the three between ice of the biggest trade Anderson Darryl Tapp. And how could he not at one of those three players on game day are gonna be an active. Inactive. I that it could be delta. It could be trade Anderson they could be out what do you mom I just don't think they can keep all three. I don't. I don't think it was ugly let me collect it back the numbers I'll look at the roster the roster projections Alex pointed. Full until the final four to 601 A semi tech's 87 eights of a double covered I see if Ferndale committee here on W into. Oh boom boxes nominee this team. Manhattan. Sorry wanna talk about that and it's. Alison defend him a little bit I also don't think so Christian but joy Erickson did thank you may want to make but it Ferndale on a cell phone you're on W well. Man. Opinion shifted on why. Is it to go that the dispute to be. Well it oppression what that I was do. That much better now what was it you guys were back in fourth. At its audit if orbiter it must build on. Think he can go either way it was down. It gave scandal I'm not saying it how big fuel essential paid a field day. I visit with the wind on their wins are. I put up like like this this saint like to do this state being. Allotted time. And Darryl tech is that we saved in you're talking about it gene plays a decade did you know that again. You know he's he gives it to you but realistically if we it would trying in attempting to be firm. About it Jean says no way you count up on Ati. Fern Dell. A friend Ferndale here's a think he's he's keyed by keeping him you're not getting rid of entry Hendrickson and an outlook in now equity Mohammed so. You tell me that. Who who Joseph the defense and it's better than delta. Oh what makes them makes the roster not not debating Al putting mom and our trade Anderson say that makes that that that that the final roster who's the better defense than they have right now on this roster. I mean I think it is Spain. He he he's he's a couple terrible it's not an accountable an account in public setting they had been made. They love yeah. Yeah it could be which I would and let them. It's all about it's all about making sure you should write about money. Book for what hospital. You know achievement of better. I didn't see. He's not he's not cost in the saints. He's Keats cost us it's like 200000 dollar basically houses there's a roster spot Christian a roster spot goes to whom. Why they're not even six defensive ends there's no way I can six defensive Andre Anderson can play it on the inside certain I mean that's better. No I don't isolated socially guitar throughout this proposal that spill in the next hour Scott west rose to tell you lead off after. The news here on sage radio W admiral said the Christian for double coverage.