Saints Players Show: Michael Mauti

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, November 9th

Saints special teams ace Michael Mauti joins Deke Bellavia for the Saints Players Show.


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A good evening welcome to another edition of the saints players show out here who tonight have a local favorite guy who grew up crossed the big pond on the knowledge shall wait a minute ago how on that he would stay now people at saint. Michael Marty's this is my how are eBay do what they think all claim that the head of the group at night. I everything he went home Atlantis will on you think he'd be sitting right here not a chance. President and that is that most years ago we sit right here but. Has been a heck of a year in and a lot of adversity and you know my home launching personal lives opposite my health was. You know one the most important things as. Good care of last season and let's be. Back here healthy in the little room back here and back with a hometown team. Michael Nolan doing you any advantage they cook followed your career is this just opposite. I need. To be without question. You take it to rule that. What the football so. The kickback if she'd keep your weight finally which it gluten to be. Don't you out. And creates. Easy to hit you have to give me. I got to focus owned by hill right now I think we're not yet to block everything else out. You focus only you know and then tell by the offseason and we don't buy it it'll open season lung disease and going home. They had to be home. You know the big tunes him in the you know at that point where it gets it to mean that practices. You know that that's football consecutive get a hit so. You went through all day long here. Just himself. And I. You two priorities straight when it's going to be with the mr. life is that. Well things that. You know that it. Right thing that's been known it. And a good. How high school. Let's. With the audit. If you look at the content of my wife deserved victory in gold medal team in congressman him. You know within the neighborhood and make it through and that's when you lose but just forces you won't care about you and that's one important thing. You first. Michael we've we've made here which he spoke to him. I felt health and you'll be here. Quote unquote they have both things. Issue you know what I mean you know we went with it would be you realize. Like we needed them something right here. It leaves. Awaited training camp that is statistics. And about that we gave them a good question. She goes to him like this. The Steelers win them weigh in with him with a way to build. Yet even ought to feel you know but not look at here yet that point you know sit him. To the practices that we've done a great team. Look at. So you know that at that point you write in that is. And you know I am Michael courses of its anti speaks on youth group of people who have. While back the wrong they brought the quarterback it was the deck to do things. Yeah it was called chrome these that he and Nicole 03 alliances that insane fan and if something that we talk about you Michael it if you include Leo and I think. It was. Interesting about him I was there is that added some five pound guys pretty flat ground. Role she can't beat you by bit over looked good it was made. Need to improve and always have you the statement that they would lead to that point yet when I went through that that cycle you know yeah. It's a negative cycle and letters from him use his objective open and it's a complicated field it sure would and I've spent a lot of time trying to learn about him. You know now that I don't have anymore at all Colin Edwards to Bryant thing and so. Don't hold another process learn how to do that put on weight back and but there's a lot of it will that a deal within. You know you have to do to help her you know dancing to a different people that we'll ridiculous really isn't. Mentally taxing and we'll. We can take over the world to me so. Let them do it lets you go up again and this is healthy again periods in that sentence let alone play football again. And that could be home no nothing yet Michael pointed out yes I do think so weights and you can take this exit dates if you. Michael I hope for those fortunate that you beats you here. Help would you would beat him by and help me out told told me it. I can't see it that this stuff that we use that we unique filter out information and and the options of where you. See you football. Steel. Sit and don't give influences what football based Hilton patient. If they had you have people qualifications he could you had all this stuff ultimately like. I can bet that this would like football if these people as do the same thing with could get laid out it is. That's the most beloved dogs but football if we do every day in day out. And you know the older every year you can finder's study habits and can notebook and you know those weighted. That does just so much information and to make it easy to do. To comprehend and those things about tinkering with the you're in your honor this is your fund isn't gonna get the hang of you kind of you know process all this information that's coming up. I'm making no. We'll system that's we're that's so good and refining it's still from my view you'd think. It bears overcome adversity. Turned me. I think he should all that type of them and will. Or the football side of things that we would you go through this plan here football if you get through his Q you. Football if you keep it in the flip side of it. Although you're thinking okay. If you musical the we have a be here but what it was his solemn hope for the next cycle aren't that you know. I just thought if you get back up hockey where wolves. If you get a shot at it now you are obviously good overnight but I just won't get back to where will that suit I think we'll. You know moments ago one of two worlds was 2000 spectacle right no flu drive through the what you my father respond and made. Things is getting way back in but it is and then we're in business you know but yeah at that point. I knew there was little bit alike in that tone while all the way that's missing one little crackle like drifter brother and just give up all of please go. Siva can get aggressive you know get in the end of the tunnel and I you know decided he went there with confidence like won most of the time. And then long. While pulsing alive. And even until April and I filled in with a notebook yeah. To give that a moment moment for this certain. This week to week in this kind of work within what we went a lot of had a great team had to build together a whole new. Your team really haven't had yet to report defeated it was a huge huge sports you know and Buchanan I hope that if I gave him yet fisherman because at this point. You have but got there they're guys that PT. Yeah were. So that's all you know got that meant this as a whole you can read the fine people. To do their talking about who and so it was nutritionist you know part of the country the bathroom here so excuse me that is holding the medical team that is. Investors from salt and news. Had a problem I'm having fun consumer answers we've lived through their problems and fixes things. Since this thing. He found that both have now he's back with the Hussein's bank has fifteen days Michael on the ticket time applicable Michael. Of course he got the call if you expect returns he thinks he expected the football ticket to be available immediately. A ticket because. And the collective vote for attempted Michael if you think that experience with the experience now and it is a good when he sees me when streak of six games. So it's not backed by contrast this against the saints players show here on that they treat you if you don't do it. And welcome back to Hussein issue here all along to treat you if you if you have beat him with saint and I Beckel Michael marketplace of my Bible fool to think so when he says he could fix this. He says he eats it back to the saints went into six straight at buffalo points and they have a coast politics to me it was like count that kicked off. Being in the saints and the fields might. Being here for us that we use now. Is seen with competent replacement. Walking day is this the best what these guys that has been office 09 they've always been. They've opened strong but he was nothing. You know that and make plays. It would play better as a unit and to execute better if you look at the last thing you really. You know so many games where. It's of that position at the last minute to where does. You know I hate to do I would say please. It's about execution. Magazine got the right livers the right guys right. And do it right things. Witnesses. It will provide a great takeaways and as a with the that's that's really went better compliment the. Yet you necklace of my final four consistently sent me you can take this means that being said I'm Heidi get through everything and she went in what point. My. I guess to fill the doctors say okay we did we do clinical quality field line multi. And lifted. Up Nadia. Opt out of camp like you could throw me out it now Rick will point them in the you do you you you feel moving people back to the action. Probably. It was portrayed him up like go go go detonate up to it and oh yeah oh and and to be what well it could be used in this. You know just given the we only have about what we've. And so you know we're the only two weeks and weeks and throughput up to one. That is because it was a lot a couple of holes that I could filled with him some more friends on things but. Feel really into the second returns them that's kind of started it with a unit that backed ourselves silly if our phone group by in Times Square. Please like you know pull teeth in pain. Kind of prepared filled body lasting easy to change your tactic you use it it when you're doing things you know YouTube can't help last. And so really there was. No really reappear for YouTube prepare for me. Look at the work for me or. First words that we Canadians than. We units I did it make you would that's listed haven't did and what did you lose my phone on you if you if we can but like. What do we know what you do what you would you rip was one of how long was it how would you you'd like at this thought looked on the owing you with before you do that though the work start from zero it was so if you do it but I got here room. It was do it I was at left the bar it was like. Since the fifties you know as you heard yes I've. First two weeks that's to rip and I make food that that is it again at a return you know. You know courtship that for six months you know and everything prohibits coaches you and and that's it that. Today. Does it. Twelve wins. You know use. And it's kind of like what how we treat an eighty pounds. I think it. Who have you back empathy. If it's good to see so when he says you can take to sedate city today is who have Michael party whom we come back we'll get Michael's take on when he got a call from the site. Home town to pick back up where he felt a year ago. Also read team is preparing this week apparatus and going and it's tough Buffalo Bills five and three buffalo is. The appropriate for the liberal and so they take it all you'll sing to acquit him might be it takes bidding technique technique in as the BC picked up and give you know god. Think Bob Beckel Michael Bourn is our special guest to the bottom of the Alan do you had so the first up with what FEC BS that they it more. We think the issue but about its forward using novel we're focused on our table Michael on it and take out the saints players who who who we need to return tonight. Michael article it's kind you think you just get your drift. It was the back of Michael's body at titled what to think so Wendy if you can take me and he says that he hates him to the point where. Mike is the clear for me it goes and applies it might be thoughtful and this is this a situation you it. Rip as it yet eight is like steel look at out there take us through it at the same before Mike what you were created now there. What's different take mr. that process when you you gave maybe you ready to go with it. Other teams may have been interested do you suppose I wanna work working out if you have any worked out that this kind of through all of that. We'll let this process I've had an experience like that's the whole new OK so that they have learned learning curve but. What else I was encouraged by the fact. -- healthy and be like nothing's gonna be worse in the past year you've had so I was I was confident this that is distinctly organizers here. He wanted to do that proof. Being on the streets and those who would go by a lot slower than they're missing their differences. In the fifth week on the here because we're not fitted him. On everybody in the crowd coaches they've been with a fast and you definitely think it. You know traveling circus with a coach and I could beat reporter who plays both you and 34 years ago. But physical training and this week we can get Monday Tuesday as he had a sponsorship of what's. You know we are fine brushing them Monday. And I heard others. Down producing an overdose of six. We're and it would use them on a work I think that you can't do okay Troy Floyd over there and it worked and you know 34 other blonde beggars on two. Fancy gadgets for your wallet. It was interesting that so that they had eliminated the finally the third but I guess the first the end yet yet he's in the united system victory if he had so many guys. Out there for right immediately when an example so it was you know a lot of guys this guy you know way. And I've heard that before it went down there in the and so. Living in the rose Stewart would Mahmud alive by brewers for the week. Physical. My agent column city can be warm tomorrow what that's. They've got big things go home united. And then it when I was prepared. You were they've tree and a it is so. You take some work out did you feel you you beat you feel like you you are right but flew and I felt that we think it was left again and chemically. You know that that capability. As a matter you know we're just a matter numbers in this and I wouldn't like it. That's his business that is. Now now the work out with the saint Michael how you can abuse your enthusiasm. Guarding a look this is just happy not be people who it particularly so though is it to try out. And how have you seen you perform. We'll look right now at that point of I know all the coaching them although there's no grass that's out there so long. It's just that with them but. They're what really matters with her prepared myself. For that for that moment neither of them for work out we were talking through. And two. It will. Definitely well. Just if prepared for. You know in. That's what. Great book. Very good look when it when he meets two what we're prepared for it yet but this you know it is unfortunate that simple way down in yeah. You quickly in the faith. If you feel that for me and say and I told my incidents because you know which is crazy unit of but. Is that it is you think so we rightfully. You know to view and so enough. We were gonna laugh about it yet resentment McCain in those days I think Nancy they have acknowledged again. We'll look you know masters week but but that's an agent business and you know went from Monday invincibility. To Sunday were Lambeau. You know back and forth is destined to be activated. And he's we're about to do you know. It was a moment like Mike Leake went kicked off power to whatever and you use this moment. You've got a job you've focused on with your life. You know they've banned yet there and dividends please. One of them that the debate is that it instant suspect it was just the fact that I. There but it was you know it was like out on the city of the meter. So that really admitted it and everybody was thrilled to welcome and you know regulation does you know people being kept last year that guys. I think have lovers but who have been through with the way that worked for him to get. You know it was news. But you know there. Then the so I think there was as excited over. You hear things back Michael Floyd might come Clinton's trip back home this. No if she did you relations getting back to things so thank you sound bank though you can get the group Vietnam bullets hit it Biddle. Hope this current six game win streak. Where we're you're it's always if you played my god how you feel you perform. Between big people but to them. Well there hasn't I've been really very inquisitive and opportunities to make some plays where were evident that. But you know what we're not time which sounds fun at themselves and it was my dad Henry was mobile or. And thoughts have been kicked you know very. You know we've got to do better things to cover them give them opportunities. But. But overall you know we didn't move got to do is make this class players like like Gordon yeah in fun ways to teachers game and I that's in this room with those teams don't play here. And and do and so on opposite he did not know use the same and always change if anything today but. Directly appoint you. Michael do not act as coaches whose specialty foods cold and cold no I like that that. Book reviews new you know you know don't come back and wants the guy had some improvement. But it was you know you could just because you guys than they were so where it was it was all new. Anchor is the same scheme so that learning curve was this month but but to do with the coaches and and that kind of and if that make up. It's beneath her listeners so for your great. The linebackers and really great chemistry in that room. But it wasn't you know that you're done its best team you've got to figure out your role players and if you've kind of sort of define their role based on another planet games. As the year progresses opens them to see that now we can we hear you guys step up who converts heat governor's behavior answer guys who've been here. And so we restore some sort of identify ourselves that in that way to stay at funerals will be. In my career when you look at the where these things useful if there. It on the outside and you've seen him and he knows exactly what the coach wants to do those the scheme and you know he's on time because that so I mean what would it be you know I don't see you should put. Take us through. Learning to do positioning for what and the players' responsibility. What would beat you have to do what coach I needed it isn't absolutely tickled to see in the it's it's the same scheme but. They think the student wanna play it does have to position the. We'll if first thing is you want to have grossly. Relationship with a you know as a person you wanna say but but it. For personal perspective I guess that it was a Palomar being graded wouldn't you know wants how. What do I need to be accounted for like what am I responsible for and get your under the right that we want newsroom doing right responsibility. On the field and in the right techniques. So. They cannot speak his language to learn his vocabulary. That about Mike's knowing that so many places but the point is that so many roles in an organization that. So much experience that you know he could talking to different languages and where I had the same thing this side. You know when you kind of feel for how he's coaching what he wants in his vision for how long that if you look at how the position should look at different techniques and things like that. And really that I cannot get the feel of that training camp so it was you know I got back here. Transition. Convincing. Three years here so it's all gone at this point it's it's pretty this is smooth yet. That is the states Obama and that's basically think Michael Vaughan we give back. Going for the Buffalo Bill. Point for news. I read I don't think I've actually Michael hardy here poets include your. It doesn't get you there. Whining now it's as a team they seize land Beckel Michael Martin Michael the saints at. Buffalo on so that in my book. Playing college ball looked at it in an all these keys though they Pennsylvania even further penalties. Ought to hold your nose and you know so if the authorities who can be kudos to us that the code. Went both be effective. But this is good football on me and leave when I was sick with a big games are decided a touchdown list. Buffaloes in Vietnam and mystics they say that they have animals 476515. Minutes we do. Yet another advantage of 93 and hopefully succeed. Two very good team in Cincinnati there on. So this is the team it perfectly at home what you see when you see book. What lesson vocal and seeing it it's a veteran team that these guys with a lot of talent and really they think they wanna run ball and that's what can test as defense is going to be tough Oakmont. Yeah it was something on you say we put in this team particularly. You know it's going to be one of those games with a few position. It's more on our. You know it's got to them and they've got to create turnovers on defense this. In this crowd to get into it now. But the good reviewer so there. And figure out there and Buffalo's that's a crown now you know it's so I think it's going to be a big effect if you touch. We discovered really contain. And change for it and keep the typical of that. It's on a school starts instances. Michael on anything he went there. Apple's. Topic at Turner Field. What what are some of the things. From what you see him beat you to do they do. Is it pretty much typical come matches. For being here and did he can you please agree with with the cold winter there was fantasy they got a quarterback it's X and protect the football and not a big mistake if we haven't become match though. Look at it and I sprayed it is not just quarterback that's good applicable that I think there exact. Differential but they're way ahead in the in the alternative. If plus lead and they hear on news of him. But but that's it I mean that's the number one statistic in wins loses his take care of on the differential but. You know there's times when they get up and went to prison known as one pound football and those bird flu seasons. It's not like you can sit back and read 123 were reads more like you know he's got his reasons and otherwise he's running third it. Not bad it is going to lose in your run into him in humans shouldn't do so what did you don't say you let him do things billion but you know let alone get secret. Sound and our our assignments nationalist lines and keep him in the pocket and he and execution wise get you right point and obsolescence this team I think that's a really whose efficiency. And take exclusively from the if you think you've got off it. Politician that will they get they get a lot of veteran. Guys say to me because I don't live together we've played against them completely and so we've been forever and yet you know. When you another big big guys. These guys. Played teams that play or. So we we going to be in the big you know they love being better guys. You know I think guys like in you want two guys interior wise. Same an appointment for the big guys. And one of the game we running his experience I've been stripped the ball game on. Andy Griffith that's physical ballgame and that's that's. But this is one of the things he goes it's. And if it's almost you know you think you hit it it he's definitely you know trolling. We had made it harder now on the name of who makes the thank you can't believe this. That's that's really what I think you. Fuel dated days. You know you see that you know our new rule and the clock is like no more solo celebrations you know you don't wanna who would want that their own feed off of it. And so now I got there yet again that we're looking for opportunities to celebrate make plays his best form that is we have fluently please execute. So. Really could be anybody who gets you that we you don't know when. With of the Conn qualified. You don't know who's going to be with regard so you better be run like you not a lot physically abuse you on the next play itself. That's them that we worked on that we couldn't. Every week we're working on there. You know bone you know prices like doing those things but. Which we did. One to you really you know they did it any other team blocks one this cannot discount the wrong word is doesn't. But among let's go to early in. And that's you know as its contents. Those countless week. So it's it's within your group of guys that does that we feel so good. Saint back to specialties like. My and it's always the thank goodness you know we hear Yankee fan and you knew the head then no class act votes Michael Hart. Coming up. Was forced out they've got tonight on WW.