Saints report to training camp this week

Saints will report to training camp this week.

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David C radio on your radio show one of the players actually get to training camp other players are reporting on Friday namely your form GM Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton on that day and in the first. Practice session will be Thursday. But that is evil little bit deceiving anyway they report on Friday and practices Thursday. And so I've made report on Wednesday and I I'll get under par on Wednesday practice on Thursday prior to the public can't come to Yemen tell Saturday pattern which is good for them though too because Saturdays the first day they're actually going to be impacts. So I think that's a perfect timing for the fans get their first glimpse of a black and gold this season and when everybody looks at a Vegas looks at it the experts look at it. The saints are an upper Echelon team at this point there are expected. To have a great season right the expectations are deathly high this year and that can be a little scared because. You know last year was definitely a falling year giving you know we we saw this team. Grow as a unit and not much was expected from the saints after finishing seventh and I'm for three straight years. But then bolted back again now into the playoff picture and after coming so close to getting the NFC championship. Now verbal is basically saying Super Bowl because we've got a quarterback that's been aging. And now we have this roster around him that seems like it's ready to contend for that title. Bet that the thing is now on paper it looks good can they live up to the expectation data it's always that question it's always nice when they're dark horse come out of nowhere and surprise people. When year bar is set crazy hide you've got to leave bread. Sometimes that's more challenging we should now seize.