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Thursday, September 21st

Saints defensive end Alex Okafor joins Deke for the Saints Players Show.


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And getting getting you out of this week's edition of the saints they showed here recruiters caught bits boulevard and a Metairie. And we gotta go this week saints defensive in muscular thing out of a local play Alex thank you so much for coming out. I appreciate it to be here at they had Alex saint apps at all. Disappoint nobody's more disappointed that team when you know to a start like this they did that haven't that the promising pre season. A within months of the team as you guys it's still a division play a camera. Right you just gotta keep the movement is no you learn from your mistakes but you know when lingering on the so. As of now which is looking to with Carolina in how to beat them. When you look at preparation this week Alex hopefuls do them all has practiced it point. As we look at records has been smooth I think I think we've taken some steps that the defense I think the DA has put a good plan in place with these instantly I think will be you know play for you did. Don't turn it up of this. Allentown how important that like for. Standpoint mentally and physically. Two to feel like it's one thing is to say you know will we felt they had it right with a really let him have the right how important this. No it's huge because I mean the thoughts of like this man if you don't get it done that practicing navigated the down. So that's our mentality right now that would just make sure that we do have their perfect at practice that we know we don't have no room for error. Alex now taken a step ban would go back into that talk about a few things they start off of it. We go all the way back to the game fanatic so before we got involved football. When you found out you would become too won't they Vista that what was it like that process. Willow mysteries of this this offseason. Than Arizona four years of my contract is and stopped with a few teams. But you know I got the call from New Orleans and he just kind of felt like you know I need to be here another good opportunity for me to come into play right away. And that was probably one of the biggest reflecting my age because like you know the thing. Then Alex going back obviously. People involved and that if it won't point this. A higher percentage than that border roads schools involved though you still have to football but also thought that. You know reach the point if there's some guys who think this group being sought them out I would imagine now we're ahead and let it go. Does that tell you Bud Collins hit. So you can. What what was your position it's not enough plays soccer growing and I played well we have some offers via high school in you correct that's correct I have to go of the building and a fifth at his office you don't tell about the state and you know my wings fan my. Played actually pretty. Tonight. Let them in the deftly held him up about creative. Quick feet definitely the reason. Which. Yeah I love you it did obviously you like sports. Within monotony it might sound like the Petit to this pool is what's in a lot of times I think you're soccer is kind of one of those points. You've got to be a fans have to realize that you repeated again the rest of the people what you don't like. Well you know I'm not much into it but I. Lana but that this thing and I'm wishing Quayle who looked who have witnessed them light and SI. Take us through cycles with type escorted to an appearance last of what you need beautiful behind you picked up so. Though on the legislative. Played the other days quotes from me and moving on occasions more than I used soccer and I got a little bit more than anything like you said it's about endurance and the United States united unsuccessful this book yes that's a lot of what would definitely thought you have notes. So that's the beginning and also get a quick feet and its ties with that it's I think it teaches goofy video games both go to school again. Two to iTunes. Huge thing for me expensive styles ago. It out of open with us that it isn't pickets outside bet it ought to talented young career when he thought erratic on the football scene became a parade all of USA today on American. In high school in Texas in you know to UT where he's the president Ian when the national championship game out wins and talk about how we got granted. In the foreground. The inactive that Alex opened with us district is say the players show rockets forward here. And outta the veteran well welcome calculus of that you get you have. I welcome back the mood as artistic as Alex Okafor I don't know it is sweepstakes at camp on a Sunday. At noon here on saint street view that you you know I would depth on the program gone back and learning. And a bit about Alex's first time we had a chance to visit him but in his career Alex. Because bank that you belong in beat the Dallas Texas product grew up around that area in the state of Texas right and when did you get involved with that we knew we know soc early and I think. Socrates who won the first sports like teams with you get involved it is mutate. But they'll what are some of the sports that you eat at a young need to Q particularly. Thought the kind of gravitate toward. Basketball's views on this development. One point in my life problems they cannot get the best golf goes to deploy football scouts again that's how in this that I wasn't meant that yeah. That's well put loan soccer radio news. So Alex what they do when you're looking at. At the young aides in basketball a lot of time because the number is different and there's some guys but you know be on the but if you see big basketball big football but they come way to kind of make their campuses in the crossroads. What are you going to miss you more time you would you gonna what's the point you picked. It's a difficult decision in game seemingly a lot of times the cases seem to be dead. The players would be better off from along with the review to football is that it is that a basketball if you find it that you gain that is it. It is absolutely and I mean really probably sophomores in the years and high school is when had to come to that realization that it. Of them take the football wrote that the basketball. Because you know look at myself from lack need to be under its you know power forward. Or I can be you know prototypical because then you end that's what it came down to them obviously immigrants is. So and it's and you get the way it. Gave it point high school. In we ended Alex the potency. What advocates who would you can succeed is in the republic. They've been effective that it had success on the line you would if they thought Clinton. Six in Texas but. When you get to the hats to them at what point. Does that become wary view on life. We see a future he told me we got him back he's come back with some policies do you see we did use thought to computerize them what they. You'll believe it when my sophomore year. You know some of the college scouts come down look at all the players on the team. It always ask about me you know none crazy and crazy not believe in the that was the reality steal them and then my junior year. I think maybe halfway through the season I received my first off. And it was from a Nebraska thing hand and that's when I got that first solid often lessons from Nebraska beats yeah that's not me okay it's on like Donkey Kong. Mantown I'm thinking like you know often was you know people I'm sure you got Minnesota although with you know and that you may mean in talk you know to solve tough it. Sixth stage steeped in policy in those calm you know the thing with some of them made it through that you come out the gate swinging well you know the president that he. Yeah that kind of company is that's not my daughter's school I'm not anybody old man you know is that they often beyond yes I'm pretty proud of it. Welcome in always on somebody first off with Nebraska that's of the. Hedo right now mean it was a surreal to me. Because the mean there was wasn't no warning about everything that's out there at the games are at practice it was just like alpha blue and it was my first ones those two excellent well. This evening route again and then you know after the first one a couple more thought the chicklet. And they file of okay you know. I got excited known to almost whatever school I want it was just you know just the blessed situation room. Sometimes at a fund we always in life we would we find comfort him thinks. Was successfully. I commitment and its. With the UUU homework and it may yet be like some of the bad. The filled. Those are your holiday air posted content depressed around it snapped up on if you move to depict scenes of there way you know those properties ahead with a B Cleo. When did beat riveted the other office felt the company and we did you just thought it in the state in the inclusive but this witness followed those creep. Radwanska. Relief from. Right after the season I guess those kind during the spring. This removed them from junior to senior year. I went to a couple Nike football camps and that's the ultimate coupon book developed into abused today but back into. There with the official dinner yes so when you go to that and make some noise and you know souls have been hounding at the end that's really kind of my Brinkley had a good. It's. Talked to a couple scout investment. Stuff really started picking them. He's advised Alex to you go to those teams efficacy tonight they got up all around you is what's it like it and pump shoot go into it you probably do some guys who played against visited Texas. That world big time recruit it's obviously you would see and select in the paper instead. But these. You keep that fund that you later you politically that if I could do it you you thought to realize that it's going to be some of them was. Now like you say that that's follow local and national level there's like if they have to build camps at some time now with social media at night. You get the best of both the road building. We eat and I that would be in the form and if that is of iPhone Alex opened the BC team but we definitely if it's quality to have it. Yet those very good at number one of the adamant that pitches to a middle school you know if you play football at Texas usually following arrivals are you asking. So you'd always second and I remember growing up. Flew with a small city. The little small town south of Austin. You know we have a cup look at them you know barely breakthrough on the web sites and what he's the most are guys who would feel so proud of publicity until storm struck by the and have fun and I'll live to make rivals are really you know start making an oiler but they got me up on this thing right now is. You know it's kind of reverse roles and notices. Let's reel moment for me. And I still with us this tickets and I thought it was that it was a difficult decision booted it. When it comes down to political volatility it was a couple of talks between what you what you two. Oh absolutely brief what do you tell the truth but shouldn't there but I can it is obviously Texas a hoax from home. Ellis who was pleasantly you know on the national championship back in 03 okay but in the Stanford there was this little cup program than usual in the end zone and between those three and then at the end of the day I could get away from home. That made its political although we. Eric and things that you could have been an authority of that and instantly we notice that you or. All right so you hope that you thought Melissa long now willow to the ball way out to any successful career. And I ask who it is. Choosing between an acute than Atlantic system protects its it was seat currently on exploits them. Obviously we'd appreciate it there's no that would be it took its foot in the and an answer to that game. But it hasn't been a busy with thing to think that it. Alex public for what he thinks acquisition of the I think that you that you need to be out of reality particular significance PBS public. Alex open is our special is lacking though all along that. The roads. And they are actually out on Sunday cut the facilitates it may have to put my count down to kick off. Nicholas the twelve new vehicle from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte you'll with a camera took down the sound on it sits at saint trio. And being at the game with a total locker rooms of the point effort by you for export company. At magazine but now come out and Jones double Alex now and we are at this point when Alex's. Wrapped up his past who Korea used selected the University of Texas and I thoughtful way he is the grown up and pretty much became the highest who's going all American usage today. And now he goes to university Texas what was the day the act if you say the preview on Alex hopeful what you expected athletes to come meaning in the one of freshman that was the ship him right away use all Americans going out with your first year that would you'd think that when all the benefits and didn't even though. I'm not saying that what it would have been a bit it would have been see different I don't know the outcome of the game with him. But when Clinton with the clock goes down bread that it immediately that and it kind of guts than that mixes them. No definitely. I think once we loved coal. You know you can just feel level of play didn't believe it was such a big part of it you know don't you just love is a huge blow and it happened so early in the game. So you know kind of took the life let's move but. You know he never felt sorry for those who were killed by we got back in the game is that you know my closeness to them. No doubt about it and Alex now you know. Into the universe detectives went and made it out what it is like okay. This can't be recognized not only here but it's Leo. We knew they'd fixes all America what it used our rise up and colleagues. My junior aluminum freshman year minimal backup role Sergio Kindle from his jet that in the second round to the rape and sixteen years. They were come you know plan or my opposition movement. Please have for the time defense in the other he tackled it was kind of rotate and then. And you know my thirtieth really when I came on the scene you know half of the full Tom's father and some of them first. All American yeah yeah. No doubt about it so Alex that at that point. What drugs and make it victims of what you alone. We you look you're playing working with you until we came in the and so you think he came in the opening. What about that Jackson was seeded Texas death total them. So took cocaine when your to I know that namely the devastated fixes this morning with a degree later his gloves and then himself yet. A little play yet because we're a clear view there's no doubt about it. So if you get up to that point. Texas would what is it like me because it is that the I would tradition and its. It went along this topic is it to me this thing these properties worldwide as it's known as anybody. Facilities out of our matches and I think that is the thing and that was anything but probably it is that if you won't find. The we. Capitalize facilities. But the big news what about when and you'd see uses the the press on the football program and in reason it's funny we've been struggling past couple years it. When I came in there is Samantha standards yeah thanks for. And that's will be sentenced when there was precedent. You know get that excellence we. Obviously with the facilities all the money put into the program you expect that when the football team and not just comes with it. Been there yet but who bit fat free favorites sports figure all that well. Joseph Louis well Pamela and Walter Payton and not meant to Ocampo has given a strong presence bottle absolutely still lose around can give me an unknown big part of it promotes who then though a couple of years of not working out there in the offseason obviously he plume. He's walking with a camera though but eventually we had a in the what you have yet to come work Allen Iverson what they see everything happening just kind of did you know. And a little bit energy to come get up to this work out a little. Yeah I guess I think it may completely air this and usable he was is if you're right you're right. And I thought it was us that took this year I am it's now you know it makes it wrath of the university texas' success with them. When did you start to get it hated it like it's thought to go throw me you do what you thought it wrapping and being recruited courted by coaches. How how how does that work it's always on the college scene that you thought prepare for pro because it's. It's like now yet you can't technically be Nixon had that that you only you find. Players athletes they have some of type of eight so YouTube debate to go forward. You decide how he. I know would me. Basically. I mean obviously you know days of business can be safe and so here for authority were me I just want somebody on this man for anybody in the Asian those offer money or in any any kind of in the coming in since the front. Jane notebook and damn the unknown for in the open excuse today than those that don't cheat before having to me after you feel it is so that little room. That's what some of the other guys that want to suggest that you see one 12 girls and Keenan Robinson yeah they have an advantage is painting you know they have a they have the same as it's not talk within you know they spoke highly of their agent so. Not set him down that a couple other guys and I just felt like it was a right place for me I knew this and take care of the older guys that can detect and you can take care of me tonight. Alex how how big a president stickers do like your family how they've played a role in your career. An obstacle they go beat if fully disappointed that you know that. Even if you won't do not think of Divx you know if they think that was the point I think this guy's good stagnant. They I think stepping up in Rhode. The other good thought and ultimately I had the final say so yeah and all the meetings Obama pops alone and he just kind of got to fill out. You know pick their brain a little bit and you know you tell manipulate OK I like this about this don't really like this that got me to give it to sense one thing I really appreciate about him refuses. But in the big step back and again. Onus is it good news here you if you bounce stuff off over duplicate a mobile home beckoning you do you think that's look like that's gonna tell you this that don't hate it out. And how how we showed it to your routine you regiment when you get through with football to keep. To maintain key piece of me seat for the thread that you go to combat vault event. It is so Rome I mean your senior year open to your rookie year in the league is going to belong to cereal like that that really just because right up with football season used to get the break. Duke when you coming up that's there is no break you got its start working for the come by and you know. Working on the Florida working on the bench press the settled all those that it took this in June. And you know this is really long and drawn out so you it's so right up to the season silence some of a lot of my agency. Flew right up to Kelly that's worth based out of and I got to come on just got in the weight room battlefield in you don't study working for the ouster of. Was there a lot of drills that it I think you've had to do to prepare you for what it has failed test him was that you didn't do that college was it was different with some of the Hussein out of their workout. So we at Texas lead we have like a mock pro day and week or weeks been like a week practice of the materials. But I mean when you're training like that it was just the week at Texas here. This can be the biggest job interview your life so reached obvious that's been two to three months. Working just the small details of the foreign subtle but there's threats of how to like get a few more read some of the actress that I get better at this takeoff. In who's really detailed and then yet. But the working. Yeah it is and it's over for us this guess it's faintly still coming up next Alex ejected in the National Football League happily made its way to the wall and in the saints in the Carolina chances Alex Okafor is Oscar disappears the better for the saints players who could take you. Here on things radio this is WW. Alex Okafor is hours basic is here at veterans. On veterans boulevard in area who. Then we despite all the games TV called act against officials. All week alone vehicles that they use when you went on Alex now. That point he detailed brands. Where where were you at the point of this thread. What was it like technical. Well this home and and implement them in the world success home now I can be comfortable around you way to them. And that all of my folks in my close friends I don't know. My agent came through can he was there actually. Those are some exciting time and remember being on the couch and you can see in my phone earning less those. Phoenix area you know. And the click redolent with the pick of the phone that was. Steve condi do you evaluated your car loan it in hit me right then what's up with the phone down and it is just the. Lesson is this kind of night yes that's a lot of those that they handled you know saying all that he'll. It's overwhelming then that's a lot of native I would defend him that's a lot of post that you would want to. The age you really don't get food you know let it settle in the sink into that we've been at the following day that's when you're you know just sit back relax and just be so grateful for the entity. That's what happened when when I got the call right after the call this is so much of the rest of most of its ability to tune into it like you want to dance like he. Then again it is like if that I have all of them if oh right the and make a play man the and then hugged everybody Malia picked the event like a suit me Kenny in the government the home boys. We were like that's the number of live right outside of Austin you know back to campus. So all the coaches that no they just congratulated. Aaliyah. And Atlanta that it. It's feet it Arizona's show interest in UK they expected to see you before like that point that you will. Had a meeting with them at the combo. To you know they weren't as they went in my pro days. Nothing like incident season. They can contact him. That's all right so now you give in to the pros and you mean you make an impact you have the first couple years polio problems. And in some people would if they course you're obviously not think you'll put the consistency. Thing and it's over with that everything that he would be agree this is the but I cannot get the existing apple wasn't about you first though we used it you learn a bit about you McCain because now you mean. Yeah it in the league and for the years and that's not relaxing you gotta do board is that they need to do everything on and off the field. Really the small things let's go separates you from. The friction from the hurt and that's gonna give you longevity in this league these pills that cure your body every week and doing that. Sounds simple book a lot of people dedicate the proper amount of time to take care about it. Also watching film that. It's one thing to watch it and just you know clock down with and I want us to what that's another thing to really study in the Jewish studies. Yeah that's not something I picked up on the Mormon. King used in this league. Yes Alex you had a couple of games. A few games we had to say. Even want to get wanna get the saints and so his saints knew who you were in points and would you say that that that would be a stance that it's over for what would it is Japan's currency is that didn't run with what is palatable to gain. I think early in my career relatively lean him more on the path through us and I think that's where we'll had a plea offer the cardinals that's what they brought in and you know. Over the four year resulting in Arizona that's briefs on the beach at the moment on the field on third down situations home at like come here and now that I'm older. I think a more well rounded player and you. The officials some experts to end. What it would do something Alex Okafor and this year that you you strive. Portugal that you wanted it to your game or approval. Authority on anything. I think you said earlier consistency. Help consistency. Both has been you know things. That is you know started me in the past and if I can stay healthy for a full season. I'd like to play consistently he'll be a big year mean you know that's what that's a total focus in on game inning game. They got out somehow overcome bad it Alex's thoughts on he would defense as they. Take on hand in the tent Sunday Bank of America Stadium Alex Okafor will wound up with this thing it's being next here on state radio that Uga Uga. All right final few moments with our guest Alex local for India saints and Carolina on Sunday. I haven't talked about habits about the practices. What does that damages from the campus you know we we could go up and down with it all 32 teams that have missed that might be. A few but I would be within that meaning that and it's more realistic it camps. As it is provoking them right now there are a lot of rushes the ball what it's on out whenever it for companies in the past it. So I would imagine you know you're grateful of the bill through FaceBook already in August and. On the question. In a passing league like he says they're one of the few teams you know they they come that you make no bones about that they don't run the ball and you know as the defense has got embrace that challenge. Yeah when you when you see it dad and it does. Does it do it justice all fail if he can't do what you just got that tonight we'll definitely make no the other the other you gotta be an excellent you know elected as a means about as big as me meant to you about as big as me so. You don't realize that at the welcome for I don't. I would imagine that's that's a challenge time to it pretty easy to get to hand them to bring him down that's really got to bring everything you got any. Especially aggressive you know you'll roads and maybe the tackle. But then most both quarterbacks they're going to you might almost put backs and ultra right. Cam Newton together you know you gotta bring your heart that that after you beat the tech just to give them. And planet at this cope with things haven't you who you beat that call Leo paltry terrible I'll be on Bianca Leo first second dancer to most of them. Who Alex Opel spokesman Alex thank you so much depleted in the Chicago it's literally. Local forfeit the club failed because at odds over vote folks thank you so much I can I without you the biggest. Next hour right here on sinks radio that you get you.