Saints Players Show: Wil Lutz

Kristian sits down with Saints kicker Wil Lutz to discuss his journey to the NFL and the life of a kicker.

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Our pleasure bring in saint place kicker will lots number three. Well thanks for joining us that haven't been here the very crowd on hand. Who dat nation always elegant references that it is going to show us where wherever you guys are they will be there at those that. We'll look here our special guest on the saints players so let's let's start with just. Time you were you start playing sport was football always your sport are I've entered a soccer spine back yeah I've played sounds like it walk. Chicago's little lazy and went out for the football team my junior year. My school and that's what certificate. Look at some sort of place and played in the distance. I tried it and I give Oakland and I got and it's that you're soccer background obviously what does that how did. How that Corley. Into. Please it. I think soccer is. No really helped build those it's footwork everything's who worked in hand eye coordination and no it developed the natural swings when I first started. Trying to Kate became a little more natural than wood Brothers. You arrived here there's been some time in Baltimore right and if we play Baltimore a little later on if you can chances kick. It's your former team in and just talk grow up there how big was he in turn your development just as a as a guy that set the standard. I mean that that whole group from players and coaches lose. Mean it was those future me you know they have a they have three veterans there than have more he talks include Justin Tucker. Hold it to. Some of the best in the league easily and we have learned under god was excellent in your. Is the best thing that's happened mean they have. The tar balls mystic coach. That's where he started and your prospered and been in the league for so long in the and they have a critiquing coach Randy brown and so I mean I had so so many people lean on their news. There is an amazing story from me you think that. More teams should have it's a specialty position right there's a lot of these coaches even the special teams coaches. That might never kicked our punted before and it felt that right they know about it. Systematically you know you guys down if you Stanley center. He think more more teams should have a specialty coaches kicking coach ponting too. I mean look at the success that. I mean they give a guy like Randy who. You know they work within every day you know so we brought into it today and I think we've had success and seize the seized command in ninety. People don't realize just like any other position yet we're pros that it moves still up to work on it because just like every other position. I think you you know it's it's another set is that no major. How you play and through the eyes never sure and coach Joseph Dey talk and what's his role as he sees his role with the the snap the placement and indicated that so these are of course is a special teams coach and yet he specializes in the field goal unit as a whole so we've really works with the the whole operation the O line you know so. He's he does all. Victims of fuel to block so that's what when I think when he came in he was more just the operation between these economics. It's kind of they're a little bit bigger rules incident earlier career here at New Orleans. Yet the problem trek trajectory. Phillip you've gotten ethics. Yeah I think so. You know he did a great W Cayman. In my opinion it was. It was more about just being comfortable when you're comfortable house on fire pretty quick when you comfortable you obviously give doctor Gupta when you that your. You're the ball used to hitting. You know particularly comfortable when I was kicking off this and I think that's true relate to. How how big is it is so batons patience there that he's typically not very patient with with pictures of me it was before you arrive in the heat cycle through and in eleven years I think it cycled through about twelve or thirteen kicked. Well yeah he he stuck his neck out for me and 90. He knew what they gonna click runaways and these are second in position. Obviously I'm thankful word is patience is that it it was a bumpy roads are but. They'll roll in now suits them happy with places I'm curious to know if coach Harbaugh. You know it's coach Harbaugh coach Payton talked after the unity the release to news that he gives you an endorsement coach Payton. I don't know the full story I know when I left Baltimore they told me that their plan was to speak to normal as they were down there are no they've talked. For the game I don't know what was said I know that. When I got released from Baltimore and their plan was. To try to give me Lisa worked on the rooms and other teams to put those received calls the system worked night. It's tight so we'll step away come back I want putter when your high school days and also college kicking their you can also. Specialty. You know kicker in and there's a lot of kids out there that. That they wanna get into. Speaking on a football field. Maybe some of your your life for them. We'll look seats please keep your hero as a player show on W could well. You're looters on bets in Metairie. Kristian garic along with. Saint place ticker will Watson will have got hit a couple of fancy these so conclude an agreement comes through the office to benefit. Put up forty points the that every week. Will salute the start with high school obviously you look at Atlanta right. And look no political disclosure you're not if you were never felt never never that. So high school and what would happen at that you get a lot of what offer from from schools go to college because. The outside and haven't seen as coach of offered it had a couple walked on. Note and in Georgia we have something called hope scholarship. The grades going to go and see it in the sort of your tuition that we're so I think that advantage of that to walk on Tuesday. But you know and I it's mind boggling that you York kicking in the NFL. And high school. You didn't give you any offers but that's fairly common that so I think. No but the kicker position. Because it's pretty unreliable so the a lot of these coaches they don't want offers kids straight at a high school and then. And so every every one he talked to news complain year. Ernest who put you on locally until it's OK that's fair fair closure range of high school. I'd regulators. 55 in high school to not only my long and high school was only like 48 for the night come back to you thought the seven. Responsive to the weapon for high school and now. Right now would you say your your Max. And I've hit some pretty far to much its sixteen into the game you know if the jobs a senior warm ups felt couple who I think sixty students were rounded up and Eric how different is that Lewis and as a kicker winners. You kicking off the the holder unit that I don't know if there's a need for put that little idealistic yet. How different the chicken with no rush compared to winners that's. Complete different week. We kind of make a joke is kickers yet. Stick kicker all Americans but then you have. And the guys neither was not involved I mean you're sitting there staring at the football for ten seconds rather than. One point Tuesday in certain types of college and then he went on draft and obviously how did you start ball. So did all three go to on it kicked off in the field goals and these days it's the best way to get into camp they want they want a guy who can give all their you know their their veterans are risks so. Found my agent through my kicking coach. In Wisconsin in which cynical view you work at Thomas and yeah I got I got him he's worked his butt off for me and workouts. In with combines. Then it went the Baltimore the guy who's going to. Punt kick goes to go optimal Reston I got up there they realize that much for us to use fuel kicking in the levee focus on that. Area. And it. Yeah obviously didn't work out Baltimore when the great spot down here in New Orleans it has exit the rest is history. Going forward and so it's that the young young kids out there. That. Maybe. What's the what's take the kicking around doesn't wanna play receiver every kid who wants to play quarterback might put Matsui hit those whose dreams if that's pretty quickly. So for young kickers aspiring kickers will be advised you are from you to get them into the working on on the aircraft. Yeah I think it's great way to. Pursue an education so I mean. You know stores c.s can. You get out their duties to conclusions on the come around around the world who have. Really honed in on this specifically. I mean it's I'd recommend played soccer first because it currently has said it's it's a swing go in and I think it's something you kind of got to embrace and sit through this is not easy spotlights on you yeah recommended anybody. What's that what's that like to know that you know everybody Steve. Whether it's an extra point are few people hate it there. They're not they might not recognize that snap they might not recognize that bad hole it is day to see if you if you put up all of the upright enough. Evident it's a NASA separates people who are in the league you're you got to know how to handle those situations. You know I'd. That as a unit the three of us we all have a Jews back to bad snap holder to take care of Babel lamented their. You know it's obviously kicked bills that there in the to tumbling to its its its its houses. Yeah I think and owns while it's the that we didn't they are the is that still. It releases out have to happen can ever be polices that seat some kickers have no problem. You. Then we did he Douglas years doesn't bother me. Say that loosely it is that was something that we worked on as a unit but. You know ya didn't they get the job done her over the bulls for them through so Thomas what's that the holder Jason Nielsen's in that base. How important is that fit between. You with a home that's chemistry just like quarterbacks and receivers. No we had a quarterback golden like we did with Jason for a little bit. The only get to work on to work with him for a few minutes he's practice rather with Thomas it's. I get to work with them all day every day and you just build that trust. You know I get to see him. Hold for me. You know fifty done today rather than five and it's. It's it's it's also Ross to sleep with a sniper's bullet trust that yet. Yet chemistry. I know that if something's not perfect he'll take care if it's not a perfect snap to get it down and he knows a lot like you if it's if it's loses badly that. Not a foreseeable moving and you know we have that communication with exactly the same thing. We all know what Vito likes in a operation. And assist. I know he knows it is not perfect rule that your. So okay so. I caught my attention he said. The leases are facing you you want you don't want the bald spot again. So I do there's there's a natural clock in your head in the and he hasn't you know are we have or get off time which is one point three seconds he knows just get off time. It's the snapple pick yet he knows if it's. If it's gonna be late term the bulls is still removing my ticket in that's not what you want so he knows that it's. If we're moving fast he leaves he puts down in these and then. We you know we we communicate with a I would imagine. That view college because you don't get a lot of the soon reps like no receiver running back our our our quarterback offensive line. Viewed his visualization a big part of what you do it's huge. You know one thing I when I teach other kickers kick but don't necessarily visualize the up rights don't say okay I'm gonna put it between. These operators pick a target hit that target and so when I go down to the dome while my targets every single response field. Nice and forger Kate of course they see the up rights but I picked a target and that's target them and to do. A cut so no matter what action on no matter what what yard line you're on you have a specific target here in every every month off. Free that's free tail also. He really make the field goal with you mission targeted that. And I'm mad at 3.3 points but. Thomas with a clear that an elected a tell him committed so. What is it gave life and on its outlook derogatory but with the daylight but kicker. In the NFL whether it's at practice time if there would be due when you're there whether it's treat it or or practice he'd walked that. You know Roland around 8:30 every morning. In team meeting first things first and for us in his blog downtime for us to get looping on Dylan Lou Lou expletive now and then. The better ping pong player of the flight from New Hampshire. Picked up in Baltimore as well okay. Yes a lot of relaxing you longer to return to relate thunderous. And then you we have our days were worked out of my lower body and you practice rolls around 11 o'clock in we have about thirty minutes security twice a week in. That's that it. That's about it it's now become a matter of factly what is coming conversations you have with Sean perhaps throughout throughout opening. It's minimal I mean we talk about different situations but. It's it's probably good thing we don't talk it's. I think you know he's confident enough that he doesn't you know I can talk this pursuit coordinator and go to the games on. And we don't we don't speak too often we do our job and have you ever got have you ever gotten deaths there for a a toddler here for obvious reasons for that yet he's known for that. So what does Mike west off. It suits this you know he's dead he's come in and you know but he brings so much experience he's done it at such a high level for so long. And we give a hard time because they literally called him and had to pick him to get off his boot them yet to be our coach and he just brings his presence he's got this I don't like anyone presence in his material or he's gonna he's Italian guy feels and I think that's why we're. Start to climb up in the special specialty drinks. Yeah look I can relate to that as a former marine and we'll cities this one crusty. First target that has been around enough and a then record for 2530. Years. And just didn't like anybody. Didn't think anybody was good enough that you didn't think he quite knew what they were doing so I guess that maybe describe Mike Jensen birth of the hale will look to safe place kicker on sports talk live it who were on that to matter if you want to for the competition that's what questions feel free Bible for. 260187 XX 877. So will you walk through the your date I would imagine is there is dirt. A fraternity among speakers he still talked to Justin Tucker on the ticket around we absolutely world retired. No we don't want us. Nobody wants Zito fail. So it's. There's very few kickers and having never spoke within minutes the moon. You know we all pull for each other it's a pretty good move to the that. I've backed war with saint place kicker will want to live from Google that's a matter you're on. Saint radio W could well enough to deduct up. Paula saint place kicker will Lutz here live at hooters on bets in Metairie. Sports thought the one out fixed date autograph with. The saint place kicker number three you know about who would number threes and the election down there and do I think his name on the bird at. I was Bobby was here land he said I get a kick. So who's of the three specialist who's the biggest jokes. One likes to throw immediately that it Renault would lose them than it was definitely not Tom. Run in Metairie what's going on run your own. W develop safe place kicker Willits. Take out wondering though with economy. Would a doctor in Baltimore. City teaching anything like. Like how to keep that there any pregame rituals that are like three neat what you guys write in. I think previously taught me was how to handle. The different situations. You know he'd be taught me how to. Do you understand games how to go about you know keep in in his state into it and how to how to handle the you know what first game so. Yeah I think you he was Freeport mine and the way I grew too eager and willing to address that without them the trainers and then the for the guys. I don't know from a mom with three people were. And on the physical right. Don what's that makes them not go ahead you know if you don't treat those guys brag you know equipment got worked really hard. Especially the bull was. Yeah. Thanks for the local. I let's go to Bo on the left think what's going on though you're on WL. I got them right here and there you. Right. Idea quick question or are you pretty close with the statement. Like a pretty close love them. What about the specialist he got probably hang out much. Influence. The picture your paper. Your favorite kid in the more it plainly got have tiger. Well I'm trying to get is this middle his middle son Beckett to give my jerseys on working with Cameron now. Men are probably in couple. Thank you Puerto. Yeah with the accident this. That this is not his voice that saves plot bonding given you that he made. A hard time. We'll we'll but I'm a local actor. I think he's there are almost even I recognize here of late than it is certain speech pattern you have now I'd like the attempt at a country Jackson does pretty good. It is as a minister that. It is it not been enough yet to appreciate lately is that ZZ to go to bed early thumbs in the torture about it is that. Got through injury and hit them or. The Thomas. I got to look what what what this guy mixes is that the game these guys. Well he's been you know he's just been great because he's just a worker and he. You know. He's just been great in that moment when we needed to come through. And you know I think every guy can trust them to make it kicked what we need it and obviously definitely you know four and so it's been great and come work within weeks they can tackle. For a I think we all work well together we train hard together and just to get there so a lot of fun. Joking halfway but not bad but apple experience. Those got to keep me young and so then it just been go. Thomas sports the saints owner AKA bow on the last thing I think that the department don't. You got it yeah. You how how quickly recognize that pretty quick two and you a news these sorts arguments it's. Gonna news that you have that the ruse was on you either get jet in part to excellent yet you're on W did well. IK now. And I am Leo where were you real quick questions. Certainly. Will. Note were things. Calm while we wanna know. Is there. A difference between keeping. Well to feel old awful natural black and Turk. And the second question I wanted to ask you. Is. When you get out into what situation. Iran. It's not it's the game winning field goal. Is there Randy did it there are a whole lot of pressure on you hot you feel about that. It now and the third thing I wanted to ask you. When I went off. Jeff Jeff along while we do is let let me answer the first one case he retreated so he on natural surface horses horses mr. Yeah soaked grass is little more dividend you can you can miss it and you know it's. It's it's natural verses we've we've heard there's concrete on there so it's not what your career my opinion. Jeff that. Okay and now when you also will get bombed. You know like it out now too long. I'd get a high Opel board winning opal I mean is there. More or you're on thinner older and beat her. And I want or what. I I believe that. In my in my opinion it's there's as much pressure you put on yourself I think if you. Go out there are tree like another kick. That you have no pressure that's the way you look at thigh though that we if there was yet. Oh we should call this week for three. Number three that yet. Okay well you know along. It was prompted our parked it that well. Other man beyond the ball won't stop there outlook is wondering will I knew that those markets around. I'll what you. What are you think about it knows the handler bumping up you know quarter. It's always sentenced in the stands there's actually we have the floor lead banner on the second deck. And it goes right through the up rights and I was pick out one before it leaves. It's thinkers. I don't know if you knew this but Garrett Hartley kicked the saints keep you know and surrounding Jerusalem it does it definitely yet. Strong safely ticker will lots and look on within him is his teammate Thomas More of that called a couple minutes ago it Mo on the West Bank. Sports talk here Nazi tritium that we could well. We'll look sixth place kicker heroes these players show. Who's on bets in the matter if we could find each and every Thursday night during the football season. I'm Christian gardening and I will Watson will. Let's talk about what you do when you're not kicking balls through the upright I'm renowned football field would he do to come on lines people. I love the outdoors. We're in the right place it's. Big big hundred Fisher. And you don't monolith on their football season. He had a lot of fishing down I would do moderate to sit down room. And Venice. And and big golfer. A victim Kobe yours goes what do I do that he too is I did a good there in the evening after practicing the couples and it. Yeah I've been told by Max Unger that is in my contract you a handicap Pleasanton. It's also working on the what you get now is drive right then a cut them get there I'll. But strong hide some golf that's what's the biggest threat that you caught. And accountable relatives. 3038 inches. Which apparently is like to speak to keep something in notes there's a there's a limit. It's or voter yeah per voter you can only keep adding one bull red. Quote billions that tactic about 25 minutes. It's on Poland I have caught a caught up a few bullets might day's lone. Yours Austin deafness as prediction about 1015 minutes. So you don't get to hook the usually where else themselves out of Boston on another kind game. So I have been to three years I've it strictly strictly deer for me I grew up goma. I was kind of like our way of you're getting in house for a little bit and spend time together. So I'm hoping that this yard to back. If you went in with him but we'll see into the bye week destitute. So I'll let your phone on your apple playlist political play it. Music like that. What would be the most plea song. When its own. I'm on this. I love country music group is Tom savage who. Who's here here in the off season he got me on Tyco. Tycoon and I've just what is the movement of the kicker and a little bit of and I plan to close to his country music obviously. Cloven. Yes trying to dance music and has no no it's called the economic OK what about parts of your because we've been so who's your favorite cut so here I come through it comes right. Stamp on them on old school L injection these we're from the same month announced its. That's kind of cool now like Garth Brooks says this is one that some people you love hate we hello hello hello white. But that was my. With the teacher notre school with a losing goes to a civil. I salute you like much music because of the outdoorsman. What else is there any else's video game it's there I don't know I hopped dark sweat. I think gulf the closest thing in my parents never let you play video games it threw me they threw me that's. Safe place here will Lutz here on sports talk on the beat it will also. Glad couples Garza here right now it's tough talk about earlier suit you you've both north. You know Turkey after wins then Newton we. Anybody wants it's that I had so hopefully in about fifteen of them you have salute you know you. You you like you like that. With the primo stuff yet you'll that you that skirts look in his starts McGrath. To view which you give to people are what's the way come back here. On sports talk on W low enough dot com. Policies please figure will Lutz went down here on sports talk our home every Thursday during football season. Looters on vets in better. Young men ages. Number three. In house looks so will. I know you knew. Morton Anderson right course yet so how often have you talked. Then. Got to talk to go times it came down for the whole thing you've been in. As well as when he was given his. It's all favoring. So he's. So when I talked to for it looked at the very. With which kickers did you come look up to them through complete rights I think everyone in my generation was out of the Terry yeah he was still playing you know it's ten years old so. It's. Yeah and I think. Most theaters today. Adam Terry and still lost and gone and that's amazing to me. But Moore and Anderson you let that far from you in Atlanta right now it he actually the who lives only a few minutes away from me. Palin. It's I got. Nero went so what's what's it like to see guys like kicker start to get into the whole thing. You know I think that kind of sets the bar especially. For the wall for a long time they were ignored it to me it's exciting and we we put a lot of points I think. It shows you know the importance of us in games now and one point make or break in these days so I think it. I think that's that's huge for our position in what was more income. So only walk by rulers that your son so before and says. My son's got you on its fancy T write so I missed a start thinking. 1520 years ago you didn't you hear that you know heavy and it just goes to show you this aid growth of this war BP and the popularity of a fancy football but. Out of magnets can be pretty cool and LA. Fans are drafting the other team I mean yeah it's pretty cool until they get mad human and imperfect booty kicking off my. My huddled at the half all right we're used to tell the truth within. When increases and they were going for too like every every every time we like a shock among and I need to kick. It's it's a little frustrated there but I don't play but you know I understand the reason behind him those guys these news that they did so. Seek help from it's safety from having to do little love me nationally mean insert. In the inimical to over to my other problem was I thought we really cute so warmed up to that we're going to and so. Want that to walk me through that that are so when you're meant when you start I guess eating in it in. The mood to kick a field goal I don't happen quickly but at the office reaches certain point when he struggled over the net. Some calls we have with our offense. I'm operated goat this is we have mobile open every first down like it was in this just. Stick or keep the rhythm of the game and then we cross the fifty it's. It's again it's. First second down but we did we really get through arrangements but try to it would almost every play in no way. Does not that long we gap with a favourable publicly. If he talked of baseball players. They talk about time they can tell when they hit one well right away CQ which. Of course there's plenty of time and market won't look at it so it that's that's where you wanted it to. And calm no doubters so. Yeah I mean anytime you. Use it barely feel it if if you if you connected just like a baseball when you when you hit the ball he barely barely feel it at the back and exits. Is there any point on the on football. The show as we. You know right. The lower half of this of the the vaccines whose whose property left in. Decompress it a little less okay. That what do you think in the kicking balls specialized. Specifically for the kicker both sides because you we so weight room they are lovely wolf would. We we can only run in Metairie yeah. We don't exactly we want in the 45 minutes recommend and he knows it would look for the good and good cable and yet it's. And it I think when Morton's kicking it was right on the box then lord like a camera with a T as a rule book it is that when those. Imagine right on box that particular rock it's awful and yet that's not the balls that is why won't really. I will will look good luck this week it's Cleveland brown men and hopefully. These guys in diplomatic team won a woman and it's document that who has been there yet. You know pleasure will look seats please speaker here on sports talk coming up next hour Finnessey frenzy in much much more. Market Minneapolis I promise been so patient. I am going to kick your pool ball I do about our topic. Last two hours ago on the high school and introduced and it went back. From a Connolly who rooms and some thought about that as well back in the neck competition the sport thought here at saint radio W it will.