Saints preview with Kristian Garic

Newell Normand
Friday, September 14th
Newell talks to SportsTalk co-host Kristian Garic about this weekend's Saints game, plus the latest in the LHSAA flap concerning Andrew Robison

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Citing weekend it'll be from a sports perspective we have the saints play in the Cleveland Browns and the Ellis shoot tigers. At Auburn Saturday afternoon join a missile and align his Kristian garic. Who is a co host of sports talk welcome that to show Christian. Do a good weekend for the saints for sure absolutely you know it's. They both come off loot there really some crazy games I mean if uterus said that the saints are gonna score forty points and lose. I think everyone would have doubted that bet against that and had you picked the browns over the Steelers probably most would have bet against that as well. Yeah I'm David and ended up at a time has aggressively and here's a thing. You win the turnover margin a battle by five and beat the Cleveland Browns by five runs in east and you end up with a high score typically. When you when you win eternal battle by five you're winning by about three touchdowns so. I'm not trying to take anyway from the Cleveland Browns yes there improved their improved football team but men it's hard to come up with a tie. And with a turnover battle by five so it shows you that they're this team doesn't there's nothing about them that screams oh my gosh they are big time watch out for the Cleveland. Browns and as part of the issue for the saints as well. You know in the first they were Tampa day and they had two turnovers. Yeah I mean with any time you eat you lose the turnover battle. Your typically election Cleveland Browns you're gonna you gonna lose the game and that's up to that that was obvious and I gain data for the scoop the score fumble but look. The turnovers and in a mess of a defense opening. It was just it was they can't they can't possibly play any worse the Sunday cannot played. Terrible last Sunday and I think you'll see a big rebound from this team their their little angry they got humble last week. But they know that that's not their best football fun in new anywhere close. You know and when we got behind Christian mean drew was 37 of 45439. Yards three touchdowns. I mean that's. That's an all star game right. For sure. We had little or no rushing yardage play forty some got this forty something yards rushing. Yet the attempts weren't there you can sort there because of the way the game started on full with a right now being falling behind by two scores and that's gonna. That's after the game plan out the window pretty quick. And new. But it obviously though that that that created some huge problems for them on offense that. Tampa Bay had a number of Curry's and I didn't see that many hurries that we put on Tampa thing. No I mean it looks. Fitz Fitz Patrick basically sat back there made a sandwich. Grilled some ace and yet cook some days after he threw a pass and there was no there was no defenders even nowhere near them and into. The times did they get hits on on the got flagged for late hit rough and roughing the passer so the pass rush was nonexistent. I think Kim Jordan looks change that this week. Hopefully says so what are the challenges that Cleveland we're gonna present for us. Wolf first of its miles Garrett on defense he's he's an elite pass rusher are working his way into that elite status in the second season. He was number one overall pick a year ago and he has long he's athletic he's explosive. And he'll be a real problem for the saints when they have a football now a thing about it is. Typically would when comics at the C is typically. Those. Kinda pass rushers. Teams tend to run riot act in the kind of neutralize them will bella seat the seat attack him that way but he's going to be a problem there and they're good the secondary on defense they play. They also played very risky defense Gregg Williams the saints know him well. From his time here in the world he lives and dies by the blitz he's gonna play a single high safety put is corners on an island in and demanded the DBs on the on the island. And and they can make a play coverage and in come after drew and I think he's gonna have to mix it up a little bit he's not available that all time to drew. He's got that she's coverages that looks it is true. And it's saints' Sean Payton are. Masterful at beating the blitz and you don't wanna go one on one very awful Aleks Maric Mike Thomas and other so. But it makes a couple of it offensively Tyrod Taylor is at risk averse. At quarterback he's gonna he's gonna hold the ball eve of seven sacks last week so he's he'd rather take sacks than it did throw interceptions of and have their opportunity to get after. Tyrod Taylor and in passing game and generate a pass rush they've got some talent with obviously Jarvis Landry at wide receiver and just scored a wide receiver Carlos Hyde at running backs they've got some some talent on the office well. So is this a game that week I got the sense that we missed Mark Ingram. Last week oh without a doubt in. And going into this game this week obviously we got to establish a roared a running game early. They do and what's with interest here is this is how you miss marking because you're you don't wanna lose outlook to merit in the passing game she's not gonna give him a once touches in rushing. So who's gonna get the rushing attempts but Mike you mostly put the ball on carpet last week. Apostles got to practice squad and Jonathan waves we moved up from practice squad a week ago. So who's going to be that guy acting Pickens spell Mark Ingram and they do certainly miss some because you can put Al Camaro on the field with Mark Ingram. And Allah America be a threat at wide receiver and he could still run the ball. We're marking they don't have that luxury now. So when we think of witness so when we think about that. The the flip side as a relates to Cleveland Cleveland actually has been in the first game they rush for about a 177. Yards and passed for 150 so there. There attack has been more the rushing attack than it has been the passing attack. Yeah I mean it. Tyrod Taylor went fifteen to forty rule audio 150 yards the thorn interception but yet it rushed for a 177 yards last week against the pretty decent steelers' front. So yeah that's how they gonna look at that and that's how they're gonna if they're gonna have success against the saints and allowed environment on the road. That's that's where they wanna go in the saints didn't stop the run last week's automatically was gonna get off the bus and run the football. Tyrod Taylor scrambles a little bit at the English last week they carry 77 yards and he economies around as well. Yeah he's mobile he's more mobile than life it's Patrick. I think Fitzpatrick picks his spots in terms of when the Rwandan and Essen designed runs for Tyrod Taylor. So the saints are again faced another mobile quarterback in and Sean Payton said on Monday on the coach shortly was that he didn't like their rush. Tack they're rushing plants and I think that they're there to go back in and revisit that what their plan was and how they're gonna attack. And prevent that from happening against Tyrod Taylor Cleveland Browns. In heaven watch you know watch the game I thought it was more X acute shin and it was the plan. I saw a lot of missed blocks on offense lone miss tackles on defense. Yeah I think that's part of it. I also think that they just got. I have a serious the widest saints are habitually slow starters tool and I talked to Zach Strief obviously new insight that. Yeah no one else who else has yet is because he was there just last year asked Zach Johnson a are they slow starters because they're not that physical and camp and he actually said. These camps that shot patent on are more physical than probably point five of the teams in the NFL rule and yeah and which is it I found adjusting so. I started going OK well then. Are the players truly recovered from training camp and I don't know if that's the case I don't think that is the case that they are truly recovered from trinkets that's why you see the saints. Perhaps as slow starters start the season. We gotta get to a break Christian condition they were this a few Germans are outing we'll be right back would Kristian garic co host a sports talk talk in the saints' big game this weekend against a Cleveland Browns. We'll be right back stay with us. We're back door talking to Kristian garic coast host of this sports talk show. Christian on the tax line beginning a lot of text ask you about Andrew Roloson story. Yes it's one that I've been following. Closely since. Happened late August and on startup fuel the onion back here. We had coach knicks alt module on the high school on sports talk last night in compelling interview. And out divide it by if you missed it when I hear it are you wanna hear it again it's our podcast at that ago like com on demand podcast and does the story is simply this day put in a nutshell. Andrew Roberson quarterback hoddle high school was suspended for a year by the LA access say. For. Dawning a we got a high school football magazine. Cover he graced the cover of the top sixty seniors in the state. Anaheim they'll high school football Jersey that he got from another player and Lou are with with the help of coach Saltalamacchia. And he was available Catholic. And his father used to be a coach there they didn't renew his contract. So. The school he won they could afford to pay for two wishing to continue to see an aunt who Roberson there. And I was told that he was actually offered the father through Robeson. Was offered. Free tuition for for Andrew and supplemental income if you stayed on as a a voluntary assistant at that school. They decided not to do that he would ease of movement at a console school district. The rule at least a house. And this does Jersey is the reason why he suspended so yesterday the LA access today. Had an appeal hearing which they voted unanimously by the executive committee fourteen to zero to uphold the original ruling. Fourteen to zero you can't tell me there's not one person actually it was eleven to 03 abstained. So that the that the ones that stayed are so scared of the Alex SA it's like a mafia they forty that they can't stand up for what's right what they feel is right. So eleven principles stood there and didn't have any compassion enough to say hey no this is wrong I'm going to overturn this ruling. It was a it was unanimous to keep an eighteen year old. Outs for his senior season which he'll never get back. And this is a divorce between two parents basically with a kid gets punished it's completely unfair unjust and notified the four the high school football community. They should be outraged over this beneath this -- so what is he actually if you want to be at issue is is that he telegraphed that he was going behind Obama were in New Jersey. No it was not up on quote unquote bona fide movie didn't establish a bonafide. Went to the Alex SA but. Here's the date date date documented that any knowledge that the Robison paley did move out of there'll there. Former house in Oklahoma it did establish red residency. In and hobble school district. But but didn't but still found them in violation of the bonafide move. And the other part of this is. The Alex SA investigators worked hole by the Robison family about the free tuition offer from Vanderbilt Catholic. And the supplemental income to be a voluntary coach. And the investigators did not include that in the report the wonder why because a lot of the Alex SA gets funding from private school. So is there another appellate level for them or is that it. No there there. They they can file for temporary restraining order there's a number of options are gonna come down this is still unfolding all right you go see more movement on this on Monday. You could see tipper sure anywhere come out by the Robison family. Tom Beckett dead on bill could end up acting on it there's always the possibility. That hot bill. Could say you know what Alex SA will play in this kid wanted to play him and then of course bill bill bill have to forfeit victories etc. But it really paint the Alex SA puts them in a bad position because now you can apply to school even further. And punished more kids. That you originally suspended one kid for a year so this is this is politics this is political. That's what's Russia is that you put a kid in a political mess. And there's there's still plenty to come on this this is going to get a lot mess here before it's cleaner. While stick he's does this get for this kid's future. In transitioning to couch. If it gets sticky a lot of ways I mean this is a quarterback that can play major college football he's that count. And he's that kind of a sharp kid to these are really bright young man by the way. Would have monde on which acted as a myself tonight at 610 in droves is going to be on. The airless. We're listened of that. I mean in I mean that's a tragedy here is. Is that this thing is bigger than football but this kid you know he he at its screws up this whole transition to collegiate play. Did you see the hearing yesterday now denies he asked them. Excuse me he asked them. What. He could have done and it couldn't answer that. Yes the book about what what lessons do what would work and what would have been the appropriate path for me to take and the governing body has no answer. Zero that's secure. That's incredible let's get back to the case in hand with the saints so what are your final thoughts and your prediction. Yeah I think the saints outright themselves I think the that that we can practice and I think their humble little bit although angry as well based on. Last week showing and Adidas it decisive saints' victory Sunday. And when you say decisive you're talking to point spreads what nine. 88 hour and a half. I think they cover I really do I think it. The saints are so much mortality and that was the case last week they were so what what tell that the Buccaneers host tells gonna do we what we heard anyone play well that you didn't play well and I think it I think they'll play much better this week haven't been humbled. While it's rare that that the coach. Allows to back to back crummy games but this Tia when you look back it's rare that that occurs. Yeah an audit like I said earlier they couldn't possibly played horse that was their worst game of the year it probably will be for the entire season. You know he can't play that that poorly two weeks. There are those that say how do you cure the tackling issue in one week is it just really focus more than anything else I think it's want to. You know I think it and it comes down to want to you know the players know that in. A they're not going to be kitten in practice on stuff so by the way on you'll. Let me just go back quick to that Andrew listens story. My Twitter feeds his last night is has been on fire. The groundswell of the high school football community. Is really upset by this they're bothered by this this'll situation. And I'm watching my Twitter feed right now it is like blowing up but. And I got off track there but none had a problem I mean it's a big story and I get. You always feel for kids that have exceptional talent. They do the right things you know when you add the the combination of the divorce issue here and in all of this other stuff and you just wish the best for all the all the young athletes. I know you got to run but they told they do Roberson if you play football go back year old school that how about that. Well that's that's a solution that it may not be financially affordable for that man. Thank you so much Christian and look forward listen into you on Sunday saying are you right back after the break this is Jules under the Rio.