Saints pull off epic comeback win!

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, November 20th

Tommy talks with WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints big comeback win over Washington.


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Before we precede any further. We should all pause if we may if we can and look at that sunrise it peaked about a minute or two ago. But it's still a spectacular. Sky over the Crescent City. The sunrise always seems a little prettier people are more polite the breakfast taste better. When the saints win especially their teeth in a row joining us now Mike retaliate or debit WL NFL analyst college football expert. And UCL now he's a friend of fires that night morning Mike you are doing. If I. Make you think they're more likely to win the winning all are less likely take one thing I took away from it Mike is you better take them one at a time. Yeah because so you'll cornered. It looked as though you know of the street was global where. And gullible so it needs seed its football team likable and that goes a long way down because of confidence. That no well it means you have a signature and now. That you couldn't go back to say Kate a removable it we would now. About fifteen points and we came back to beat the Redskins so. For a young football team of that twenty. That. Afforded get. This football game residence. Together. Anywhere. And to win that game in that fashion in which state did it. Goes along way. In incredible sting the competence. Momentum. I probably did that as Arctic will battle laughed about it. About as fast as he did in the first yeah well you know you'll it will live from real quickly. Mike let me tell you when I was carrying a ball sort of vikings. You're dead on accurate that's exactly right. Yeah. The only issue I mean ignored vikings under ten pound team Lewis Narnia you confuse confidence seriously it. The united is something that build line in a way to start with this it's. Drew Brees came on to win we needed him it's it's like you -- ago when eleven a row and down the stretch at some point. Well when people they forget and people lot of called in the last couple weeks. Ugoh. You know Drew Brees. You know he's not play in at the same level. He's played in years past and the tastes like this into that game yesterday. Those people that had made those calls they'd cut violently and this week about it and that goes to show you. Just to mean is special because they have found different ways to win. Not just with their defense which didn't play well yesterday they got close to Mark Kirk. Not just put a running game which I'd really be and very very strong. They picked up like yesterday that it was of this signature game for them. Drew Brees did a fantastic job late Ned took game got you right back give it. And that is that more of Lou really good football team. Winning games in a different manner not just one way. You'd bacon Beecher a couple of different ways and yesterday it was a special win that Pope and have to remember. You know. You know look a little sketchy probably. You're it is a little bit. More. Kind of been the mine but I do remember boldly years. A lot of special moments. Of what this organization. Emotional pains put a lot of probable or abort that's about as big win and the regular season. As Nazis. Now what you get do kaposi's. He'd talk about you know on this kick that won the NFC championship game meant. School board couple scores against Philip built you can win. Well playoff game Reynolds six. And but keep drops the lol you know winning that that playoff game against the rams. But that's about as big usual did in the regular season. And then you can just see by the exuberance. Of Sean Penn and and page in robberies. And it is legal. Converts that bit that win meant to them. I text him since his time in saints are gonna face the vikings and the patriots. To win another Super Bowl then we'll have another shot at them in post season. That's injures staying the course what I did think about Mike to tell you AR gas sub WL NFL analyst in college football expert is that hum. Been Super Bowls in Minnesota. And it says nothing to do with. Did the players there anything else but chances are let them playing in their hometown pursue rule it never does seem to happen. So will see then let me talk to you Mike about the. They're very close to landing now was that and the city of new ones came very close to landing that Super Bowl. That that is going to be played this year in Knoll oxygen mixture at the news media yet and you stadium and so very close. Com I tweeted this yesterday and I would invite people follow me on Twitter at T Tucker double WL Mike if folks want to follow Hugh what do they do. Our mite peculiar. DT. Oh or so I too did this and it's not extremely clever anything it was just the way I felt. And it was. For the love of god. Please please for the love of god almighty in heaven please please please please please pretty please keep running the ball did I say pleased. I don't understand it and I don't know anywhere near. As much of a football league's you do you forgot more than I'll ever know but it seems like. Unless they start jam and eight people open that box they need to run it I'd run and some got all day delay stopped in LA is not may be then. Com dollar rather they didn't stop once they stop let's start earlier assailants and help me out here I'm saying it backward but. Yeah our idea which is saying and net the yesterday was balls fall in the trap moment that we hadn't seen no you'll. This Steve Mitchell a lot of college run in the football. And then you know you fell behind it and got the power of thrown at thrown at thrown it. And instead account like the. Exactly the virus that's especially with the reverse why. 00. Did that use YouTube getting. Actual yardage run in the Obama and you run the reverse mules eleven out of thirteen your whatever oil well that play but. Again Downey is absolutely they had scratches but. That it is something that. Sometimes. Coach fitness built into that trap. Trying to sort of football when you got Drew Brees you figure this is my easiest way to come back to win but Kurt dozens yesterday. Was red hot economy he was throwing balls in the bow that. It did little big cities going to be forty million dollars your quarterback you just lots of noble woody did yesterday. He made one bad girl and that was the intentional grounding which I'm sure. The redskin people like this but apparently league officials of poverty told that that call wasn't wrecked. That's being reported in Washington already so. It is is because it was really only yesterday he really wants and you you have to control the pupil while running the football. Adding photos trying to say is you keep running and until he put Dayton about Sony dude that's that's when you would throughout it would now. Well. In terms of injuries Mike we all know that you got to be lucky with injuries. In order to to make a run. And it's a long season with AJ Klein. Marshall Lattimore. And you look Carter to anyone Cairo Alex local four yesterday. And so you know you've you've got two new ones yesterday it would lot of local one now and also Alex Okafor well and so. What do except the C one thing you don't get much very witness that the body injuries. So we'll find out I know that a lot of board weeded out that he'll be full line bit. Again and will will find out will be more desire you've got to make that trip across country and play it rammed down and Elway. And so Woolsey about what happens with Klein with the car world. A little out of border local four but that's for keys stored for keywords. Somebody here and so I'd like that will run out of time and don't get this text in there was Coby fleeing the entire game. Obviously launched on. In the witness protection agency until the drive right and Denny make five catches him. That's so amazing. It really isn't. You know Kobe has been on a major disappointment on this football team but will give him credit yesterday when navy and became probably. Mike we appreciate your time we will listen for you this evening as you second guess with a cajun cannon live from Silva slip a casino and Hancock county Mississippi. I presume you be talking saints Redskins and LHU. Tennessean what is your crystal ball say about the future of both teams 630 saints coaches show. Sean Payton and defensive line coach Brian Nielsen then at 730. Monday Night Football Atlanta at Seattle. That's all here and home of the saint cell issue. And NFL WWL. Might have a great day enjoy the slope in a listen to this evening we're. Event thank users.